Monday, July 30, 2007

Tale spin

The end of season double or twin-bill from Seenyour kotze provides a wellspring of personal synchronizing.
The 1st was the GB connexion. Some weeks ago I noted that there were a few GBs flying around [ see article: HeeBeeGeeBees and one on Ginger Baker that mentioned his band Ginger Baker's Airforce].
The vid started with the opening few seconds of a Smurf cartoon. The story is credited to Gerald Baldwin [ perhaps even a lost Baldwin brother]. There's alook at a Kate Bush album cover but I invoke Gate Bush. A feeble connexion, but then ask the Iraqis about feeble connexions.
In part 2 a Terry O'Quinn played Howard Hughes shows a GeeBee 'plane to the Rocketeer and then gives him a pack of BEEMAN Chewing Gum [ see article Well, Honey, House the Hive] and in the final scene the GB is reversed [ like a Tarot card] to give us Ben Grimm.
In numbers B = 2, G=3 so 32 and 23 connexions abound.
Pegasus flew in , short-hopping across the waters. i grabbed this as it had the word PEG in it, which I linked to my article A Tent-Peg to the Temple. Feeble! No, I think the word is tenuous.
In the Lost -Balloon- Howard Gayle clip I feel sure the Watchman Smiley face , complete with bloodstain, adorns the downed balloon. Howard Gayle was the 1st black player to play for Liverpool and the id card has a photo of a black man.
In the final final scene we see the WTC Towers sheared off at 45 degree angles which seemed to mimic the Thermite-cut girders recorded after their demolition. Great way to end with that rather specific bit of science swept under the already bulging carpet.
911 Eyewitness , a see-worthy one.
Acorn = a horn. We find this in the UniCorn and CornuCopia. Speaking of Cornucopia- horns of plenty , they seemed to metamorphose into the spiral stairs that cropped up a few times in this 2-parter.
At the top of the Pyramids the lights atop seem as Black Suns - see Through the Looking Glass.
Finally I wondered about the LOZT connexion to 911 and wondered if the 911 sub [ underway on the surface] perhaps sent a torpedo through an underground duct leading from the Hudson River to the Towers [ see 911 eyewitness for an explosion and smoke/dust billowing from the street]. A suitably enabled rocket could have beeen fired and its trajectory turned to rise through the towers creating the unusual dust clouds coming from the building] Check Steve Willner's laytest [ Exodus, Set and the Gr8 pyramids]
ThanX 4 InSpyring these thoughts all


FilmNoir23 said...

This is by far some of the best work to date from everyone (IMHO).

Your footballer synch is out of this world as it relates to the photo ID. Odd huh?

Jake has left us on quite HIGH note. Love what you've been working on also.

Michael said...

I'll call it poetry - word/image/symbol bites that evoke far more than their humble parts. Why is this so pleasurable to my little grey cells?



Jake Kotze said...

There is a TaleSpin episode where a Howard Hughes like character is seen, did you do this intentionally Mr Moon? Brent Spiner is also in the Aviator film... Very Nice Post...

aferrismoon said...

F23 - While I don't know about best work [ I notice some of the blogs are over a year old] there was certainly a feeling of rising crescendo, and no-one's stuff seems tired or forced but full of wonder and intelligence.
Michael- Yes , poetry seems to cover what happens, a Synergetic poetry. I imagine its pleasurable because we connect things that 'clean the cobwebs' of deaducation from our brains, and the pre-fuckin-dick-table soma , mortgaged to the hilt, lie-f-steal that passes for love in this day and age.
There used to be a meatballs in sauce product in the UK called BRANE'S FAGGOTS , relating to your God hates faggots photo at your blog.
JK Must have been pure synch as I haven't heard of a prog called TALESPIN. TaleSpin as the title for my blog related to spinning the Lost In Manhattan tale to 'fit in' with mine. I'll check out the series on the web.
Enjoy your time in the UK , hope you get to visit and enjoy a crop-circle or 3 in this 8th month [ Twilight Zone music and fade out]
Did you and Steve W. have any prior relationship or is it that sweet synchronicity again.

aferrismoon said...
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aferrismoon said...

7 11 is also the date of the WTC attack if one imagines that Sept = 7

Michael said...

That's interesting. I have this sort of recurring relationship with my clock radio where 7:11 keeps appearing. I don't know what it means, but Seven-Eleven is a chain of convenience stores in the states with the motto "Oh thank heaven for seven eleven". The chain was given a Simpsons face-lift/facade last month, to tie into the new Simpsons movie. And yea, Talespin was a Disney cartoon TV series.

Jake Kotze said...

Me and Steve W have no prior connection. Thats my story and I am sticking to it.