Wednesday, January 28, 2009


On of the photos of the ObamaTrain from LIVE FROM THE LOGOSPHERE -" AQUARIAN INAUGURATION 09, OBAMA, LINCOLN, MLK and more......". Mr.Logosphere picked up on the US flag and and circle at the bottom of the pic, feeling it resembled the Egyptian Winged Solar Disk...

... for my post I shall ascend to the wavy awning above the heads of the Elect, which reminds me of the blue awning above the Charioteers head in Crowley/Harris Thoth Tarot.
Also we have the 4 protagonists synching with the Black and White animals pulling the chariot and the anonymous charioteer - initiating the ZEBaRACK ADMINISTRATION.
With the Chariot as 8th Tarot card/Hebrew letter it synchs with Obam's 08 election and his double 4 for the 44th President. Apparently some Chinese find his double 4 a naugur of 'bad luck' , as the word for 4 sounds like the word for death in Chinese, though i don't see why they don't double it up to get 8.

The Crab atop the charioteer's head represents Cancer which in turn the Moon rules. The Moon indicates 'renewal' as it say on the disc at the head of the train, deftly 'touched' by Blackmale/Whitefemale. The other 2 wave , lending ritual mirroring, twinning, cross fertilizing and whatever else. This B&W interchange goes on in the TWINS card, worth a dekko.
Much has been said of the fairly close likeness of Barack and Akhenaton. Looking at this sculpture it started me thinking that perhaps it's a fake. The usual reasons - looks too perfect, nose didn't break, beard in perfect condition, smooth surface except where its been artfully hacked at.
Neverheless 'memes' work virally

Friday, January 23, 2009

StrucK Accord 101-444

In the post before last - ALL 2 KNOW A-VEIL - The subject matter orbited around the UMBILICAL CORD, and I mentioned the Red and Silver cords for human birth and astral travel respectively
ver at STYGIAN PORT's latest post - HEART-SHAPED COFFIN - he , too, remarks upon umbilical chords and their inherent redness and silverness. We both remarked on this synch, which went 'a la mind' .
A couple of comments from his comments page

Note the times VIOLATOR - 1:01 and mine at 4.44.
Stygian Port has had quite a lot of attention for his ROOM 101 post, it's been cited on a number of blogs since its birth.
My Post, containing the Red and Silver chord mentions , deals with 444, as u can read below.

Anyhow . the 2 post times seemed too spot on to pass up.
So , of course, is 101x444 which = 44844 - possibly a Lamb [ TLH-44] and Blood [DM-44] spinning round a Charioteer [ Card 8]

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Lamb Lies dOWN......

So the augurs proved correct and the 44th President takes his place in the WhiteHouse. In Czech the word for WhiteHouse = Bily Dum [ Beely Doom] , but the general word for someone's home , house, flat = BARAK, and so the Czechs have taken to calling the WhiteHouse BilyBarak [ Beely Barak].
[ Obamalisk pic from DIRTY.RU]
The 1st of the astro-signs = Aries, which in Hebrew = TLH - Toleh, which means LAMB , not RAM. TLH = 9+30+5 = 44.

THus this new-age Messiah-Like-King firtles in as the 44th Prez sharing the same enumeration as Toleh, the Hebrew for LAMB, and the initiatory sign of the Zodiac.
Below we see TLH by Tarot [ right to left]. We see 2 form s of 'female' NRG , Strength[T] and Adjustment[L] parley to emerge as the EMPEROR. The Emperor = H , the Hebrew letter from which the star-sign TLH derives. Thus the Emperor initiates every new astro-cycle, and MADYM [Mars] = planetary ruler

Note the OrB held by the Emperor resembles the O from Obama's signature

Another word enumerates as 44 - DM [Dam] which means BLOOD. This tickled forth the idea of LAMB+BLOOD = SACRIFICE, and perhaps the blood-letting has been taken care of by the Government Of Izrael [GOI for short].
Can we also imagine that the sacrifice of lambs [ and other lamblike creatures] came into force as a memory aid for TLH-DM [ Lamb-Blood], with the theatre of ritual taking over the spiritual work , as it often does.

As the damned die down on Broadway
Bam! A street runs with blood
The Emperor waves to his people
Wading through the Red Carpet.
Songs sung in is honour
Drain the people's hearts
What first came on as lightning
Turns 222 a blessing
Semite say Barak!
Others call him golden,
A calf, a star, an ark
I wonder what his bite is like
'Coz all I've heard is Bark!

Next episode :
The amazing transformation of BRQ to BRK!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All 2 Know A-Veil


All 4 bear some resemblance to a face
The Rus poster for this film YesMan with JC flinging hissel' off the BRIDGE tied, wisely, to a red bungee CORD. Its unwinding spiral-tunality [ motion = spiralspin] had me thinking that 9months after conception its JUUUUUMMMMMMMP!!!
Only that jUMpBILICAL CHORD [ very placent mewsic] saves one from going to far. In earlier attempts at humanity the female plumped for the umbilical cord over the idea of an organic parachute with the requisite 'free-fall' height proving a birth/bridge too far.
Note the poster has DA in Azbuka , the D and A will characterize this missive.
Via Tarot the D-Tower acts as resistance to the action of Aleph-Fool, thus 'Yes' sets up its own resistance to itself. Y-E-S - The SY of SYnchromYSticism evoloving from whirling E-vents. YS-YS = SY-SY , while time - 'nchrom'- beats between.

Jimbo displays the UMBELICAL CHORD of the Fool card, the OPEN MOUTH [ de rigeur in Egyptian funerals] of the Tower card, the OUTSTRETDHED ARMS of the Hanging Man and the LEGS TOGETHER of the Priestess.
Before 'disem-BELLY-BARKing' from the womb and / or Cosmic Egg we find the umbilical/bungee rope coiled out our feet, and this , visually, reminded me of the FOOL , Card 1 , of The Book of Thoth, where we see him enmeshed in a mortal COIL. The Fool itself has the similar ' go for it' nature that most will have before a bungee-jump, as well as the 'madcap' nature of Mr.Carrey.
Umbelical has its root in the Greek for 'belly-button/navel' - OMPHALOS. Humans have a 'red' umbilical chord for mother to child interconneXion . I give it red for the blood . The silver umbilical chord gets cited as the connector in astral projection. They seemed to resonate with Dorothy Gale's slippers - silver in the book, red in the film.
Card 1 - The Fool jumps out - 3MERGEncy [ or 33ERG-NC]

An alternative view of this birthing-bungeejumping we find in the>> 4th CARD - TOWER, that corresponds to hebrew character D. This card = the resistance due to the movement of the ALEF-FOOL. In Frieda-Harris' image we see the geometric figures jumping from the D-umb-struck Tower - T and D are the hard and soft elements of the 'same' sound : as such we can play with word spelling.
Death and Teth[er] , Die and Tie - this interspell overlap gives an idea that Death = a kind of Tether, it 'ties' us to some 'jump-off' point/eVent. If the umbilical chord = Tether , then within the womb we exist in Death. We are still 'tied'.
The Tower motif = the result of the Fool bursting out. The Hanging Man = the Fool further on, and resonated with the Heath ledger JOKER who gets captured 'hanging around'

D = 4 [ Tower] , M = 40 [Hanging Man - 13th Card]. As the Fools jump from the Tower they still have a tether to the very 'heart' of their life-death. Here the Hanging man resonates Jim Carrey on the poster, except Jim's does Y-shape while the Hanging Man sports a 4 and a 2 [ legs and arms], and [ not seen it] but the film deals with those aspects of character deep within that require change while threatening to 'destroy [ It's just a test, Roy] us completely.
Barack takes the reigns as 44th President some time soon
The hebrew letters for these card = DM which = 44 = 'blood' . If one adds the Fool , the letter A, then we get ADM [45], and we may allude , wistfully, to the Garden of Eden [ GN-ODN = 53-124 = 177]. GN means 'garden' and 'gene' in Hebrew

Descending deeper and further all illusions fall away, the gremlins hanging grimly onto the fuselage get unpicked and flung off as the psychic speed the fuselage falls away, yet somehow the descent continues...
The last of the Hebrew characters enumerating 4s = Th. The Final letter = 400, The high Priestess = the Final card, the Veil , and with D and M we get 444. For the chemical warriors we also get DMTh , somewhat similar to the mind-altering haloosinagen, thus the bungee - rope has turned into a snakey slither-slider

CATCH - 22 !

The 22nd Card
Like the camel said to the richman " let go, if u wanna pass through the veil". And they all descended , or flew threw time, to meet the High Priestess. She stood, and we all cheered, we had made it , let go of everything. The Priestess drew back the veils, and then ripped them off the rail, 7 in all. Of a great length, and a tensile strength that defied physics, she handed one to each of us.
We inquired as to why she had given them to us she replied [ somewhat like Queenie in Blackadder] :
" Veilth make bwilliant bungee-wopeth. Not whaleth thilly. Who'th for a wapid deathscent? Last one there'th an Isissy!!'

- It appears BUN [inthe oven] GEE JUmping offers a few variants>
added by ACCIDENTAL ALCHEMIST [ via comments]:

Twin Tower
Very similar to a catapult, but they have solved the problem of running into the cord anchor. There are two towers, each with a cord leading to you (in between); the cords are stretched, and you are relased. Since both cords are pulling you, you shoot straight up and then bounce around.
Some places use this technique, but you are strapped into a metal cage, and this requires much stronger bungee cords. One company that offers this is Bungee Adventures; they call it the Ejection Seat.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Proper Gander

...and as each and every unpredictable
and unprecedented subjective experience
of the progressive entry into
the newly-dawning frequency tuneabilities
of man's ever greater infra and ultra ranges
of conscious, objective participation in the total patterning
of reciprocal and complimentary integrities occurs,

the experiencing individual gains
tacit re-validation of his faith
that the comprehensively comprehending,
anticipatorially providing,
omniintegrity patterning
is obviously anticipating in so competent degree
as in no way to require the proselytizing service
of limitedly conceptioning individuals
in speciously preoccupying persuasion of others
in respect to the comprehensively anticipating integrity

which proselytizing when practiced
paradoxically results in abandonment
of the proselytizing individual's
direct pursuit of integrity

and substitution therefor
of progressively ritualized declarations
of thought numbing formulae

originally adopted to package-up the proselytizing
sales campaign routine
of minimum effort

and corresponding minimum challenges
to the participating individual's intellectual faculty
and requisite integrity of its employment

excerpts from No More 2nd-Hand God
by R. Buckminster-Fuller