Friday, December 26, 2014


Reading a news report on the protests in Ferguson, St.Louis Co., Missouri I noticed a photo which seemed to shed light on the MSM-led race war.

It looks like CONCORDE POINT written above, concorde meaning peace, calm.
A better bet comes from Ray's comment - CORONADO PAINT , lending a regal air to da mayhem

Michael Brown was shot by Officer Darren Wilson. Black victim - White cop is how it has been delivered to the masses via the airwaves broadcasting.

The date was August 9th 2014 , 45 years after the alleged slaughter of Sharon Tate and 4 others at 10050 Cielo Drive. I say 'alleged' as the following essay [link below picture]disagrees with the 'official story'.
This photo of Sharon Tate , dead but smiling, seems to add weight to the authors investigation.

As well as her 'smiling' it is to be noted that she was moved from the floor to another place with a clean, white pillow. I'll assume that's normal when photographing a murder scene.

Jay Sebring lies hooded, perhaps he is winking.
Note US Stars and Stripes 'in distress' on the back of the sofa.

The main thread to come out of that spectacle was the 'Helter-Skelter Race War Scenario'. The words 'PIG' written in blood on the wall is thought to be aimed at the Police. I guess the police tend to be white, and more so in the 60s.

Charles Manson, the leader of the FAMILY, along with acolytes were imprisoned, allegedly, or have been kept around to make incidental appearances to keep the story alive.
While in or around prison he made some drawings. This one appears to show black figures with flames coming from them in the heart of the USA

A basilisk of some descrip swirls around the land, hungry. It seems to have consumed Florida or perhaps its been annexed by Cuba. The thing appears to emerge from Washington, like many of the counter-culture music scene of the 1960s.

Manson will now, it seems, get married.

Ray [ Da Black Whole ] reckons Manson is sporting a powder blue number but I wondered if its not a cielo blue.

His bride-to-be sweet Afton Elaine Burton, perhaps named after Robert Burns' poem 'Afton Waters' about a river in Scotland:

"Flow gently, sweet Afton, amang thy green braes
Flow gently, I’ll sing thee a song in thy praise
My Mary’s asleep by they murmuring stream
Flow gently, sweet Afton, disturb not her dream "

Charles Manson links to Charles Augustus Lindbergh as Karl Mansson was Lindy's father's original name. Lucky Lindy lindy-hopped the 'lantic , flying east to Gay Paree. He used 'dead reckoning' to fly 'The Spirit of St. Louis' to La Bourget airport. I was reading about Neil Armstrong's first time intuitive landing on the moon and wondered with all the disbelief, in some quarters, of such a feat that perhaps, but only justabout, that maybe Lindy hopped over the ocean in ways not visible to the general public's all consuming eye.
Maybe he took a ride on a ship or ships for some of the way as 'dead reckoning' for 33,5 hours for 3,600 miles seems a difficult test to say the least. Anyhow, pure speculation is all that is.
What's true though is that Charlie's air-craft had a swastika painted on the inside , twizzling leftwards, as well as a slew of names. The largest is "ADOLPH SCHMIDT" and one wonders if this could be Adolph W. Schmidt, a Pittsburgh philanthropist who served as US Ambassador to Canada from 1969 to 1974.

Apparently he 'presented his credentials on September 11th, 1969, [ a possible date for the birth of Sharon Tate's son, if they were not slain at Cielo [Sky] Drive a month earlier ]. Born in 1904 he would have been 23 at the time of the crossing.

From the aforementioned site:

"As a young man, Adolph W. Schmidt sat in the cockpit of the Spirit of St. Louis shortly after Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris and climbed the Matterhorn. The McKeesport native's later accomplishments were less glamorous but highly significant."

Should the two Schmidts be the same it seems some opaque game is being played. The Adolph Schmidt written in the nose of the 'Spirit of St.Louis' is in 'inverted commas' or 'quotation marks' unlike any of the others.

He was married to Helen Mellon, great-granddaughter of Thomas Mellon [ who took an interest in Robert Burn's poetry, among other things]. His son Andrew William Mellon was involved in the negotiations over Germany's War debt, reparations, a long and testy affair which possibly influenced the Great Depression that began with the Crash of 1929, as well as the rise of Fascist aggression.
One of his relatives was William Mellon Hitchcock whom the New York Times describes as "the Daddy Warbucks of the Counterculture because of the hospitality he extended at his farm in Millbrook, N.Y. to LSD aficionados including Timothy Leary. "

A few lines from 'Masters of Paradise: Organized Crime and the Internal Revenue Service in The Bahamas.' - Alan A. Block

"Those who visited him [ Mellon] at Millbrook from the financial world were invariably and routinely turned on….Billy [Mellon] Hitchcock decided to leave and after evicting all the "freaks" left for Sausalito, a few miles north of San Francisco. It was then Hitchcock decided to underwrite two chemists , Nick Sand and Tim Scully, in the manufacture of LSD, STP and other hallucinogens.
They relied upon…"The Brotherhood of Eternal Love" to distribute the drugs. Incorporated in California as a tax-exempt religious entity in October 1966, the Brotherhood really was a segment of the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang. Jack-booted and adorned with various Nazi symbols…"

Charles Manson, Family head, inscribed a right-spinning swastika between his eyebrows shortly after his trial began, and it is still visible after all those years.

To recap Charles Manson could be Charles Lindbergh's kidnapped and murdered son based on the name of Lindy's dad - Karl Mansson - and that Lindbergh jr.'s death was dated fairly close to Charles 'Noname' Maddox, later Charles Milles Manson's birth. [ see previous post for further info on the dimple-chins]

Charles Lindbergh had 13 children, 7 of whom were not informed of that fact until after he had died. He met them under an assumed name , Careu Kent. It seems that 'Careu' in Romanian means 'square', while 'Kent' derives from 'cantus' , a 'rim' or 'border'. Some write that Careu is Hungarian for Charles and Kent has to do with his mother's maiden name 'Land'. Well, whatever, but he certainly had an extensive family.

I read about Lindbergh in Bill Bryson's book ' One Year: America 1927' which focuses on the events of that year. The book also writes about 4 bankers who met up in the US to talk about the economy and the reparations to be paid by Germany, as well as lesser reparations to be paid to the US by the allies who borrowed from them.
The spotlight falls on Benjamin Strong, head of the NY Fed, the most powerful of the Federal Reserves at the time.

The following is from Liaquat Ahamed's 'Lords of Finance':
" Strong owed [Harry] Davison more than his career. In May 1905, while he was away at work, his wife, Margaret, apparently in the grip of postpartum depression after the death of their fourth child, and recently released from a sanatorium in Atlantic City, chanced upon a revolver that the Strongs had just bought after a burglary scare in the neighborhood and shot herself. The next year Strong's eldest daughter died of scarlet fever. The Davisons immediately took Strong's three surviving children - Benjamin Jr., Philip and Katherine - into their home."

Less than 2 years later he married Katherine Converse, seventeen years younger. Her father was Edmund Converse who was president of the Banker's Trust. Davison acted as the best man and they went off to live at the Converse Estate in Greenwich, Connecticut. In his will Converse gave 'To Alaquippa Lodge, F and A.M., of McKeesport, Pa., $10,000'.
Adolphe Schmidt was raised in McKeesport.

In the above clipping from the NYTimes the will also refers to his other daughter as Antoinette, Countess Von Wartensleben of Germany when it seems that she was Baroness Antoinette von Romberg.
Antoinette already had connexions to Germany as she was a descendent of Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford of the Holy Roman Empire. He was also a scientist, soldier of fortune and acted as Minister of War and Police to the Elector of Bavaria.

Strong 'was a "Jekyll and Hyde personality, usually polite but flying at times into terrible rages" remembered one colleague.'

Davison , incidentally, attended the secret meetings on Jekyll Island in 1910 which many feel led to the setting-up of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

Katherine's sister Antoinette divorced in 1906 and took off for Germany with her two children and in 1907 promptly married Baron Maximilian Von Romberg. He was killed at Belfort on September 22nd 1914, not long after the war started. He was lieutenant in the 80th Prussian Fusiliers.

On the German language Wikipedia there is a Maximiliam Konrad Joseph Freiherr Von Romberg whose dates of birth and death are:
"Maximilian Konrad Joseph Freiherr von Romberg (* 6. September 1824 in Brunn im Landkreis Ruppin; † 22. September 1904 ebenda) war ein Fideikommissherr und Reichstagsabgeordneter."!topic/

Antoinette returned in November with their son Maximilian. He married Emily Hall in 1928 until he died in a plane crash in 1938. Emily Hall became Emily Hall Spreckels after marrying Adolph Spreckels II, son of the sugar magnate Adolph Spreckel. His father took issue to a reporter's article and shot him, luckily only injuring him. He got off the court case by claiming temporary insanity. They, Adolph II and Emily, divorced, she married Burton Tremaine while Adolph , at some juncture, married Kay Williams. They brought Adolph 'Bunker' Spreckels into the world.

Above Adolph II walks past his seated wife, Kay Williams, at court proceedings that led to another divorce.

Later Kay married Clark Gable, who had a great influence on Bunker's life.

Unfortunately Gable died in 1960 while Bunker's father died in 1961, which meant that he came into a rather tidy legacy.

The Spreckels family via Claus Spreckels had become fantastically rich in part to their sugar kingdom. Claus, a German immigrant, was friendly with the King of Hawaii for a while and great-grandson Bunker would find fame surfing there.

An interview, at age 27, reveals his tendencies toward the 'hippie culture' , magic , the movie industry, drugs and surfing.

"When I turned 21, I went to the bank and I picked up my money.
In cash?
That's right.
What'd you do with it?
Spent it.
Spent it?
Spent it and made investments.
How did you get the money out of the bank?
Armoured car.
Where'd you take it?
To my secret cave.
What do you use that for?
It's just a place I have that nobody knows where it is, where I keep certain objects, art treasures, things I don't want people to see. Plus, it's where I can go do things that I don't want people to know that I'm doing. It's just a secret place that I have here on the earth where I can go and be alone. I've got all my things of value hidden there, and everything is arranged very neatly. It's like, you know, the Batcave or something."
"What kind of frequency did you take it with at your height?
Every day.
Every day, all day?
No, I'd take maybe a little sniff. I'd mix psilocybin with mescaline and LSD and smash it up, and then chop it up into a powder and keep it in a bottle. When I'd wake up in the morning I'd take a little snort. Just one snort in the morning and that would be it for the rest of the day."

"What kind of people would you work with?
I'd like to work with Andy Warhol, Nicolas Roeg, Stanley Kubrick, Kenneth Anger. I feel that the way I'm directing my image that I would be most comfortable and work best with people of their stature. I feel they could take a personality like me and direct me in a positive way."
"You have said you could play the role of Lucifer ...
Because I think I can deal with the role in the right type of fashion, from some of the things that I've studied. I could get my looks up for the part. I always look like such a devil. Plus, I wouldn't be afraid to play the role. I wouldn't be afraid of the so-called repercussions of playing such a role.
Why not?
Because I just don't have that fear of Satan. He doesn't scare me.
Have you ever seen him?
Yes, in 1970.
What was that all about?
It was a personal confrontation between the two of us as to what I might want to do with myself.
What was the background? What kind of stuff were you doing at the time?
Surfing, learning how to shape, studying magic.
Were you doing any drugs at the time?
Peyote, marijuana, hash."
"You mentioned changing your appearance.
After 19 years old I became aware of the fact that I could manipulate my looks. In some photos I look like a different person from photo to photo.
Is the way you dress important to you?
Yes. To dress tonight all I would have to do is put a certain type of a shirt on with the coat that I was wearing earlier and I could get into almost any party anywhere in the world. Except for maybe a real heavy black tie. But even then, I've crashed black ties in really radical clothes."

Bunker died on January 7th, 1977, apparently overdosing in a hotel in France.
Or perhaps he used his secret stash and his ability to change his appearance and went off and did something else, perhaps.
His lifestyle and attitudes as well as contacts align with the 1960's 'freak' culture. The possibility of him acting as Lucifer for Kenneth Anger ties him to almost Lucifer Bobby Beausoleil, an associate of the Manson family, who fell out with Anger before much of 'Lucifer Rising' was shot. He did though provide the music for the film.

Returning to Benjamin Strong, Head of the NY Fed.
From Liaquat Ahamed's 'Lords of Finance' -
" He [ Strong] was especially influenced in his sense of high purpose about American's world mission by a group of young men with whom he had become friends who went by the mysterious name "The Family". The Family was an exclusive private club, which he had been invited to join before the war. It had no official name, was not really a clubat all - no officers, no charter, no formal membership roll. It had come into being in 1902 when three young army officers, captains Frank McCoy, Sherwood Cheney and James Logan. all in their early thirties, attracted to Washington by Theodore Roosevelt's "call to youth," decided to rent a house together at 1718 H Street. This soon became a gathering spot for ambitious young diplomats and service officers, all similarly inspired by Roosevelt's vision of a muscular U.S. foreign policy. In the absence of a formal name , it came to be known as the 1718 Club or The Family."

It seems that both 'Families' called to the youth of America. In Dave McGowan's 'Wierd Scenes Inside the Canyon' he remarks on the movement of many youngsters from Washington-based families migrating to Laurel Canyon to make counter-culture - Jim Morrison, Warren beatty and others. He also mentions those who rose to become PNAC:

"Sometimes pieces of the puzzle just seem to fall from the heavens. I don’t really know why that happens – and to be honest, I find it somewhat disconcerting at times. On Sunday, July 6, the venerable Washington Post, in a most timely manner, generously provided a new piece of the puzzle that even I, your jaded host, find rather remarkable. It seems that a former reporter and novelist by the name of Alex Abella “has written a history of RAND, which was founded more than 60 years ago by the Air Force as a font of ideas on how that service might fight and win a nuclear war with the USSR … Abella focuses on Albert Wohlstetter, a mathematical logician turned nuclear strategist who was the dominant figure at Rand starting in the early 1950s and whose influence has extended beyond his death in 1997 into the current Bush administration … Wohlstetter epitomized what became known as the ‘RAND approach’ -- a relentlessly reductive, determinedly quantitative analysis of whatever problem the independent, non-profit think tank was assigned, whether the design of a new bomber or improving public education in inner-city schools.”

Let me interrupt here for just a brief moment to note that the RAND corporation is a lot of things, but “independent” has never been one of them. Anyway, getting back to the Post’s timely book review, we find that “it was not so much Wohlstetter himself as his acolytes … who had a major impact in Washington.” Most of those acolytes need no introduction, as the names should be instantly recognizable to just about everyone: Richard Perle (who once dated Wohlstetter’s daughter), Paul Wolfowitz, Zalmay Khalilzad, and Andrew Marshall (“formerly a RAND economist, who, as promoter of the high-tech ‘Revolution in Military Affairs’ in Donald Rumsfeld’s Defense Department, was dubbed the Pentagon’s ‘Yoda.’”)

In the latter half of the 1950s and the early 1960s, while Wohlstetter was with the RAND corporation and also a professor at UCLA (and while his wife Roberta also worked as an analyst for RAND), Albert and his followers – the men who now serve as the apparent architects of US foreign policy – regularly met in a heavily wooded neighborhood in Los Angeles known as … actually, I think I’m going to defer back to the Washington Post’s book review and let journalist Gregg Herken tell you how “those bright, eager and ambitious young men … had sat cross-legged on the floor with their mentor at his stylish house in (drum roll, please!) Laurel Canyon.”

The title of the Post’s book review is “Dr. Strangelove’s Workplace,” which presumably is a reference to the notorious RAND corporation. But I think that we can all agree that the title could just as easily apply to Wohlstetter’s stylish Laurel Canyon home. In fact, as the pieces of this puzzle continue to fall into place, it is beginning to seem as though “Dr. Strangelove’s Workplace” might be a good title for the entire damn canyon. We now know that, in addition to hosting both a secret military/intelligence facility and a call-boy/kiddy-porn operation servicing prominent public figures, Laurel Canyon was also the birthplace and meeting place of what we now know as the ‘neocon’/PNAC crowd, as well as the home base of the guiding light of the Rand corporation."
Actually this isn't from his book but from his earlier website posting duly copied to another website etc. and the title is -
Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation
Part 8.

Many of the members of the earlier The Family ended up in Gay Paree , staying on after the war.
One was James Logan who, among other activities, 'joined Albert Rathbone, Roland Boyden, John Foster Dulles, and other economic advisers who were attempting to shape an American economic policy to deal with postwar problems.'

Other members included:
Willard Straight - a worldly type, flamboyant, charming
Arthur Page - journalist
Andrew Peters - congressman, Mayor of Boston
Joseph Grew - State Dept. officer
William Phillips - Far Eastern specialist
Basil Miles - Russian expert

Strong suffered from TB [tuberculosis], and in 1923 was confined to the Cragmore Sanitorium at Colorado Springs.There he met and befriended a 22-yr old actress by the name of Dorothy Smoller, of Tennesee, who had also contracted TB. According to Ahamed's 'Lords of Finance' her money ran out and Strong and others helped her out. In November 1926 she was in New York being treated by Strong's personal doctor Dr. James Miller, for recurrences of TB.
"She had just landed a part in another Broadway play when on the morning of December 9, after receiving a mysterious letter that reportedly distressed her, she killed herself drinking a bottle of liquid shoe polish.

By her bedside were three letters, one for her mother in Long Beach, California, one for a friend, and one for Strong. She left instructions that the photograph of Strong in her possession be returned to him."
Noone know if they were 'romantically involved' but 'her suicide, with its echoes of his wife's death twenty years earlier, must have shaken him profoundly.'
She had acted on Broadway in 'Checkerboard' and 'What's in a Name'.

Though there are many of that name , Benjamin Strong's successor at the NYFED was a George Harrison.