Sunday, October 28, 2007

Number Number Weigh Divide

Though Daniel's interpretation runs slightly longer shall not deal overly with those wordy trancelations. Da numbiz , Dan Umbers , a coming and hummin'.
The verse goes:
65-423-14-550-91-91-530-406 = 2170
The last 4 words = Mene Mene Teqel Upharsin - the Writing on the Wall.
The total of 2170 - 10 x 217 and 217 = DBVRH, Deborah, the Bee. Buildings 1 , 2 & 7 strike a chord, well a little bit more than a chord, a whole towerblock.
The total for the words written on the wall = 1118.
Bangolang! - 3 towers form a brand new 8, and of course 8x111=888 which = 1776/2
MNA = 91 - 7x13, always worth knowing , and it anagrams into AMN -Amen + also 91 and the symphotic use of this 2 nummers together.
Daniels prophecy via the KJB:
MENE;God hath numbered the kingdom & brought it to an end [ note well ninehundred and ten and one - in the Hebrew it= beginning]
TEKEL; thou art weighed in the balances [twins] and found wanting [ as Crowley wrote- read the runes wrong and there will be a great miss] - [Egyptian weighing of the Heart ceremony]
PERES; thy kingdom is divided & given to the Medes and Persians [ 2 out of 3's not bad]

Octopi with an eye for the sky

A controversy has grown in Praha around the location for the forthcoming National Library. A competition was held and the winning design by Czech exile Kaplicky loomed into public view. The President decided that it couldn't be located where it was going to be, and then lots of people agreed, and now the argument rages throughout the media.
It has the name Chobotnice [ Khobotneetsay] which means Octopus. Aha, mr Alan moore and your strange tentacled psychic creature from the famed Watchmen bookette, I thought. The psychic fallout has not proved to have reached the world-unifying scale apparently needed to fulfil Moore's prophecy, but thn it hasn't been built.
And when we have built the first , then we will build more , and use special bee-propelled VTOL flight, and fly , fly , into your towns and cities causing planning problems and architectural dystopia, and then........ and my little ones.... bzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fishtail spins

From The Book of Thoth - Atu XIII -
'NVN , which means a fish, life traveling through the waters, refers to sign Scorpio ruled by Mars - Impulse
This formally divided into 3 parts, the lowest = Scorpion, which was commit suicide when ringed by fire [ see the Futurama clip within the AlgoRe clip in BNOWs 'Man in the Moon' vid], or otherwise desperate situation. This represents putrefaction in its lowest form. The strain of environment has become intolerable, and the attacked element willingly subjects itself to change.
....the figure is the skeleton bearing a scythe [psythe] , both = Saturnian symbols. This appears starange as Saturn has no overt connexion with Scorpio: but Saturn represents the essential structure of existing things [ viz: Saturn -Hexagon-Bee]. He is that elemental nature of things which is not destroyed by the ordinary changes which occur in the operations of nature.
With the sweep of his scythe he breathes bubbles [ balloons + drowned boats] in which are beginning to take shape the new forms which he creates in his dance, and these forms dance also.
The fish and the serpent = 2 principal objects of worship in ....doctrines of resurrection and re-incarnation [ Re-in -Car-Nation, US = the Supreme in-car-nation]. Thus we have Oannes [ Loch Ness] and Dagon[ whose temple was destroyed by Samson.
IXThUS which means fish, and very aptly sumbolizes Christ... nor is it an accident that St.Peter was a Fisherman ....sacred to Mercury'
Noah in Hebrew can be spelt NVCh - 50+6+8= 64 which invokes a Checkerboard Yi Jing 8x8 [ etym. of check = chess, so chesserboard].
Words with the same numerical value = NVGH- Sphere of Venus; NBVAH = Prophecy.
AL = 31 , the 10th Prime. 64+31=95 which = such words as -
MADYM - Mars; HMYM- the Waters; ABN GDVLH- The great stone; ZBLVN-Zabulon and somewhat eerily though I know knot why - DNYAL - Daniel, that dreamcatcher-prophetear also named BLTShATzR - 632 = 8x79 and 79 = the number that spells BOZ and YAChYN - the twin pillars.
Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin - The Writing on the Wall
Daniel 11:21
' And in his place shall stand a contemptible person to whom they had not given the honour of the kingdom [ the presidency?]: but he shall come in time of security [Homeland Earth], and shall gain the kingdom by flatteries [ that is ideals that staisfy[ I did mean satisfy but this new word seems relevant] the populace]
V and B are interchangeable in European and Semitic languages. Spaniards often pronounce Venus as Benus [ Bee-nus], and the Czechs call Venice Benatska [ BenBen?]. In Hebrew B=V and changes according to the word's pronunciation, though this can depend on the speaker's tribe - Shiboleth-Shivoleth.
This lends a B-B-B-B-B to the Psychonauts violet transmassion
Via Sepher Yetsira B which = 2 refers to Saturn and the World-Universe card. B= a dwelling , a container , its full-name in Hebrew BYTh = a house, and it forms from Alef alive. The Saturn-World connexion intrigues
Reading a past Newspaceman article he mentions a festival called Armilustrium on Oct 19, a festival of cleansing of weapons. This year it fell on a Fiday adding a Venusian touch to the celebrations.
BNWOs Moonman vid throws us Bell and Nobel, as well as the Model-47 Chopper. 47 hath the stories of Salomon Bros [ twins] Building 7 and the amount of columns that once held the other 2.
AL GORE = ALG- ORE, a new deep strata find. O GREAL and REGAL O, LO RAGE GALORE, LARGE O and the famous , ARGEOL, Superhero to the blessed sheep of a planet where people who aren't even voted in [ Al are u listening, I demand a recount] ....
Al Gore is M

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How Lo can u Go?

While in Prague I've always felt this Salami company logo, dating from 1917, as pretty up-front for the time.
Looking for a pic I found
: Les logos plus ambigus
Have a look, they do cause one to titter
I added the Dodge for that Yin-Yang behaviour orgule

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I put my blue genes on...

When 2000 AD came out it came like a beam, cut like laser fire, streamlined my universal mind.
One great story was the blue-tinted warrior ROGUE TROOPER, accompanied by his bio-chipped friends[ when they 'got killed' they're personalities got hipped which could then reconstitute them if they could get to the equipment. Yes , they chipped the whole personality so that it ccan be uploaded and reconstituted at a later date.] Rogue told a treachorous tale. Later he found Venus Bluegenes. Both trying to get home wherever it was, whatever it was.... but they were genetically modified in a lab. Where is home for them, the hive, after what they,ve seen and learnt and loved and lost.

Royal Jelly

Jelly - a sweet clear semisolid
Etymology [and i feel here we can invoke the school-humanoid mistake - entymology,] from Gelu [latin] meaning Frost, which can have an effect on plants that flower at times related to their pollenating aspects - bees and other insectia. Apples have doubled in price or at least become dearer round Europe due to frosts this year. I know a Bulk Juice Vendor who is mighty miffed by this on top of the Florida - Hurricane inspired Oranges price rise of a couple of years ago. Fruit , my frenz, makes Juicy Gels.
Weave Stillners latest > Travis Bickle leans from a Zeppelin-Chariot, Earth Taxi [ 4 wheels convert to a bag of air] transformed into Shakespeare of Destiny plucking pre-stars from rainclouds.[ De Niro's CAPt. Shakespeare is a closet, or cabin Drag-Queen relating to Gosporns most recent] [ Drag is an effect of air + the object moving through it, thus we can discover the speed of destiny ]
Niro the Hiro the Hero 'coz He rose when He rows. Ra found this convenient in its daily ascencion. The Hiro shimmer provided by the Heroes character Hiro, which also implies Hiro Heato- emperor of fire, and a whole heap of Athomic mushroon cloud dust craters. Do Atomic craters look like HeXagrams from way out in outer space, or perhaps with some other vision apparatus.
Bickle turns to Shakespeare a composite character worth its weight in Bacon. Stardust , a fresh parody account of Amid Summer's Night dream. A damn star indeed, for the sky is full of huemans, clothed. incidentally , in magistry.

Back to our Brave New World Aurda. As Travis emerges from his checkerboard chariot we pan acroos to see Jodie Fossettourette buck-walking to the backdrop of a truck logoing a spinning wheel-star, a grail-spun vortex.
Royalome of Connections comment about Styx- Ferryman to do with pennies on the eyes and the Koh-I-Noor logo shed open another beam of synch, in that of course, TaXiS ferry - thus Bickle the Ferryman, the checker- the on/off - birth/death - tuning in/out life we lead and recent disappearances seem to reinforce the idea of death as something we can do ourselves, like deciding when to tune out, perhaps even with a favourite balloon to bee transformed into a metaphysical pattern integrity of some use in another dimension of Universe, previously called After-life. Disappearances and unexplained suicides run as the theme of Colin Wilson's Mind Parasites where great minds are duped into suicide by the mind parasites who emanate from the Moon. This , humans finally deal with by PKing the Moon into the Sun freeing all the trapped souls.
2000 humans board the Pallas and in orbit off Pluto disappear on June 9th 2007 . The book tells us that they have maybe joined some sentient beings from ProXima Centauri. The book resonates with a few of PhilipKDicks ventures as if similar stories are experienced by 2 separate sources yet the song remains the same.

Taxi , which taught me how to say Noo Yoik, starred such Arnie-twinning syncroactors as Danny De Vito. Danny links the Twin Towerrs [ also Twins as Gemini are looked at by Adam Star] with Caliph of Governarnia , Senor SchwarzenEgger. Judd Hirsch who acts in Ridley Scotts number came to fame in this weekly as did the enthusiastic and tall scientist from Back to the Future, which starred Michael J. Fox who now works with Ali in helping Parkinson's sufferers - Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee
A modern reworking of that Chiron [ is it Chiron?] the boatman ferrying or taxiing or tarriffeyeing or both folk back and forth from to Hades. No Ive just looked it up and its Charon, the name of 1 of Pluto's moons and possibly considered to be Pluto. Taximan = Destination

James Earl Jones acted in a film when he worked for a deculting organisation saving cherished loved ones from the clutches etc...His booming voice tended to pacify the worried families.

In Welsh water = DWR which looks and sounds like DOOR - The celts acc. to Slaine [ from 2000 AD] believed or knew Water to be a doorway twiXt 2 worlds

8s - 8x8 Checkerboard ritual and YiJing on-off binary exposition, The Chariots hebrew letter - Ch - 8 . The full name of this letter-number = ChYTh = 418. This is often cited as fence or enclosure but is also the letter-formula that translates as 'beast' in Genesis - Jean Isis-Jean Grey. perhaps a beast = a human enclosure-boundary frequency which, in out transitory evolution confusion, lends belief to our Mono-key ancestree, evolution or creationism, its all the same two me

CapStone Ass

Introducing Dyslexix superhero gleepdaddy, Capstone Ass. This freaky monster helper comes straight from Adam Star who interfered with a perfect day by noticing that an easel resembles a capstoneless pyramid, adding an Annuit Coeptis pyramid illustration to further that idea. Easel comes from words meaning ASS - like Ezel in Dutch, Osel in Czech, Asinus in Latin.
Now either El christos automated an everyday painters easel or he got off his ass and onto anothers and headed JerUsalem way.
I can't stop myself imagineretaing the holy brother entering the Holy city on a capstoneless pyramid to which the religios freaked and uttered the now famous words- You're cross meat m8.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Falling stars, Red,Black & White

the bright autumn days provide for wonderful photopportunities. I also include the logo for Kohinoor which makes things like buttons, zips, pencils - for Vapos R/B/W musings.
The Nobel Prize people in their ingenuity have changed the word meaning environment for the word meaning peace. As if recycling will cause peace. Usually peace prizes go for those who attempt to stop wars, you know , when they get imprisoned , shot at, family offed etc.
I'm surprised that the Nobel Committee should accept one-sided unfinished research - from dumbing down the US to the whole world, all rather predictable. Notably a British Judge has not. The Ministry of Insulting Children's Intelligence decided that all schools will watch the Gore Bore, but MUST tell the children that this is not the only view.
Prague will be invaded by Greenspan and Cherie Blair in a couple of days, plus a couple of corporate greeners. It's possible that the EU will change the presidential rules in 2008 . At present an EU member state provides a president every 6 months, now they want an incumbent. The 1st incumbent, long-termer might take his place in 2009 when the Czechs representative should stand. As Tony Blair is likely to be UberEuropemann his wife has probably come to do a little charm offensive. The Czechs are already miffed at having this radar which just makes difficulties with the Russians.
Well the sun shines and its half way through October, crisp, clear weather, lots of light , keeps one intelligent, freedom for Melatonin.
I had a dream with Putin in the other night, though he had a Teddy-Boy quiff. We chatted in a room with a large Bay-window. The next day rumours of an assassination attempt when he visits Iran next week surfaced.
In a CSI episode { Las Vegas} called GO TO HELL the opening scene was of a bee flying for a bit then dying. Michael from Lost was a preacher who had to exorcise a 12 years girl. In the wall of her room was a beehive. At the end Grisham picked up a dead bee and talked about the disappearance of Bees , etc etc. The Bees had NOTHING to do with the story at all. and got inserted into the beginning . middle and end perhaps only for the CSI producers to make people aware.... ? I believe Las Vegas = The Meadows which is generally where bees hang out
The Peter Pan Speed rock uses a company logo that I recognise but can't remember whose, as a flying eye, which reminded me of the stars on the river

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yellow Books

A few years ago I picked up The Mind Parasites by Colin Wilson, a book that August Derleth of Lovecraftian fame suggested should be written.
There have been the Lovecraft rumblings , notably at Tod's blog and in more detail at the Occult of Personality [ I think].
So I whipped the book out again and have reached the awesome depths of page 67.
it relates the taped accounts and written records of a Prof. Gilbert Austin, who according to the book, disappears in 2007. Why, honey, its 2007 this years.
Why yes it is love of mine, what a powerful synch
But sweetness and light, it continues.
Due to their archaeological finds in Turkey, the Prof and another scientist Reich find themselves reading through Lovecraft's seemingly prescient collection. They note that Lovecraft died in 1937.
Aha, the date of the Hindenburg
The other picture is of sculptures on Charles Bridge, in Prague. I think they add another dimension to Jakes Helicopter phenom.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Stray dust

Like a bolt from the blue or a falling star, a glimpse of the semi-unknown , murky syncron and other forms of ethereal investigation popped the film Stardust through my giglamps.
With the idea alraedy up and humming about our planetary Nigredo, us turn to stars, a star got struck in the film by a Ruby or a Ru-Bee that's a Red bee, and should u get it round your neck a king'll you be. The star hit Eart and woke as a woman, and lots of further fairy business.
then who should fly out of the checkerwork but Sir Robert du Travis de Niro von Bickle as , poet-pirate-drag queen Captain Shakespeare. Skippering a dirigible-airship affair he and his crew fished for thunderbolts.
David Kelly acted as the Guardian of the Wall. I saw him in a film called the Kovacs Box about microchipping people and making them do things they might not have ordinarily done, like suicide.
In Prague the sun shines as do stars

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Its , Its, .......

...full of Bees
Bees have now decided to go multicoloured.
After remembering Tod's nod to the watchmen fallout symbol, another cover upturned to give a butterfly design on Rorshach's mask.[Unpictured at present] Rorshach has been related to Travis Bickle of Taxi driver. Newspaceman offered the Red Bee Creative production wing of the BBC. I came across the rain-sodden cardboard relic a couple of weeks ago
The Sun acts as a resistor , resisting the electrical flow-currents of Universe , it glows, and the attracted energy builds as if radiating, but merely swarming.Like the bees at the hive the heat radiates bringing light . The Sun - a plasma reaction , plasma = honey.
So a photo of sunspots , black and yellow, a fair sprinkle of orange, a bee
Universe changes the electrical flow and another light bulb takes over the solar activity. Solar comes from the greek for Sirius implying an energy-change interstellar move. Perhaps one of our larger planets gears in as we sunbathe for electrical universe circuit change

Saturday, October 6, 2007

As Angels washed their flocks by night...

...the Shepherd drew the little things to beddy-byes with a story or two from the goggle-box, or the flicks should you plumb for the night out.
Out of TaXi-driver [ remember airplanes taxi] slipped Cybill Shepherd who played Betsy, a fan of the can-didate. She played Madelyn 'Maddie' Hayes with Bruce Willis in the detective-comedy-song-dance doowopleganger series that graced cathode ray tube munchers over a million years ago
Lost stars one Jack Shepherd, who stars in Lost. Madeleine McCann remains lost after her parents 'moonlighted' at the local Tapas Bar
Cybill , Cybil are variations of sybil meaning a prophetess
Matthew Fox appears in other guises, some kind of guardian, with spear, and may be the voice, or was , behind Driver-X to synchronize effortlessly with Cartoon Comic Cycles that abound in their synchromystic integrity

Black and Yellow

or maybe Gold. Nevertheless the hum of Melissan influence pollenating bloglife necessitates a glimpse into those frequencies known as Black and Yellow, or Gold [ other lingually-generated thought and phenomena recognition symbols will prove useful - Schwarz, Jaune, Or,Noir]
Saturn and Sol orbit into view - Before MarkSt.Clair's renewal programme initiated a discussion about a new star , it could be Saturn or Jupiter.This linked to 2001. It made me wonder as to the formation of stars, a Bucky-Fuller inspiredea , the planets attract the radiating stardust, until they reach a critical mass-path stage which could correspond with the alchemical Nigredo, and then starburst. Its * we * all stars.
We humes = planet so no missing out when we go, it all goes when we and it go or glow
Sol spins from the centre and Saturn seems fairly peripheral. Its black chronology, Sol's daily renewal.
Black and Gold appear floating on the Thamesis at Labyrinth of the Psychonaought, Anubis shaped. Checker of the Dead
Buzzing helicopters
Through SY the tarot attributions =
Saturn - B - 2 - The Universe-World
Sol - K - 20 - Sun
Both deal with 2 - the archetypal container-dwelling and its existential projection 20 - physical structures. The 20 grows around as the arkeytypal emerges in complement to 2s enclosing of Aleph
22 = The alephbeyt - timeless yet its ever-immanent nature renews
The black and gold colour the New Orleans Saints, old hives washed away, what of new housing ideas , like houses that f*****king float for fox sake[ 5 stars for a 5star fuck-up], which brings me to Bucky-Fuller's domes dwellings, many with that hexagonal jix all ova writ. The Pentagons help the system close back in on itself, otherwise those sixagrams wouldn't build anything but a hive, and I don't be no bee , ne sireee. Thus we need a quick 5=6 festival or ritual, or both , get into dome-life, no piped-in doolally, Bernoulli effect . I want all that naturally-occurring laws o' Universe , no irksome overheads or mad-add-on industries frequency modulated life with style
One of the domes had the name Fly's Eye Dome
We can chain them on extendo-chains by Mattel when the 40days of climate change occurs, follow currents, feel the wind , travel along ocean currents, perhaps even Dive Dive Dive capabilities
Humans in Universe
The flag of St.David or Dewi sant, black ground with a gold cross. The other welsh flag = The Red dragon.
What of the Red Bees , an organ of the BeeBeeSea , to be found in Newspaceman's most recent. Brentford Football Club sport the nickname The Bees and wear a red+white strip. My great-grandparents had a house in Brentford in Holland Road or Holland Park road. They sold some land to a cement company there. Mr.Southwell may have info on the wonders of Brentford.

Key 2 Kay 2

Using BNWO's latest trideo as an electronic Sherpa , allow me to ascend to the summit with this advertising gem from Modra Pyramid [Blue Pyramid] Building Society.
In another part of the city we see this TARGATE, which might link into Noah and his Ark, which he made from Gopher-wood, which probably = pitched wood, to seal the hull against the salty sea.
The Mayor of Prague , Pavel Bem, ascended Everest a couple of months ago

Monday, October 1, 2007


... like a butterfly
Sting like a Bee
These were words spoken
by Muhammed Ali
He also said:
Keep asking , no matter how long
On the war in Vietnam, I sing this song
I ain't got no quarrel with the Viet Cong.
Perhaps he might make a comeback
No quarrel with the people in Iraq

Hurricane Melissa seems to be lessening, now a mere tropical storm
Melissa [ Greek] Devorah/Deborah [Hebrew] and Apis[ Latin] all mean BEE.

The Apis Bull was worshipped at times in Ancient Egypt. Firstly an incarnation of P'Tah, whose name means [opener] he went on to be connected with or to be Osiris. An odd connection , or maybe someone is taking apis