Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The DOW is like an Empty Vessel

Elluminati posted - BAILOUT REJECTED, DOW DROPS 666, 777 POINTS. The article looks into correspondences between the DOW DROPS [ Dew Drops] and Rosh Hashanah [ Jewish New Year].

In my last post ALL @ 6s & 7s , I used these 2 numbers together thanks to Wise Woman[666] and Stygian Port[777]

Last post got published at 11.09 and in the pic we get a flashy extended 1,119 [ top left] while bottom centre-right another 9.11 neighbouring a downward pointing red-arrow [ down doesn't really eXist so i guess its an arrow pointing inward to zero] Anyhow 911 motherfucking down, for the synch-shock effect.

This pic I traded with Michael at Gosporn from his post QUE HERA, HERA. I will profit from the pic but he's liable for it.

Dr Do Little then sent this comment, which I read a couple of minutes before reading the ELLUMINATI post
"A lot of sevens here:

"The Dow fell 777.68 points, just shy of 7 percent, to 10,365.45, its lowest close in nearly three years. The decline also surpasses the record for the biggest decline during a trading day — 721.56 at one point on Sept. 17, 2001, when the market reopened after 9/11."

SEPTEMBER 29, 2008 7:02 PM "

The DOW DAY KLUNK , written by BEY LOUT ZOO , published by DOUBLECROSS & SHUCKS, costs an alarm and a leg

Sunday, September 28, 2008

All @ 6s & 7s

Further to the purr-eve-ious post a double blyncher sourced from the archives of Wise Woman who spotted it @ Tod's - Through the Looking Glass. It's remarkable in hat , @1st, I checked the 666 [ ChShK+AVR+IVM+LYLH - DarknessLightDayNight via Hebrew] and then , from the comments at the last post a snippet from Stygian Port who pointed out that that the Britney Graphic split the stars into 7-7-7.
Both protagonists carry a loaded swizzle-stick conferring orchestral characteristics - conducting, perhaps, with the metallic lightning - rod appeal. All thoughts happen in a flash.
Good news everyone - this Omen stuff reveals that - EVIL IS NO LONGER IN THE HANDS OF A [ROTHS] CHILD, thus inferring that one may share in it, considering the plethora of symbols I entertrain

666 via the Hebrew relates to the glyphs corresponding with V-S-M[final] while 777 does it for Z-O-N[final]. These represent projections of universe through archetype-existential-cosmic [ words which I shall print but leave to our own wonderings].
The 6s tend to copulation , the V & S can = male and female , with M final as the Hanged Man , a certain dissolution commencing from fertile minds meeting. The 3 Tarot conspiring , via Sepher Yetsira [ aware of course that SY initiates SYnchs] are the HEIROPHANT winnowing withe ART/TEMPERANCE , dissolving in the HANGED MAN at the afore mentioned 'Cosmic?' level
777 give OZ dissolving/amalgamating in N final, which covers for the Death card via Tarot [ aware of course that SY finishes pusSY] = Twins multiversing with the DEVIL sweeping out with Cosmic INDETERMINANCY, in the guise of the DEATH card taken beyond its functional status
A textual print-synch occurs with the words wOMANizer and the alternatively typefaced OMEN.
An idea of Sam neilling while Britney spears shows the 'flicker' effect of
Relating to STYGIAN PORTS latest post - WE3Marys - the constellation CAPPADOCIA resembles/reassembles the lights behind the Britney pic.
Sam Neill has 2 almost-circles that rez an 8, and the word St-ate leads this glyph wordily into Sams face.
Ideus of Sam neilling while Britney spears tickles the 'flicker' effect of fe-male integrating , possession + control of something that remains 2B scene

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

WomanIZer [ a bit changed]

Stole this from Ben at PSEUDOCCULTMEDIA - Britney: Victim of the Womanizers. Ben often works at near light-speed so the post is already old, articles fast-paced helter-skelter, take a ride.

Her feet travel to OZ to meet the WIZ.
There are 9 LIGHTS visible on the left and 11 visible on the Right, so a very pushy 9/11 OZ thread.
Does this mark a definite swing amongst the world of Media Mind Kontrol away from their butterflies and into the 911OZ phenom. While I might be somewhat biassed [ low-level MK] this posterette seems overtly 911OZ rather than just 911 or OZ

Re - ISIS INCOGNITO by A SHOT TO THE SHAMAN, the colours gold and red he mentioned quite abit, and then there's the colours of Ironman gold-infused cozzie.
Her legs and the semi-fired circle seem frivolously ferris wheel, perhaps they will build the world's biggest designed like the picture, though doubtless not in Dubai. Ny guess is one across the US-Mexican border , the other straddling the US-Canada border joining the NAU together in plastic divinity.
Or perhaps one thousands of miles high , one leg in Venezuela the other in Anchorage.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Casting Out Nines to the Octave Wave [ Corrected]

Filched from STARMUMMY , courtesy of Blob+Nosis, the date GIZA 1928, which may or may not be when Starmummy got made. Philip K.DicK [KK or K times 2 thus K2 - pyramountain] got made in 1928, though , his twin sister died in childbirth, and led to a deep longing within PKDK.
MISTAKE - I received this comment correcting what I wrote above >>>

Just a small erratum: Phil's twin sister Jane died January 26, 1929. Are you suggesting that their mother's childbirth lasted six weeks?

~~ Tessa B. Dick

The idea that Twins may be put to profitable use in 'Mind-Control' programmes leads one to wonder if the Germanic Dick entered into this miasma via the literary world, and as such into the Movie Mythology of the late 20th & early 21st centuries, wittingly, voluntarily, coerced , driven, or just not at all. He broke into the Movie world with BLADE RUNNER , a film that popularised the post-apocalyptic, semi-cynical techno-state that seems all the rage still, esp. with counter-culture fashion and lifestyle ethos - fashionihilism . The state likes it as it image-criminalises, great network flash-news reality flick stroke ads - urbane terrorism.
PKD , came into the world in 1928 and then departed , twinningly, in 1982, some of his psyche-soul residue powering forth the BLADERUNNER and future dystopias. Marilyn Monroe also shares this synch, birthing in 1926, signing out in 1962.
1928 = a subtle 911, take out the nine , the rest = 11

While those 2 wrote and acted, Bucky-Fuller played with numbers. Below we see part of his CONGRUENCY tables.

If one , for examples , creates rows of numbers, beginning at 1 and stopping at 7 [ 2nd table], then going to the 2nd row , continuing with 8 to 14 and on and on, a pattern evolves. To apprehend the pattern one has to convert the number into INDIGS - a number such as 53 added until it becomes a single number - 5+3=8, so 53 Indig = 8. This creates a series of numbers that go from 1 - 9 [ and has no zero], so 8 is 2 away from 1 and 6.
Congruence in Modulo 7 - all rows in 7s. We must now look to the columns , Column 1 = 1,8,6,4 - so 1 - 2 = 8 , 8 -2 = 6, 6-4 = 2 and so on. Therefore Cong. in Modulo 7 - each row lose 2.
When we get to Cong. in Modulo 9 each row loses 0.
The whole process from 1 - 9 = 1- Each row Gains +1, 2-each row gains +2, 3 gains +3, 4 gains +4, 5 LOSES -4, 6 loses -3, 7 loses - 2, 8 loses -1 and NINE [ NEIN] lose/gains 0. From this and other obsevations Fuller felt that there are only 4 Absolute numbers that express themselves as an Octave Wave and NINES [ Outside-outing zeros] punctuate each Octave Wave.
For the info >>> SYNERGETICS,Vol II - Chapter: NUMEROLOGY

As all = frequency waves then 9 acts as a 'gate' through which frequencies of differing rates may pass through each other - like a diver plunging into water, cosmic rays passing through humans and planets, blogs synching in harmony.
9 appears to have Stargate characteristics - and now might be a good time to watch the 4th dimensional synchromystic sweep-out GENETIC HYBRIDIZATION, THE NINES AND THE AMNESIAC GODHEAD - can be found at all good Psychonaut outlets or the Local Blob - hurry while shocks last.
That bit of maths proves quite easy , thus all can take part and innerstand it. Only 4 absolute numbers eXist [ see Wise Womans - MAY THE FOURS BE WITH YOU for other quadraplicitous behaviour], and they wave in octaves, which may pass through other frequencies via the 9.

If one repairs to a previous post - TELI'S ON THE BLINK, I used a pic of 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road', by the synchromazing rockstar ELTON JOHN. Looking again at it, I noticed the nose of a 'plane jumboing through the sky, above the left-hand pillar synch. Below the plane we see factory chimneys smoking a tad like the WTC buildings, while it flies on a bearing towards the G of Goodbye , tying in the 9/11 atttacks to the Masonic G.

Note only did the diminutive pianist synch with CROCODILE ROCK he now synchs with the ROCKETEER - a post just recently emerging from GOSPORN]. This post flicked my synchro-gland to focus on Eltons 3rd mighty synch ROCKET MAN.
Below on the right we see Elton sporting RocketMan regalia, one of his more functional costumes.
Rocket Man lyrics [ some of them] -

She packed my bags last night pre-flight
ZERO hour NINE a.m.
And i'm gonna be high as a kite by then
I miss the earth so much i miss my wife
It's lonely out in space
On such a timeless flight

MARS ain't the kind of place to raise your kids
In fact it's cold as hell
And there's no one there to raise them if you did
And all this science i don't understand
It's just my job five days a week
A rocket man, a rocket man

Some time later these words spake William Shatner

Elton took the middle name HERCULES which synchs with the 'pillars' on the 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' album cover.
The pillars of the ancient world seem broken

Changing Tack for a mo' , may I introduce u to a piece from The STARK Foundation collection of arts and other things. This piece ROCKWOOD POTTERY produced before they went out of business. I read James Shelby Downard's THE CARNIVALS OF LIFE AND DEATH in which he describes a trip to Rockwood with his father. Being young he sneaked off only to find some men burning human remains in a large kiln. He later surmised that perhaps ROCKWOOD made some very special BONE CHINA indeed.

Over at the Blobs post SCARLET DRAGON we get treated to some meat on Tony STARK [ St.Ark or Star.K], the businessman-scientist whose alter=ego = IRONMAN. El Blobbo notes that Gwyneth Paltrow finds SHANGRI-LA [ in Sky Captain etc] in the Karakorum [ K2-ville]. She acts as Pepper Potts in IronMan.
In 1937[Hindenburg disaster] LUTCHER.STARK designed his own gardens in ORANGE, TEXAS [ remember Phil K. Dick lived near Orange County, Ca. when getting VALIS transmissions]. He called them SHANGRI-LA. They got destroyed in a freak snowstorm in 1958, oddly the same year that many players from MANCHESTER UNITED [ at present sponsored by AIG] lost their lives in a snowstorm-planecrash in MUNICH.Shangri-La aka Tibet is full of Lamas/ Monks and Munich means MonksTown in German.
Below the logo of the Stark Foundation [ synchronous with many rich superheroes having 'foundations' to cover their wierd science etc] created in 1961 [ 1-96-1]. [ see old post TOOT AND COME IN, ITS SHANE GORILLA for extra on Stark].
1+9+6+1 = 17 = 8 ; 1+6+1 = 8 , because 9s = 0. This process = 'casting out nines' or numbers totalling to 9.

Blob's H[AMENDED] post reitirated this ship, the USS NewYork , which they made from old bits of twisted metal, lightly dusted with human remains, from the 9/11 atatatatacks - found objects [ art school ]
Looking at it in this bigger detail it seems to resemble an Eagle's face.
Th hilts of the swords play the eyes, and I notice that one looks like the MOON-eye, and the other the SUN-eye, adding a little 'gyptian detail.

Geroge and the DRagon have made brief appearances inthe past couple of posts alluding to the idea that afoementioned George spears the Dragon's Maw in pictorial metaphor of the constellation Draco and trajectories aimed at Galactic centre.
His spear in icons gets drawn as a very thin line inferring a bearing or trajectory. This spear has the name ASHKELON, named apparently, after this town in the Holy Land.
Below shines the very Water-gatey themed emblem of modern-day Ashkelon. Askelon in Israel synchs with the very prominent military backing and troop-training Israel has given Georgia prior to the conflict]

On 8/8/8 Georgia and Russia [ who BOTH have ST.GEORGE, the Dragon-Tickler as a patron saint] locked horns in territorial disagreement over South [ Aus] OSsetia. A few days later, in my post PENTADRAGONS, I noted that Georgia played WALES in football - synchronous as Wales proffers the Dragon as national symbol. Georgi prevailed 2-1.
A couple of weeks ago The WORLD CUP Qualifiers began [ for South Africa 2010] , and Wales played Azerbaijan, on the other side of the Caspian Sea to Georgia]
MISTAKE 2 - Georgia has its coast on the BLACK SEA while Azerbaijan,neighbouring Georgia , lies on the CASPIAN SEA

followed a couple of days later by the match against ........RUSSIA, who won 2-1. Thus Wales the Dragon have played 2 countries sporting St.George and lost to them both equally. The withdrawal of all troops seems to proceed in a regular and orderly fashion.
When the Dragon yields, doors open.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

G&D to the 2nd Power

Twinning images together - seems to have a relevant wordless appeal.
Using a couple of Losty images, lately resurfacing at the Blob's 'H-[AMENDED] post of not so long ago.
Above a mix of the protest against the inevitable 'going' of Magpies manager Kevin Keegan [KK] alongside an episode from Lost where we see John Locke getting teased by girls at Cowin Heights School [ or School for People who haven't got learning difficulties yet, or L'Ecole de Trance Dissassociatif , aka 'just school']
Both Kevin Keegan and John Locke have incurred a deal of problems when attempting to lead an organisation, in fact both have walked out of the job on a number of occasions. Locke comes back as Jeremy Bentham, poor Kev's legacy = Joey Barton.

Below = the X of Hendaye, which = a galactic version of the George .v. Dragon conflict

This Cosmic concept then microcosmifies [ as a Stargate eVent] with the opening of the PINEAL GLAND, allowing humans to apprehend said eVent, which they may not do if they're down the bookies betting on who Kevin Keegan will manage next.
Anyhow the Knight strikes a young John Locke smack in the back of his head, secreting whatever transtime cosmo-juice-info into John's developing Dragon Gland

Here's 1001 powering out pyramid-style, thought I'd add it. It seemed a reason for building the pyramids, an irreverently enormous memory tool. 1001 = 7x11x13 [ 3 Steps to Heaven , which rhymes with 7]

Number-powering = fun. If u power numbers by the 2nd power and then do the adding the numbers together until one gets a single digit beautifully symmetric grand circle patterns occur.
1 - 1 - 1
2 - 4 - 4
3 - 9 - 9
4 - 16 - 7
5 - 25 - 7
6 - 36 - 9
7 - 49 - 4
8 - 64 - 1
9 - 81 - 9
10 - 100 - 1
11 - 121 - 4

Zowee!!! Check the octet wave

Simple Maths for Simple Peeps
Stops the Peeps from Gan to Sleeps

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Magpies sign Gale

On the windy North-East coast of Britain 2 'Toon' fans make a stand for their manager.
Like a flickering light, will KK stay or go. KK = Kevin Keegan, demi-god of Tyneside team Newcastle United, variously known as the 'Toon' or 'The Magpies', for their Black and White strip.
The board seem to be edging KK out of the mannager's job, but the fans aren't having it - as u can see below.
Divna leave King Kev

Synchromating it all together we have the lads , like wee Black and White pillars carrying a banner reading -
Don't Go KK.
The D and G in capitals = Dorothy Gale [ and Newcastle is a windy place].
KK - for Kevin Keegan and K2, the Himalayan hill.
So Dorothy Gale and K2 supported by Twin Pillars, sporting Black and White, a state of meta-transformation, as usually the Masonic pillars are 1 black and 1 white, so like a flickering whatever effect.
Newcastle get sponsorship from Northern Rock, which got bailed out by the government this year for losing shitloads of wonga in the mortgage market. , so how can they sponsor a team.
The GO = Ground ZerO. like Northern Rock's credit .

Further news - Abu Dhabi have just bought Man.City , their investment dwarfing Abramovic's investment at Chelsea, which was massive. So like many a conflict it looks like the Jewish-Russian - Moslem-Arab one will be moved to the footy field.
Abu Dhabi have bought most of Carlyle Group , so it's like Man . City have a majority share in the US Defence Industry.