Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ma's Sonic Beehive

A busy couple of days in Beehive Central as the 'sects scuttle and buzz acc. to their specific designation.

Ma's Sonic Beehive

Ma - definitely NOT human,

though downloadable post ritual / trauma

Baby Boomer Bamama has neck and head scars - allowing something in as Giffords, Wills and the Antichrist [ possibly a multi-bodied being, a little bit here and a little bit there]

" I do! "
" Hilary , it's not a marriage ceremony."

The role of humanity over many thousands of years, possibly from the beginning of the Agricultural era and the ordered, regulated society that went along with it. No longer could humans wander from place to place to find a far greater range of foods, they were given jobs - workers, breeders, soldiers, the sacrificed, all protecting and feeding the [d]ruling classes.

Men and women are given specialized roles - specialized roles are insect roles. They reproduce and acquire territory for the hive, create artefacts, walls ,etc.
For most of history it seems that despite parents wishes children have always belonged to the ruling classes. Today schooling, vaccinations, TV, working parents and the omnipresent child agencies does the job.

Time is on my side, oh! yes it is!

Of late the Hexagram has blossomed in public consciousness.

"University of Arizona biologist Anna Himler orginally began studying the ants, called Mycocepurus smithii, because they had incredible success as farmers. Many breeds of ant keep domesticated "farms" where they breed various kinds of fungus for nourishment. But Mycocepurus smithii was able to breed fungus far more successfully, and in greater varieties, than other ants Himler had encountered.

It avoids the energetic cost of producing males, and doubles the number of reproductive females produced each generation from 50% to 100% of the offspring.
All the members of the colony are clones of the queen. While that means the queen can control every aspect of the population, it also makes the colony vulnerable to pandemics. A virus that can kill one ant can kill all of them, since they all have the exact same immune systems. On the other hand, it seems that a lack of men gave these women more time and energy to cultivate some of the most elaborate forms of ant agriculture ever studied."

The name 'Him[m]ler' synonymous with 'work-camps of the concentrated variety.
The final sentence translates as - 'On the other hand we made a handsome profit'
A word from Mary Daly:
"Later in the interview, she said, "If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males."[18]

How might that scenario come about.
"When the stormtroopers arrived shortly after 9:00 a.m. on May 5, Jose had just surrendered to well-earned slumber after working the graveyard shift at the nearby Asarco Mine.
Jose, a former Marine who served two combat tours abroad, had taken that job to provide for his young family after mustering out of the Corps. Jose had devoted the last hours of his life to producing wealth. Meanwhile, his killers were planning to lay siege to several homes in the neighborhood as part of the Regime's Narcotics Price Support Program, the murderous charade sometimes called the "War on Drugs."

Jose was able to get just a tiny amount of sleep before being startled awake by the terrified screams of his wife, who had seen a large party of armed men approaching them. One of them pointed a rifle at her; another shattered a window. None of them, she insists, identified himself as a police officer – not that this would make a substantive difference in moral or even legal terms."

In comments I wrote :
"I wonder if Mrs Giffords will have anything to say about this."

Liberranter replied:

"Not even if cornered. "Gabby," like all good gun-grabbing liberals, couldn't care less about victims of the murderous state of which she is an agent unless it is she who should somehow become one of its victims. While she hasn't yet sufficiently recovered from her encounter with Jared Lee Loughner's bullet to launch her campaign against citizens' right to armed self-defense, we can count on such a self-serving effort getting underway in the very near future.

Finally, two observations:

1. I find it very strange that a self-proclaimed liberal like Gabby Giffords would be married to a man who represents something her liberal ideology demands that she despise.

2. The fact that Jared Lee Loughner's bullets even managed to leave the chamber of his weapon, much less hit any human targets, is almost certainly due to the fact that no devotee of the 2nd Amendment who openly carries (and these are everywhere here in Tucson, yours truly being one among them) would be caught anywhere near a rally sponsored by a known gun-grabber. Had Gabby been known as a defender of liberty, and the Constitution that ensures it, someone with heat at their side just MIGHT have been there to stop Jared dead (literally) in his tracks before he could have squeezed off a single shot."

Further musings regarding Planet Janet

As an small aside its rumored the Sarah Palin will be moving to Arizona!!

This pair a' sailin'.

The energetic cost of keeping his family alive, and semi-independent , proves too much for the hive mind.

Without the father's money from working in the copper mines , the mother will have to find some kind of income. If she works then less time with her sons who will spend time in 'kindergartens' [ 'child - gardens for raising children like vegetables] and spend more time in front of the TV Programmer. As they get older they might even take in a few cop-shows and get a rerun of cops shooting their 'dad'.
Child services will zoom in with the children's 'welfare' at heart, prescribe Moms a few sleeping pills. Mom might even reach a stage of having to sell her body , or sell drugs, or both and who knows perhaps a time will arise when she can't cope with raising 2 sons alone.
Child Protection Services will be waiting.
A pessimistic scenario , things might work out ok.

The children , while not seeing, heard their father being shot, traumatizing them, which shows us one way of bringing 'MK-Ultra' trauma-based programming into a 'legal' framework.

He worked in a copper mine in Gabby G's Aridzona. GG at present wears a crown upon her head, allowing her brain to breathe.

The pic. below of GG centered , almost, on the 'zona flag proves a Liberty bleedthrough. Her head displays rays of red and gold similar to the copper rays of LibStat I. Also both share 'holes in the head' . Arizona is known he Copper State.

When a slave obtained his freedom he had his head shaved, and wore instead of his hair an undyed pileus (πίλεον λευκόν). 'Freed slave' Jared Lee and Gabby Dee both had their heads shaved.

Pileus aka Conehead Cult, and coneheads come from France, specifically Remulak

Checking for concealed weapons , 'coz there's no other reason for the stormtrooper to be there. Possibly protecting the boy from his own humanity. Perhaps just getting him used to people watching him pee.

The Copper State - One the one hand muchos simpatico for the shootings alleged to Jared Loughner [ whoever he might be], the constant updating on the condition of immaculate Gabrielle. The other shooting of whatshisname [ see above] the hired-hand, who actually did [ misguided or otherwise] step up for defending the US.

Alternative scenario:

MARYANNE GODBOLDO - non-complier. Refused pharmaceutical intrusion on behalf of autistic daughter, Ariana, who , Mrs. G thought, was up to entering mainstream education. Had to get her immunity [to what]shots which messed with her behavior. Different shots then applied to counter the side-effects of original shots . Mrs.G resisted, stormtroopers and CPS , documentless, after siege stormed house, took daughter, gave her more shots + an STD, returned her informing her mother that she didn't need the anti-side effect shots after all.

"Authorities have determined there is no emergency need for [13-year-old Ariana Godboldo] ... to be on medication, after the girl's mother was accused of medically neglecting her by not giving her a psychotropic drug," reports the Detroit Free Press. "Though officials said Wednesday that there was no immediate need to give the girl medication, Michigan Assistant Attorney General David Law said he may reintroduce the issue later if the need arises."

Assistant Commissar for Official Persecution Law is not referring to any "need" on the part of Ariana. This entire exercise never had anything to do with her welfare. This official determination has validated Maryanne's refusal to poison her daughter with Risperdal -- but that doesn't matter, either: She is scheduled to go on trial June 8 for the supposed offense of refusing to permit her daughter to be seized at gunpoint and forcibly injected with a drug the state now admits did her no good."

Lt. Michael Nied

"They broke into my home illegally in an effort to take my daughter," Godboldo recalls. "They had no documentation that said they were allowed to enter my home."

Godboldo, like acting on her natural authority as a parent to protect her child, refused to let the kidnappers take her daughter. 

When Godboldo refused to let CPS take her daughter, a home invasion team -- led, appropriately, by a veteran of the Iraq occupation, Lt. Michael Nied -- forced its way into the home.  Nied claims that Godboldo fired a gunshot that sprayed him with drywall residue and made his little heart quiver. He and his fellow heroes retreated and called in a "barricaded gunman situation." A ten-hour siege then ensued."

The Boldness of God - not a character trait welcomed in the anthill.

Back in the '60s the SDS [ Students for a Democratic Society] appeared to want to end the Vietnam war. They decided on , among other events, 'DAYS OF RAGE', causing chaos on the streets of Chicago to wake the US people out of their slumber.

The recent Arab 'revolutions' have also used the epithet ' Days of Rage'. Let's not forget that the present IDSerpent is , politically, from Chicago, while SOS Clinton was born there. Obama has been associated with ex-Weatherman William Charles Ayers who was born and still lives in Chicago.

"In fact, the Cubans sent word to the Weathermen that the action was a terrible mistake – a sentiment echoed by Fred Hampton, the leader of the Chicago branch of the Black Panthers (who, less than two months later, would be violently killed by the police): “We believe that the Weathermen’s action is anachronistic, opportunistic, individualistic,” said Hampton.  “It’s chauvinistic, it’s Custeristic. And that’s the bad part about it. It’s Custeristic in that its leaders take their people into situations where the people can be massacred and they call it a revolution. It’s nothing but child’s play. It’s folly. We think these people may be sincere but they’re misguided.”– the-weathermens-days-of-rage/

And then he got dead.

Anyhow they succeeded, the war ended and some of the troops took them at their word and brought the war home.

Notably, Arthur Shawcross, who had been a member of the Phoenix Programme, which made war against the Vietnamese using severely violent and depraved killings to mortify the Vietnamese people.

" Arthur Shawcross was a brutally efficient assassin who accumulated a career total of over fifty kills, although the first thirty-nine were not considered crimes…….Simply put , it was because the victims were all Vietnamese nationals, and Arthur was just doing his job of terrorizing the Vietnamese people into acceding to US demands."
'Programmed To Kill' - Dave McGowan ; p.284

"Shawcross, who had served in Vietnam with the 4th Supply and Transport Company of the 4th Infantry Division,[18] had told many outlandish tales of committing gruesome crimes (including cannibalism), often perpetrated while alone in the jungle.[19] From the time Shawcross returned from his tour of duty, he told acquaintances of seeing American soldiers "skinned from their neck to their ankles",[20][21] and claimed to have decapitated two women he had victimized, "placing" their heads on poles.[22] FBI criminal profiler Robert K. Ressler reviewed the PTSD claim on behalf of the prosecution before the trial. Ressler wrote that "his claim of having witnessed wartime atrocities was patently outrageous and untrue."[23" Wikipedia

Ressler does his bit to cover up the atrocities committed in Vietnam while furthering his career and the reputation of the FBI Behavioural Science Unit [ The BS unit]

Fer sure!!

"Before the military found itself short of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, Morlock was the kind of bad-news kid whom the Army might have passed on. He grew up not far from Sarah Palin in Wasilla, Alaska; his sister hung out with Bristol, and Morlock played hockey against Track. In those days, he was constantly in trouble: getting drunk and into fights, driving without a license, leaving the scene of a serious car accident. Even after he joined the Army, Morlock continued to get into trouble. In 2009, a month before he deployed to Afghanistan, he was charged with disorderly conduct after burning his wife with a cigarette. After he arrived in Afghanistan, he did any drug he could get his hands on: opium, hash, Ambien, amitriptyline, flexeril, phenergan, codeine, trazodone."

The drugs promote dissociative states , apparently integral to the 'serial-killer's' mental state. In the annals of serialkillerdom access to heavy psychotropic drugs helps the killer disassociate, to debilitate others, to sell or barter [ a few famous serial-killers also sold drugs - Manson Family and others].
Being in a warzone I should imagine promotes disassociation. guess it would be no fun if it didn't.

When army strategy requires freaking the hell out of the local population, Mr. Morlock is not the kind of person they 'passed on'. They did pass on people someone who had given up drugs and alcohol recently, Jared Lee Loughner.

Another soldier, Pvt. Holmes kept a finger as a prize and once used it in a gambling game , to the disgust of one visitor -

"A few hours after the shooting, during a routine checkup at the base's clinic, Holmes and Morlock bragged about having killed an insurgent to Alyssa Reilly, a fair-skinned, blond medic who was popular among the men in the unit. Reilly later paid the soldiers a social visit, and they all sat around playing spades. When it came time for their wager, Morlock and Holmes said they would bet a finger. Then they tossed the finger that Gibbs had sliced from Mudin's body on the card pile. "I thought it was gross," Reilly told investigators."

This shines light on another 'serial-killer' trait - collecting [ e.g. Jeffrey Dahmer, who also joined the army for a couple of years]

Army background, access to drugs [ legal and illegal], collecting body parts, extensive photographing, all appear as characteristics of serial killers in the book 'Programmed To Kill'. The possibility of not acting alone but as a team seems probable with some of the 'lone' killers that have stalked the US, The Manson Family is one of the few examples of whom the public are aware.

The media makes out this is an isolated case of a few soldiers gone bad and they're in jail so ' move along now , nothing to see here'

" Don't ask , don't tell! "

The boy's trousers were probably removed prior to his murder. One wonders if he was raped as part of his torture. As well as a sickening sexual gratification it would serve to demoralize the Afghan people and/or anger them to fight and thus justify the continued Satanic Fuck-fest that is perpetual war.

June Cicero - one of Arthur Shawcross's victims in remarkably similar pose - he learnt his trade in the army.

Most people have not seen the above photo as the MSM spend their time promoting false rape stories such as Eman Al-Obeidy who claimed she was raped, defecated and urinated on by 15 or so soldiers. She then appeared at the hotel accommodating the foreign journalists and dramatically told her story before being taken away by Libyan Security. Apparently she is now in Qatar who were the only Arab forces used in the attacks on Libya.

At present another 'alleged' rape punctuates the global news yet the above rape victim receives no recognition nor is there any investigation to see if sodomizing children is part of the strategy. I do not have any proof that the boy was sodomized, though I wonder why they have taken care to cover his arse .

Care Mode
If you would like to read the bilious tripe that passes for journalism
"She said she was afraid she was being followed and might still be in danger, adding that she hoped she could obtain protection from a Western government."
Like the western govt. appearing in the photo above, perhaps?

At this link you will reach a CNN headline - 'Rape as a weapon of war' [ last used to vilify the Serbs

Ms. Obeidy uses 'Oprah-speak' -
"In an interview with CNN last month, she said she felt defeated and lived in fear that she would be punished gravely for her words." Not in fucking Qatar she won't.

And in a display of alliance with the one-eyed girl crews the report delights us with this one-liner:

"She said she left Tripoli in a military car, wearing a head cover that hid everything except one eye."

Fame Monster - but not the only one

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cherchez La Femme?

Judge Melissa refuses a bail-out for IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Funny that bail-out and IMF, ho!ho!ho!

Matthew Campbell predicts DSK's downfall 5 days before the alleged incident.

"Even before Strauss-Kahn — widely known by his initials, DSK — set off for Washington in 2008 to take up his post at the IMF, there were warnings that his fondness for women might land him in trouble, particularly in a country less tolerant than France of politicians who stray from the marital bed.

At a meeting in the Elysée Palace, Sarkozy is said to have teased DSK about his womanising, saying: “You know, over there they don’t joke about this sort of thing. Your life will be passed under a magnifying glass. Avoid taking the lift alone with interns. France cannot permit a scandal.”

I believe the phrase is 'go figure'.

And Nicky - they do 'joke'!

For breakfast he was served 'home fries' , the chips formerly known as 'French fries' or were they called 'freedom fries'

"SUNDAY MORNING, TIME UNKNOWN - Strauss-Kahn ate a breakfast of home fries, scrambled eggs and toast brought in from an outside diner, the law enforcement source said."

Ho!Ho!Ho! And a 11x13ft rebuttal of room.

Worth reading around as the reports of the actual assault all differ slightly.

His 'no-bail-out' came on May 16th while Gabrielle Giffords watched Endeavour finally take off. Meanwhile over in Memphis the govt. ordered the Mississippi to flood areas of land to take pressure off the levees. Symbolically Pharoah 'Bama oversaw a 'Nile inundation'. More on the subtext in a few days.

"The suite has a foyer, a conference room, a living room and a bedroom. The 30-story hotel has an Art Deco restaurant and bar called Gaby, which the hotel website ( says features "French flair in a glamorous setting."

The Gaby Bar twins with Gaby over thar in Floridar.

Anyhow lots of 'jokes'.

It's entirely possible the DSK has been a less than good man in his life [ not counting what the IMF does to people worldwide] and very possibly deserves punishment for past actions. Some may feel he's getting 'poetic justice'. It's a 'hoodwink' - let them go when it suits, bang 'em up when it suits. If a big-whig like DSK can get set-up so publicly then what chance does everybody else have.

Scapegoating and blood dripping from fangs all round - Salut!

Re: Allegations of rape by DSK in 2002

Comments from 'Penny For Your Thoughts'

"gallier2 said...

Miss Banon was asked to drop the charges by her own mother who is a politician in the same party as DSK.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=13d7067ab7f78967

she (the mother) regrets now that she pressured her daughter to not file the law-suite.
This woman is imho really a despictable person, first she sacrifices the fate of her daughter for her own career and now she exploits without hesitation (this story is all over the french mainstream media)."

Rikers where he's staying is 11 miles from Lady Liberty who was presented to the US by France.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

".. but that's not meant to be."

What to make of a remark settling at the bottom of an article:

The shuttle program's end, and the uncertainly surrounding the future of NASA and the U.S. space program, have been hot topics in recent months. NASA's shuttle launch director Michael D. Leinbach acknowledged Saturday that "the mood is a little bit downcast" in the space agency, especially with some NASA employees getting notices this week warning them that they could lose their jobs.

"The timing is a little unfortunate, but we've all known it's been coming," he said.

Endeavour entered service in 1992 as a replacement for the ill-fated Challenger, which exploded in 1986.

Leinbach, who was a test director for Endeavour's inaugural mission, said the orbiter remains in prime condition 19 years later.

"She still looks awfully good out there," he said. "She's got a lot of life left in her, but that's not meant to be."

Challenger - Jan 28 1986
Chernobyl - April 26 1986
Fukushima - March 11 2011
Endeavour - May 16 2011

With it being the last flight by Endeavour, its 'death' so to speak, it appears in the same year as a major nuclear accident. Many other shuttles have probably been decommissioned without attendant nuclear fallout, but due to Mrs Giffords shooting, the event has taken on extra attention.

Maybe they need some extra rads on Earth to highlight something they will record from space.

Saturday, May 7, 2011



"Early one mornin' with time to kill,
I borrowed Jebb’s rifle and sat on the hill.
I saw a lone rider crossin' the plain.
I drew a bead on him to practice my aim.

My brother’s rifle went off in my hand.
A shot rang out across the land.
The horse, he kept runnin', the rider was dead.
I hung my head. I hung my head."

Eleleth in comments to last post wrote [ on April 26th]

"Santayana's curse: Intrepid Fool George W. Bush integrated his Shadow Self, Osama/Hussein, thus becoming Barack Hussein Obama."

Further reading at post -

With the shooting ' real or otherwise' of Osama Bin Laden and the idea of Obama pulling on the GWB shadow-self [ all sins included, batteries not] we move into Scapegoat territory. Time to cheer , you have been cleansed.

"The term in the Bible is limited to three uses in Leviticus 16, where a goat is designated לַעֲזָאזֵֽל la-aza'zeyl; either "for absolute removal" or "for Azazel" and outcast in the desert as part of Yom Kippur."


Confluencing the word play - OBAMA , SIN LADEN emerged and with it, as Eleleth pointed out in a later comment of the Killing of the King - Scapegoat ritual, rite large.

This little air-loom shuffle stops GWB from 'meeting' at the New York Rite Ground Zero Meme-more y'all on May 5 [5/5 Pentagrams are go at Ground Zeee-ro] - same being can't meet itself in the same place at the same time.

" I set off runnin' to wake from the dream.
My brother’s rifle went into the Sheen. [2]
I kept on runnin' into the Southlands.
That’s where they found me, my head in my hands.

The sheriff he asked me why had I run.
And then it came to me just what I had done.
And all for no reason just one peace of lead.
I hung my head. I hung my head."

Though this is a Trinity effect [ has to be , since Kennedy got killed near the Triple Underpass that overlays the old Trinity river floodplain at Dealey, Dallas],
this time the components have been separated and the events 'de[a]layed'.

Bush begins , petting the goat on 9/11/2001 as Twins fall and scapegoat Osama grabs the guilt and runs and runs 'til he reaches the cave where he will , ala Goldfinger, plan the downfall of democracy which , reading around over the past decade he has succeeded in beyond his wildest dreams.

[Inci-wincey-dentally on Sept 10th concerning Gary Leon Ridgeway, the so-called Green River Killer -

"On September 10, 2001, Reichert received news from the labs that reduced the hardened detective to tears. There was a match found between the semen samples taken from the victims and Ridgway. On November 30, Ridgway was intercepted by investigators on his way home from work and arrested on four counts of aggravated murder."

Also on Sept 10th, 2001 Eddie Nash [ born Adel Gharib Nasrallah, born in Palestine, in a Christian community] pled guilty to charges of leading a racketeering enterprise and conspiring to commit the Wonderland murders, sentenced on October 12th [ Crowley's birthday] to 37months. He was released in 2002 or 03.

Wonderland opened its doors the following day when 3 towers fell into their own rabbits-footprint. Also prefaced by a serial killer case, serial killers being a manufactured media and intelligence services concept.

The world waits, twiddling its thumbs as the cuffs bite at the wrists.
" Hey Glofficer, what about leg-cuffs. I know ma rites?"
" Yew ain't done runnin' yet, boy!"

With the death of Osama Bill of Laden , Bush's guilt and Osama leaving the village ala the Scapegoat, with all the sins of Mighty Amerka on his kindly, desert-wandering shoulder are taken on by Obie I. The sins invoked by the Prez , au contraire, for he has keeled the monster, empower him and looky-see, he's re-electable, dismissing the 'strong' no-nonsense part played by Trump - whose moniker shifts from meaning 'triumph' to 'trumped up'. His scuttling in the volcanic ash of Hawaii burns his fingers - he done found 'bam's stiffiket and rebirthed his Presidency.

Scapegoat for a generation - ' you want my goddamn what certificate?' The cert was set to run and run 'til 'Bama da Slammer [ Gnomeland Sick-curity] stuck one on 'Sama da Blammer [ Bomb's in the basement suckers]- in what the White House calls -

'Playing the Trump Card'.

You're fired!!'

The 'Witches Sabbath' / Walpurgisnacht weekend began with The Royal Wedding in the UK of GB&NI.
Wee Willy Windsor and his 'coal-miners daughter' Kate 'Princess' Middleton-Goldsmith.

The Space-shuttle , incl. 'wounded-head/Ceannaideach' Gabruella Dee Giffords and star-traveller husband Mark Kelly, got cancelled - doubtless too many symbolical actions on the same day, something's bound to give.

The shuttle has been blooded though -
"At around 07:40 EDT on 14 March 2011 United Space Alliance engineer James Vanover fell to his death from STS-134 launch pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center. Endeavour was at the pad when the accident occurred. As a result, work on the space shuttle was suspended for the day whilst grief counseling was offered to the workforce. NASA officials believe this was the first launch pad fatality since 1981.[32][33]"

NASA 'believe' its the first death since '81!!? Perhaps there's a couple of near-fatalities in cryogenic suspension , waiting for the alien hook-up and free , highly-advanced healthcare.

Van overboard

"Here in the courthouse, the whole town was there.
I see the judge high up in his chair.
"Explain to the courtroom what went through your mind.
And we’ll ask the jury what verdict they find."

I felt the power of death over life.
I orphaned his children, I widowed his wife.
I begged their forgiveness, I wish I was dead.
I hung my head. I hung my head.
I hung my head. I hung my head."

Johnny Cash/Sting

I.D. Serpent and Family grace the belly of a silver-beast accompanied by cosmonaut Janet Kavandi.


At blog 'Twilight Language' disturbing photos

One of those killed by the LeVay Seals. Note the child's squirt gun.

Blood and Gold emanate from Gabby's noggin. Red and Yellow are the colours of Prague, which some believe has its root in 'prah' -'threshold'

Gabbie descends and ascends - the space flight is ephemeral, GG has completed the ritual.

An animated Egyptian deity walks toward the nose of the 'craft in classic godly gait.

Gabby and William both recovered from headwounds. In Gaelic 'ugly or broken head' = Ceannaideach/Kennedy.

Jackie Lee Bouvier , at the moment of her husband's murder pushed him away to scramble over the carboot or more properly 'the hood' for an errant piece of skull. Allegedly she held onto it for some hours until it was pryed loose by over-zealous funerary attendants.

A piece of skull was removed from GGs cranium to allow the brain to expand. It has since got infected and will not return.

To protect her skull GG wears a cap in the colours of the Arizona flag, which, related to the flag and lectern photo above , seems to be a movement. The flag , extended, morphs to envelop the congresswoman's skull GVLGVLTh in Hebrew, also ShKL mean 'skull'

From DA BLACK WHOLE - 'More to the Picture II [Don't Dream Its Over]
Following Ja-Red's intervention, did that extraterrestrial "goddess" stride into Gabrielle Giffords' noggin, and onto Checkerboard Earth?

And if so, did that goddess subsequently re-ascend, after adjustments to Giffords' neural wiring? Leaving behind some very uncommon sense . . . spare change?

And Wills?

Giffords middle name Dee and hubster's Kelly

"Gabrielle Giffords' middle name, Dee, matches the surname of Queen Elizabeth Uno's chief sorcerer, John Dee. Gabby's husband, astronut Mark Kelly, shares a name with John Dee's partner, Edward Kelly. Dee and Kelly were the enochian magicians who spawned the 20th century tag-teams of Parsons-Hubbard (Babalon Working, 1946, Mojave Desert) and Crowley-Neuberg (Choronzon Working, 1909, Sahara)."
From 'Supper is Served' @ DA BLACK WHOLE
Dee was spy 007 for Liz the Biz and turned up to tag-team Kelley in Prague, mostly living in Trebona, in the reign of Rudolf II. His reign was the prelude to the 'magical' Royal Wedding of Frederick V , Elector Palatine and Elizabeth Stuart , daughter of James VI of Scotland and I of England.

"Following that [ Endeavour shuttle launch], a final shuttle launch titled "Atlantis" will help secure ownership of the heavens for the NWO Homeland. "New Atlantis," of course, was the seventeenth-century utopian (dystopian) novel by Francis Bacon, part of the masonic vision ("Great Work") culminating in establishment of America and the now-manifest NWO.

Shuttle Atlantis is set for liftoff on June 28. Rather like Gabby Giffords' skull, Bacon subtitled his book "A Worke Unfinished." Winky winky.

Da Black Whole - 'More to the Picture II'

Scrying out load!

"See yah later Alligator"
'Florida , May 10th , two thou 'n' 'leven'
' Bread?'
'Could be 'head'!'

With their alchemical marriage , supported by Shakespeare's plays, the magical reformation community, they ascended to the throne on November 4th, 1620 [ Obama ascended 4/11/08] but , esp. for a lack of expected support from James I , they were defeated at the the Battle of Bila Hora [ White Mountain] a year and 4 days later on Nov 8th 1621. The battle sparked off the 30years war which altered history in that it persuaded Britain not to get involved in European affairs leading to their concentration on strategic ports with eventual allies the Dutch [East India Company]. The defeat and lack of support simmered in Britain and eventually anti-catholic feelings broke out with the Civil war, the execution of Charles, the ascension of Cromwell, the return of the Jews and eventually with William of Orange, the Dutch prince [ where Frederick and Elizabeth finally held court] and the end of Catholic influence on the throne of Britain.]
When Frederick married Elizabeth he received the Order of the Garter. William is the 1000th inducted into the order. [OG - Original Gangster]

The saturday was the central day of the three-days of witchery. The Morning after the night before, euphoria distilled. All is celebrated - Wedding-Death-Resurrection - what an endeavour!

Following came the beatification [ read exhumation/raising-up ritual] of John Paul II, the previous Bishop of Rome, who succeeded the 33-day papacy of John Paul I, on May 1st, Red-Flag day.

Many think Osama had died some time ago to be 'exhumed' and be demonized, perhaps to balance JPII's beatification.

By the end of the weekend , not forgetting the killing of Gaddafi's son and daughter, a range of symbolic acts that captured the hoodlines - some focused on the Wedding, a certain sort of pride-filled aww! its lovely mindset , wedding consecrated by Rowan Williams , a Druid. A day off for the masses.

Not so much about this operation though

"Birk's testimony, which was clearly scripted for him, is a splendid example of what police call "creative writing" -- or what more honest people call perjury. He claimed that somehow, during the course of their very brief encounter, he saw Williams become "increasingly aggressive.... His brow was furrowed, eyes were fixed in a thousand-yard stare. His jaw was set."

Somehow, in a matter of nano-seconds, the forlorn and inoffensive American Indian woodcarver had -- at least in Birk's eyes -- assumed the fearsome demeanor of the ancient Irish warrior Cuchulain, whose "eyes were dark, his expression sullen."

'There's a killer on the road'

Officer Birk just prior to gunning down John Williams.

While in the UK

"In another part of his statement, he said: "His (Mr Tomlinson) posture was almost defiant. His hands remained in his pockets, he did not move away, and he looked at the police officers approaching him as if he was simply intent on remaining where he was."
Pc Simon Harwood stood by his statement in which he said Mr Tomlinson's posture was "almost defiant".

Now don't you dare act 'almost defiantly' , kneeling down , bending over will do just fine.

"The police officer told the inquest he believed Tomlinson was a protester because he appeared "defiant". But the judge says Harwood accepted that the footage showed Tomlinson was not being defiant.
A repeated theme of Harwood's evidence was that he struggled to separate his perceived memory from the footage he has subsequently seen of the incident, Thornton says."

Note the two pillars

LORD GUIDE US for it proveth difficult to scry through the darkling visors on these our blessed riot helms]