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"Early one mornin' with time to kill,
I borrowed Jebb’s rifle and sat on the hill.
I saw a lone rider crossin' the plain.
I drew a bead on him to practice my aim.

My brother’s rifle went off in my hand.
A shot rang out across the land.
The horse, he kept runnin', the rider was dead.
I hung my head. I hung my head."

Eleleth in comments to last post wrote [ on April 26th]

"Santayana's curse: Intrepid Fool George W. Bush integrated his Shadow Self, Osama/Hussein, thus becoming Barack Hussein Obama."

Further reading at post -

With the shooting ' real or otherwise' of Osama Bin Laden and the idea of Obama pulling on the GWB shadow-self [ all sins included, batteries not] we move into Scapegoat territory. Time to cheer , you have been cleansed.

"The term in the Bible is limited to three uses in Leviticus 16, where a goat is designated לַעֲזָאזֵֽל la-aza'zeyl; either "for absolute removal" or "for Azazel" and outcast in the desert as part of Yom Kippur."


Confluencing the word play - OBAMA , SIN LADEN emerged and with it, as Eleleth pointed out in a later comment of the Killing of the King - Scapegoat ritual, rite large.

This little air-loom shuffle stops GWB from 'meeting' at the New York Rite Ground Zero Meme-more y'all on May 5 [5/5 Pentagrams are go at Ground Zeee-ro] - same being can't meet itself in the same place at the same time.

" I set off runnin' to wake from the dream.
My brother’s rifle went into the Sheen. [2]
I kept on runnin' into the Southlands.
That’s where they found me, my head in my hands.

The sheriff he asked me why had I run.
And then it came to me just what I had done.
And all for no reason just one peace of lead.
I hung my head. I hung my head."

Though this is a Trinity effect [ has to be , since Kennedy got killed near the Triple Underpass that overlays the old Trinity river floodplain at Dealey, Dallas],
this time the components have been separated and the events 'de[a]layed'.

Bush begins , petting the goat on 9/11/2001 as Twins fall and scapegoat Osama grabs the guilt and runs and runs 'til he reaches the cave where he will , ala Goldfinger, plan the downfall of democracy which , reading around over the past decade he has succeeded in beyond his wildest dreams.

[Inci-wincey-dentally on Sept 10th concerning Gary Leon Ridgeway, the so-called Green River Killer -

"On September 10, 2001, Reichert received news from the labs that reduced the hardened detective to tears. There was a match found between the semen samples taken from the victims and Ridgway. On November 30, Ridgway was intercepted by investigators on his way home from work and arrested on four counts of aggravated murder."

Also on Sept 10th, 2001 Eddie Nash [ born Adel Gharib Nasrallah, born in Palestine, in a Christian community] pled guilty to charges of leading a racketeering enterprise and conspiring to commit the Wonderland murders, sentenced on October 12th [ Crowley's birthday] to 37months. He was released in 2002 or 03.

Wonderland opened its doors the following day when 3 towers fell into their own rabbits-footprint. Also prefaced by a serial killer case, serial killers being a manufactured media and intelligence services concept.

The world waits, twiddling its thumbs as the cuffs bite at the wrists.
" Hey Glofficer, what about leg-cuffs. I know ma rites?"
" Yew ain't done runnin' yet, boy!"

With the death of Osama Bill of Laden , Bush's guilt and Osama leaving the village ala the Scapegoat, with all the sins of Mighty Amerka on his kindly, desert-wandering shoulder are taken on by Obie I. The sins invoked by the Prez , au contraire, for he has keeled the monster, empower him and looky-see, he's re-electable, dismissing the 'strong' no-nonsense part played by Trump - whose moniker shifts from meaning 'triumph' to 'trumped up'. His scuttling in the volcanic ash of Hawaii burns his fingers - he done found 'bam's stiffiket and rebirthed his Presidency.

Scapegoat for a generation - ' you want my goddamn what certificate?' The cert was set to run and run 'til 'Bama da Slammer [ Gnomeland Sick-curity] stuck one on 'Sama da Blammer [ Bomb's in the basement suckers]- in what the White House calls -

'Playing the Trump Card'.

You're fired!!'

The 'Witches Sabbath' / Walpurgisnacht weekend began with The Royal Wedding in the UK of GB&NI.
Wee Willy Windsor and his 'coal-miners daughter' Kate 'Princess' Middleton-Goldsmith.

The Space-shuttle , incl. 'wounded-head/Ceannaideach' Gabruella Dee Giffords and star-traveller husband Mark Kelly, got cancelled - doubtless too many symbolical actions on the same day, something's bound to give.

The shuttle has been blooded though -
"At around 07:40 EDT on 14 March 2011 United Space Alliance engineer James Vanover fell to his death from STS-134 launch pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center. Endeavour was at the pad when the accident occurred. As a result, work on the space shuttle was suspended for the day whilst grief counseling was offered to the workforce. NASA officials believe this was the first launch pad fatality since 1981.[32][33]"

NASA 'believe' its the first death since '81!!? Perhaps there's a couple of near-fatalities in cryogenic suspension , waiting for the alien hook-up and free , highly-advanced healthcare.

Van overboard

"Here in the courthouse, the whole town was there.
I see the judge high up in his chair.
"Explain to the courtroom what went through your mind.
And we’ll ask the jury what verdict they find."

I felt the power of death over life.
I orphaned his children, I widowed his wife.
I begged their forgiveness, I wish I was dead.
I hung my head. I hung my head.
I hung my head. I hung my head."

Johnny Cash/Sting

I.D. Serpent and Family grace the belly of a silver-beast accompanied by cosmonaut Janet Kavandi.


At blog 'Twilight Language' disturbing photos

One of those killed by the LeVay Seals. Note the child's squirt gun.

Blood and Gold emanate from Gabby's noggin. Red and Yellow are the colours of Prague, which some believe has its root in 'prah' -'threshold'

Gabbie descends and ascends - the space flight is ephemeral, GG has completed the ritual.

An animated Egyptian deity walks toward the nose of the 'craft in classic godly gait.

Gabby and William both recovered from headwounds. In Gaelic 'ugly or broken head' = Ceannaideach/Kennedy.

Jackie Lee Bouvier , at the moment of her husband's murder pushed him away to scramble over the carboot or more properly 'the hood' for an errant piece of skull. Allegedly she held onto it for some hours until it was pryed loose by over-zealous funerary attendants.

A piece of skull was removed from GGs cranium to allow the brain to expand. It has since got infected and will not return.

To protect her skull GG wears a cap in the colours of the Arizona flag, which, related to the flag and lectern photo above , seems to be a movement. The flag , extended, morphs to envelop the congresswoman's skull GVLGVLTh in Hebrew, also ShKL mean 'skull'

From DA BLACK WHOLE - 'More to the Picture II [Don't Dream Its Over]
Following Ja-Red's intervention, did that extraterrestrial "goddess" stride into Gabrielle Giffords' noggin, and onto Checkerboard Earth?

And if so, did that goddess subsequently re-ascend, after adjustments to Giffords' neural wiring? Leaving behind some very uncommon sense . . . spare change?

And Wills?

Giffords middle name Dee and hubster's Kelly

"Gabrielle Giffords' middle name, Dee, matches the surname of Queen Elizabeth Uno's chief sorcerer, John Dee. Gabby's husband, astronut Mark Kelly, shares a name with John Dee's partner, Edward Kelly. Dee and Kelly were the enochian magicians who spawned the 20th century tag-teams of Parsons-Hubbard (Babalon Working, 1946, Mojave Desert) and Crowley-Neuberg (Choronzon Working, 1909, Sahara)."
From 'Supper is Served' @ DA BLACK WHOLE
Dee was spy 007 for Liz the Biz and turned up to tag-team Kelley in Prague, mostly living in Trebona, in the reign of Rudolf II. His reign was the prelude to the 'magical' Royal Wedding of Frederick V , Elector Palatine and Elizabeth Stuart , daughter of James VI of Scotland and I of England.

"Following that [ Endeavour shuttle launch], a final shuttle launch titled "Atlantis" will help secure ownership of the heavens for the NWO Homeland. "New Atlantis," of course, was the seventeenth-century utopian (dystopian) novel by Francis Bacon, part of the masonic vision ("Great Work") culminating in establishment of America and the now-manifest NWO.

Shuttle Atlantis is set for liftoff on June 28. Rather like Gabby Giffords' skull, Bacon subtitled his book "A Worke Unfinished." Winky winky.

Da Black Whole - 'More to the Picture II'

Scrying out load!

"See yah later Alligator"
'Florida , May 10th , two thou 'n' 'leven'
' Bread?'
'Could be 'head'!'

With their alchemical marriage , supported by Shakespeare's plays, the magical reformation community, they ascended to the throne on November 4th, 1620 [ Obama ascended 4/11/08] but , esp. for a lack of expected support from James I , they were defeated at the the Battle of Bila Hora [ White Mountain] a year and 4 days later on Nov 8th 1621. The battle sparked off the 30years war which altered history in that it persuaded Britain not to get involved in European affairs leading to their concentration on strategic ports with eventual allies the Dutch [East India Company]. The defeat and lack of support simmered in Britain and eventually anti-catholic feelings broke out with the Civil war, the execution of Charles, the ascension of Cromwell, the return of the Jews and eventually with William of Orange, the Dutch prince [ where Frederick and Elizabeth finally held court] and the end of Catholic influence on the throne of Britain.]
When Frederick married Elizabeth he received the Order of the Garter. William is the 1000th inducted into the order. [OG - Original Gangster]

The saturday was the central day of the three-days of witchery. The Morning after the night before, euphoria distilled. All is celebrated - Wedding-Death-Resurrection - what an endeavour!

Following came the beatification [ read exhumation/raising-up ritual] of John Paul II, the previous Bishop of Rome, who succeeded the 33-day papacy of John Paul I, on May 1st, Red-Flag day.

Many think Osama had died some time ago to be 'exhumed' and be demonized, perhaps to balance JPII's beatification.

By the end of the weekend , not forgetting the killing of Gaddafi's son and daughter, a range of symbolic acts that captured the hoodlines - some focused on the Wedding, a certain sort of pride-filled aww! its lovely mindset , wedding consecrated by Rowan Williams , a Druid. A day off for the masses.

Not so much about this operation though

"Birk's testimony, which was clearly scripted for him, is a splendid example of what police call "creative writing" -- or what more honest people call perjury. He claimed that somehow, during the course of their very brief encounter, he saw Williams become "increasingly aggressive.... His brow was furrowed, eyes were fixed in a thousand-yard stare. His jaw was set."

Somehow, in a matter of nano-seconds, the forlorn and inoffensive American Indian woodcarver had -- at least in Birk's eyes -- assumed the fearsome demeanor of the ancient Irish warrior Cuchulain, whose "eyes were dark, his expression sullen."

'There's a killer on the road'

Officer Birk just prior to gunning down John Williams.

While in the UK

"In another part of his statement, he said: "His (Mr Tomlinson) posture was almost defiant. His hands remained in his pockets, he did not move away, and he looked at the police officers approaching him as if he was simply intent on remaining where he was."
Pc Simon Harwood stood by his statement in which he said Mr Tomlinson's posture was "almost defiant".

Now don't you dare act 'almost defiantly' , kneeling down , bending over will do just fine.

"The police officer told the inquest he believed Tomlinson was a protester because he appeared "defiant". But the judge says Harwood accepted that the footage showed Tomlinson was not being defiant.
A repeated theme of Harwood's evidence was that he struggled to separate his perceived memory from the footage he has subsequently seen of the incident, Thornton says."

Note the two pillars

LORD GUIDE US for it proveth difficult to scry through the darkling visors on these our blessed riot helms]


Anonymous said...

Dead Men Don't Lie:

"The American government is leading the country towards hell. … We say to the Americans as people and to American mothers, if they cherish their lives and if they cherish their sons, they must elect an American patriotic government that caters to their interests not the interests of the Jews.

If the present injustice continues with the wave of national consciousness, it will inevitably move the battle to American soil, just as Ramzi Yousef and others have done. This is my message to the American people. I urge them to find a serious administration that acts in their interest and does not attack people and violate their honor and pilfer their wealth.” – bin Laden 1998 John Miller interview

OBL came out days after the attacks on NYC and said he and his rebels had nothing to do with 9/11. He died in December 2001 of renal failure.

Imagine if the world had listened to OBL in 1998.

America, sweet America, your sons and daughters are dying for zionist Rothschild and his counterfeiting IMF cronies.


aferrismoon said...

Imagine if the world had ever learned from its mistakes, imagine if yesterday was better than today but we threw it all away.


A13 said...

Hi ferris,
Azazel is the demon that is featured in that movie i've mentioned befpre "The Fallen" with denzel Washington.
It's very interesting to see Azazel "getting around" is more true to life than we would like to think..
Great post, and i'll be back later with more comments after vino time..but this just immediatley came to mind.
Cheers A13

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Mouser, are u in a tag-team with anonymous above ?

A13 - I saw the film a couple of days after u mentioned it. The idea of the spirit Azazel moving from body to body seems to be metaphoe for 'serial killer' teams - the same basic patterns, as in a group of people pretending to be one person.

As well it could indicate the Multiple-Personality Disorder whence the victim barely remembers who or what he is after killing.


Alex Robinson said...

My friend from Nigeria once told me that it was common practice for households to keep an animal, usually a goat I believe - as a kind of 'protection', so that if death or disaster came their way 'it' would take the animal instead of a member of the family - perhaps the original 'scapegoat'


aferrismoon said...

Tell to yor friend , in our house we had a transparent gecko. In our flat are minimal insects. Also I had protection from Antonacious Okafir and Femi Babalola

Ba ounde

A13 said...

Maybe "demon" possession is part of the "hive mind" construct ..certain people are vunerable to hive mind behaviour , like some are vunerable to "possession"? and act accordingly.
the bloody halo and the water pistol are a sharp contrast don't you think?
cheers A13

A. Peasant said...

ferris you turn out some gems:

"LORD GUIDE US for it proveth difficult to scry through the darkling visors on these our blessed riot helms."

love it.

not exactly related but i am researching some creep named John Alexander. your picture of the egyptian with the kingly gait reminded me:

the Chapter 12 link there has a section on boarding schools and body programming for the elite:

"Cellular level body memories are way beyond the grasp of the consciousness. Buried into a deep unconscious repression are the body memories of the social values (elitism) that are contained in how the social elite walk, hold a spoon and knife, how a person must stand up straight with good posture, and how the person holds and uses their facial muscles."

so you think he was going to the spaceship? i think that ship might land in arizona sometime soon.

Dennis/87 said...

The skull cap on Gabrielle will match the scars on Obama's skull? Your tale of ritual is facinating not to mention unnerving. Dennis

little dynamo said...

goat for azazel as desert outcast – el suffix = a “god” extratemporal or spiritual entity... the AZ is repeated, like the many doublings in One Common Sense photo, and twinning the Dealey Doings

jared as AZAZ scapegoat mirrors oswald as yr comp photos show

“This little air-loom shuffle stops GWB from 'meeting' at the New York Rite Ground Zero Meme-more y'all on May 5 [5/5 Pentagrams are go at Ground Zeee-ro] - same being can't meet itself in the same place at the same time.”

possibly re GWB, but likely applies to shinar and the shuttle-launch call-off (b/c conflict w/royal wedding) – one possession at a time, please, folks!

so launch call-off probly planned well in advance – actual ritual centered around gabby’s descent/ascent, physical shuttle being secondary, only spacemonkeys after all

new launchdate will likely have some khemic significance, no question about egyptian iconographic match in the GG Hevvunly Stairway photo, good catch

continued -->

little dynamo said...

figure kept tugging my attention too, doin the deity strut walkin like a gyptian, note sun glinting off conehead

theyre from France! :O)

they consume Mass Quantities of, uh, well you

Friday Night Live!

crowd at far right appears to be facing godly gaiter, not gabby as one would expect, cept for folk on Ground Transport Duty, possibly delivering trunk?

reports were of GG “struggling painfully up the stairway”

now, she’s just out of hospital w chunk of head missing.... while all them folks stand around holding their gonies? makes no sense, praps she insisted on self-ascencion? after all she paid for it? the deity is facing directly towards her and plane nose

recounts of course of Dealey Plaza/JFK, the NWO Installation ALSO took place on tarmac, on a flight-line (launching pad), just off earth, in low mid-air (as GG in photo )



little dynamo said...

i think i see it now AF

if the photo is tessellated (graphed) then from its occult perspective, the khemic deity hovers at latitude equivalent to the jet, which is a kind of beast facing it directly, into whose belly goddess gabby enters

Conehead's feet about even w plane's nose


aferrismoon said...

AP - thanks for the Alexander link. I've been looking into 'serial killers' and the probability this is entirely a manufactured phenom, begun by the likes of Robert Ressler [ who originally was in the USArmy] who gave the world 'profiling' and the name ' serial-killer'.

So any of these behaviourists are good to find out about.

I reckon he could have been blessing the darned thing.

Bizarre thing is they've got GG whizzing back and forth for these flights - her head subject to the pressure of altitude and descent. They love to traumatise our future icons - she could be president.


Hadn't heard about Obie's scars, checked them out, he's also got a large one on his neck

Maybe they're making some kind of super-politician out of various others.


aferrismoon said...

The figure seems to be [ after watching vids] a cyclist who seems unconnected with the flight. On other pictures he seems to be facing 90degrees away from the plane, looking to the right photowise.

Conehead - 'I summon you' is they're way of requesting to speak to another.

The Shiny Shinar

App. Kelly's 3 daughters were there mirroring the Hughes-Bouvier-Johnson Trin.

The photo of JFK's coffin being humped up the steps, have to add it in future days.

Conehead looks disproportionately tall, esp. to theose milling at the jets portal.

The Ona Common Sense , this photos and yr tracing board all synchronise - if 'they' think they can clamp down on people via their belittling of conspiracy theories , like to see them 'bust' the 'More 2 a picture' research tool . [Beats FBI profiling every time].

Check out Obama's scars if u haven't already


aferrismoon said...


On ascension . she is carrying a 'scroll'


little dynamo said...

"her head subject to the pressure of altitude and descent. They love to traumatise our future icons - she could be president."

clearly headed for big thangs

"The figure seems to be [ after watching vids] a cyclist who seems unconnected with the flight. On other pictures he seems to be facing 90degrees away from the plane, looking to the right photowise."

found a good vid --

GG in fact did have someone behind her, bracing her up the stairway

i'm gonna stick w the khemic deity interp, dont think the vid refutes it -- BiCycleCop takes up a strange, rather "prayerful" position in-line w nosecone

he's likely part of security detail, yellow vest, bike plus helmet, they dont let random cyclists wander around the congressional tarmac . . . again, GG houston lauchpad tarmac resonates Love Field tarmac triplegoddess NWO installation, dubble mid-air -->

"App. Kelly's 3 daughters were there mirroring the Hughes-Bouvier-Johnson Trin."

"The Ona Common Sense , this photos and yr tracing board all synchronise - if 'they' think they can clamp down on people via their belittling of conspiracy theories , like to see them 'bust' the 'More 2 a picture' research tool."

bit late for that

poor gabby, in the ringer now, shoulda left the power alone



little dynamo said...

On ascension . she is carrying a 'scroll'

paperwork in r hand?


little dynamo said...

hit on obama sin hussein erk saddam osama bin soetoro, anyway you know who was "Operation Neptune Spear" pharaoh's personal bebe

... as Vengeance Amerka seeks another scapegoat, ANY scapegoat thankyou, i'll have my Perpetrator with taters

"neptune's spear" of course = trident

reflects Dealey Plaza/Trinity Underpass photo in yr post-- mid-air, sighting down tuning fork tridentia, waiting for the yumyum to drive right into the maw, lid already conveniently popped

homeland delivery!

now we see why towers topple

cheers, ray

aferrismoon said...

Neptunes Pear . I can hardly wait for dessert storm.

Os and Ob are a real pair , one has already found himself seabound, In Davy Jones Locker, [just in time for the release of 'Pirates of the Caribbean, part ??]

Anyhow with all that TRump, Trump, Trump appearing pre-defining moment we should've seen the 'triumph' a-coming.

Yeah Gabbie's in and she doesn't yet know - she thinks she's getting better nad is surrounded by family and friends. She should check out photos like the 'ona common sense' once in a while, and then wonder why a bike-cop can morph into a bald-headed egyptian godling.

Perhaps that photo with the figure and its 'official stance' may be coupled with Kelly's hand-slicer Masonically true stance.

Shall add the description of Neptune Spear to the Dealey/WTC amalgam [ possibly for all time]