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From Little Achey-Breaky Horns....

......Mighty Jokes are Borne


Reading a post at 'Kenny's Sideshow' gleans the info

that in Nashville Tennessee , at the Bridgestone Arena, a young woman died and was brought back to life.

Lady Gaga has recently brought out a song called JUDAS in her , and most celebrities, mixing of the pop-star and christ-like status, up-dated with liberal anointing of blood and perhaps other fluids, wierdling dysfunctionalism for effect garnering support from the atomized teenage angst-minds that doubtless make up most of her fans.

"Never heard of her!"

Many people are not affected by Gaga or any of the other immaculate hairdos but there does seem to be this 'worship' of her in certain circles - I would guess teenage girls who are looking for role-models as well as young men looking to loose their gender privations

Pop [and sport] with its vast media support appears to now play the role of a religion , esp. adept at integrating with disaffected youth [loners and weird groups] as well as gang groups - footy fans, music genre fashion groups, as well as the mass-hypnotism concerts and

Anyhow back to the gig:
"Lady Gaga fan Crystal Thornton, 33, suffered a seizure and was unconscious with no heartbeat at the singer's concert Tuesday in Nashville before being revived by a medic."

First off , the age of the fan, 33, seemed to me a bit old to be a Gagafan, and thus widens the net of those influenced by the wee beastie and her creative daemons.

33 was the age that Jesus Christ was crucified, acc. to biblical tradition, while being the top degree of certain Freemasonic lineages.

Crystal Thornton - from which emerges "Christ Al Thorn" , the 'Thorn' giving the image of Christ crucified. 33, bit old [ in my imagination] for a Gagafan, bit young for a heart attack [ I'm not a doctor].

"Jerry Jones, EMT-IV supervisor with Vanderbilt's LifeFlight Event Medicine program came to Thornton's side within minutes of being flagged down at Bridgestone Arena.{ I'm pretty sure Bridgestone make tyres for sports cars , so 'flagged down' is appropriate language here, brum brum.
"The patient was unconscious with no heartbeat,'' he said."
Further reading we learn that she 'became ill'.
"Thornton of Lyles, Tenn., was with her best friend, Christina Tugman at the concert when she became ill during the opening act. As she recovers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, she says she has no memory of the concert.

“I am so mad I missed the concert,” Thornton told Vanderbilt officials." Pathos!
Acc. to other reports she had a seizure
"Her cardiologist, Dr. John McPherson, said that Thornton is undergoing a battery of tests to determine why she suffered the heart attack. He told CNN it appears she has an enlarged heart -- "a genetic condition that, unfortunately, has no warning symptoms and often results in an emergency situation like Thornton experienced."

"After undergoing the two days of cooling therapy, Thornton's body temperature was slowly restored to normal. She regained consciousness and neurologically continues to improve, according to her doctors in Nashville.
On Friday afternoon, she was in stable condition, the Tennessee hospital said."

A definite case of Giffordus Miraculus

She went in on Tuesday night and had stabilized by Friday afternoon, sort of mimicking the 3 days Christ spent 'dead', or in the darkness of the tomb.

Crystal Thornton came with her friend Christina Tugman , both sharing the same initials and similar first-names. Perhaps that's why they became fast friends.
Christ In A Tugman - which seems to imply Christ's temptation by Satan , a 'tug' between the wholly material and the sacred.

Do check out the similar language in reports of Mrs Giffords ' recovery'.
CT stands for 'Conspiracy Theory' : ) Whoop whoop!

"The patient received incredible care from the moment she experienced problems at the Bridgestone Arena," said Dr. Jared McKinney, medical director of LifeFlight Event Medicine. "It is only through a coordinated team effort that her successful outcome was possible."

"Leigh Sims, an emergency medical technician and Vanderbilt's manager of event medicine, said the defibrillator saved the woman's life.

"Without an AED, this patient would not have survived," Sims said. "It restored her pulse."

In the 1st article the name Vanderbilt is mentioned often

Vanderbilt's LifeFlight Event Medicine program
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
“I am so mad I missed the concert,” Thornton told Vanderbilt officials.
said Boerner of Vanderbilt.
Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Emergency Department.
Leigh Sims, EMT-P, manager of Event Medicine for Vanderbilt.
Upon arrival at Vanderbilt,
Jared McKinney, M.D., medical director of LifeFlight Event Medicine [ which is Vanderbilt, see logo above]

The logo - mmmm! Not only is it just crapola design-wise but the acorn looks like a itty-bitty circumcised penis tacked on to the right leg of a teddy-bear which it looks more like than the oak-leaf it weakly attempts to represent.

We are reminded that it would not have been possible to have saved her life had it not been for an AED:

"To save her life, Jones and paramedic Shane Clark used a portable automated external defibrillator (AED) for more than five minutes to get her heart to begin beating again, said Boerner of Vanderbilt.

Along with paramedics Rich Delmotte and Jonathan Webb they restored her heartbeat and transported her by ambulance to Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Emergency Department.

“Without an AED, this patient would not have survived. It restored her pulse,” said Leigh Sims, EMT-P, manager of Event Medicine for Vanderbilt."
Many of the staff of Vanderbilt are named. Are the paramedics usually named, perhaps so. Anyhow the article does shower the reader with references to Vanderbilt, and the AED device which now has a model that the public can use, strapped to the wall of a mall near you. Why not just ring the cops, they can tazer you 'til you resuscitate, except if they've already tazered you.
Either that or a rash of people with medical knowledge AEDing someone who's choking on a chicken wing.

The victim seems to be a mere vehicle for GooGa and the Vanderbilt.

Possibilities include administering ECT in the Mall for those far too high on phenylalinine, Prozac and whatever the put in cereals these days.
Sort of Rambo meets the 3 Stooges
The big V. is Tennessee's 2nd largest employer so any advertising will obviously benefit Tennesseans.

Oddly at this paramedical miracle the stage set attempted to portray a scene not unlinked to the world of hospitals and pharmacies:



Implants Sedation Dentistry

Death Cases Car Accidents
Injured Children

Its true that car accidents do often result in 'whiplash' though it has been written so as to read 'whiplash injured children' . No its not an oversight [ Amerka being 'watch what you say and how you say it ' capital of the world], stage shows are expensive events designed to resonate the act's particular bent , in this case 'morbidus sexualis', sex in a hospital but only by injection, plastic surgery so you can have a new boy/girl friend every day, or at least after the healing process. Amputation love will doubtless feature in a future Gaga video if it hasn't already, to segue with heroic amputees of IEDland.

'What the fuck have you done" serves to idolize screaming panic, doubtless as some gal first eyes her best friends mutilated bodies collection, or has perhaps sown a mouse's tail to her coccyx while drunk. Animal appendages - not far off. Little bat claws grafted to fingers. I caught a glimpse of elf-ear plastic surgery somewhere. Its all part of the democratization process as laid out by H. Bosch -


while the staircase is bannistered with oversized syringes

'She's a mamedical girl'

All pop music = advertising, being for a specific product, a lifestyle.

It does prove difficult to believe that all the characters and events have been set-up in such a way as 2 friends with similar first names [ which look similar to the word 'christ'], sharing the same initials, one of whom at age 33 should end up getting revived after suffering a heart seizure in the run up to Easter. Miss Thornton stabilised on Good Friday.

It appears , via the 'net, that both are real people and its not a made-up report.


There you go , girl murders cat for blood for costume - she seemed such a normal girl, now she's clinically 'depressed' and a 'psycho'.

"Angelina Barnes, 20,[from Oklahoma] had the cat’s blood smeared all over her face and arms and was just about to leave for the Gaga show when a family member walked in and saw the blood and 15 year=old tabby cat mutilated.
Barnes drowned the family cat in the bathtub and then cut it into pieces.  And if that’s not effed up enough for you…the kitty’s liver was found in her make-up case."

Gosh, guess she missed the show too. or maybe thorazidine helped it kick in.

Wow liver-lipstick , make-up in the shape of internal organs, it's a learning experience kids, step right up. I guess there's a market for organs not up-to-scratch for transplants.

Heart Hair Gel - squeeze it and weep, just like the Madonna.

So , perhaps Gaga remains but a flitter-bug in the twilight of your periphery. For others she is very much centre-stage.

This date has come up of late and connects somewhat similar events in history.

1839 – The Treaty of London establishes Belgium as a kingdom.

Belgium is where Mark Dutroux was convicted of child abduction and murder while myriad unnamed [ some were named a bit] others escaped investigation causing the Belgium people to stage a mass demonstration against the cover-up of pedophiles within the govt., judiciary, police force, royal family and various other agencies of 'repute'. This also linked to the various Gladio ops that took place around Europe. In Belgium one 'gang' went to supermarkets and shot people.

Earlier in history Belgium/Antwerp's involvement in diamond and other mining activities and the misery and murder that goes hand in hand with these sort of activities.

1943 – Bicycle Day – Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hoffmann deliberately takes LSD for the first time.

LSD comes to the fore in the 1960's Hippy-Flower-Power movement whence millions of tabs where doled out to the youth population while listening to music , some of which may have been composed to 'go with' the drugs by behavioral institutes and helped via the military's deep-psyche manipulation regiment - the music industry which advocated the 'peace via lots of drugs and music '. Many pop icons and celebrities, actors , producers etc got into 'Satanism' and related hardcore newageism within the fragrant bouquet of the 'peace' movement. Their ritualistic ways are served to us as mainstream pop or the regular churning out of sicko-violence movies , which are , acc. to officianados as QTarantino, 'fun'.

1971 – Charles Manson is sentenced to death for conspiracy to commit the Tate/LaBianca murders.

The Manson 'Family' provided the 'grassy-death-knell' of the 'Hippy movement' as darker, self-confessed Satanic forces {Intelligence Agencies} took the helm of youth culture. Today we see this commercialized and packaged for teenage audiences via such gloominaries as Gaga, Rihanna, Britney, Mad-Ona, Marilyn Manson etc.
As in what we see on music videos today are possibly re-enactments of ritual sacrifices practiced in the '60s, with real-life celebrities, taking part and filming [ Polanski]. Nobody wanted the recent almost-extradition of Polanski in the US as it just might lead to more information coming out, which, with Internet might quickly get out of hand.

1985 – FBI siege on the compound of The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord (CSAL) in Arkansas

Along with the hippy movement came a rise in groups living off the land in secluded areas of California, such as the Family, Process Church, a few other sects , 'farmers', limited hangouts. These groups were well-armed, had strong philosophies, and a militant approach based in the occult 'strength' of Crowleyanity. Some years later this format had morphed into the 'militias' who were Ultra-Christian, right-wing, Aryan and Nazi. The main difference being the move from apparent Satanic philosophies to far-right Christian. Manson was obviously a bit of a 'Nazi'. The Church of Satan openly took on 'fascist' philosophy of strength and hatred for the 'weak'.
Some have put forward the idea that some farmers , hit by the S&L crisis, decided that the bankers were to blame and set up organizations that would form the basis of the modern militias. Acc. to some these movements were infiltrated, copied, taken over or merely executed [ as at Ruby Ridge]. The fake militias attracted the 'useful idiots' and ramped the 'nazi-aryan-white power-christian' imagery, and thus the domestic terrorist emerged, reaching a zenith with Oklahoma City bombing , specifically dated to remember Waco. With the bombing the 'white power' terrorist , via Timothy McVeigh, was seared in to the memory.


"The Royal Navy actually have an active Satanist serving , or they did a few years ago. More democracy. Scot Chris Cranmer became the first registered Devil worshipper in the armed forces three years ago.

Yesterday, his mother revealed her son had been head-hunted for a job in Whitehall.

Catherine Cranmer said: "He works hard and he has achieved a lot in a short space of time. He is serving his country."

Chris, 27, was a leading hand on HMS Cumberland, based in Devonport, Plymouth, when he told the Navy he was a Satanist.

They accepted it and even offered him space on board to carry out Satanic rituals."

"Hell, u cain't serve 2 masters now, can you?"

"A spokesman for the Royal Navy said: "We are an equal opportunities employer and we don't stop anybody from having their own religious values."

1987 – The Simpsons premieres as a short cartoon on The Tracey Ullman Show
The Simpsons are now a worldwide cultural phenomena which 'comments' on world events, news , opinion via parody.
It has a character named Milhous Mussolini Van Houten. The Milhous is named for Richard Milhous Nixon. Nixon denounced Manson as a dangerous cult leader before the trial which allowed for media demonization and obviously affected the trial itself. One of those on trial was Leslie Louise Van Houten.

"Throughout the trial, however, she was disruptive, uncooperative, and inclined to giggle when listening to testimony, particularly when the deaths of the LaBiancas and that of Sharon Tate were discussed. As a result, she quickly lost the sympathy of the jury.[citation needed]"

At present 'Jared Loughner' has smirked his way through his various hearings.
Manson himself had been subject to a childhood of various kinds of abuse , often institutionalized/imprisoned. Milhous is also a victim of abuse:
"Mr Burns has Milhouse crippled in order to inspire the local football team. He frequently visited a female psychiatrist called Dr. Waxler until she got fed up by his frequent callings and blocked his number so he could not bother her again. In fact, in "Bye Bye Nerdie", it is implied that Milhouse endured bullying so severe on his first day at Springfield Elementary, that he has to take pills to repress the memories."

Sounds fermiliar.

1993 – The 51-day siege of the Branch Davidian building outside Waco, Texas, USA, ends when a fire breaks out. Eighty-one people die.
One of the FBI snipers was Lon Horiuchi who has previously shot and killed Vicki Weaver, at Ruby Ridge, while holding her child. Apparently she was armed. The manslaughter case was dismissed and Lon went on to get off a few rounds at Waco.
It seemed that everyone inside got burned to unrecognisability so its difficult to tell if Koresh or anyone else 'got out', imagining that some may have been 'plants' in the first place. If Koresh was a 'plant' then the best way to get rid of that kind of evidence is death.

An apparently hoax recommendation by Lon Horiuchi was used by H&S PRECISION INC. for a sniper's rifle.

1993 – South Dakota governor George Mickelson and seven others are killed when a state-owned aircraft crashes in Iowa.
The crash got little media attention as it was overshadowed by the shooting and burning of a number of Branch Davidians.

1995 – Oklahoma City bombing: The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, is bombed, killing 168. That same day convicted murderer Richard Wayne Snell, who had ties to one of the bombers, Timothy McVeigh, is executed in Arkansas.

"Snell had claimed that the police departments (local and state) in that area of Arkansas were involved in the cover-up of the Mena, Arkansas drug deals. He had also made claims to many people that he had filmed the then Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, at Mena Airport."
Wouldn't want to much investigation into the deaths of Kevin Ives and Donald Henry.

Snell was a member of the CSAL which was raided on April 19th.

"See Guile?"


"Coincidence? Probably so, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway – along with the fact that the two men were born just hours apart: Chaplin on April 18, 1889 and Hitler on April 20, 1889. That means that .... actually, I have no idea what the hell that means, but it seems like it should mean something."

It seems on the web that CC was born on April 16th, though it's still pretty close considering their careers and appearance. The Prince and the Pauper writ large.

D.McGowan makes the point that Chaplin's character emerged in public view as Hitler slowly grew to power. Most of the world [ who could] had seem the little-mustachioed tramp and laughed at him. Hitler's rise to the world-stage thus dovetailed with the programming of the little mustachioed tramp, Hitler was widely derided and not taken seriously, while all the time certain agencies were supporting his war-machine. And then suddenly out popped WWII and the little tramp became a dictator, which the original little tramp later acted as in a Hollywood parody called 'The Great Dictator'.

Dis Hitler have a double?
Well I guess so.

It's odd really as HollywoodMSM has become the Great Dictator.


Eleleth ר ק D said...

Chaplin could hardly then have imagined the existence of a "shadow self", a doppelganger named Adolf Hitler, serving with the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry on the Western Front ... ("Dead Ringers")

As in Jungian depth psychology, Chaplin integrated his Shadow Self in 1940, becoming one with the Fuehrer. Until then, the Fool was without a "voice", i.e., his films had been silent. Thus why this marks the real beginning of the Jihad al-akbar, after the end of the "Phoney" War (Holden Caulfield syndrome). Hitler zwischen Hirn (capitalism) und Hand (communism) muss das Herz sein.

Santayana's curse: Intrepid Fool George W. Bush integrated his Shadow Self, Osama/Hussein, thus becoming Barack Hussein Obama.

A miracle--"Gabrielle Giffords Walking, Hopes To Climb A Mountain"--K2 (KK), perhaps?

A13 said...

Hi Ferris, Just in case you didn't know, Polly Styrene from XRay Spex, has passed on. :(
sorry to be off topic here.


Penny said...

Hey Aferrismoon

FYI: besides disaffected young woman, the gagme, has a following among the gay male crowd.
Like Madonna and Cher.
Not a clue.

One of those useless bits of info.

aferrismoon said...

Sure thing . gagme has tried to make herself known in Indonesia [ would'nt accept 'gay' agenda]

"Crowd", its a classic terminology like 'family' :)


I saw that. Stay cleeeeeeeaaaaaan

eLSth Dee

Chapel In


A13 said...

Hi ferris, "stay clean" was a Motorhead song..as well.

Dennis/87 said...

Eleleth, you are an inspiation to what it memes to be human. The iron moon is still at the crux of inquiry, your gnosis memes alot to me. Dennis Igou

Jimbo said...

Really interesting stuff.

MangoMan said...

Interesting!! Follow for ib-tickling humor www.thesleepinginsomniac.blogspot.com

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Jimbo and Man

Alex Robinson said...

Of interest perhaps;

"Aed, or Aodh, is the prince of the Daoine Sidhe and a god of the underworld in Irish mythology."

"There were Kings and heros in Irish mythology with the name Aed or Aodh. It means "fire"."


Anonymous said...

Life is a puzzle!

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

And none may escape including 'them'

little dynamo said...

Nashville Ga-Ga Drakon concert resurrection reminded me of the Nashville “Bicentennial Mall” aka Resurrection Chamber (complete w/speekers!) – also suggests Memphis of course, khemic necromancy – i did a couple posts on nashville mall a few years back

i think you read gaga worship rite, teen girls mostly, empowerment empresses, the girls as predatory as their goddess heroin/e, spoiled brats religion being 1) themselves 2) themselves 3) their texty friends 4) shopping and consuming

“as for my people, childen are their oppressors, and women rule over them”

two thou 'n counting! :O)

Thorn-ton’s revival fits pagan idolatry gaga ritualisma, Crystal reflecting Giffords “Miraculus” as you snark

giffords scat intersts me v much b/c must be extraphysical “signs/wonders” etc-- not just resuscitations, but also attendant markers e.g “Miss Thornton stabilized on Good Friday” or GG hubby being kommander for ISIS

Dr. Jared McKinney -- son of ja red kin, lifeflight medicine

“It does prove difficult to believe that all the characters and events have been set-up in such a way as 2 friends with similar first names”

absolutely AF, it’s no setup or trick, it’s pure info, purest

nice catch on loughner/oswald facial mirror – some photos of baldie mark kelly also look much like the loughner photo you ran, the ja-red shot



Eleleth ר ק D said...

Giffords is miraculously healed while the resurrected Pope (John Paul II), deemed to be the Antichrist by generations of Protestant theologians, produces (lying?) signs and wonders.

You got your King Kill 33 at last, 'Ferris. The King finally discovered that the best way to avoid the necessity of ritual sacrifice is to use a scapegoat--The Pet Goat, "Obama Sin Laden".

aferrismoon said...

Ray - Loughner had both bruised left-eye and bump on the right as LHO.

The smirking despite incarceration seems to imply a dissassociative state [ possibly via pharms] which then allows greater communication with dream-world .

Dr. Jared McKinney

Jared merging with anti-war Cynthia McKinney.

Doctor jared - the healer

Eleleth -

Oddly a few hours previous used the same 'title' in a comment [ link above].

Hadn't grokked that its the 'scapegoat' .

Apparently he watched his 'own death' live.