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The Crime is Life.......

" I've never done it with a pig before"
" The Israelis have redesignated me I'm a Mexican now"

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Rabbis running round cleansing bacilli of a virus which , though christened Swine Flu, apparently contains little or no piggishness and seems not to have affected any pigs as yet. To pummel further this thread of humour may we imagine Israelis lining up to accept QoSheR[600] flew, at only a marginal extra cost, but buy the Flu+Treatment together [ The 2 in 1 deal] and the QoSheRing will be met by the Insurance Company .
Jews not living in Israel will have no choice but to be burdened with this impious and generally inaccurate designation.
A retaliatory gesture saw the Israeli Defence Against [pi]Goyim-Originated Diseases Office rename it 'Mexican Flu', in some sort vague affiliation with the once popular Spanish Flu.
Neverthless said FLU seems to have originated in the US of A but calling it American Flu. This of course annoy all those Israelis who assume America = Israel.

Some reports have this FORT DIX [10] as the boudoir for dis foodwar not just for this one 2009 but also the 1976 [ Bicentennial] scare.
Subtract one from t'other seal voo play

Its all too late now as the Pig has flew

Egypt , a mainly Moslem country who share with the Jews the concept of the PIG as a 'DIRTY ANIMAL, filthy, stinking subspecies full of evil' has decided to off 300,000 swine . Perhasp they and Israel may find some common ground.

To ERR is human , to KILL divine

Smithfield has been globally fingered as purveyors of MEAT , for many eating meat = a crime against humanity by the Nutritional Diktaters. Differing from those who choose not to eat meat in that the N.D. doesn't eat meat so that it can disapprove of those who do.
Smithfield is the name of a big meat market in London , and a few other towns in the UK.

Crowleys 'Book of Lies' had No.83 poem called a BLIND PIG as the 2 hebrew lettes P = 80 and G = 3 make 83 , and PG = a PiG with no 'i'.
P = Empress[Venus] and G = Wheel[Jupiter]
Pineal Gland
83 = ChNKH , Hhanakah
11x83 = 913 = BRAShYTh - 'In The Beginning"
813 = VYAMR ALHYM YHY AVR VYHY AVR = And Eloheem spake let there be light

This whole food-mosaica splinters into those who don't eat dairy products, those who eat fish not meat, those who do/don't eat organic beef/pork versus those who refuse it on religious grounds but happily eat the other one.
Disapprove - Pressurize - Take Moral High-ground - Enter Politics - Make Laws Against People.

The panic intends to create what gets called ' MALADAPTIVE REACTIONS' [check Daffy Duck].
1. Go into SHOCK
2. Scream
3. Acquire Target
4. Engage Vengeance

Aww fuck it!

........the Sentence is DEATH

Next comes Chimney Flue

check out " In the Likeness of Molten Calm" at DA BLACK WHOLE.

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Princess of Wales takes centre-spot

Lyndon Ab Einws slips into the milieu

Monday, April 20, 2009

"By Now One Hears Turtlings All Over DoveLand"

The Firing of that Shot will give us the lead in space!

JFK got blasted in '63, wounded head not wounded knee.
Not the last , another 3
Making 4 in all UC
If u didn't see it then u can certainly see it now. In so far as no-one can ascertain what went on this 'real time' happening has become an intricately webbed mythos.
The era-lette of assassination, 5 years of semi-televised take-outs, all explained in such a way that the intelligent switch off while the emotional bay for blood and get it or something like it, wet, hot. Hot wars , Cold wars , Quiet wars spun the heads of the freshly L.S.Deed, back from the Viet and often both - virtual MK. The returning troops faced general villification for murdering the Cong while at the same time many feared what would happen if the Cong won -Ho Chi DOMINhO
L'Age du Carne

DOUBLE CROSS , Cross of Lorraine
Lorraine from Lotharingia. Lothair = a name of a king, 825-869 , 44 years of age.
Martin Luther King dies at the Lotharingia Motel, Memphis, 10EC
Martin Luther King's father took the family on a trip to Germany in 1934 where he learnt about Martin Luther.
Hitler became Chancellor and the US decided that bailing out the NewDeal would lead them far away from Socialism.Impressed by Luther MLK Sr. renamed the family , the same year LBJ married Lady Bird - hammer d'amour
4/4/68 Lorraine Hotel - Memphis - Apollo VI Mission launches sporting the Orion Belt patch. Orion used by Egyptian architects to position Pyramids at Keyza, near the old site of ancient Memphis.
Near to Thebes sits Karnak , the name used for the village of Karnack where Lady Bird Johnson , wife of LBJ, was born. "It was thought the community's alignment with Port Caddo was relative to that of Karnak and Thebes."

The BRICKHOUSE , Karnack.

" For usually I'm quite shy
I ax'd your name, you smile and said "Lorraine"
I ax'd if I could share your umbrella
You smiled and said, " What a cheeky fella"

Orion = Hunter like Nimrod
MLK looks like milk and the Galaxy/Milky Way bear the stars, the milk
Lorraine - Lothar Regnum - Famed Army
Below Lothars empire [in Yellow] tieing in the upper thigh of present day Italy with the Kingdom of Burgundy - Iacobus Burgundius Molensis - Jacque de Molay], what looks like the Rhineland and parts of Hollandia and Belgia. Now Lorraine is restricted to a small area of North-Eastern France.

Lorraine , a province, duchy, absorbed by France in 1766. The French took residence in areas of the US such as New Orleans, though Orleans , France, is some distance from Lorraine [on reflection the 2, Orleans and Lorraine sound quite similar].
On a map New Orleans and Memphis appear 'in line'.

Orleans uses the Fleur-de-Lys for its symbol.
As with many things French an exalted woman holds the standard aloft and runs into battle - the Maid of Orleans - Jeanne d'Arc, a doubtless fictitious being much touted as a real historical figure, who used the Croix Lorraine as her standard. The Cross of Lorraine was also used by the DeGaulle-led Free French forces in WW2 as well as by 'opposition' Vichy Government.

Lorraine uses the Double-Cross, a cross used by Slovakia.
Lorain can be found in NorthCentral Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie.
The Lorraine Hotel in Memphis , Tennessee remains the deathspot of Martin Luther King [MaLuKi], carrying the name Luther/Lothar which = the root of the name Lorraine.
Elvis Aaron Presley [Scots-Jewish names] is also buried here and his home Graceland brings fans from around the world to the city. Elvis even stopped off in Scotland on his way to or from army service somewhere, perhaps Germany.
Superman's adversary Lex Luther sports this early form - Lex Lorraine.

DALLAS - NY - MEMPHIS - LA : Fields for SHOCK Testing- Disassociation through Dissonance.
Whatever we may think of the music, fashions and culture of the time, relating to the Corporatised 'West', they came on awfa' fas' and awfa' bright and awfa' loud for many folks. The flood of various legal and illegal drugs, the NEWS as the dope place to be, to make the world, the flashing 'pop' images, the pushing of consumer shite art , Pop Art, and due to its obvious shiteness the emergence of the Media Persuaders who got and still get people to eat shit and like it. Silk-screen a soup can and get an army of acolytes to repeat war hole , lick ten stein,
This OzWellian Cyclonica elevated the Art of Superficial Concern while spending some enormity on plastic stuff that looked like the Art in the high-brow mags and which also glowed pulsatingly as Valium, bennies, mixed with Vigropsychall and Brewers Yeast reverberated around the desiccated thoughts that once were someone - Numbolina.
Add to this the imperious assassination of anyone prepared to use their intelligence, the mass killing of loyal citizens in Vietnam, the wholesale villification of anyone questioning that and it seems little wonder to see the 'West' undergoing a psychotic split so as to try and keep on functioning.
Each generation brought up its children in seemingly ever-tighter turns of the screw. Tin-Ceann Men and Bag-a-Vita Gals

Dallas @ Dealey Plaza - Place of the Field of the Goddess
Memphis @ Lorraine Motel
NY @ Audubon Theater
LA@ Ambassador Hotel
Lyndon Baines [Ab Einios] Johnson
John FitzGerald Kennedy [ Ceinnadeich]
John Connally
The Scots-Welsh connexions have mixed after a while. Glasgow, Glencoe stem from Welsh Glas Coed and Glyn Coed. Baines has been cited as a form of Beth as in McBeth, though appears derived from Welsh.
Cumberland = Cambria Land = Cymru land[ Cymru=Wales], and proves somewhat ironic when the Duke of Cumberland's exploits against the Scots are recalled.
El Haji Malik Shabazz - Malcolm X [ nee Little] got assassinated in 1965 and resonates Scottishness. Both 'black' protagonists in this psycho-drama proffer kingship - Malik Shabazz and MLKing. Malik+MaLiK coupled with The Kennedy Brothers-'Twins'
4 Kings of Scotland sported the name Malcolm. One, Malcolm Canmore [ Ceannmor- Great head] killed MacBeth in battle and took the throne in 1057 and proceeded to organize the kingdom of Scotland. Note the Celtic 'ceann' meaning head may be spelt CAN when anglicised.

Scots refer to mountains as BEN [ from Beann] which refers then to the Benben stone of Egypt as well as the high places where Phoenix/Eagles nest. From the Eagle's Nest to the Eagle has landed

A focussed article on the psycho-biology of two men believed NOT to have done what they are accused of.
Dear article writer - are u prepared to withdraw your thesis in light of this evidence.
The man from Guantanamo , he say 'No!'

Early Ray and Sir Han Solo

Trinity - July 16 1945
JFK and MLK both married in 1953. Stalin and Beria died this year and the road to a Kennedy-Krushchev world began.
Catholic President of Vietnam - Ngo Dinh Diem assassinated. Kennedy refused to meet with him in the months earlier - Nov 2 , 1963
JFK assassination / LBJ Presidency - Nov 22 1963
Dr.Who - time-travelling BBC Sci-Fi series begins Nov 23 1963
LHO assassination - Nov 24 1963

Malcolm X asassination - Feb 21 1965. He was killed at the AUDUBON Theater in Manhattan , NY built by film producer William FOX in 1912. His funeral [a Moslem] was held at Faith Temple, Church of God in Christ, Harlem. The Church of God in Christ was founded [ its HQ is in Memphis, Tennessee] by Charles Price Jones and Charles Harrison Mason after whom MASON TEMPLE in Memphis was named. MLK gave his 'I have been to the Mountaintop' speech there on April 3rd 1965.

The ingestion of devices - ElleSDee, IO Hwaska, Sillycyberin'
- Alkopops, Pop's alk, Mothers ruein'
- Speeeeeeeed, barbs, DOWners,
- H, K , D,M,T and Charleeeeee
- Anything in Soft-drinx
- &TV

Some of these expand the mind , some stimulate the body, some do both to a greater or lesser degree. Others slow everything down, dim the lights. The explosive drugs tend to expand at such a rate they pretty soon bump into others - when these drugs expand the 'non-visible' mind radiates into other's psychic territory, usually without any introduction. These psychic explosions take place with the mentality relating to body-size [ i.e. limited].
The 'downers' do the reverse [ perhaps] , creating 'negative spaces' that attract.
Add to these the images stored in memories. In tandem with the 'hallucinogenic' explosion [ all 'ingestions' may be considered 'mind-altering' to some extent] grew the visual media of Film and Television , Motion pictures. No accident there.

The War on the Environment which = MIND , accelerated. Now we are even told that the environment only eXists outside of us, and as we are separate from it, all our actions prove inherently damaging.
All these anti-human movements deliberately attack people via their minds with half-truths in an over-emotive guilt sauce.

"Man talks carelessly and ignorantly of such words as CHAOS... TURBULENCE...TURMOIL...and [the popular, modern] POLLUTION...where nothing but absolute order is subvisibly maintained by nature and her transformation arrangements unfamiliar to man. Universe does not have any pollution. All the chemistries of Universe are always essential to the integrity of eternal intertransformation and eternal self-regeneration.
Physicists invent nothing.
Chemists invent nothing.
...They find out what nature does from time to time and learn something of what her laws of rearrangement may be, and fortunate humans employ these rules to cooperate consciously with nature's evolution"
R.Buckminster-Fuller "Synergetics" Ch.11, 1024.22

As usual a great deal of the populace have had their responsibility weakened by people like Al Gore screaming - Humans Bad, and getting prizes for it. The one he got for this war on Mankind they call the Nobel Peace Prize.

Human+Nature = Wealth. The Stock XChange and its debt-based economy depletes wealth. 'Losing' all the credits on the metaphysical exchanges depletes humans & nature [ and well into the future too]. The resulting 'pain' of the only metaphysical global-crisis creates mental disarray which tends to balance by finding some kind of order in the physical world - Blame [ and the resulting fallout]

2001, A Space Odyssey premiers in Washington - April 2 1968
MLK assassination - April 4 1968 [4/4]
RFK assassination - June 6 1968 [6/6]
The next in the series = 8/8 [ last year , 40 years later, began Beijing Olympics and the Georgian Invasion of South Ossetia]
1st US-USSR direct flight route opened in December 1968

JFK's burial took place at Arlington Cemetery in Washington DC while LHO was buried in the Rose Hill Memorial Burial Park between Fort Worth and Arlington, Tx. Not far from Memphis we find yet another Arlington

LINDEN TREE - 'TILIA' - Latin tilia is cognate to Greek πτελέᾱ "elm tree", τιλίαι "black poplar" (Hes.), ultimately from a PIE *ptel-ei̯ā with a meaning of "broad (feminine)", perhaps "broad-leaved" or similar (IEW).

"Barry Lyndon" a long Kubrick film centred around the ins and outs of Barry Lyndon's life. SK came to Earth in the same year as PKD. Lyndon carries along the Linden or Lime tree , celebrated in Germany , Czech, Slovakia , Slovenia, Rumania and the Balkans. A famed medicinal tree it also provided the words to many a song of romance.
The tree has such a reputation that the names Lyndon & Linton have emerged. Perhaps the name Lime of Harry Lime and Lime Street Sta. derive from its anglicised name.
The English got to Lime by pronouncing German LIND to LIND [ lined] to LINE to LIME
Kwesi = born on Sunday while Baines = ab einws = 'little anvil'.

A little anvil to beat the nation into a new shape, a nation crafted on the artistry of grief, tragedy frosted with enthusiasmand just around the corner. A great beating and a-forging , the blood of those assassinated temper the message issued. Affluence carries a price, the hidden happenings propping up the facade flit in the shadows , noticed by the guests whom the host at once redirects.
Stanley didn't just observe the Moon-landings

Barry Lyndon has an ambition to become an 'English gentleman' and through his many wiles he succeeds, eventually, by marrying Lady Lyndon on the death of Sir Charles, a marriage despised by Lady Lyndon's first son.

Here comes one , its Linden , a plural culled from the German 'LIND' , their name for a tree. It twists its spell , wearing 'T's and 'O's and 'Y's for 'I's.
Thackeray gave it to Redmond Barry by marriage in a book and when Kubrick turned his Zeissful eye to the adventure , emboldened he called him Barry Lyndon from the off.
Ryan O'Neal took on the role, the story changed and instead of seeing out his last years in prison he clacks off carriage-wise, paid off by Lady Lyndon.
SK had originally planned to film NAPLEON BONAPARTE but funding got pulled after Bondarchuk and DeLaurentis' WATERLOO failed at the Box-Office.
The young Irskan after much subterfuge , gambling, lies, love he meets Lady Lyndon whom he woos and finally weds. He has reached the pinnacle of gentrification , though , tellingly , without any legal entitlement to the Lyndon name nor its wealth.
To stay as authentic as possible to the period Kubrick attempted to use natural light as much as possible, often just candlelight.
From Wikipedia:
After "tinker[ing] with different combinations of lenses and film stock," the production got hold of three "super-fast 50mm" f/0.70 lenses "developed by Zeiss for use by NASA in the Apollo moon landings," which Kubrick had discovered in his search for low-light solutions.[2] These super-fast lenses "[w]ith their huge aperture [the film actually features the largest lens aperture in film history] and fixed focal length" were problematic to mount[2], but allowed Kubrick and Alcott to shoot scenes lit with actual candles to an average lighting volume of only three candlepower, "recreating the huddle and glow of a pre-electrical age."[2] In addition, "the actors... were under instruction to MOVE AS SLOWLY AS POSSIBLE to avoid underexposure."[2]

Barack Obama went by the diminutive 'Barry' in his earlier years.

Another Irish emigre sought the highest post of the land, the President of the USA. While he may have been one of the Bhoys he didn't seem to be one of the lads, and eyes set on the prize he perhaps didn't realize that highest office, in Judaeo-Christendom, is martyr.
The smarter the martyr , the quicker the kill.

Satan's outstretched wing waves to the motorcade[ or Batman's]

Jackie's pink suit delivers the pink 'Valis' light described by PKDick.
The rest isistory

In the car Connally, his wife, Bouvier and the diseased and pain-wracked John. His youth garnered great popularity , America used it for its worth, but John's health suffered under wartime injuries, near fatal spinal operations and Addison's disease.
Connally lent his support to Johnson before the election as he didn't think JFK would make it through the Presidency in full health.
All that pain and no way into heaven should one decide to end it all.

In steps > Lyndon , heading Baines and Johnson, now a Texan. JFK and LBJ , the twin triumvirate. He received the name Baines via George Washington Baines, from his mother's side. His initials finally got into the Whitehouse with George Dubya
Baines comes from Welsh 'ab Einws' , son of Einws, the little anvil.
The Little Anvil married Claudia Alta Taylor who already bore the nickname 'Lady Bird'. She became LBJ on Nov 17, 1934, 2 more arriving with their daughters Lynda Bird and Luci Baines. A fifth arrived with Little Beagle Johnson , a dog
The little anvil presided over the forging of modern-day US. His reign began with the assassination of JFK at Dealey Plaza [ Field of the Goddess] in his home state of TeXas. A couple of days later truths would die when Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald.
Sworn in on AF1 we see LBJ triangulated by Jackie , who carries JFKs blood upon her suit while in her hands a part of his brain, which she held onto for 5 hours apparently, by Lady Bird , the incoming First Lady while family friend Fed.Judge Sarah T.Hughes swears him in on a Catholic missal. No bible could be found on Air Force 1 while the ceremony on LOVE FIELD took place.
Ladybirds are so named for the Madonna.

LBJ was the 1st President sworn in by a woman and the only one sworn in on Texas soil.
An oft-used explanation for JFKs assassination is that as a Catholic certain agencies within the US found this unacceptable and had him removed from office. Other sources will tell u that the Catholic Church had good reason to remove Kennedy themselves due to his opposition to Vietnams Catholic Head-of-State who was deposed and killed by Buddhists, thus denting Vaticanoniacal aspirations in Asia.
Nevertheless swearing in a president on a Catholic missal with the Catholic wife of his murdered predecessor to your left[mercy] while his wife sports a Madonna-like moniker on your right[severity] doesn't do much for the anti-Catholic claims.
One doesn't murder Presidents for their religious beliefs and then forget to furnish the swearing-in with a Bible.
LBJ followed Christodelphian principles later in life while early years followed the baptist tradition, which proved a strong trait via his maternal relatives.

A pretty triangle made all the more strange by the inclusion at the ceremony of Jack Valenti , the founder [ and for many years Hollywood's moral beacon] of the MPAA.
Facing LBJ - Sarah T.Hughes
LBJ's left - Jackie Kennedy [ In time Jacqueline Bouvier - Kennedy - Onassis, Thrice Wed]
LBJ's right - Lady Bird Johnson
Standing behind Lady Bird - Congressman Albert Thomas [ looking not unlike Bruce Wayne's 'Albert' - see Satan's Wing at Dealey Plaza above]
To Congressman Thomas' right - Jack Valenti
To Congressman Thomas' left - The One-Eyed Man [ could be 'the king']

Act V , Scene 1, lines 7 - 12
Prospero: ... 'Say. my spirit, how fares the King and 's followers?'
Ariel: 'Confined together in the same fashion as you gave in charge , just as you left them, sir, in the LINE GROVE which weather fends your cell, They cannot budge till your release'.

[Line Grove = Linden Grove]
[ A Grove = a place in nature where one may make 'sacrifice' to The Goddess aka DEA.
A Line connecting energy points across the Earth's surface = a LEYline]

The swearing-in took place 128mins after the assassination, 2x2x2x2x2x2x2 = 2x64 = 2 Chessboards.
LBJ feared the 'domino effect' if Vietnam fell to The Commies and he signed the orders to keep America safe at 'arms' length
In 1965 Malcolm X [ born Malcolm Little] got killed , his name resonating a line of Scottish Kings.
Later in 1968 Martin Luther King took a bullet after visiting the Mountaintop, in the same week that LBJ announced he would not contest the next election.
"Have you seen the latest episode of 'Lost'?"

MLK had spoken at the MASON TEMPLE in Memphis before returning to the LORRAINE MOTEL, room 306[17x18]. Mythically the Sun killed him as the blame was given to James Earl RAY, the sound 'ray' seems not to have changed since used for the Egyptian sun-god Ra.
Connally = the name of the Gov. of Texas in the limo with JFK at Dealey Plaza who also acted as LBJs campaign manager for 1948 Senatorship = Keyman
Lady Bird Johnson hails from Karnack, Texas a name resounding with Karnak , nr. Luxor in Egypt , location of the northern complex of monuments of ancient Thebes incl. the great Temple of Amun. Veering north-east for a couple of thousand miles we get to Brittany and Carnac, the site of nearly 3000 megalithic stones of the Neolithic period [ Neo - New, Lith - stone].
Little Brittany looks across La Manche to Great Brittany.

Both Oswald and Ray , for the accused, emerge as last names, though they double well as first names. Sirhan Sirhan obviously works as both aswell.

They flew to Love Field, Gate 28, a number which JamesShelbyDownard in his essay 'King Kill 33' accords to one of the correspondences of Solomon in Kabbalistic numerology : the Solomonic name assigned to 28 = BEALE.

I don't know about the Solomonic attribs though the name Beale is the name of Jackie's aunt on her fathers side - Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale aka 'Big Edie' , mother of 'Little Edie' who lived in a mansion called GREY GARDENS where a now cult-documentary was filmed.
BOL - 102 [ pron. Beel] - have sexual intercourse; husband, spouse,owner; having, of.
It perhaps denotes the spelling of Bela, a King of Edom.
28 = TYT - Clay, loam, mud - - KCh - Power; spit phlegm; cough
The idea of clay being spat into rewires one back to the various hawking and spitting aspects of the Creator. Amun spits his sperm mud-wise to effect a few children while the Adam-maker blew into fashioned clay. Breathing always carries with it moisture which allows life to germ-inate.
The new President gets sworn-in at Gate 28 Love Field , 28 links to words inferring the Egyptian Creation Myth - Mudspat

Karnack , birthplace and childhood home of Lady Bird Johnson, so named as it lies the same distance from
Port Caddo, Tx. as Karnak, Egypt lies from Thebes [ Tapt]. Bloody Caddo St. proves a place of violence and/or Masonica Americana in Ardmore Ok. according to the writings of JSD.
Caddo seems to refer to the Amerindians, and their languages, formerly inhabiting the Midwest. Pawnee is one of the languages included in this group.
Carnac sounds the same as the other two and resonates with the Egyptian version for its megalithic site where originally some 3000 standing-stones stood. Now the figure is more like 700 , though still incredible as they have stood since 3300BC , some , perhaps, since 4500BC.
"Karnak ("Carnac") as a village name , and the name of the complex, is first attested in 1668, when two Capuchin missionary brothers Protais and Charles Francois d'Orleans travelled through the area."
As such it may be named after the complex at Carnac in Brittany.

Nearby a tumulus , Trinite de la Mer emerges from the landscape.
Karnak in Egypt = the main place of worship of the Theban Triad.
The Watchman graphic novel character Ozymandias has a secret base in Antarctica called Karnak.

"In 1963, Congressman Albert Thomas was seriously considering not running for a fifteenth term. Local Democrats organized an appreciation dinner on November 21, 1963 with over 3200 attendees to persuade him to run for another term. The most visible attendees were President John F. Kennedy and Vice-President Johnson who both spoke of Thomas's leadership. Kennedy said, "Next month, when the U.S. fires the world's biggest booster, lifting the heaviest payroll into...that is, payload..." here the President paused a second and grinned. "It will be the heaviest payroll, too," he quipped. The crowd roared. "THE FIRING OF THAT SHOT WILL GIVE US THE LEAD IN SPACE," the President resumed in a serious vein. "And our leadership in space could not have been achieved without Congressman Albert Thomas."

'Take care of the Batcave , Albert"
'We call it the Tuat , Jack'

Karnak is to Thebes as Karnack is to Caddo. Considering the positioning of Karnack according to its distance from Caddo, one may consider the positioning of the Pyramids to the star-system Orion, notably its belt. Orion appears on the NASA Apollo patches, though the mission only attempted to reach the Moon; these missions went from Cape Kennedy/Canaveral.
Karnak = Karnack = Carnac

LBJ followed Andrew Johnson by becoming President on the assassination of his predecessor.
AJ followed Lincoln, LBJ followed Kennedy.

LadyBird, JackieK and SarahHughes resonate with JSD's inclusion of the 3 Witches from 'MacBeth' in his writings.

"Whase on the joint of a desh? Finfoefum the Fush. Whase be his baken head? A loaf of Singpantry's Kennedy bread. And whase hitched to the hop in his tayle? A glass of Danu U'Donnell's foamous olde Dobbelin ayle. But, lo, as you would quaffoff his fraudstuff and sink teeth through that pyth of a flowerwhite bodey behold of him as behemoth for he is noewhemoe. Finiche! Only a fadograph of a yestern scene.
Almost rubicund Salmosalar, ancient fromout the ages of Agapemonides, he is smolten in our mist, woebecanned and packt away. So that meal's dead off for summan, schlook, schlice and goodridhirring."
FW 7, lines 7-19

'desh' - you go? [in Czech]
'on the joint of a desh' - about to go
'Finfoefum' - Fin - Irishman, foe - enemy.
'whase be' - where is..
'baken' - bacon , as in his 'bacon' was not saved
'baken head; Kennedy bread' - Kennedy's head
'quaffoff his fraudstuff' - take in the stories about JFK, the 'good and bad' deeds attributed to him. The false stories concerning the assassination
'sink teeth' - bullet; investigate
'pyth' - skin
''flowerwhite bodey' - white body
behold of him as a behemoth' - a great man
'for he is noewhemoe' - for he is nomore , now new
'Finiche!' - finish; phoenix
'Only a fadograph of a yestern scene' - a fading photo of a past event; this phrase has been related to Osiris and a certain photograph - see Mark L.Troy - "Mummeries of Resurrection: The Cycle of Osiris in Finnegans Wake.[ can be found on-line and worth its wait in gold] :

"The Wake of Osiris" - "Veillee Funebre D'Osiris-Ounefer Morte" in Morets 'Rois et Dieux d'Egypt' [1911]

'yestern' - western
'rubicund' - red-faced, bloody; Jack Ruby
'smolton in our mist' - smitten, smote in our midst
'woebecanned' - woebegone Kennedy [ Ceinnedeich]
'summan' - sunman, all-man, summoned
'packt away' - buried
'goodridherring' - a source of many 'conspiracy theories' , red herrings.

'Only a photograph of a western scene'


"Hear? By the mausolime wall. Fimfim fimfim. With a grand funferall" FW 13, line 14-15

The death of JFK and RFK , the death of MLK and MalikolmX.
4 square and all square.
Perhaps Kennedy didn't even die until LBJ took over, and then the bloodbath began in earnest, yet at the same time great programmes of social change, the LSDeeing of the Great Land in the West, Media Electronica blossoms.
The West , Double-Bound , writhes into a stupor, unable to do anything but scream itself into deaf insensitivity. It wakes up one morning and sells its birthright to the employer who will deliver it from the psycho-sexual drama that keeps pushing through the brittle

"..., American Lake Poetry, the Strangest Dream that was ever Halfdreamt."

"Nuvoletta in her lightdress, spunn of sisteen shimmers, was
looking down on them, leaning over the bannistars and listening
all she childishly could." FW 157 line 8-10

"Then Nuvoletta reflected for the last time in her little long life
and she made up all her myriads of drifting minds in one. She
cancelled all her engauzements. She climbed over the bannistars;
she gave a childy cloudy cry: Nuée! Nuée! A lightdress fluttered.
She was gone. And into the river that had been a stream (for a
thousand of tears had gone eon her and come on her and she was
stout and struck on dancing and her muddied name was Missis-
liffi) there fell a tear, a singult tear, the loveliest of all tears (I
mean for those crylove fables fans who are 'keen' on the pretty-
pretty commonface sort of thing you meet by hopeharrods) for it
was a leaptear. But the river tripped on her by and by, lapping
as though her heart was brook: Why, why, why! Weh, O weh!
I'se so silly to be flowing but I no canna stay!"
FW 159 line 6-17

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ROll up! ROll up! All LeGs HackimBO!

"Leggo' Jesus!"

Some earth shaking event left only the LeG intact

This guy's ritually missing a lEg , but he knows which way to GO....

..he has a choice

juft a wiffle thackwefaith

When EaGLes lose their LEGs they must fly

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Walls Have Ears

Watching the FACup semi-final [onTV], April 15th 1989, I like many suddenly realised that members of the crowd were slowly getting crushed to death - 96 in all.
It happened at Hillsborough, the ground of Sheffield Wednesday, the logo above.

7 months later THE Wall came down, 9/11/1989 [ UK dating system].

Many have eyes to see but it seems that, often, only walls have ears

Last night Liverpool played at the Bridge

Monday, April 13, 2009

Czechs and Balances

On March 26th this year the Czech govt. fell to a vote of no-confidence, the same Czech govt. that at present presides over the EU, the Kolotocnik[ merry-go-round]Presidential System.
So a non-government heads the EU.

Last Thursday , just before Easter , in a fit of religiosity, JAN FISCHER , the Head of the Czech Statistics Office was asked to head a new govt, from May 9th.
Round about the same time we see the looming figure of the freshly-Catholicised Tony Blair attempting to persuade the EU that he should be the 1st permanent President. We may repair a few years back to the MEP Dr.Ian Paisley being shouted down for claiming the EU was something of a Papal Conspiracy to spirit government, secular and spiritual , back into the hands of the seemingly now Jewish-Catholic SynaChurch - The VatiKnesset.
Morals and enforced teachings a go-go.

Mr.Fischer like Christ is not an MP and so possibly we may have a EuroPres entirely unelected. Quite a nice little precedent for future years.
The two major party leaders Mirek Topolanek [ who got toppled] and the opposition party leader Jiri Paroubek [ pictured last] have agreed , along with President Klaus, to make Fischer PM. The Czechs have 'pissed off' the EU right from the word 'go' with their 'rude' exhibition whih artfully derided all other Euro countries.
Topolanek, prior to his resignation had warned Europe that it shouldn't blindly follow the US plan of paying off all the bankers. Solano got very angry and not long after Mirko lost his job.

Klaus, below, with his back to the viewer is famous for not believing in the evidence of Global-Warming as a bad, evil thing and fears that it will just become another ideology to which humans must supplicate. He claims its essentially a form of totalitarianism and has described Al Gore as an 'apostle of arrogance'
Below Fisher, Topolanek and Klaus

Below we Jiri Paroubek, one in a sizeable line of Czech PMs this century
Since 2000, when I moved here, there's been-
Zeman,Spidla, Gross, Paroubek, Topolanek and now Fischer

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Twin Pillars?

Sideshow Bob

Who do u support?

The eagle has landed.....