Sunday, March 28, 2010

START! [Up Da Tum]

Prague Castle complex and St.Vitus Cathedral

It`s not important for you to know my name -
Nor I to know yours
If we communicate for two minutes only
It will be enough
For knowing that someone in this world
Feels as desperate as me -
And what you give is what you get.
It doesn`t matter if we never meet again,
What we have said will always remain.
If we get through for two minutes only,
It will be a start!
For knowing that someone in this life,
Loves with a passion called hate
And what you give is what you get.
If I never ever see you -
If I never ever see you -
If I never ever see you - again.
And what you give is what you get

Obama last came to Prague on April 4th 2009 , the same date as the assassination of Martin Luther King. The 44th President arrived on 4/4.

On April 8th he will meet President Medvedev of Russia to discuss START , a process for decreasing nuclear weapons. The Great Godmen of East and West in the Heart of Europe
4/8/2010 - 4 8 20 10 = 1 2 2 1 as LCD

START is a famous cigarette brand in Czech Republic now owned by Philip Morris.

Stop-Start-Stop-Start - The History of non-proliferation

What's that u smoking?

Depleted Uranium, lights!

This post is my 356th

356 = 11+77+93+175


In the comments Ray informs that there was a 4.3 Earthquake along the JORNADA DEL MUERTO in New Mexico, proximous to the Alamogordo Trinity Test site. Yesterday I posted the above pic. of the Trinity bomb.
JSDownard wrote about the Jornada and the alchemical foundations for the Atomica, this from CALL TO CHAOS:

"Rabbi mystics also perform a ritual called TIKKUN to restore the busted sefiroth bottle and get the 'powers of evil' back inside. In an October 1987 television news broadcast, reporting on Soviet-American arms talks, the principle topics were missiles and nuclear warheads. In his summary the commentator remarked, " They are trying to return the nuclear jinni to its bottle."
Alas - it can't be done. It's too late! Too late! The damn bottle has been cracked up for keeps"
{ note the use of 'jinni' which comes from Islamic mythology, thus relating to those who worry that Moslems should have the bomb}

Karlsbad for business but good for Vary-iety!

A tight little triangle - Alamogordo-Roswell-Carlsbad [ARC]

Medvedev , a Russian , and Obama, an American will discuss Nuclear Talks in Czech Republic. The city of Karlovy Vary, a famous spa-town, and also nicknamed 'Little Moscow' for its plethora of Russian residents had
the original name of KARLSBAD which gave its name to the Carlsbad in the Jornado near yesterdays epicentre, as well as a Carlsbad in California.


Concerning this years earthquakes there have been speculation about man-made earthquakes, highly speculative, but with the earthquake at 'home base' aka The Jornada, Bombville, New Meheeko, well,[and its a deep well], y'never know!

2 bombs in Moscow kill 39 underground in the Metro. A man-made tremor this time committed by the recently pre-programmed in the media - 'female suicide bombers'.
Obama meanwhile made a secret visit to Afghanistan to pep the troops who protect the opium population from environmental damage in the war against Russia , oops sorry, Afghanistan

'U Grind your teeth Mr. President!'
'Only when I'm smiling!'
'You'll need good health care if u want to look after your teeth.'

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Or Gan Omen

Jude means Jew in German as amny will know from the yellow stars affixed to those Jews getting sent to concentration camps

Law in Hebrew = Torah - TVRH - 611, though there are other words that mean law aswell.

Recently a Rabbi was arrested in the US for illegal organ trafficking. This from the NewYork Times:

"Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, 58, ran the Brooklyn branch of Kav Lachayim, a volunteer group that purports to help sickly children.

Before Madoff was busted as one of the biggest scammers in history, his $19 million family foundation donated tens of thousands of dollars over several years to the charitable group, records show.

Levy Izhak Rosenbaum was arrested last week as part of a massive FBI sting after allegedly being caught on tape offering to sell a kidney for $160,000.

"I am what you call a matchmaker," Rosenbaum told an FBI informant trying to broker a deal.

Rosenbaum said he had brokered "quite a lot" of illegal organ deals, according to a criminal complaint.

The charity's sister organization in Israel also has ties to the selling of organs. That group was partially run by a retired banker, Yechiel Landman, who a year ago helped sick Israelis find organ donors in the Philippines, according to reports."

So one of the stars of a film dealing with Organ-Transplants, and their repossession if not paid for, = JUDE LAW.

Apart from that odd synch we may also notice that Jude Law acted as a Doctor, Doctor Watson, in recently released Sherlock Holmes

Jude Law acts with Forest Whittaker

Etymology of Whittaker:

Whittaker Name Meaning and History from 'Last Name Meanings'

(origin: Local) The north part of a graveyard allotted to the poor was called whittaker, from wite, a penalty, and acre,--a place of burial for criminals. A culprit who could not discharge the penalty or wite became a "witetheow," and was buried in the wite-acre. Bailey defines Whittaker "the north-east part of a flat or shoal--the middle ground."

Acre is the English spelling of the place where Judas was killed.

"Acts 1:19
Everybody in Jerusalem heard about it and the plot came to be known as 'Bloody Acre'."

Also note the name Whittaker is connected to 'penalties' which isn't unlike 'repossession'

Sunday, March 7, 2010

MISDISINFO[ Enbeautified]

The Wonderful Wizard of SandOZ, their logo a serpentine 's' inside a 3rd-eye resonating 2-d pyramid. Sandoz is now a subsidiary of Novartis.
Sandoz manufactured LSD-25 for world-around agencies for experimentation on humans.

The lead pic comes from LOST, which dealt with an LSD-type hallucinatory questioning of Sayeed by the guy who played JLSebastian, William Sanderson, in Blade Runner, last series.
LOST on an island like OZ with SAND

LSD = the psychic version of the A-Bomb - Boom In Boom Out


" We quickly found that listening to a tape loop of a repeated word for fifteen minutes, one may hear as many as thirty different words other than one which is on the tape loop. We did an extensive study of the word 'cogitate'. We exposed something of the order of three hundred subjects to this word for periods of fifteen minutes to six hours......
From these three hundred subjects we got on the order of 2,300 different words....

In addition to hearing alternate words when being exposed to the repeating word stimulus, I found that certain people went through various kinds of trips.

In addition, we found that we could programme the alternates a person would hear by various means.

THE ALLAN MEMORIAL INSTITUTE - though 'memorial' or anything to do with memory seems a tad ironic

We also found that peripheral vision,.....,could programme what was heard. We printed alternates with very large letters on cards and brought them into the peripheral vision of the subject while he was listening to the repeating word. he then reported out loud what he heard. the word that was being brought in from the periphery, in spite of the fact that he could not read it consciously, started programming what he heard. This was a 'programming' gradient from the farthest reaches of peripheral vision at 90 degrees to the optic axis in towards the focal centre on the optic axis. Just before the subject could read the word consciously, that is, where it was still far enough off the central axis so that he could not read it consciously, the word was programming ninety percent of what he heard.

The experiment demonstrated that people are constantly being programmed below levels of their awareness by the periphery of their vision. It is probably a good thing that this is true. It allows us to drive a car and to walk and to do various other tasks including reading in a smooth fashion without having to think about everything that happens."

CENTRE OF THE CYCLONE, John C. Lilly MD; Marion Boyars 1972

A film called ALTERED STATES was inspired by Lilly's experiments.
Freakily it stars one BLAIR BROWN, which for British constitutes one long 'bad' trip.

Secret Sun in post "Astrognostic addenda: John Lilly and Extreme Psychnautics", amongst other things writes:
"Also fascinating is Lilly's fixation on dolphins, which are obviously important symbols in the Aquarian transitional phase we are in.."

Image from Central Scrutinizer at the Synchromystic Forum, in comments to -
"Deaths of Georgians open Summer and Winter Olympics"

The 2014 nearly reads ZION if twizzled and the bit lopped of the 4, which twins it with 2012 ZION Olympics in Baba-London, but maybe I'm just hion something.
Sochi lies close to the Georgian border.


Beginning in 1957 Dr.Ewen Cameron , a Scot from Bridge of Allan , got a job from the CIA . They had an interest in his technique called 'Psychic Driving
' a psychiatric procedure in which patients were subjected to a continuously repeated audio message on a looped tape, in order to alter their behaviour. In psychic driving, patients were often exposed to hundreds of thousands of repetitions of a single statement over the course of their treatment. They were also concurrently administered muscular paralytic drugs such as Curare in order to subdue them for the purposes of exposure to the looped message(s). The procedure was pioneered by Dr. D. Ewen Cameron, and utilised and funded by the U.S. CIA's MKULTRA program in Canada. Similar techniques are alleged to have been used in the kidnapping and death of CIA operative William Francis Buckley by Aziz al-Abub, a student of Cameron's, in 1984-1985.[citation needed]'

He carried these out at the ALLAN MEMORIAL INST. in Montreal, named after the house built by the Allan family which was converted into a 'hospital' in the 1940s'.
The experiments went on until 1964. In 1964 JCLilly used LSD in a sensory-deprivation flotation tank, while working for the National Inst. of Mental Heaalth [NIMH].
Lilly's experiments with LSD lead him to stop experimenting on dolphins by 'hurting' them - eg: enclosed tanks, cutting up the brain etc. He then constructed a home with a dolphin harbour which he claimed lead to greater understanding of dolphins.

Some argue, usefully or otherwise, as to whether aircraft or animations 'hit' the twins. Whatever, though I feel most can agree that it 'traumatised' many as did the assassination of JFK. The ongoing 'seeking for truth' has now divided a great many against themselves, mostly in the US. A great many ignore it, the NOIZ gets to one after a while.
Remaining unsolved the eVent mutates

Also in 2001 Jon Venables was let out of custody. He and another boy killed James Bulger, torturing him and leaving him , a 2-year old, on the railway tracks.
Jon , when young , took to watching Chuckie videos [see AANGIRFAN post"John Venables", about a doll taken over by the spirit of a serial killer. A lot of people watched Chuckie, and continue to watch other savagery [ sorry freedom of expression] to while away their existence.

"It is a prime tenet of Masonry that its assassins come in threes. Masonic assassins are known in the code of the lodge as the "unworthy craftsmen." Because Masonry is obsessed with earth-as-gameboard (tessellation) and the ancillary alignments necessary to facilitate the "game," it is inordinately concerned with railroads and railroad personnel to the extent that outside of lawyers and circus performers, no other vocation has a higher percentage of Masons than railroad workers"
JSDownard KingKill33

Lilly took great care to deal with the 'come-down', working for up to 2 weeks with a guide , going through his feelings and experiences while in the tank on LSD.
Once he did not and , while self-medicating [ he was an MD] he nearly killed himself by injecting himself , carelessly.
" While giving myself an antibiotic shot, 'by accident' I injected under my skin a foam made with a detergent."
he later relates that he knew , deep in his memory that the foam could do this, work from years earlier.
he goes on "The most frightening thing about the whole episode was the fact that part of me could use information stored in me t kill the rest of me. In so far as I could remember , i was not consciously rying to commit suicide. At the time it was literally 'an accident'.
" There can exist, in addition to the aware self, other hidden systems of control of the organism, which can programme thinking , can programme feeling, can programme action, towards destruction of that particular organism.
LSD can release these programmes , can strengthen them, and can weaken the aware surviving self to the point where there is danger of suicide or of self-destructive activities"
While these experiments went on The Brotherhood of Eternal Love produced and gave out LSD under the guise of a new religion.
The religious aspect , with its bright colours, information overload, hallucinations similar to the upswelling 'tribal' consciousness, back to our roots, went well with the now colourful pop-consumer-day-tripper-spirituality and the Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Doors, the Family.

From somehwre

Then the state shut it down - illegality came on Oct.6th, 1966. With gurus such as Leary , and a well coordinated alternative media, LSD flooded the US, though I doubt that very many people took the precautions of John Lilly. In fact I feel certain that some millions of people have just necked and gone to work after the weekend, imagining that now there's no bright colours it has no stopped taking effect.
"Spread it over your public TODAY"

The US of the '60s was a time of evident social upheaval - the 'Peace' Movement and the War in Vietnam, the assassinations of JFK, MLKing, Malcolm X, RFK, anti-war , terrorist groups like the Weather Underground a nd the all-encompassing TV, with its status as electonic bride to humanity, violence as art, consumerism as art, ME!Dear, ME!Dear which has developed and honed itself to meet the demands of today.
This constituted a low-level trauma environment where drugs provided both the escape whilst also the sensitivity which increased the paranoia that got Jack to smash the house that he'd built.
DESTROY, later used by the Sex Pistols became the mantra while BUILD got edged to the sideline.
MADMAX came along proffering the 'traveller' lifestyle, post-apocalyptic kudos maaaaan!

The Industrial age has passed though 'techno' has brought the high-speed factories into our ears as music, mixed with the least intelligent lyrical 'expression' ,
"coz dis is how dem yoof speak innit "
" You facking wot?!"

" British Rail,British Rail,British Rail , Always on fucking toime, mate!"

" Wotcha gonna do , ven, Hit me wiv vis flag wrapped around us. Not ...king likely copper"
" Yeah mate , we're allergic to pigs, innit!"

The film HARRY BROWN highlights the evolution of the low-level PSYCHIC DRIVING - electric shocks simulated by vast uncontrollable terrors reported from round the world and the gen.public's apparent inability to do anything at all [ many old people in UK DO NOT go out after dark]. The drugs , multiple varieties, seem easier to acquire than good quality housing, education or information.
InnerCity Council Estates were designed with containment in mind, which after years of traumatising the community [ via unemployment and the illegal drugs market] became ideal for , well, growing new viruses, a massive Petrie dish.

Thus many humans group together and get tooled up - Britain's Football Hooligans realised this after the clampdown of football violence and now many towns and cities have large , tightly-knit organisations that sell a lot of drugs and via numbers can intimidate most opposition.
Usually a few of the older lads have contacts with more staid organisations, people they knew at school, in other businesses and professions

For the traumatisation of young Israelis check out Yaav Shamir's film DEFAMATION, where prior to the IDF , teenagers are taken to Auschwitz to bond with the dead.
This seems to precede the indoctrination and trauma of being in the Israeli Defence Forces for the obligatory National service. After this , acc. to a few reports a few Israelis, after serving, attempt to relax in Goa where drugs, basically, are freely available.
Mr, Shamir's objective and unopinionated docu has perhaps done more for Israel's "PR" than those apparently paid to improve the State's image abroad, doubtless because he didn't try to twist the truth, or conceal , or blame anybody.

One girl, at the end of the doc expresses herself -

By which she meant the 'Nazis'

Yeah, in Oz!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Str8.8 to Hell

Below an addition to my 2010 EarthQuake map. Using a broad stroke it seems that Concepcion lies on a fairly straight course from haiti, taking into consideration that the map's flat though the world isn't.

The map shows the first 'quake of the year in Solomon Island [6.5], followed by a similar sized one in Eureka, California, moving off to Port-Au-Prince, now at 7.5 to burrow direct to Concepcion, Chile at 8.8

As I don't practice seismology, geology etc., I still wonder if humans have direct involvement in these subterranean eVents. Technologies on this planet exist far beyond the uninitiated's imagination, or perhaps only within imagination.
R.Buckminster-Fuller assumed , by watching the scientific trending of 'accelerated acceleration and progressive ephemeralization [ doing more with less], that humans would be able to travel via radio-frequency, something akin to StarTrek teleport, by the mid-80s. He also claimed that satellites able to measure human emotional responses to world events could be measured and thus manipulated.

In OCCULT MOSAIC's post "Rise of the Black Phoenix. The New Extreme Conception" , he writes:
"If Concepcion was hit before Haiti we would have a linear and infallible pattern, however it didn't, but really it doesn't matter. The first 2 major earthquakes of 2010 have the underlying theme of birth and monarch. Concepcion, Chile is named after the Immaculate Conception (King of Kings) and "Port au Prince" the Capitol of Haiti Represents the Monarch."

He relates this Black Phoenix theme to Prince William who has of late dyed his hair blacker, while apparently his bald patch has , like the Phoenix, regrown.

This raises ideas of the BLACK PRINCE, Ist prince of Wales, Edward 111 and bringer-inner of the motto 'Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense', to which I can only reply Pax Vobiscum, and the Garter Knights

Wales is not the correct name for the country, 'Wal' being Anglo-Saxon for 'foreigner' , and consequently, at that time, 'slave'.
The country's name = CYMRU

Cymru sports the Red Dragon as does the Book of Revelations

Substance D7 at the Synchromystic Forum wrote this:
"Gaga - this name here in Serbia is often given as a nickname form to the DraGAn or female Dragana persons, which is one of the more frequent names here. So the name is probably derived from the Dragon. So she(it) is Lady Dragon."

If occult matters hold then perhaps a reverse of life - King to Prince, Man to Child, sped up film played backwards

For many things WILLS zip off to NEWSPACEMAN who has written often about the coming King of ZION-BABALON , William Windsor.

Crowley did manage to spell both Zion and Babalon so that via Hebrew letter-numbers they came out the same

TzYVN = 90+10+6+50/700 = 156 / 806
BABALON = 2+1+2+1+30+70+50/700 = 156 / 806

156 - 13x12 and has something to do with the Tablets of Enoch, doubtless some biblical medication

IShRAL = 541
541 - 156 = 385 which = ShKYNH - Shekinah aka Shock 'n' Awe by some.

In 'Shekinah Rising: The Missile Defence logo "Controversy", Secret Sun investigates the symbology and connexion related to the logo

In Zilberman's Hebrew-English Dictionary Zion [english] has 2 translations - Zion and Israel. One of which quite patently is not spelt Zion

Last year the L'Aquila 'quake shook Europe.
Arms raised , arms lowered

"And it came to pass when Moses held up his hands Israel prevailed: and when he let down his hand Amalek prevailed. But Moses hands were heavy ; and they took a stone, and put it under him, and he sat thereon, and Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands, the one on one side, and the other on the other side: and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun."

Exodus 17, v.11,12

Usin the eagles in tandem they begin to fly

" Still me with you, you poor chilled! Will make it up with mother Concepcion and a glorius lie between us, sweetness, so as not a novene in all the convent loretos, not my littlest one of all, for mercy's sake need ever know, what passed our lips"
Finnegans Wake; p.527-8

See also DA BLACK WHOLE's aptly named CONCEPCION:

"Port au Prince 72 degrees west
Concepcion 72 degrees west


double is her tongue, double is her portion

"Who despises the day of small things? Men will rejoice when they see the tinstone in the hand of Zerubbabel"

du commment