Thursday, February 24, 2011


" Our lips shouldn't touch
Mooo-ve over darling "

Fakery , multi-layered, seems the aim of the game. Confusion overload leading to apathy, what's true, what's even vaguely accurate. Anderson Cooper's repeated use of the word 'liar' to describe Hosni Mubarak appears to be a tacit admission of his and other's complicity in
1. Keeping the regime going for 30 years.
2. Bringing it down when it suits. { What loyalty the US has!}

Editing images and stories is lying, that's the problem with career MSM journalist they lie compulsively.

The fact that 11 US police officers were killed in 24 hours earlier this year does not seem to constitute US citizens discontent with the present government, it's just good ole criminality.

If you've ever watched a fish flapping out of water, occasionally flipping over, the actin describes the MSM and their honed hippocrasy.
The Loughner shootings linked , around the net-media, to the movies, however ir/relevant it might be.

Its not hard to imagine that this imagery might find its way into Jared Loughner's mind - the refocussed young loner with ready access to internet information , social networking, an online personality that , should one wish, be used to reinforce that personality back into his discontented body-personality. Lets not forget Bickle kills bad people, thus 'just'.

Movies as reference point between physical reality and the individual's mind. They have perhaps the power to replace religious, cultural, mythological mental constructs that are based in other media, or a technologically advanced conduit for temporal programming - if we imagine many facets of organized religion as social control mechanisms then perhaps they are the same but manufactured for our mass, global homogeneity.


Disgruntled with the corruption Travis Bickle muses over killing Senator Palantine but ends up killing lowlifes. He dies heroically dustin' da pimps.

A very well-known cult film, people know the lines: 'You looking' at me?'. The planning , preparation all played out; the allure of the secret life in plain sight. The imagery repeated in various guises - similar storylines , esp. in TV series - Crime section. Apart from garbled pop , crime is da big on-screen capture, MSM Hip-Hop legitimizes it for da street.

The ruling classes and the public .
The public consigned to political change at a snail's pace, if at all, turn to the swift and only-apparent political change of violence, the death of one from a cast of millions. Public violence = damaged goods. Travis iterates that the only way to change the situation is to become damaged, or variously , only the damaged can effect change. The killer fires the bullet like an insect attacks an oncoming car-windscreen.

The problem with Democracy is that many think its over there whereas , in reality, it 's oncoming traffic, at night, and we freeze in the headlights.

R.Buckminster-Fuller " No More 2nd Hand God "

" In the great quasi "democracies,"
so far as the general scheming of things is concerned
the individual no longer exists.
Mass production anticipates
the individual's selective functioning."

We have of late mass production of democracies and the individual's selective functioning has long since disappeared.

Mass protest leading to political change is the medium for the many. Political change meaning the symbolic movement of the chess [king's] pieces. It helps if some people die as they can be martyred and spilling of blood serves to frighten and anger the people thus making them easier to direct by the 'leaders', 'spokespeople' , 'agents provocateurs' and other snides who will appear in history books and iconic photographs that the media tell us really represent that time.

These photos then get prizes in the WORLD PRESS Photo Championships and all the photographers and journalists congratulate themselves for bringing democracy to some country for about the fifth time in 20 years. Nice royalties on those photos : )

FULL METAL JACKET - about draftees going through basic training followed by a stint in 'Nam. The 2 parts of the story connect via the killing of the Drill Sergeant by Private Pyle who then kills himself. Suicide , quick and easy, no more questions brought about by the loony's continued existence.

THis one's not a soldier, it's a man.
The connexion is the bald-headed Pyle and his crazy smile which corresponds to Mr. Loughner [ or whoever the picture is of] and his beaming, baldheaded photo. The photo does not appear to be the arrest photo as they have to hold their number before them as well as height markings in the background.

Some feel that the various photos of Loughner don't match.

Crowley and Neuberg invoked Choronzon in the Sahara. This 'dweller in the abyss' comes under Babylon's control, her queenliness.

Da Black Whole advises
"Recall Jared Loughner's comet/meteor remark, followed by his invitation to "welcome yourself to the desert."

Babylon, the whore, has been remarketed for the consumer-consumption age.

Da 'riginal 9/11 Krew

A baba-boost came with Al Crowley's 'Babylon Working' and the respelling of Babylon to the faux-Hebrew BABALON which enumerates :
2+1+2+1+30+70+50/700 = 156/806
while TzYVN [ Zion] :
90+10+6+50/700 = 156/806

"Jesus pneumas Patmos John to the wilderness (desert) where PJ witnessses the principality of Shinar -- not in her original, geohistorical form as Babylon, but in full endtime regalia, wealthy and powerful beyond compare, globally obeyed. Babylon resurrected in grandeur, Queen Babylon the Great.

Recall Jared Loughner's comet/meteor remark, followed by his invitation to "welcome yourself to the desert."

The 1946 Babalon or Dianic Working of Rocket Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard in the Mojave Desert literally sought to incarnate Crowley's "biblical Great Whore" or "Scarlet Woman" -- a flesh person with "wired" megaoccult attributes . . . an extraterrestrial goddess to descend the Tracing Board SkyStair, take possession of something and/or someone, and lead the NWO into the cosmos with the New Dea-ley.

One year before that Working, the Trinity Test separated primordial matter, divorcing male and female atomic constituents. Talk about Social Conditioning."
DA BLACK WHOLE - ' Travis Bickle Has Entered The Building'

Jack P. worked up an attractive consort though his working paled compared to the bloody ritual cooked up in the Negev and environs, with the HAG-ANNA and UR-GUN multi-site workings under cover of the name Israel. No such luck Messianix and Armeggidites , they were recreating their real home town Babylon, Satan Central, tricking the Jews out of their patriarch Israel , cross-dressing him in the livery of the state and leaving him to clean the stairway to heaven - Esau gotcha now, old man!

So it seems that BABALON has been manipulated to = TzYVN which has been doing great guns since around that time. The upwelling of Zionism in the early C20th seems to work in concert with Magical Society/Intelligence Service Operations [ Golden Dawn, OTO].

Crowley gave Babalon celebrity status, up there with Dot Gale and Theda Bara , devotees kick-starting his work in the '60s while Babylon-Israel brewed up their bomb.

Come the '70s Babylon and Zion emerge from reggae lyrics , most world-aroundly distributed by Bob Marley and the Wailers. The non-judaic public grasp that Zion is the non-racist one and is home to the people of Rastafari, of the tribe of Judah, and Haile Selassie, Emperor-Thief is direct bloodline to Iesous Xristos. Like many in the west Rastafarians, or Ethiopians, or Abyssinians, or Nubians, or Nubo-Assyriac Hamenites are one of the 33 lost tribes of Israel [ The Torah records only 12; well, wouldn't you?]

Can u count the number of times u have heard the two names Babillon and Zion together?

Anyhow via Crowley Babalon [ The Great Whore] and Zion have the same enumeration - 156 [ 12x13 ], so perhaps they are 2 aspects of the same thing, and considering the virulent and destructive nature of exclusive Zionism it seems to conjure up the same despotic imagery we relate to Babylon, which probably consumed the Jews it captured and spat out a Force Demonica

The present multi-name revolutions are all happening in desert regions. Lines in the sand have a habit of shifting.

From KING KILL 33 - Downard/Hoffman
"When this thirty-second degree line is traced some little distance farther west, into Arizona, it crosses an old trail which meandered north of what is now another ghost town but which at one time was the town of "Ruby". Part of the old winding trail became known as the "Ruby Road". The town of Ruby is established to have acquired its name officially on April 11, 1912 when a post office commenced operation. The town became notorious for many brutal murders which had ritual aspects. Four of these homicides occurred in a store attached to the post office which had been erected over the grave of a Catholic priest."

KingKill33 links land and people and centers around the JFK ritual killing. This town and its bloody history link by name to Oswald's killer Jack Ruby.

It was named by the founder, Julius Andrews after his wife's name, Lillie B. Ruby Andrews.

Silvio Berlusconi
"Oswald may have undergone biotelemetry implantation in the Soviet Union while a 'volunteer' at a Behavior Control Center at Minsk. Oswald roomed with Cubans and was allegedly friendly with a Castro-man identified only as being "burly" and a "key man": "burly" can mean burlecue, burlicue or burlesque. The "key" of course, is one of the most important symbols in Masonry and the symbol of silence."
King Kill 33

It comes from Italian 'burl' - a mockery, while 'burlesque' means 'absurd parodying, exaggerated', not a unfair description of the 'Berlusconi' media character
"In the midst of yet another sex scandal, this one involving 17-year-old aspiring model widely known as “Ruby,” Berlusconi defended his lifestyle, saying “I love life, I love women,” according to the AP. Berlusconi acknowledged that he “helped” Ruby after she was arrested in May for theft, but says he did not interfere in the justice system, the AP reports. The Italian paper Corriere della Sera is reporting that a phone call was made on Ruby’s behalf claiming that she was the daughter of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, says the AP. Opposition groups have called for Berlusconi’s resignation if it proves that he abused his power to secure Ruby’s release."

I think the claim was that she was HM's grand-daughter , though she's from Morocco.

We might mull over the overturning of long-standing state leaders just south of Italy and the strength of these charges against Berlusconi. He's got off with so much in the past that the timing of these relatively, for him, flimsy charges. Doubtless he shall remain.

Karima Kayek , 'Ruby', has denied having sex with him. [KK = KingKill, so be ware]. As usual with the MSM information doesn't always correspond:
"Karima el Mahroug -- an 18-year-old dancer known by her stage name Ruby Rubacuori (Ruby Heartstealer) -- will be the special guest of Vienna construction magnate and social lion Richard Lugner, his spokesman said on Monday."

These protests cutting a swathe across the Arab-speaking world appear similar to the fall of Communism demonstrations that also acted in a contagious, chain reaction , seemingly spontaneous way sporting various demented titles , invented by some revolutionary wordsmith unit that emerges briefly like desert-flowers , bursting forth with colour for a day before retreating back below the ground , oppressed by the heat of the day and night's near freezing temperatures.

Another spurious title can be found here:


The Hebrew rendition of 'mac' is MQ which in that language means 'rot, decay'.

Jack Ruby and Jared Loughner killed people at an 'official' gathering - they both knew that their targets would be somewhere at a certain time. Loughner's name etymology has its root in 'water' and 'healing' while Jacob/Jack means 'heel' in Hebrew .

YOQB = Jacob, while OQB = heel

A Ruby lends itself to blood in a symbolic sense.
A Rubric , written in red for distinctiveness. We may replace ink for blood.

Wiki reports in its page on Ruby, Az:

"There are occasional public tours offered through Pima Community College.[4]|"

"PCC received some attention in early 2011, as the former school of 2011 Tucson Shooting suspect Jared Lee Loughner."

If Jared had attended a school-trip did the deaths of the owners of the town's Post Office/Store, the Frasier Bros, followed by the Pearsons [ husband and wife, their child the 7 bandits allowed to live, she became a schoolteacher in Tucson] seeped into Jared's noggin, leading him to the shopping centre. Seeping in with all the injustices he may have experienced , the brazen lies of government reps, despite their attractive, vote-winning smiles.
"John had been shot through the left eye and the bullet had passed through his skull. He was still alive but uncon­scious. We placed him in the ambulance and sent him to a Nogales hospital. He was our one hope of learning just what had happened. But our hopes in this direction were blasted when he died en route to the hospital without regaining consciousness."
Not many miles away , in Arivaca, Shawna Forde and 2 male accomplices, Jason Bush and Albert Gaxiola, in police uniform or camo [ depends which report u read], raided the home of Raul Flores and Gina Gonzalez. Believing the pair dealt in narcotics they hoped to find money and/or the stash. Forde founded Minutemen American Defense , MAD, a vigilante border patrol group. They'd dressed up like law enforcement , knocked the door , shot Flores dead and wounded Gonzalez who played dead until they'd gone.

The killings appear similar to the killings years ago in Ruby.

Looking for Ruby on the map it proved difficult to find the buildings though the name is on the map. One site gives it as 3.6miles south-east of ORO BLANCO RESERVOIR. Zooming in on it some buildings appear close by.

Below them what appears to look like a tree encircled by a beaten path. Probably a rational explanation for it though it does conjure images of ritual circles. A wider view, it becomes the eye of what looks like a rooster or other birdlike rendition.


The shootings took place in Casas Adobes which began as a place of healing, notably breathing disorders, built by Sam Nannini whose wife suffered bronchial ailments. He originally came form TUSCANY , moved to Chicago and then on to TUCSON. He built Casas Adobes and it retains an individuality that the residents apparently feel makes them distinct from Tucson.


They ran the mines in Ruby in the 1930's until they discontinued operations in 1941.
In 2002, corporate headquarters were relocated from Cincinnati to Phoenix, Arizona..[12]
They make batteries for the military , have been involved in asbestos litigation, bankrupt twice. Their company profile includes aerospace, defense, medical and alternative energy.

The Great 'Ore
"Arizona is the "Copper State". Copper (Kypros) is symbolically as well as etymologically associated  with Cyprus (Kypros) and cyprian. The word "cyprian" indicates a 'wanton woman' and this meaning is traced through the word Kypris to Aphrodite Porne, Venus, Al-Uzzah. The "Great Whore" of mythology and those women who fulfill this role in magic sexualis from time to time are called "Copper Queans" or "Copper Queens".
An association of the name Cyprus to Copper in Arizona is indicated by the Cyprus and Baghdad Copper Company which operates a mine near Prescott. There is a Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona that was built and operated by a copper company.
By this means one can expect to find a number of palimpsests pertaining to sex magic in the state of Arizona. "
The last name initials of Giffords and Loughner = GL and allowing the letters to represent Hebrew characters they would relay the Hebrew word for a 'wave' or a 'shaft' and the enumeration 33 , which connected with the 33 copper miners emerging from a mine-shaft to a wave of relief worldwide , as the MSM assured us.

A link then between Chile and Arizona via copper, the more-of-a-stretch GL = 33. The combined ages of those who were killed totaled 333. A Hebrew word for 'skull' = GVLGVLTh, linking to Loughner's reported 'Skull and burnt oranges' shrine.

Here Jared stands next to 92.9TheMOUNTAIN Radio book and reading promotion. Smiling, he leans against 'FOOD FOR THOUGHT' the slogan accompanying the X-Word puzzle [ a puzzle of cross words, his online writings]

Feud for thought.

He stands proximous to the word 'down' for the 'down clues' of the X-word. His name Jared means 'fall, descend'
Loughner wears a trader's apron which , colored black implying death, unadorned, seems like the Mason Assassin Class Apron . His left hand mimics the arm-in-the coat sign , as Napoleon and others, though in plain sight.

"You see, in 2003 Gabriellle Giffords, a former republican, was awarded Arizona Family Literacy’s Outstanding Legislator. She was a champion of the literacy cause. But a funny thing happened when she went to congress in January of 2007, she became a Blue Dog Democrat and a member of the neoliberal New Dems, two organizations that do not support public education, but rather, support the privatization of public education.

" Ya gotta pull the trigger, Mrs Giffords"
" No I don't , I gots me a voting' finger, kills 1000s in one shot!"

Giffords voting record reveals that she consistently voted to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. She also supported upping the number of workers allowed into the country under the H1B program and is a strong supporter of Obama comprehensive immigration reform proposal which would effectively create a second-class citizen status for foreign workers while also granting immunity to many undocumented workers already here in the country."

"What's government if words have no meaning ?"

'You talking to me?'

Eleleth brings up , among other things the idea of 'God's Lonely Man' to describe the lone killers.

The initials GLM spell Golem, the animated robo-servant of the holiest of men who program the mudman according to their plan.

PegCarter at Synchromystic Forum [ thread 'JAREDWINGS'] notes that a man rampaged for a day or so , killing 4 and wounding a number of other before being apprehended.

The Masonic checkerboard ruler-square that pops up a-measuring evidence. This one appears a bit too small to measure the knife.

"The Right Angle is the only angle 'recognized' in Masonry and the chessboard is tessellation which is a trademark of Masonry."Tessellation" is derived  from the Latin "tessella" meaning a square stone.  The tessellated trying square of Sir Hugh's [of Padivan] coat-of-arms mimics the floor pattern in the Temple of Solomon. Solomon is one of many persons to whom credit for the invention of the game of chess is attributed."

"He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man."
-- Dr. Johnson

His name Maksim Gelman [ GeLMen], a man out of control, the higher beings that brought him into being no longer influence his behavior. His family emigrated from Ukrajina. Neighbors said he was such a nice boy, polite, opened the door and then over a year or so he took to the drugs-hiphop-graffiti social cohesion unit, with the hoods and hand-signals, invoking dark forces as the media and hungry sillybrities have manipulated these forms of expression to embrace the disconnect-outlaw - the wrongteous rightdoer.

'His explanation, if you can call it that, is 'These people have to die, they had to die, that was their destination,'" the source said.'

Hip-Hop [ among many things] has been worked on to create the self-hypnotizing monologue, strengthening justification in aggressive activities, moods etc. It gets beefed up in the low-income city housing estates - its unfailing disturbed harmonies coupled with self-assumed authority of Le Rappeur.

Pouting appears to be compulsory in the gangsterleen genre.

'Tokkin' to me, tokkin to, u tik-tokkin' to me a u mu-a-fukn flikkety bitch'

Chilly Puddles demonstrates that tilting back the head, superior-style, also proves uh-sential.

The spiel brings on the persona which then takes over and allows the protagonist to act as the invoked 'demon'. Try doing it for a minutes and notice the change in adrenaline output, heart rate and after a feeling of where the hell have I just been. Doing it on the street hones the eye to see the 'enemy', esp. when one is ganged up.

"Cuz this is what happens when Bad Meets Evil
We hit the trees till we look like Vietnamese people
He's Evil, and I'm Bad like Steve Segal
Above the Law cuz I don't agree wit police either (shit, me neither)
We ain't eager to be legal
So please leave me wit the keys to your Jeep Eagle
I breathe ether in three amounts
When I stab myself in the knee with a diseased needle
Releasin rage on anybody in squeezing range
Cold enough to make the seasons change into freezing rain
(He's insane) No I'm not, I just want to shoot up and I'm pissed off
Cuz I can't find a decent vain [sic]"

Emma Nem -" The Diseased Flocula of Group Gasturbation "

" - So this was the dope that woolied the cad that kinked the ruck that noised the rape that tried the sap that hugged the mort?
- That legged in the hoax that joke bilked.
- The jest of junk the jugular?
- Jacked up in a jock the wrapper."

Finnegans Wake - James Joyce

Maksim Gelman reminds me of Murray Gell-Man , the physicist.

"Gell-Mann, and, independently, George Zweig, went on, in 1964, to postulate the existence of quarks, the particles from which the hadrons are composed. The name was coined by Gell-Mann and is a reference to the novel Finnegans Wake, by James Joyce ("Three quarks for Muster Mark!" book 2, episode 4)."

The bruised left eye of Jared Lee Loughner mimics Lee Harvey Oswald's.

Possibility of 2 Loughners , allegedy 2 Oswalds existed. ... MAF&pli=1#

The very different treatment of diplomatically-immune killer Ray Davies, his victims almost wholly dismissed as criminal robber - foreign types. All stops out on the wordplay - Davies' 'Facebook' pages have not been trotted out a la 'Crazy' Loughner. The idea that foreign 'diplomats' might hop over to the States , tell them how to run their country, and shooting even evil criminals would lead to a public outcry. In Pakistan the theme is ' Hey , let us run your country, you're not civilized enough'. It appears despite the propaganda in the press that he was being followed by the ISI, Pakistani intelligence services because of his and other US diplomats involvement in helping arm and coordinate the Taliban against the Pakistani army. Yes! The Taliban whom, I believe , are the main enemy in the war-on-terror in Afghanistan.

Davies' killings led to one of the victims' wife committing suicide, or attempting to , with rat poison, convinced that her husband's killer would not be brought to justice. An act of love that will doubtless be swept under the carpet as the forces of freedom maraud the 'backward' and ' uncivilized' into Hilderbeestian Democracy.

Da Black Whole reminds readers of how new freedoms were wrought from the grasping hands of approx. 7 dictators, who for the past millennia have been holding the whole Arab world hostage:

"Faida Hamdy, a 45-year-old municipal inspector in Sidi Bouzid, a police officer’s daughter, was single, had a “strong personality” and an unblemished record, her supervisor said. She inspected buildings, investigated noise complaints and fined vendors like Mr. Bouazizi, whose itinerant trade may or may not have been legal; no one seems to know.

On the morning of Dec. 17, when other vendors say Ms. Hamdy tried to confiscate Mr. Bouazizi’s fruit, and then slapped him in the face for trying to yank back his apples, he became the hero — now the martyred hero — and she became the villain in a remarkable swirl of events in which Tunisians have risen up to topple a 23-year dictatorship and march on, demanding radical change in their government."
Da Black Whole 'Gimme Back My Apple'.

Not exactly front-page news, unlike the :

"The  betrayal by her employer and co-journalists is bad enough, but Lara’s victimization continues in other ways. The mainstream media have done their best to minimize it in vanilla language, “a brutal, sustained attack,” that went on for “20 minutes” until Lara was “rescued” by a group of women and Egyptian soldiers.

We have learned now that the gang rape and beating may have gone on for three hours.
THREE HOURS she was stripped in front of hundreds of people who WATCHED and jeered and cheered.
I print the following disgusting details of what happened because the world needs to know this was not done by one “criminal” or two or even six.  This was a throng of 200 men. This was a “CULTURAL” attack on western life. This was Islam dominating America. You would NEVER  have a crowd of 200 people who would stand by in America and cheer a Muslim woman being gang-raped in public.  It probably wouldn’t even able happen in our worst prison here.  Someone would intervene.
These Islamists are animals.  Given the chance, they will do this to your daughter or your wife or your sister, literally and figuratively.  Will America submit?"

Many feel it already has.

"Well its not like its rape rape, is it?"
Most reports give the attack as lasting 20-30minutes. Since she was separated from her team and surrounded by 200 men I imagine witnesses are a bit thin on the ground. It has been taken as fact and the whole story has blown into a propaganda story that will surely consume the story of democratically-inspired revolutions.
She was rescued by women and soldiers while she was attacked by men, somewhen between 20 mins to 3 hours later. Facts don't matter.
Obviously the soldiers are men though are referred to by their occupation. To compound the issue the manbeasts screamed 'Jew, Jew, Jew' at her. A few days earlier she and her film crew were arrested:
"Logan said that prior to the arrest: "We were heavily heavily intimidated and bullied" and "accused of being agents and spies for Israel."[18] Logan later said of the arrest: "We were not attacked by crazy people in Tahrir Square. We were detained by the Egyptian army. Arrested, detained, and interrogated. Blindfolded, handcuffed, taken at gunpoint, our driver beaten. It's the regime that arrested us. They arrested [our producer] just outside of his hotel, and they took him off the road at gunpoint, threw him against the wall, handcuffed him, blindfolded him. Took him into custody like that."

She claims that 'we weren't attacked by crazy people in Tahrir Square', yet oddly 5 days later 200 people raped her and chanted 'jew' at her. Are 2 stories getting confused - shouldn't it have been the dictatorial military that assaulted her, while the protesters save her?

" We weren't attacked by crazy people in Tahrir Square" - really quite a coincidence. Or perhaps she just reads from the script [on a daily basis, no need for her to know the future]

The foto was taken just before the frenzied mob attacked her, Note the frenzied smiling man, the 2 men either side of her excitedly taking no notice of her, and the man behind her looking somewhere else with panic and the early sign of manbeastitis.
Like the majority of news-photos they are very closely cropped to give a feeling of intensity and emotion. They also convey little information about the real size of an event. 1000 people can be made to appear far larger when photos are cropped accordingly.
That the article claims 20 women and soldiers[ who were not subsumed by a 200+ frenzied mob] saved her makes me think this story is an outright lie and is part of the Clintonite Casus Bella
The men who saved her are not described as men but as soldiers - men rape, soldiers save, thus put the men in the army to make them better.

"Her current husband, Joseph Burkett, is a U.S. Federal Government defense contractor from Texas, whom she met in Iraq.[24][25] They live in Washington, D.C., with their two-year-old son and Burkett's daughter."

Like Giffords' Mrs. Logan prefers killing from afar.

"Clinton said the goal of empowering women and girls is a "central tenet" of American foreign policy. "Women's equality is not just a moral issue, it's not just a humanitarian issue, it is not just a fairness issue," she said, "It is a security issue, it is a prosperity issue, and it is a peace issue."

One might be forgiven for thinking that some minor matrilinear cult had decided to impose its philosophy on the world under the cover of democracy.

"Mark 3: 31-35:
1 There came then his brethren and his mother, and, standing without, sent unto him, calling him. 32 And the multitude sat about him, and they said unto him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren without seek for thee. 33 And he answered them, saying, Who is my mother, or my brethren? 34 And he looked round about on them which sat about him, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren! 35 For whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother."

Jesus' rejects the matriarchy, Queen Bee, the beehive, an important Masonic symbol.

Its no coincidence that the new weapon of choice for the NWO = DRONES

Anderson Cooper , apparently assaulted, turned up on TV without bruising, as far as I could see.

In a speech from Clinton about freedom of speech a 71-yr old man stood up and turning his back. Security took him away , double-cuffed him causing him to bleed and roughed him up .

Hilary's freedom of speech remained intact.

The neighborhood suddenly exploded with excited, morbid crowds. Hysterical women surged forward in a frenzy, screeching in almost sexual ecstasy, scratching and fighting the agents and police in their attempt to reach the body. One fat-breasted woman with stringy red hair broke through the cordon and dipped her handkerchief in the blood, clutched it to her sweaty dress and
waddled off down the street ... "
-- From an account of the death of John Dillinger [ from H.S.Thompson's "Hell's Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs; a chapter intro]

The handkerchief was quickly transported to a nearby lodge awaiting the birth some years later of Hillary Diane Rodham at Edgehill Hospital, Chicago, over whom they sprinkled the dried blood of Public Enemy No1.

Sweet Tomb Chicago.
Obama represented Chicago prior to the Presidency [ also doubts about is US citizenship], Hillary was born there and now Rahm [ who has dual Israeli-US citizenship], who was born in Chicago has been elected Mayor there.

In the film PRIME CUT , Mary-Ann tells Chicago enforcer Devlin, that Chicago ' is an old sow, begging for cream', that should be melted down.

'Where's Daddy?'
'Daddy's dead darling, as usual'

Thursday, February 3, 2011


"Indianapolis police say they arrested Thomas Hardy in the shooting of Officer David Moore, who was shot in the face and body and remained in a coma."

Officer Moore , who has now unfortunately died , stopped Mr. Hardy on Sunday at 3400 Temple Avenue . Hardy , apparently on his way to settle a dispute, fired at Moore 4 times.

Reports state a rash of fatal killings of officers lately:
"ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – The slaying of two police officers as they helped serve a warrant stunned a state already mourning police deaths in Miami and capped a bloody 24 hours nationwide that saw 11 officers shot in five states."
January 25th 2011

The figures for the cop-shot public do not seem to be gathered from around the country and totaled together in the same way as the police deaths.

While I imagine one might pull out 'twilight language' ad nauseum a few pings on the sonar do resound.

Thomas Hardy , novelist and poet , married first wife Emma Lavinia GIFFORD. His father was a Stonemason while Temple Ave. doubtless remembers the 'Ur-Ben Planners'.

The shooting of Officer Moore took place on Temple Ave. though the map gives only N. Temple Ave while the red marker claims Temple Ave. as a semicircular footpath , unasphalted. Parallel to N. Temple Rd the arch-masonic N.Keystone Ave. . Keystones play an important part in constructing arches and within Freemasonry doubtless has a symbolic significance.

N. Keystone , E 46th St., and Binford Boulevard create a large triangle or symbolic pyramid , while N.Temple, Binford Blvd. and E.45th St. create a smaller triangle , an entrance, perhaps.

J.S.DOWNARD has become well-known for his investigations into a Masonically-directed assassination of JFK via the work KING KILL 33. Less well-known is that his father held a patent for an asphalt paving composition. Asphalt proves a major component in Masonic Geo-tesselation and the consequent entrapment of humanity in vast magically-inclined cityscapes, which many call home.

The street-names seem innocuous enough, they're so numerous, so essential that they go unnoticed. Some may groan that another loaded street name marks another murder-spot. Newer cityscapes [ as in the US] do tend to blocks and grids, occasionally an inspired cityscape will feature owls and pentagrams as DC. Grids and blocks do away with the humanity of curves; edges make the people edgy. The streets gain reputations and accumulate certain energies that attract and live off the locals.

DUMBING DOWN [ Forever stylee]

Armed with an education

I get the idea that US parents have to save a good amount of money for a many years to be able to pay for their children's education. Savings either get pocketed by the 'bad economy monster' leading to the child not getting a good job and subsequently joining the forces or a crime-org. Parents must be fortunate.. If they bypass the various pitfalls of legal economic threat [ changing the value of $ by printing more etc] get your child into college, who while there will face a fresh series of pitfalls [ getting shot by fellow students, date-rape [ real case or false accusation], not too much debt] . Then , a graduate, leaving to begin a career , finding options low and/or the workplaces boring, authoritarian, office psychology, eventually joins the armed forces, police force, prison services, or other growth industries [ do NOT even think about starting your own business they'll just tax you to kingdom come, as in flying a plane into the side of a building]

Nevertheless , the US trooper may feel that he has the academic qualifications to label the enemy ' dumbass, uneductated etc.

An extract from " Death Made In America " by Mohammed Daud Miraki MA. PhD at the ' The peoples '

"The Afghan resistance fighters consist of Pashtuns, entirely. The East, Southeast, South and Southwest, West and part of Central area of Afghanistan are the most volatile. The US forces have lost a lot of soldiers there. In fact, ordinary Afghans used to wondered about the US losses and started to believe a myth that the soldiers that are killed in Afghanistan must come from orphanages in the US, hence, their death is not missed by anyone. To the Afghans, it does not make sense when so many soldiers lose their lives and yet there has not been any outrage on the part of the families of those soldiers. Thus, ordinary Afghans started this myth that the soldiers that are killed in Afghanistan are from orphanages since this was the only rational explanation they could find."
"The most powerful political organization in Kalifornia over the past three decades?

The Prison Guards Union. Number Two isn't even close."
"By 1996 there were more than l40,000 prisoners in California. The average salary for California prison guards is $44,000 per year (well over $50,000 with benefits)-$ l 0,000 more than the average teacher's salary. Prison guards require only a high school education and a six week training course. Most teaching jobs require at least an undergraduate degree in education." [ article from 1995]
Acc. to one source the prison population has increased 73% since 1990. I assume a few people, cognizant of their economic and social position join the army to avoid the possibility of a jail sentence or being tazered . At the very outset the career advisor will make the student aware of the hard work that goes into teaching, a thankless task [ as the curriculum proves dumber and dumber, teaching for grades not for intelligence], slowly being overtaken by admin. duties versus turning up at the local , super-modern prison, uniform, utility belt, benefits, stability, job-for-life.
"In three decades, the California Correctional Peace Officers Association has become one of the most powerful political forces in California. The union has contributed millions of dollars to support “three strikes” and other laws that lengthen sentences and increase parole sanctions. It donated $1 million to Wilson after he backed the three strikes law. And the result for the union has been dramatic."
"In California…the prison guards’ union has been one of the leading advocates of getting tough on crime. The result of this policy has been a dramatic increase in both the size of the state’s prison-industrial complex (from 12 prisons in 1980 to 33 in 2000) and the pay of the people who run it (prison guards in 2006 made $70,000 a year in base salary and $100,000 with overtime)."
"Whilst California might arguably be seen as a 'liberal state' despite having a Republican governor, the result of mandated sentences that came about during the 'war on drugs' has seen the US prison population quadrupling in the past 30 years. In comparison, sentences for offences such as violent crime and property crime have actually declined.
As a result of their drug/prison policy, the the United States has the highest documented per capita rate of incarceration of any country in the world.
A report released in February 2008 indicates that more than 738 per 100,000 adults in the United States are in prison. By comparison, the incarceration rate in England and Wales was 148 persons imprisoned per 100,000 residents; the rate for Norway was 66 inmates per 100,000 and the rate in New Zealand was 186 per 100,000.
With the US prison system costing the country $60 billion a year, with the average cost of incarceration per prisoner costing $23,876 per year, or $65.41 per day, perhaps instead of shipping the problem to Mexico, the state should look at how to reduce those numbers."
One of the ideas is to incarcerate illegals in Mexico. Its not unusual for inmates to escape en masse from Mexican jails


The steep increase begins at 1980 and continues to 2006.

Jared Loughner wanted to join up but his offer was declined for admitting to smoking marijuana. Honesty - the kind of thing u might want in a soldier. Loughner so readily described as nut-job, loser, loner etc etc plies honesty , gives up weed and booze. Eventually it all gets to him, he wants to be a part of the US. But as we can see from above Jared's weed smoking has him marked as a future con in the prison industry. And so he is. no wonder he wears that daft grin , he knows he's crazy but the society he attacked doesn't realize it's salivating from the corner of its mouth , so comfortably numbed. [ Ideas about Loughner's mental state purely hypothetical]

'Put down your weapon'
'Its a stick '
' Its an unauthorized stick, assume the position'



What Jared might have been trained to do had he been accepted.

Smokes weed , can't join up and kill civilians in an illegal , invented war. The psycho-soldier, conscience-free, detached, kills unarmed people.

From DENNIS's comment in preev post ' to satisfy the drug cartels [ Afghanistan/Mexico] and play a passion play for the Masons…' ties in both the war the US engages in abroad [ Afghan] and the encroaching invaders [ Mexico]. It may be debated whether the Mexicans feel they're invading or not, as there is some political and nationalist motivation for emigrating to Southern US/North Mexico. The US is the most democratic [ thus allows immigration] state yet the world's moral police officer [ thus drone-deathing Afghanis etc].


A quick aside -
BNY [ ben-eye] means 'sons' as in BNY BRYTh - Sons of the Covenant.
BNAY [ ben-eh-eye] doodles forth - 'mason, builder' . Its followed directly in my Hebrew dictionary with -
BNAM - 'internationalize' [ BN = Son, AM = Mother, Ma]. Also interesting is that AM , one letter on [ In Hebrew and Latinate alphabets] = BN.

A bit below a photo from SAFEWAYS , a fire-engine , officers, victims to the fore. In the reports it allegedly took the medical services 30 minutes to reach the scene, despite the Medical centre situated directly behind the shopping centre. The Taxi driver claimed the roads were quiet and that he passed police cars, sirens on, on their way to the crime-scene.
In the background a notice The Golder Ranch Fire Service resides just off N. Oracle Road [ north of Safeways] on East Golder Ranch Road, itself crossed by North Bowman Road , and as we know a Dr. David Bowman gave medical assistance at the scene. His namesake being Dr. David Bowman , the main character in '2001; A Space Odyssey. Coming to aid we have double 'Bowmans' .

Twixt N. Oracle and N. Bowman scoots TWIN LAKES DRIVE . 'Lough' means 'Lake' via Irish Gaelic, and by proximity to water German ' lach' means 'healer' which paralleling to Bowman 'Chiron' and Bowman ' 2001' implies a whole hoot a healin' by the water' going on. I assume Loughner like many killers of this ilk attempt to 'heal' what they feel proves sickly.

Cleanse via blood baptism

ORACLE > EL CARO , the expensive; the cherished

A famous Bow'man' = the Zodie Sagittarius, a centaur which then twins with CHIRON, the healing centaur, here pictured teaching Achilles in the use of a bow.
Loughner, etymologically, means 'healer', while Achilles got dipped in the Styx held by the heel and then a bowman shot an arrow into it which killed him. He would have survived the head shot being death-resistant everywhere else.

A Heel and a Healer

' Mind the heel, Chiron!'
" Sorry mate, no feeling in m' feet!'

More Healing
In the background a sign reading 'GET YOUR FLU SHOT HERE……TODAY!' yet layout-wise spills:


First off the damn SWINE FLU , as in Swine Flew, as in 'Pigs will fly' as in 'as if!'

Deeper, we remember Jared's new bird on his shoulder with 3-foot Eagles wings - FLU HERE and he sure SHOT TODAY. His writings have been dismissed as basically a sign of 'madness' though look around at how poetry and literature have evolved in the past 150 years versus those remarks and x-ty thousand internetters]

Let;s go with - Jared's murders were of such import that he got an image from it, [ yes I know it was in the future] of the word FLU, but the dreaming mind translated it as FLEW and snuck in avian imagery.
Also his hairlessness [ bald eagle], the 2-ft beak being the shots taken at close-range, the bird neither male nor female , but both him and Giffords.

Not only that the graphic designer of the notice's layout may have radared an inkling judging by his choice of spacing with the typography.

From Wiki: Ezra Pound -

' "Neither can anyone learn English, one can only learn a series of Englishes. Rossetti made his own language. I hadn't in 1910 made a language, I don't mean a language to use, but even a language to think in."
He understood that to change the structure of your language is to change the way you think and see the world.'
Perhaps this is what the Stat-Quo is subtly aiming at - accept the 'Speak', do not change your language , do not change your mind, do not change yourself - do not self-govern.
Bad grammar gonna git ya thrown in the slammer!!

No probs having the Frankensteinian pop-stars busying themselves with star-spangled , blood-spattered amputate and their on-stage alter-egos [ I am Sasha Fierce, croaks the Queen Bee enslaved Bouncy Knowles with her Rainman-infested literary-lite 'us-bund Jay-Z , be' jay-zus!]

MICHIGAN [ tenuous connexions]
Glancing at a map of Amerka , Lake Michigan and environs stood out while musing over Loughner's bird with its 2-ft beak, perched on his shoulder. His bird is surreal. Seeing Michigan for a brief second a birds head with beak hovering over the cleft-head of the other half of Michigan. The cleft-head also suggesting Mrs Giffords, and biblically the antichrist

Ambiguity to the idea of Loughner's 'location'

"There's something important in this video: There's no communication to anyone in this location.
You shouldn't be afraid of the stars.
There's a new bird on my right shoulder. The beak is two feet and lime green. It's with one large red eye with a light blue iris. The bird feet are the same as a woodpecker. This new bird and there's only one, the gender is not female or male. The wings of this bird are beautiful; 3 feet wide with the shape of a bald eagle that you could die for. If you can see this bird then you will understand. You think this bird is able to chat about a government?
I want you to imagine a comet or meteoroid coming through the atmosphere."

Descent of the Dissenter

. The Michigan outline doesn't give the wings. Michigan means 'Large Lake' from Ojibwe ' mishigama'.

Bird-beak coastline in puppet form
which heralds GONZO journalism and the drug and hedonism fueled observations of Hunter S. Thompson's landscape

Here's their seal [ acc. to Act 19 of 1963] showing at centre a lone gunman saluting before the rising sun
Out of many, 1 [ lone gunman]

"The wings of the bird are beautiful; 3 feet wide with the shape of a bald eagle you could die for"

Brown-hooded, praying' to the setting sun

Once the flag has burnt all that's left is the stick bearing some resemblance to the hooded hunter's rifle in Michigan's seal.

Dintcha have blue eyes?

Yessir No!

" ...a bald eagle YOU could die for....'

Acc. to the above post around 30 people [ in the US] are shot by police every month
"On the basis of recent trends, we can assume that two dozen or more Americans have been shot by police since January 1, 2011. In the same period, roughly half that many police have been shot, 11 of them either injured or killed during one unusually bloody twenty-four-hour period. This unconnected series of shootings has led many police officers to believe that they are targets in a “war on cops,” and that alarmist impression has been diligently propagated by police union officials who are always eager to exaggerate the very modest dangers of their profession."

UG![Unoriginal Gangster]

"Most of the potentially dangerous encounters between police and the public grow out of their roles as enforcers of drug prohibition and armed revenue collectors (those roles overlap, of course). Those dangers will grow more acute as the economy continues to sicken and people who have done no harm to others start to lose patience with the demands of the wealth-devouring class.

Rather than abating their demands and ratcheting down the conflict, however, those in charge of the State clearly intend to escalate it, making whatever use they deem necessary of all of the charming instruments of regimentation and mass violence originally developed for use overseas."

"The rarest bird on earth,

there's no feathers, but small grey scales all over the body."
Brooding over Daley Plaza

Why not?
Chicago's becomes the President's city in 2008, a rising star. Apparently monies were transferred out of NY to Chicago on or around 9/11.

Look what a-loomin' ova Dealey

Rahm Israel Emanuel - son of ex-Irgun Benjamin J. Emanuel , [ thus integral to the 'greening of Israel'] , now a paediatrian and Marsha Shmulevitz , daughter of a Chicago union organizer and now a Psychiatric Social Worker, may be seen by some as indicative of an Israel-1st caucus emerging in Masonic America :)
His candidacy was rejected as he hadn't been resident there while in D.C.,[ yes he served the IDF and holds Israeli citizenship, but , heck, who's counting] but this was reversed on Jan. 27th , which is now Holocaust Remembrance Day [HeRoD for short], which 'holocaust' though remains elusive. I wasn't aware that the holocausting was over yet, but for some I guess it is.
At some point during his high school years, while working at an Arby's restaurant, Emanuel severely cut his right middle finger on a meat slicer. He sought medical attention only after suffering severe infection from swimming in Lake Michigan and as a result of the wound, the finger had to be partially amputated.

A kinda symbolic circumcision/initition. Even looks a bit like half of Michigan

"On the night after the 1996 election, "Emanuel was so angry at the president's enemies that he stood up at a celebratory dinner with colleagues from the campaign, grabbed a steak knife and began rattling off a list of betrayers, shouting 'Dead! ... Dead! ... Dead!' and plunging the knife into the table after every name."

If u wanna be a psychopath , get elected!

'Put my fuckin' name on the baaaaallllloooooootttt'