Sunday, January 24, 2010


The time of 9:11 EST catches the eye, as does the date 1/27/2010

9:11 , the time resonating that date implying a 'beginning'.
The date 1/27 reassembles the order of falling towers 2, 1 and 7

"On Toozday Two Towers fell, dad shook hell, on Toozday Haitians heard first bell."
From DBWs 'Bottom of the Barrel'

Note Obama's use of the days Sunday and Tuesday both given an awful character.
Sunday = day of the SUN while Tuesday covers for MARS


'Then spake young Stephen orgulous of mother Church that would cast him
out of her bosom, of law of canons, of Lilith, patron of abortions, of bigness
wrought by wind of seeds of brightness or by potency of vampires mouth to
mouth or, as Virgilius saith, by the influence of the occident or by the reek
of moonflower or an she lie with a woman which her man has but lain with,
effectu secuto, or peradventure in her bath according to the opinions of
Averroes and Moses Maimonides.'

The powerful expanded the LODGE, home of the Freemason.
Masonry seemed to amalgamate Egyptianism, Judaeism and Xtianity.
Xtians and Jews began to form their secular branches which in the latter's case helped the Zionistic racialising of Jewry.
Mormonism claimed its heritage to a band of Hebrews who came ashore around 600BC. It started in 1830 , just in time to see any lingering traces of that band wiped out.
" And did those feet, in ancient times.."
Bubbling under all the religions, faiths, creeds - residual Babylon. As soon as freshness , vitality and honour leeched out of one, Babylon took up the slack.
William Blake - Jerusalem

The Corporation came into its own, accounting for everything, finally turning humans from a mystery into a unit of currency. Those with power spent them.
The daily scrabble for survival kept people savage, violent, vengeful, aggressively defensive. Around them the serpent coiled , the people called it warmth and security.Life got easier, infrastructure, food, electricity, hot and cold running-water. As its coils grew tighter the people, breathless, could no longer speak, but they had nice houses and other people were slaves - no wonder some fought so hard to keep that a reality.
Now with emancipation , the African on a par with poor Europeans, many of those indentured Europeans realised that they were slaves as well, though still dumb enough to fight them instead of join forces.
Only a single articulate rabble-rouser, not afraid to start a fight, was needed to start a blood feud and the mythologies that flittered around any new conflict.

"The crimson represents blood. Compare the symbolism of the Scarlet Woman and her Cup in Liber 418."
From '777', A.Crowley

Il Papa sidled over to show the other cheek to Defensive Tight End , Hit and Miss Susanna Maiolo, forgiving her.
A worthy act, somewhat infrequent, though Tiger Woods seems to have forgiven the clubbing his wife Elin gave him. By all reports he'll apologise by allowing Elin custody of the children and E200m - excellent strokeplay Mrs Woods
Had both acts happened reversely forgiveness would be at the end of a jail-sentence, not unjustifiably.
'..'coz you're just a boy and you don't understand'

Caught in the Crimson Queen.

Pretty in Pink

Jackie wears pink, a popular colour for girls and boy-queens. The Breast Cancer Group uses it as their symbolic colour. The colour is used in some prisons as apparently it subdues the inmates - pink has a sedative effect.
A couple of years ago it was a fashion colour for men, bought avidly.

When swearing-in LBJ , Sarah T.Hughes had to make an oath up such were the extraordinary circumstances of 11/22/1963.
Thus LBJ got in without having to follow official protocol.
In 2009 B'H'O slid into office off the back of an incorrectly-worded oath.
He hails from Hawaii, where west succumbs to east. We may imagine the Beetle descending in the evening 'neath the volcanic islands into the caverns subterra, clicking and scurrying, on ever on to Japan.
But he didn't , he scurried westwards , back into the arms of a dying sun bringing about a solar miscarriage. America [ The Empire] refuses to let the Torch pass to a new generation, rather sets fire to their coattails as they attempt to move into a new world order. Now stagnant and sterile Empire brings only new world ordure,
the experiment in the Holy Lands mimics the conquering of the American west. Yarmulka replaces stetson , the Sheriff's 5-points replaced by the Six-shooter. They battle the savage Palestinjuns. Soon there will be conciliatory casinos.

Chicago - Acc. to a video from Hawk's Cafe, on or around 9/11/2001 a lot of funds moved out of NY/OZ , inland, to CHIC-a long time-AGO.
Funds to do with Cantor Fitzgerald , who had offices at the Twins, and possibly the Chicago Carbon Exchange, though it is but a twizzling memory.When it came out not long after the attacks it seemed plausible but of no great significance. Now with the election of B.Obama , the Chicago switch hypothesis seems 'rite-on'.
NY/OZ was sprinkled in a fine, cancerous dust akin to a large empty house with aged residents, too decrepit to clean - a flourwhite body
Those whose memories go back far enough may call the dust - Fallout.

People cry 'conspiracy theory'. CT's exist as government and corporations can't be trusted to tell the truth. Most people are intelligent and either tend to investigate or find some way to shut out the 'lies'. This may be achieved by 'going along with it'.
Any and everyone working together to some extent 'conspires' or 'works with' other people to realise an end. It doesn't have to be criminal etc., though Govts. and Corps. tend to compete. To compete implies an attempt to win and as such there can only exist an atmosphere of 'conspiracy'. But the word has been parcelled up and now people react to thoughtful investigation as CT and the information goes straight to 'trash'. If one listens carefully u can just hear the little 'trash' sound disposing of info like on a compootar.
Conspiracy Theory, they used to call it Investigative Reporting 'til they bought off or shot most of those guys and gals.
"They" of course may fiddle, neroically, endlessly with each CT drawing people further into the Black Iron Prison , katchunk, klik.

"I had already [ well at least recently] come to know - not just believe but know - that no natural theology is possible. God must be disclosed by revelation & revelation alone"
PKD - Exegesis

Con - Spire - to breath together with

The Chrysolite Report


Tower Air came into being in 1983 finally going out of business in 2000, 17 years later. Their fleet consisted of 17 'planes, all 747s.
Its logo has the A looking like an M - AM
oe even AA
Aswell 2 mountain peaks which may, acc. to taste, be likened to two pillars, pyramids or towers
Mir - in Russian means 'world' and 'peace'

Info from Wiki:
'Tower Air was co-founded, majority owned, and managed by Morris K. Nachtomi, an Israeli citizen who had immigrated to the United States. After a 30-year career with El Al, Nachtomi joined a wholesaler and tour package operator called Tower Travel Corporation in 1981 and co-founded Tower Air one year later with Zev Melamid, Mordechi Gill, and Sam Fondlier. Arthur Fondlier, son of Sam Fondlier and the Chief Financial Officer of Tower, was a passenger in first class on Pan Am flight 103. His untimely death gave Mr. Nachtomi much more freedom in management and cost-cutting.'

An odd final sentence, was it lifted from the annual report?

The company then has links to both PanAm103 that crashed into Lockerbie [1988]and the 9/11 [2001]attacks . The company owned HANGAR 17 when it was built until they wound up the business in 2000. 'Major artifacts' from the Twin Towers are stored their for 'safekeeping'

The son of Mr. Nachtomi, Guy, was removed from the position of VP-Operations in 1998, due in part to his lack of airline experience. He had previously worked at 20ieth Century Fox until 1994.
Their 'planes were used in films LIAR LIAR and TURBULENCE
The word 'air' appears within Liar Liar twice

Coo! Towers

In Turbulence the name of the airline was TRANSCON AIRLINES

Re: Mr. Arthur Fondlier, who was killed in the Lockerbie Op. He died on the flight along with a team of CIA agents who were apparently going to blow the lid of a CIA drugs running operation. They were said to also be carrying an amount of Heroin [ evidence?] on Flight 103. No idea if they 'knew' each other.

'Tower Air's main base of scheduled operations was John F. Kennedy International Airport in Jamaica, New York and during its peak had its own terminal (a former Pan Am Admin facility).'
PanAm went out of business , thanks , in some small way to Abu Nidal

Via Greek and Hebrew - Pan = All; AM = Mother

Much of their fleets rests out at the PINAL Airpark near MARANA, Az. The CIA used the airport at Marana frequently in the past. They host the PGA Tour's WGC Accenture Match Play Championship which Tiger Woods won in 2008, dfeating Stuart CINK by 8 holes.

"The airport was generally accepted as being a U.S. Forest Service air tanker base until a series of forest fires in the mountains surrounding Tucson in the early 1970s. When locals requested that the Forest Service-marked tankers put out the fires, Airpark officials had to admit that the markings were in name only and that the alleged tankers were really paramilitary cargo planes. To this day, access to the Airpark is stringently monitored."

Marana means 'thicket' in Spanish, while in Scottish the word = Shaw
Synchromystically bloggers mused over Bush's reading of 'My Pet Goat' as resonating PAN, the goat-legged satyr of Greek lore.

JSDownard's thoughts on the PHARMAKOS - Scapegoat tie in too.

OZ - a Hebrew word for goat, enumerating 77, weaves in webward.

VIRGIN MONEY - Richard Branson makes a bid for the banking sector. An astute move for when one crashes a 'plane , its well and truly broken for all to see. When one crashes a bank it still seems to be able to 'fly' or float.

The 9/11attacks took place on a TUESDAY , the Scandinavian or Nordic God of War. In French , Tuesday = Mardi and comes from Mars , the Roman GofW. [GW].
Mars goes with the Tower card, the 4th - D, which seems to loop a load of stim-bology together.
Playing with numbers
Tower = MGDL = 77
Air = AVYR = 217
77 does for one of the planes on 9/11 while the apparent order of the towers' collapse was Tower 2 , Tower 1, Tower 7, though there have been posts informing that Tower 6 was demolished just before the first Twin or along with it.

'Twinning' appears with the romanly numerised forms of 9 and 11.

Patch from a collection by TREVOR PAGLEN
The stars , split into 5 and 1 means this group was affiliated to AREA 51 [ 3x17]

The alleged mastermind , Osama Bin Laden , may whimsically be referred to as a ' desert prowler'

The horns we might interpret as the Crescent Moon, linking Islam with the 'devil', it even has the star in the centre.
Genies or Djinn can be born from fire
Part of the 9/11 op has resulted in a 'fear' of Islam to varying degrees.

The devil rising from the book shows the reliance on 'spells' and well-worn rituals in the dissemination of information [ the proferring left hand]

The single star [ think of Crowley's ' one star in sight'] stands on the word ON, which suffixes BABALON.

ON enumerates to 120 which enumerates the word SMK, the 15th letter, which translates as 'a'prop; pillow' while esoterically may represent a 'womb'.
ON = the Egyptian name for the city the Greeks named Heliopolis - Sun City
In 'synchromysticism' the N may rotate to form the word OZ [ goat; strength] which attaches itself to the 9/11 ritual via Bush's reading material and Flight 77. OZ = 77.

The alleged use of BOXCUTTERS acted as a concealed message to those investigating the crime - think outside of the BOX


Mor[e] planes fall from the sky, this one in Desplaines, Illinois. It was a Learjet , a wee wink at the Shakespearean King gone awry. His blindness to his loving daughter Cordelia, who refused to fulfil his 'expectations' of superficial praise, as did elder pair Regan and Goneril. The latter two harboured only thoughts of acquisition, aka Daddy's Kingdom.
Cordelia and Lear wound up dead.

Not too far from Detroit !

'John F. Kennedy, the one and only Catholic president of the United States, was a human scapegoat, a "pharmakos." "Pharmakos" or "Pharmak-vos" can mean "enchantment with drugs and sorcery" or "beaten, crippled or immolated." In alchemy, the Killing of the King was symbolized by a crucified snake on a tau cross, a variant of the crucifixion of Jesus.'

"For many years Dealey Plaza was underwater at different seasons, having been flooded by the Trinity River until the introduction of a flood-control system. To this trident-Neptune site came the "Queen of Love and Beauty" and her spouse, the scapegoat in the Killing of the King rite, the "Ceannaideach" (Gaelic word for Kennedy meaning "ugly head" or "wounded head").
The systematic arrangement and pattern of symbolic things having to do with the killing of Kennedy indicates that he was a scapegoat in a sacrifice. The purpose of such macabre ritualism is further recognizable in patterns of symbolism culminating in the final "making manifest all that is hidden."
KK33 - JSDownard

Perhaps Mr. Downard , had he lived, would have described 9/11 as ' making manifest all that is hidden'.

The jet went into the river , reminding one of the Hudson river - NY, crash a few months back.
The city of NY was deposed by Chicago when the alleged 'planes hit the Twin Towers. Acc. to a docu. by Hawk's Cafe a great deal of capital was moved into the Chicago financial markets in the days around the attacks.
Now they have the Whitehouse.

James Joyce included a great deal of rivers in his Finnegans Wake

Chicago-Washington-NewYork, a North American Trinity

'A book about JFK was called Three Steps to the White House. In Masonry are what is known as the "three symbolical steps." "The three grand steps symbolically lead from this life to the source of all knowledge." (Encyclopedia of Freemasonry)'
TRINITY Underpass @ Dealey Plaza

"Bloody Elm, Main, and Commerce form a trident pattern in alignment with the triple underpass as any Dallas map will show. Many analysts contend that at least three assassins were involved in the crossfire ambush of Kennedy."
TRINITY of Lady Bird Johnson, Jackie Kennedy, Sarah T.Hughes surrounding LBJ on his inauguration, Inaugurate derives from :
'Inaugurat' - Latin 'interpreted as omens' [ from the flight of birds]
'augur' - from Latin - 'Diviner' as in 'Divine and Rule'
TRIDENT design of the Twin Towers' facade
3-IN-A-ROW Earthquakes - Solomon Islands - Eureka, Ca. - Haiti

"For what we are, gifs à gross if we are, about to believe. So pool the begg and pass the kish for crawsake. Omen. So sigh us. Grampupus is fallen down but grinny sprids the boord. Whase on the joint of a desh? Finfoefom the Fush. Whase be his baken head? A loaf of Singpantry's Kennedy bread. And whase hitched to the hop in his tayle? A glass of Danu U'Dunnell's foamous olde Dobbelin ayle. But, lo, as you would quaffoff his fraudstuff and sink teeth through that pyth of a flowerwhite bodey behold of him as behemoth for he is noewhemoe. Finiche! Only a fadograph of a yestern scene. Almost rubicund Salmosalar, ancient fromout the ages of the Agapemonides, he is smolten in our mist, woebecanned and packt away. So that meal's dead off for summan, schlook, schlice and goodridhirring."
FW page 7

" For what we are,...,about to believe" - a take on the ever-morphing , apparently full of holes [ pun intended] investigation into the murder of JFK.

" Whase be his baken head?" - parts of JFKs head and brain are supposed to still be missing
" Kennedy bread." - reiterates the fertility aspect of the ritual. Osiris , the archetypal slain and risen god, was often depicted as the Grain god, renewing each season , to uhh, feed the populace. Joyce uses the words 'cropse of our seedfather,' [page 55] to give the idea of 'crops' and 'corpse'.

The spots where a Mr. Burris found part of JFKs skull. [from JUSTICE FOR KENNEDY]

" you would quaffoff his fraudstuff" - the imbibing of the lies and feints, sleights of hand and diversions that go along with this event.
"flowerwhite body" - a vegetal body; a body of crushed grain - flour-white
" behold of him as a behemoth" - think of him as great man.
" only a fadograph of a yestern scene" - the possibilty that the present extant Zapruder film of the assassination may have been faked.

"They were brought a Zapruder film, and it was not 8mm wide, it was 16mm wide. It was an unslit double 8mm film, not yet slit down the middle and the Secret Service agent who brought it to NPIC Sunday night told the head of the color lab, Homer McMahon, that this was the original film and it was developed in Rochester, New York at “Hawkeye Works.” Now, “Hawkeye Works,” was the code word for a secret CIA photo lab at the KODAK, get it, KODAK, at the KODAK main industrial facility headquarters in Rochester, New York. The agent who couriered the film to NPIC Sunday night said, this was developed at “Hawkeye Works,” it’s the original. I just brought it from there. So, he couldn’t have been wrong. And this had a special meaning to Homer McMahon. Now, the Homer McMahon interviews were done by me in 1997, by the Review board staff. And we did three interviews of him and one was tape recorded."

From blog - JUSTICE FOR KENNEDY: "Transcript of Doug Horne on Black Op Radio Dec 10, 2009" - an extract.

Above Osiris' funerary rites - notice the Hawks flitting around couple with Kodak's "Hawkeye Works" which flitted around Zapruder's film.

'Almost rubicund...' - brings in Jack Ruby, Oswald's assassin

"... he is smolten in our mist, woebecanned and packt away" - He is killed in front of us, then the ensuing woe and then 'packed away', boxed up and buried along with a whole heap of evidence.

"..(at Kennedy's kiln she kned her dough, back of her bake for me, buns!) socializing and communicanting in the deification of his members, for to nobble or salvage their herobit of him, the poohpooher old bolssloose, with his arthurious clayroses, Dodderick Ogonoch Wrack, busted to the wurld at large, on the table round, with the floodlight switched back, as true as the Vernons have Brian's sword, and a dozen and one by one tilly tallows round in ringcampf, circumassembled by his daughters in the foregiftness of his sons, lying high as he lay in all dimensions, in court dress and ludmers chain, with a hogo, fluorescent of his swathings, round him, like the cummulium of scents in an italian warehouse, erica's clustered on his hayir,"
FW page 498

" Kennedy's kiln she kned her dough" - dough is bread is head. The dough may double for the preparation of the assassination. The Demetrian imagery of crops turned to bread raises its 'bread'.

'communicanting in the deification of his members' - no use killing a Sun-King unless deification follows.

' salvage thir herobit of him' - the people attempt to salvage something from this atrocity, that he was agreat man. Also the salvaging of bits of his skull.

".. with his arthurious clayroses.." - arthurios relates to Camelot, a name synonymous with the kennedy administration. Jackie received red roses at Dallas Airport on her arrival. She wondered why she didn't receive the classic yellow roses of Texas.

"..erica's clustered.." Part of AmErica. Erica was the species of tree that wrapped itself around Osiris' coffin and which enclosed him until Isis located him. This tree became the Tett hieroglyph.

The Zodiac Killer's symbol

"Ominous revengeful zodiacal host! They moan, passing upon
the clouds, horned and capricorned, the trumpeted with the tusked, the
lionmaned, the giantantlered, snouter and crawler, rodent, ruminant and
pachyderm, all their moving moaning multitude, murderers of the sun."
ULYSSES , James Joyce
"but Zodie's symbol isnt circle and cross
the lines in Zodies mark extend beyond the boundaries of the circle (sphere) -- thus his interest in "paradice slaves" (ie extra-terrestrial and extra-temporal)"

'circumassembled by his daughters in the foregiftness of his sons'

" There was no other way , honey "
" Really there wasn't"


Ahh! The North with its brand new Abe Lincoln-JFK likened President prevails, 3 Cheers for the Union!!!
Do Manson's race-war proposals still shuffle in the background, limping like a desperate killer. A pack hath many cards.

Mary Ann , in the film PRIME CUT[1972] tells the Chicago enforcer , Devlin, that Chicago is " an old sow, begging for cream", that should be melted down.

The 'Christmas day' bomber at Detroit, Flight 253
Prior to that day the US had been persuaded to call it the 'Holiday Season'.
Say happy Holidays rather than happy Christmas as the US with its multicultural population was aiming at not offending anyone.
Suddenly , whoaaa!, the word is back , on Christmas Day, on Christmas Day.........
Does the press now call it the Holiday Bomber?
No! A Moslem Nigerian, nicknamed the Pope, wearer of a Celtic away shirts, gets dubbed - "The Christmas Day Bomber"

Who did he plan to visit in Detroit or did he just randomly choose his flight?

Flimflamming continually crops up in the Meanstream MeDear -
Its rude to call the season Christmas so call it the Holiday season, UNTIL a bad thing happens. Call him the Christmas Bomber not the Holiday bomber, and that title is NOT rude. Of course the underlying plot is to have a Moslem defiling a Xtian holy-day while at the same time maintaining that to call it Xmas is 'wrong'.
Play up the danger of clever terrorists while also ridiculing his failure - underpants , fnaaar, fnaar , bottoms and poo.
Destroy Gaza and leave it without aid for a year. Send aid to people 5000miles away but screw the neighbours.
Save lives in Haiti while spending vast amounts offing a million or so in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Give the money that could rebuild Haiti to a comparatively tiny number of incompetant executives, who announced profits for last year and then awarded themselves million-dollar bonerses.

A psychological tactic: the human brain understands that its insane but usual, so it switches off, actively ignores 'that world' or joins it acc. to the roles. To damage the cognitive process further human lives are ritually terminated without compunction, like eggs broken for some abysmal omelette.
Think Homer's 'Hooray' / 'Doh' moments
This comes about when people join an abstract corporeal entity and allows the 'MOB' to carry them along, which happens to a lot of people as these entities manage a great deal of earth's resources.

Happened to see Adm.Mike Mullen on the Daily Show, early in the month, and, amidst banter, dropped the line ' in his first 4 years' about Obama.
He heads the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

While 9/11 took place military agencies were practicing against possible terrorist attacks on US soil.
At the same time the bombs exploded in London on 7/7 certain agencies were practicing against possible terrorist attacks on London's public transport system.
There were rumours that 'scientists' had foreknowledge of the Tsunami.
With the 'earthquake' in Haiti comes the news that :

On Monday, Jean Demay, DISA's technical manager for the agency's Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, happened to be at the headquarters of the U.S. Southern Command in Miami preparing for a test of the system in a scenario that involved providing relief to Haiti in the wake of a hurricane. After the earthquake hit on Tuesday, Demay said SOUTHCOM decided to go live with the system

Some have mused over the nature of this quake.
No damage to neighbours in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
At the Copenhagen Summit Haiti walked out first.
Apparently both Peru and Norway have HAARP-like installations which got 'turned on' the day of the 'quake.
The Royal Navy presence in the Caribbean was curtailed a month ago , the longest gap in the RNs presence in the Caribbean since the C17th. Obviously the problem is funds , most now paying Banker-bonuses.
If human agencies designed this 'quake I imagine the use of a directed nuclear explosion to gain a strategic position in the Carib.
Children seem to be disappearing again

In Columbia County in the hamlet of COPAKE, NY a 59yr-old DEAN PIERSON shot dead 51 of his dairy cows and then shot himself.
Many murder-then-suicides have occurred, where often a lone-gunman goes and kill a number of people before killing themselves.
Mr. Pierson must have been in a bad way , but he managed not to turn the gun on people.
I assume him to be one of many whose economic stability has been eroded to the point that he felt he could no longer go on.

A hebrew word for 'pain' = AN which enumerates to 51.

The slaughter of the milk-cows resonates with the human rebellion against the ever-suffocating Money-Matrix. A hit against Hathor and life on the farm, the constant attacks by debit-cowboys on the wealth-increasing humans who when reaching the Machine's opinion of their obsolescence get dismissed in myriad ways.

His farm will doubtless fall into Corporate hands to be managed from a distance with a minimum amount of humans involved in the process.

' the Ma-Chine" [Pink Floyd]

"Napoleaon" and Nelson


The annual GDP of Haiti is £4.3 billion.

US taxpayers pumped £6.2 billion into Goldman Sachs to keep it afloat.

In January 2010, Goldman Sachs is giving its staff £10 billion.

(Goldman bonus pot / GDP of Haiti: $8.5 billion. Goldman Sachs bonus pool: $20 billion ...)

Well done!

R.Buckminster - Fuller in his book CRITICAL PATH wrote that making money and making sense were mutually exclusive.
One cannot 'make money' as its the means of exchange and comes about as a by-product of human wealth-integrating activities.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Runnung Und Urgrund

Aha , the Pancake effect , due to subterranean movements and not aerial.
But, wait, no natural seismic events were reported that day, but some did hear a 'bomb'.

The serpent slews its way from the Solomon Islands in The Pacific twixt OZ and AM-Ericas. Its scaly form moves swiftly through earth's cavernous interior. Buh-Bango ,northwise the serpent hits Kali-Fawn-IA. EUREKA! Well the epicentre was 33miles from Eureka, acc. to the investigations over at DA BLACK WHOLE[DBW]
Both 'quakes hit 6.5 on the Chuck Richter. But the serpent hadn't finished, a last push undergrund, moving through the land mass to Haiti [half of Hispaniola], almost hit Port-Au-Prince.

Baron Samedi, whom Papa Doc modelled his Voudoun personality after.

Haiti, the 1st Black Republic, secured after defeating Napoleonic forces just as Nappy proclaimed himself Emperor.
Haiti lived under 'Papa Doc Duvalier's oppressive regime from 1957 until 1971 and then until 1986 courtesy of son , Baby Doc, who used to drive on the only good road in Haiti in an impressively fast sports car of some descrip'.
Papa Doc used Voudoun in his regime to great effect. He held status as a LOA, a Voudoun priest-god, claiming that he had cast the spell that took effect one November day in Dallas, predating JSDownard's take on the ritual nature of the assassination.

A Rocker jus' like old Abe's.

Who Do You Voodoo?

He awarded himself the title ' NAPOLEONIC ELECTRIFIER OF SOULS among others and menaced his enemies with the TONTON MACOUTE, who pushed the now de rigeur 'eyeless in shades' look that Security Services and celebrities seems obsessed with.
Black Shades mimic Baron Samedi's black around the eyes.
The Tonton were formed in 1961, their name originating from Haitian folktales concerning 'ogres'

He hated communism which was probably why he stayed in office for so long, a bastion against Cuban influence in the Caribbean.

Papa Doc used 'magic' to keep the population controlled which we may considered 'primitive superstition'. We prefer far more sophisticated illusions - the Terror threat, the Banking Crisis , etc etc.

Voudoun , like any religion , we may use for foul or fair.Like the priests and experts of life's various facets things can get over-organised to allay seepage, though others may refer to 'seepage' as interaction.
I would imagine Papa Doc's use of Voudoun to keep in thrall the population used it for its less than beneficial effects.
Blood ritual brings assorted shadow-beasties and they don't always turn-up 'on time'. Nor do they do 24 hour cycles, perhaps not even decades and centuries. But they do come when called.

"You've got to pick up every stitch"

Haiti manufactures most of the Baseballs for the US - workers paid a pittance, which may be a reason for why so few can invest in safe building.
Geodesic domes would prove useful in earthquake zones as they roll, but t'aint no perjected urnings in that. They'd probably float too.

DBW picked up on the earthquake phenom in a post presciently titles ' FIRING UP THE REPEATERS' which reports on the quake in the Solomons .[ Howdya know the 'quakes'd repeat?]
"The quakes occurred at depths of between 33 km (20.5 miles) and 36 km and Gizo police earlier said possible tsunami waves struck uninhabited Tetepare island, home to a nature reserve."

33km underground, 33 miles from Eureka, Ca.

The reason for using the word 'repeaters' came about for the use of a passage from HAGGAI 2 in the previous post EXILARCH IN BABYLON.

" Last outing we ended with Haggai and, trusting god isn’t offended and you aren’t bored, we repeat.
In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land.  I will shake all nations, and the desired of all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory,’ says the LORD Almighty.  (Haggai 2)".

The last episode of LOST had Juliet setting off an Atom Bomb called JUGHEAD on the series' fictitious island , which I believe moves around the South Pacific, Solomon Islands way.

'Repeaters' was writ on JAN.5 , before the Cali and Haitian 'quakers.
Manson drew serpents curling around a murky America - ' though you rope Amrique your home ruler is Dan' - FW, p.133

Could be Khepera came up, its nocturnal scuttlings underground preceding dawn. Bringing the sun, or something, from East to West.

Though I reckon this was the thing sub the Twins, that left the glow in the foundations.

Maybe minions craft some techno-artefact to which we are not privy. P'raps still playing with atoms or the effects of bomb-tests from years gone by, how do say? AfterShock!!!

Of course the benefits go to the Building Industry who can replace last time's shoddy work with some more concrete crap that'll fall down next time Leviathan decides to keep an appointment.
Odd that so much gets spent on restoring old buildings yet so little on keeping our homes from falling over.

LVYThN = 496 which also enumerates MLKVTh - Malkut - Kingdom, Majesty, Royalty and esoterically the title of the 10th Sephira on the Tree of Life

From the comments section -


18-58-30 N latitude
72-49-33 E longitude

Port au Prince

18-32-21 N latitude
72-20-6 W longitude

what are the "natural" chances of that? astrobombical, baybee