Wednesday, December 31, 2008

N[O]ew Y[Z]ear

Caught these 2 twinning 'up' at 5.30 this evening after loading this post, though half an hour later the clouds covered the sky

all peoples divided against one another are
in their digressions
equally inverted
and self-deceived
in their respective
tampered-with standards.

The degree of self-deception
is proportional
to the width of the angle
of disgreement,
and the greater that angle of stress
the greater the anger.
The greater the anger,
the greater the susceptibility
to further propaganda -
a cancerous hate growth.

And all propaganda is false
if merely by misemphasis.
It is false because
it approaches diametric unbalance,
which scientifically speaking
is chaotic.

Chaos is erosive , explosive, shattering,
and therefore the antithesis
of the only potential survival means
of homo sapiens:
through the harmonic integration of knowledge
whose kinetic is uni-versal.

ISTOLETHIS [think X-Files]
from Richard Buckminster-Fuller's collection of thoughts:


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tongue Say MiaoW

On Christmas day this year EARTHA KITT passed on. She seemed to transcend her mix of cultures majestically. She entered my sphere on Sunday mornings many moons ago in the series BATMAN.
She played CATWOMAN.

Catwoman + Joker = Precious

I got this info from Ed at MERCURYSGARDEN. Eartha[RT] KITt was born in 1927, and if u peer to the previous post u will see a picture of Christ shadowed by the crosshairs of a window frame. This shot came from St.Michaels Chapel, a Karpathian chapel moved to Prague, piece by piece , in 1927. The same post [ DEC 23] and the one previous[DEC 20] leant heavily on the CATWOMAN poster featuring the 'other' BLACK Catwoman - Halle Berry.
I remember Ed posting that the family cat, Precious, had gone off [ just before the Nov 4th election]. My Mum is a cat-lover, has always had at least one, so I wasn't surprised that a cat should just up and leave, as sometimes they do. Pretty sure that I wouldn't happen across Precious , s/he took up no more of my mind.

On Dec 26 [ think out of the Box-ing day?] I got a comment from Ed. Precious had inexplicably returned on Dec 22 [ 11:11 Krazy Kat n'est ce pas?], as well as telling me that Eartha Kitt had passed on.

pic of Precious from Mercury's Garden post - CHRISTMAS MIRACLE [ miracle comes from the same etymology as SMILE [acc. to WWSKeats - Sanskrit SMI]

From my window then -
Dec 20 - post with Halle Berry a 'black' CATWOMAN + pic of Christ looking 'in through a window'
Dec 22 - Precious returns to Ed + Family after approx.7 weeks.
Dec 25 - Christmas Day. Eartha Kitt , famous for her 'black' Catwoman , passed on. Born in 1927 - same year as the chapel,where from came the Christ foto, got moved from Karpatia to Prague

Aside from the resonating synchro-memes like Eartha-rt , Kit-Kat, The Dark [K]night , K@ etc etc this eVent does give me a sense of conneXion [ however escapological] to whatever the hoopla got me/we writing this nonsense

Ciao Golum
Cheers Precious

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Caprice - a kid nibbling horn
Goats and Xrist - Mass-X Day coming at the onset of the astro-sign CAPRICORN [ as generally accepted in the mainstream]. Oddly Jesus was just a kid when HeROd and his band of kid-killers went on the rampage [ Classic device - if the future or present seems unpalatable - destroy innocent lives]
Below an Ikon from St Michaels , a karpathian Chapel in Prague, in Zahrada KinsKeho [ Kinsky's Gardens]. It appears as if IX [ Iesous Xristos, doing it Greek-style gives IX = 9 = YSVD, Yesod , 9th Sephira - Foundation] looks in through from the Owtside, the Messiah has its sights on something - Xristos Assassinatus

This pic got a comment from AcciDENTAL ALchemist - Jesus Pineal Christ - alluding to the Cross-Hairs perpetrating a headshot. This merged into a story of a Chinese boy shot in the eye by an ARROW, surviving, and all pineal juice , spilling, out.

Stealing through the night captured a CATWOMAN poster from PSEUDOCCULTMEDIA. Decided to slice-fit the Cat following the window-corners and got left with words in reVerse -
A La Top - REB EL . This can = the simple REBEL, but like this gets me makin' Reb El , as in Rabbi El [ I think the Judaeos call their priests REB]
The I in the Eye gives the sentence AM I OWT, considering her window position, which way = IN , which way = OWT , a 2in1 question

Way below we have the date 8.6.04 - so throw away the zeRO as it ain't really there.
864 = AShTh ZNVNYM - Woman of Whores/Prostitutes
= ShMSh V YRCh - Sun and Moon

Nevertheless her position reminds me of the STAR card. Carlo Suares [ either him or contributers to the site edicated to his work] doesn't always see eye to eye with A.Crpwley . AC via AIWAS claimed that ' Tzaddi is not the Star' in the Tarot. The Hebrew letter Tzaddi [ shaped like the woman on his Star card] corresponds to the Star, though Crowlers changed it to correspond with the Emperror. Suaresor associates] claim that Tzaddi is not the Star , neither the Emperor, but the WOMAN on the Star card. This WOMAN seems to act as a mediator between the Heavens and the Earth.

The Galactic 'eye' pattern I found on goRO Adachi's front page a few clicks after finding the Catwoman poster on Pseudoccult's.

Lately I read the BLOBs latest SCARLET DRAGON 2: ALYSON HANNIGAN BOOGALOO. Thus the snapshot. I went for the 345.
345 = MShH , Moses
= ALHYM AChRYM - Di Alieni. Crowley gave the last definition, and never quite trusting AC I checked out the word AChR which indeed = 'other' , so it seems to mean The Gods of Others, or the Others Gods, or summit other again. Remember ALIEN comes from Latin meaning 'other' , which leads me to LOST where the OTHERS played out their game. Had the Lostees spoke Latin they may have called them Alieni.

Chemtrail Moon , from jus' b4 the last fullone

In the comments to my post BARAK@MVN - CELTIC REBEL felt slightly worried that no-one had noticed the resemblance of a character in a SIMPSONS episode to Jack L. PARSONS. A bit of research proves the Reb's eye is in like Flynn.

One poster came out while searching , a book by GE-OR-GE PENDLE called STRANGE ANGEL. With Mumbai flickering , lots of souls forcibly persuaded out of their bodies, the little deathail of the steps to an Indian Temple, with a multi-armed guardian took my 'tention. I homed in an got met by the 4 letters EORG which have decided to appear comparatively regularly.

First found it accidentally while cropping a Nobama poster , pr-OGRE-ess. Then saw the RO , which had come up at Le BLOB on the side of a tent, as the tail code for ENOLA GAY. EG from the plane RO from the tail - EG-RO.
The I saw that GEORGE reversed = EG [ Enola Gay] RO [ Anglicised spelling of Hebree R a'a that = the 'evil' part of the Tree of the Kno'dge of G and E. George some say = Saturn but I prefer Djordje [ Tibetan lightning-Bolt] and take out an E gives GORGE , a large crack in the Earth

The post IESUS-XRIST-PINEAL [aka NUNSKULL] enticed a comment from EUGENE at FSHOD - it made him think of the operation on baby SAMUEL ESQUIBEL, a new-born who had a brain tumour that contained the foot, thigh and hand of an other. This , not uncommon eVent, remonded me of TOTAL RECALL. Total Recall I assume may be one of those things that will power our evOlution. to remember at least all of our present human life. Notice how society distracts one , or in some cases forcibly alters ones 'memory' for selfishness.
Sometimes it proves easier to deal with these 'memories' in the previous post's WAKE-style, due to the Rational Massiveness Impossibilty Law, which states u can be as 'scientific, ordered and as rational' as u will but no-one will ever 'read it all', take it in.
The headwound , Xristos AL-PINE, which locks in mountains with Pine tree and Pineal glands and attaining clarity [ at the top of a mountain]


On 13th. September 1848, an accidental explosion of a charge he had set blew his tamping iron through his head.

'Free Soil Union' report of Phineas Gage's accident -
The tamping iron was 3 feet 7 inches long and weighed 13 1/2 pounds. It was 1 1/4 inches in diameter at one end (not circumference as in the newspaper report) and tapered over a distance of about 1-foot to a diameter of 1/4 inch at the other. The tamping iron went in point first under his left cheek bone and completely out through the top of his head, landing about 25 to 30 yards behind him. Phineas was knocked over but may not have lost consciousness even though most of the front part of the left side of his brain was destroyed. Dr. John Martyn Harlow, the young physician of Cavendish, treated him with such success that he returned home to Lebanon, New Hampshire 10 weeks later.

Some months after the accident, probably in about the middle of 1849, Phineas felt strong enough to resume work. But because his personality had changed so much, the contractors who had employed him would not give him his place again. Before the accident he had been their most capable and efficient foreman, one with a well-balanced mind, and who was looked on as a shrewd smart business man. He was now fitful, irreverent, and grossly profane, showing little deference for his fellows. He was also impatient and obstinate, yet capricious and vacillating, unable to settle on any of the plans he devised for future action. His friends said he was "No longer Gage."

From NUMBERS and AGREEMENTS - A FANDABADOPUS by Andrew X.Hennessey -
The ‘paradox of mechanical reason’ comes from the idea that reasoning on the computational model is the manipulation of meaningful symbols according to rational rules in an integrated system. Hence there must be some sort of manipulator to carry out these manipulations. There seem to be two basic possibilities: either the manipulator pays attention to what the symbols and rules mean or it doesn’t. If it does pay attention to the meanings, then it can’t be entirely mechanical – because meanings (whatever exactly they are) don’t exert physical forces. On the other hand, if the manipulator does not pay attention to the meanings, then the manipulations can’t be instances of reasoning – because what’s reasonable or not depends crucially on what the symbols mean. In a word, if a process or system is mechanical, it can’t reason; if it reasons, it can’t be mechanical. That’s the paradox of mechanical reason.’
Haugeland J, ‘Artificial Intelligence – the very idea.’ Pub. 1987, Bradford, MIT, London, ISBN 0-262-08153-9 (page 39).


[AVOS] is an application of the Tripartite Essentialism that can take machine intelligence into very advanced areas of human semantics, consciousness and behaviourism.
Tripartite Essentialism, herein defined as [T], is based on physical laws and known mathematical truth. It subtracts arbitrary assumptions and constructs from 20th century scientific observations and as a result, can produce a body of reasoning that can utilise the same basic physical and mathematical truths inherent in the biology of consciousness, the atom in the microcosm, and the Android in the macrocosm.

Picsteal from

Saturday, December 20, 2008

8 from the Heart - Levels Beyond

Tootin' TWOMANK@


Open Wind-eYe

In FeeTUs fi' TWO

K@ScratchFever - SAM Missisle
'ear 'ear ...
Well , The Sisters see the Sisters Three , all on their haunches and fain so perdy. The wee one in the middle we'll well call Silicca Brabent, her bosom strong swellin and aheavin. Stook right by her glossy glimmer the third whom we nome as Helia Damopolis , fresh from Attica, her wind'll borne u home, just as u come to crown. The laste but not the loosest Miss Coo Linia Hills, all da moray aplomb for the bomb she tucks up in to her waisty-band.

They're all a dab hand and in awe do we stand as they pass along mascaria, lapstick , and the smiling slit glatched off the river-bottom - froundation , nesty-pas.
" My A moor! " shrieked squicious Silicca
" Heathens to Jetski ! " squawked halluring Helia
" Jeez Adieu ! " quibbled a trampant Miss Coo.
Then all spoke as one and there was bear a little thing anyone could do for nigh they 'd hit on Trinity, triple-braided Uberherokwene, vaunt in her mississives, quaint in her ways but lacking those Sumerian charms so so so s'so essential to ladies going about their fray , sue to speak.

'A shell in your worm , like! " spake the Tinny Triplicity , " We voften clubbed togather fir clobber, and a garb de l'age, and bein' triple, loike, we've to look ar bist in all treerections, even if it causeth upsettlements all around Golangley's , Jordanstown and lately at the Gaza Station, where the wee ones have scuttled pebbles at folks in their auto-dafeys, though it in thames gorn bay t'were a plum placette for all sorts o'plays and goings on , nothin' rotten fershore, but its true to tale and sad to sale that once the weedy voles haven't a runaround, shooot 'em up they take to disruption like a cat t' water, witch weguwarly sends in two ears , clips round dears, while at Torn Hall, the mitterers mumblie in cohenference over Tea and Pillowerscones.

" This Jam reeks of blood while the butter glossy ranks to eye-heaven of 8 aprong stains ploos udder maslonic droppings"
" That's for you , u awful, stopping by Mumm's Boy , that Stupormarket! Its nothing for the rael Connysewer like Shevirah-Me-Timbres, Bottle-Breakers to Stephan Carotte and Vera, where yous can pick up a Triple-headed-Chewning Fork , for they do exist, though it takes a wee buck o' praktease to vibrate a 3-course off one them bauble-tops"
" I due lake dis O Tell, tell , O doo, I do. Doom Service delivers death the minute I'm hung up. I shall rookamend this in Tyre Ley , and Tyree, and Tippergoreairy"
" Oooh and The Trinity Twins , my they'd waggle at the deeKore, knee deep in fountains of the red stuff."
" We'll see them full Moon time, for when La Grande Blanc eyes that red river she'll just have to turn it black, and all the pretty pretties love a little black redress"

" I scythe wit my little lie"


Furthermost pic via PseudoCultGoroK@Vision
Closermost pic via SkaggaNeuGeneDore

Mort 2 Come

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Iesus-Xrist-Pineal [aka NunSkull] Mr AcciDENTAL ALchemist commented on in the preev post [ All Seeing 4-Eyes] taking a shot a IXs Third-Eye , via the Light-driven X-heirs.
With a flashy respelling + a new word order = IXP [ well it looks plus iconique for Mass-X]
Eye - Christ [ as XP = Xi Rho XR for XristOS]
.........X marks the Stop......

The skull came from an X-RAY of a Chinese boy who survived deep penetration from this BOLT. His fellow archer, a young girl, accidentally shot him through the EYE, arrow passed by the brain, just, and she'd shot with just enough force for it NOT to go through the back of his skull - SKILL!
Arrows [ at present in 'Sagittarius'] - Pineal Glands - Stargates [ well I bet the guy saw stars] - Xrist - Eyes
Insert Reductive Snowgramming
PEN - EEE - Tr8

Sunday, December 14, 2008

All Seeing 4-Eyes

Channel the dust!

Photo nicked from >

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jane's Top That Crazy Thing

Simpsonica delivers a double-double-double-K and playfully reminds us of K-K-K-Kittens, those gals who love the ogle. Bart has bought them all a 15-month calendar which they all synchronously decide to take back , post Chrimbo, for the Unwanted Present Refund - though this now has been banned as a low-level form of economic terrorism. These small offences against capitalism, allowed for so long ,deal a detrimental blow to the pittance offered to the 'workers' on our stuck-markets.
Whatever - 8 Ks garnering the octal with the eleveno.
The Simpsonii = well and truly KKOed

In the same episode the USS UNSINKABLE - this leads into 'unsynchs', where one synchronously gets everything arse about tit, wholly inaccurate, yet still manages to synch it.

One such publication is JANE'S DEFENCE WEEKLY , or inthis case the Oct/Nov issue of Jane's HOMELAND SECURITY REVIEW coupled with Indias Min. of DEFENCE
The issue below is not the issue I'm on about. The Homeland Review issue has a , in big type on the cover - FORTRESS INDIA. Inside we get a detailed article on India's OM-land Security. Please allow me to quote the snippet on page 18 : -
" A 4000 km fence along the Bangladeshi border is being constructed at a cost of over USD1 billion in a move to improve the porosity of this border
India's extensive land borders means insurgents have little need to penetrate India's coastal or port security. [ I hear Nelson laughing]. Instead the focus here is more on securing these facilities against possible attack, rather than infiltration......."

Well they didn't really deal with attacks on ports very well, and building a fence on the other side of the country proved somewhat ironic.
Further reading in Jane's also show that the majority of insurgent attacks [ or as Jane's says 'events'] come from Maoists.

This seems to qualify as an 'unsynch'.

Returning to Simpsons various eVents meld together though I'll stick with the ITCHY and SCRATCHY part. This deals out an Orange OCTOPUS, which vrooks us to the WATCHMEN, as the main nub of the story = a giant octopiliar psychic beast flopping onto NY/OZ setting all the human hearts in tune together, all wars and debts forgotten. This Octopus comes from Itchy Oppenheimer atom-bombing in flagrante delictio.

Oppositely coloured , in blue, the genie pops out , in Homer's dream, to remould America according to Islamis decorative wants. The Blue Giants have been sneaking around en la blagosphere. Archangel Gabriel sports Orange and Blue.

As Obama came from Hawaii I can't help think of Garland, and have , witlessly, amalgamated Her Over-the-Rainbowness with Mr Atomic.


My initial impetus for posting this = Atomic Explosions - a subject that I have disinvestigated for almost 2 Moons now. Lo! and Behold, Itchy and Scratchy Itchy and Scratchy detonate a Trinity of bombs, while travelling through time and carrying out gratuitous cruelty - hooray

Here's the one near ENEWATOK, nearabout where they offed MOBY DICK with a harporn

And then the retina burner , bound to be Alamogordo

The vicious , snide, complotting devious fucking mouse gets The K@ to boogle back in time where it had already taken itself with Einsteins brain etc., to actually do some good for humanity. Think how many we can kill with a giant bomb, and then after we can mourn, and make rap records and special fashions and vitamin-enriching make-up + the whole shebang of strange and awful superheroes that you'll have to ask for a loan to start a small business when everything turns back to normal, as it will, according to a soft BBC voice, tempered with empathy.

Below , how synchers will be doing it in the future. Make mine a ripple!
" Aww , fuck it, I'm going to draw comics with falling towers in from 1945 onwards"

Experimenting with Time Travel has its alter-effects, such as messing with DNA strands. Human DNA is still incredibly close to the banana aswell as the far closer insects and , well, rabbits

In fact the nuclei of Chromosomes look incredibly like 'rabbit swimming-pools'. These water-borne precursors to the meld of mind and body, at a phys-realm level, breed almost as fast as the furry bunny variety we find wandering into lamppsots, high in Myxamytosis. The little DNA bunnies divide and rule [ many but not all] until there's enough to control the average Alician Class Human. Below we find 2 Prime examples - BoBo and Bushy [ Chromosome stolen from A FEW SHOTS TO THE SHAMAN, at nunpoint]

" Nyehhh, What's up Doc?"
" Don't fuck around G, I'm trying to be President"

Fiddling with time and space we may also splice Bunny girls with Spider women [ photos of MO and Black Widow from a comment at DA BLACK WHOLE - PBR STREETGANG COME IN, OVER - by Stephen Morgan].
Note the Black Widow / Hourglass design synching with the Black non-widow and her houriglass figure.

Thus we may consider 'INTO THE RABBITHOLE ' as the DNA chain[ telephone cord. Alice in Wonderland - a necessary journey into the source of our being, which is NOT DNA, though the GENEies love it, as they can abrogate all responsibilty for their actions, their needs, to their genetic MAKEUP [ which means 'invention' anyhow]. Genes, DNA [ Eden probably] do not rule humans, unless we abdicate sellf-rule to the time-obsessed white rabbit, who is ALWAYS late, unlike humans who = ONTIME. Anther DNA oddity - 4 Amino Acids = ACGT = Aries, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus. More animals named by AdamUs

" Who put Guanine in my Tea?"
" God?"

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tooth Marks the Apple

Persephone pops into Plouton's , sitting out the winter in the eartHHeart, aka the KORE, Maiden Hell. Hand-On-Heart signifies the in-scent to the inner. The Beetle leads out , it has wings and an engine , Persephone hitches a ride.
Outside , whistling through the wind, Dot.Gale takes on a teenage Demeter, while spinning in and out of Emerald OZ. She shakes the Osirian role, flickering between indeterminate Oz and grey but predictable KANSAS.

Below, ShYN - Shin or Sheen or seeen, Heeb for TOOTH, obviously the molar. Once Spring arrives we start a munching.
ShYN [360] = Element FIRE, and here represents the distillation of the spiritual and physical realms El Humans claim to inhabit.
Carlo Suares gives this letter the definition - something akin to Cosmic Breath. Its movement - a speed beyond light, each new clear thought that sends Universe into throes of expansion/contraction.

It rules this card , the XXI , revivifying the boxed-in, they emerge . The same can be said for atoms

Many have trepidation about the emerging and progressive nature of HUMAN and getting nervous fiddle with the mechanism , attempting to keep it all in, or ascribe it to the latest crustacean-frustration. Afraid of the present they tend to take aim at possible futures , firing blanks from the past at it, hoping that by the time they get there it'll resemble something they're expert at.

From ' The Star in the West' , by capt JFC Fuller [ though the passage is probably Crowley's]

"It is this curious phase, yearning towards Perfection, which forms the great
stumbling-block to all progress in the life of a soul. Priestcraft has drawn a
definite line between Vice and Virtue; it has hedged itself round with
chastity, veracity, honesty, and modesty, and set itself apart to wage an
incessant war on vice, lechery, mendacity, immodesty, etc., etc. And what
has been the result of this duality? The very fort of virtuous self-sufficiency,
the very citadel of chaste-exclusiveness has become fetid with the horrors of
besiegement, the moats are filled with the putrid carcasses of an unjust war;
fever reigns, vice laughs, the inhabitants starve, sucking the putrid pus from-the wounds of the dead, and devouring rats and other vermin. Outside in the
Camp of Vice, plague reigns and pestilence rules; yet if the summed evils of
Virtue and Vice were cast into the balance of Truth, who dare say which
would outweigh the other?"

DENTISTRY - Dentistry , as a commercial art, keeps its rancid mouth shut [ publicly] about all the fluorides, over-sugaring, etc . Instead it straightens teeth [against their will] forcing TIN and MERCURY into the mouths of the populus. This = akin to the FINANCIAL MARKET taking the CAPS off its teeth to see .............


..and Decay - perhaps someone will leave a PLAQUE

From across the Hudson River, somewhere in New Jersey [ aka a wooly pullover] watches the COL-GATE Clock. Whiter than white.
' I'm a Germ-free adolescent, Cleanliness is my obssession , Scrub away Scrub away..........

The Teeth, especially the Molar gives us a Wisdom-Truth. The Tri-Dent, an extension of the Trinity made edible. Below the Triple Underpass, concreting over the flood basin of the Trinity River, from Heliopolis to Dealeyopolis.
[Tod at 'Through the Looking Glass' has investigated Tridentistry on a number of occasions]
SW - the Weave that never Stills], in vid-product - 'Eagle Eye. the Valkyries and the Stairway to Enlightenment' -brings out the Trident cladding of the WTCTwins. This design resembles The Triple Underpass and all things Tridential. Following on this Triple Expose Acci-DENTAL Alchemist shows a few pics from DeathRace 2000.

One character has 777 on his forehead thus LLL which delivers Lyman L. Lemnitzer - A US General who served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from Sept-1960 to Nov-1962. He approved the false-flag proposal - Operation NORTHWOODS, which Kennedy declined.He took part in Operation SUNRISE and the German surrender of 1945 The use of unmanned planes in the plan resonates with theories concerning the air-attacks on the Twins . Pentagon and a field in Sept2001.
Born in 1899 he died in 1988 aged 89. He shares the name LYMAN with L.F.Baum, of Wizard of OZ fame, while his Operation Northwood = ON = OZ
Bay of PIGS resonates with Animal Farm
Supreme Allied Commander of NATO - 1963-1969 [ All on my NATO-SAC]

The trident moons in - Shiva et al stomp on their worshippers , all of them , those who worship, praise, raise above. Essential in the growth of all religions seems the need to exteriorise the inner , invisible, unknowable core via AVATAR [ avatar = the descend]. Be it word-glyphs , pretty pictures, Stat-U, generally the handy pictogram. These pics could easily petro-glyph, allowing others to recognise territories of the mind in situ. This has exploded into Tagging, the individual as signature.
A TriDent appeared on the hill in 2000 - " W ".
The Trident drew in NRG , from Wars and Markets, stored for an OctAve to become a blessed Lightning-Bolt

Below we see Clinton Hill [ JFK's bodyguard] crawling to COVER the President. Nowadays Hillary Clinton has got a 2nd-grade President's job, who's ass will she be covering, this time.
The Maiden returns - Hand-On-Heart - to serve the Beetle Barack

Lisa S gets caught in the Checkerboard miasma.......

...and becomes Lisa BOUVIER. As noted BOuvier = Maiden name of Jackie Kennedy who wafted into marriage with JFK on September 12th 1953, the year both Stalin and Beria died over in Sov-Town.

Persephone/Kore comes out from Hades in 1945 with the TriNiTy bomb, one may use Khepra here, Beetle of the Morn. Truman the President inaugurates the Nuclear age and with it the plasticated 50's US that rose over the world as the Mall , inviting one to step in to this new world, signed , sealed and delivered direct.
This clean-cut America, born of the bomb, bleeds through into the Truman Show, where one character has been purpose-built to live in a reality show. This seems like PKDs : Time Out Of Joint where Ragle Gumm has been kept in a fantasy world so that he may keep predicting the missile attacks.
My proofless proposal has it that like the Dickian Tale time has 'moved out of joint' , allowing leakage , cross-fertilsation with our other time -selves that manifest in other dimensions at slightly odd angles. The BOMB gave the TV - Brain-experienced world a light kick on the side and the picture has got progressively clearer, words now synch with lips, whether the speaker appreciates it or not. The bomb has awoken us, despite us not witnessing it or reading about it , getting frit by it, drawing it on the back of an exercise book, it quickened us, we assimilated it, all the time thinking it would envelope us in its searing, stepped-stage destruction. All the time , over time , we absorbed it and in myriad ways we expressed it.
From Moby Dick to Mumbai, from Trinity to VALIS, from Truman through Kennedy via Bush to Obama.
The Catholic church no longer has any idea what it is now, it just knows it eXists and it had better learn to run.
Israel no longer knows what it is, but far more used to running runs around the world trying to 'settle' everything - make it safe, but the world has turned to sand and instead runs through its fingers.
Islam has taken on a nuclear nature, a younger religion, elements of 'Islam' explode inside the infested, degraded, cities that perversely build luxury hotels, tall enough to watch the 'worker-slave'. Cities full of homeless contain living-spaces without inhabitants yet people go into shock when the dispos 're-act'. Now the bomb via people seeps into ports, city centres, reminding us of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - we have computers and automaton-slaves now, no need to fester in close proximity. The bomb first IMPLODES, and while we pack ourselves into city centres our minds turning inward we will implode followed milliseconds later by a mind-bomb of quantum-nuclear effect.
Other ailements of Islam cannot see the death of the city, just around the next bend and attempt to emulate the past with their dated futurism. At this level the 3 Abrahamic religions flounce around as if they've got to heaven - a housing complex furnished with the remnants of the Norse religion - IKEA.
Religion has become AD HOC - ask anyone who claims dismembership of one.
Fiddling with synchromystonistoschism has already brought battles and even death, though despite its nonsensical, often erroneous, inconsistency it develops and its cloud billows and unfurls through the Pskyche - all Hail and reign drops.
The ZOMBIES wallow in the past , the new DICTATORS predict the future

Gumm X-fertilizes with Frances Gumm- Judy Garland- Dorothy Gale 3-Way femo-composite. Further feminines came to the scene - Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield. And then the menfolk - The Kennedys, the Men on the Moon, the Soldier/ Pop/Sportstars
After the templates had been offed , the populus, blooded, sacrificial onlookers began to copy, mutate, cross-splice, intra-breed their bodies and the imagined psyche of the once wonderfolk - these flashes fit into flasks, a million acolyte bottles await their own...personal.....genie,
Jesus-Allah-Israel-Science -a poisonal jinny

Ragle Gumm lives in a fantastic world ,though entirely real as it has been constructed to trick him into believing he lives in 50's US rather than the 90's. Frances Gumm as an actor played fantastic characters , Dorothy Gale, traveller to the fantastical OZ, among others.
Ragle has lost or had his memory altered and he doesn't remember 'the future-past' until he comes across the artefacts that disappear, leaving but a note of description. This acts as a 'psychotic break' , an event so unbelievable that the memory begins to crackle into life again broadcasting another quite different channel, though intermittently, and RG begins the journey back to his world, and from that to how he felt about that world and how he will act upon those thoughts as he resumes his present.
People in everyday life can be found 'living in the past; - taking on the music, fashions, philosophies of different years , decades, centuries and ages, Da Golden 'ears. This proves slightly different to recognising the 'passed' in the 'present'.
This phenom of BLeedthrough-InterMechanics [ BLIMs] may relate to the awakening WManchild having access to long-term DNA memory , the mems of multiple stages [ amoeba, insect , reptile, mammal], also of non-organic matter [ stardust, sunrays]. Whether 'memory' works only in a linear dimension , as in remembering only 'the past' I do not know. Talk abounds of 'future memory' , a not wholly worthless area of inquiry - one thinks of someone just as they call, one places a bet and wins based on a name/number etc., moving to another place for no reason and avoiding danger.
InterCultural BioMechanics - say it with missiles. Mind-bombing, viral saturation. Beginning with oft-repeated rumours allowed to pass from generation to generation, slowly augmented by lost 'works' deciphered and interpreted by the 'experts'. Stories in films require no quality control, film-makers produce what they want. The characters play a role creating emotional attachment, manipulating the emotions. Hollywood's portrayal of the arab/muslim has made it very easy to create horrific ideologies for them, graft them on to inaccurate news reports, time them for changes in the 'conomy, using the satellite-mounted 'mood' detectors.

"The time is out of joint; O cursed spite!
That ever I was born to set it right!" [I.V.211-2] of Hamlet]

Judy Garland , born Frances Ethel Gumm, throughout her life dealt with the insecurity of her look. Sometimes suicidal, from all the various weight-watching pills and makeovers, once slashed her neck with a broken glass. Living in a Truman Show when known about drives one to pierce the veil.

The 'end' of the Superpower Cold War - redeveloping post-Sov territories receive loans and begin to develop economies and politicking along Western Babylo-Judaeo-Catholic-Protestant, , ethnically Eurasian , Turko-European , North-African, Graeco-Roman, Anglo-ScandiCeltoSaxon Economic concepts, that rose out of the various bread-baskets trammeling Mesopotamia, the Med and East Africa.
This multicultural hotch-potch , now defined as White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant Economics, has developed from the fiscal-basket-cropyield agroconomics yet in form has changed very little - it taxes the slave , acquires , destroys cooperative competition and creates monopolies, the orthodox interpretation of the Judaeo-Christo-Islamic 'daddy' god.
The similarities twixt Barack and Tony - UK had had a long period of Conservative rule, the people voted for change, once John Smith had moved out of the leadership position , he died of a heart attack and TB took over the reins.He married a lawyer , Catholic Cherie Booth, daughter of actor Tony Booth[ who , drunk, nearly burnt himself to death]
After 8 Bush years Barry O swept in on the wings of change and hope. He too married a lawyer Michelle Robinson. As US President one has to act outwardly religious, e.g.: u go to church/mosque/synagog/lodge, apparently only Semitic based religious systems are tolerated in political circles - America tends to proselytize.

FALLOUT [ what teeth do after mucho DeKay]

Bolt = Arrow = Flash = Lightning = A Bolt from The Blue, a Spark from the Spectrum, Rainbow Report, a twinkle of the eye

After some time the effects of FALLOUT mutate, the more virulent , initial explosion , burning, blown away period gives way to assimilation of fallout by the planet/human physio-psyche

The bombing of the City Centre - Office Block + Luxury Hotel. The dcline of the city centre as workers hub has for years proved out of time and place. No need to travel in and work in cubes - we could stay out, move around, with our Lap-Trowel-Tops, but that would mean change. So in return Universe bombs the city centres - Hiroshima,Nagasaki, Belfast,[ the hotel Europa in Belfast holds the 'record' for most bombings - 33. On one occasion it opened 24 minutes after a blast], Oklahoma, Nairobi, Madrid, Moscow, NY, TelAviv, Beirut.
The lie that the humans need the scent of ultra-wealth to motivate themselves. Wholly untrue as these people wallow in such largesse there remains little motivation to develop society but keep it the same [ matriarchy] and feed off it, caring for 'family members' while engaging in a deliberate lack of care for those outside the 'familiar unit'. Many religions have graded peoples , some = people, others = untermensch, kafir.
Scared and secure at the same time

TINIAN from whence flew the '45 Bombers ENOLA GAY and BOCKSCAR. A name not unlike TINMAN.

Enola Gay - RO = EGRO

RO[ 200+70=270]= Resh A'Ayin , often translated as 'evil' in the bible. It stands with TVB[9+6+2=17] which glyphs for 'good' - the Tree of Good and Evil. All the translations [ incl. the Hebrew] tend to label the tree in this childish way. Carlo Suares lends his opinion:
" It is important to learn that our urge towards static permanence goes very deep. Constantly we shu away from something that might upset us. This we automatically classify as 'harmful'. For instance, look again at the tree which, so the translations state, is the 'tree of knowledge of good and evil'. The schema TVB [ pron. 'tov'], translated 'good', expresses the static, materializing, carnal action of the primitive female [ symbolically considered under all its aspects]. That action nourishes and strengthens the BYTh , the 'house', the shell.
The schema RO [ pron. Raa] ["evil"] leads all structural energy [R] towards the indetermination of 70; it cannot therefore but tend to destroy all that is static, determinant, conditioning".

{ BRK - a blessing = 2+200+20=222 - to mature some 'house-breaking' will occur. The static quality of the 2s begs for penetration and upset. Physical structures -K must transform to accept the cosmic pulse Q [100], so that the name becomes BRQ - lightning. The decline of countries, nations, quasi-religions , rigidity cults, and the pathetic attempt at containment called 'globalisation'.[Burkes]

"Any static force in our minds eventually jeopardizes the flow of newness, of freshness, which is the specific quality of human genesis. The cause of fear is easy to see: one does not want to be disturbed: therefore one calls good anything which is the mind's container [ Thus the 'need' for Eugenics and racial purity cults, which all indulge in], and calls evil everything which will endanger the maintenance of one's armour of certainties. And the translators, by supporting this reversal, have seen to it that we should be conditioned to a view of life that mocks all true values. When one reflects that TVB [ trans. 'good'] really means limited in its material proliferation and that the process RO [ trans. 'evil'] is really a loosening of our bonds, a thawing out, an awakening or quickening of the life force, one can understand that the action of RO, far from being in any sense evil, is something designed to save our life'
CARLO SUARES - Cipher of Genesis [p.126]

Enola Gay Tibbett = The Mother of Gen. Paul Tibbett , above , giving us all a wave. The Son directs the Mum to the Birthing ceremony and Mum gives birth to the fastest life in the World - a Bolt from a Bottle gliding the Big Blue - 100metres high - at the very least. Human measured the bomb's physical effects and not a lot else.

Below the Triple K - Kandy [ SriLanka] , K2 [ karakoram] , Keyza [ A Pyramid in Keygypt]. The centre of this TriAngle comes quite near to the location of the internet break-down some months ago [ also investigated by Tod at TTLG]

Moving to the 1945 site we take on the JORNADA DEL MUERTO [ written about by James Shelby Downard in his essay THE CALL O CHAOS]

.... towns along the way bear names part blasted through

The boys at POPE Sidings, prior to the ritual

Above humanity's collective head hovers 'the BOMB' - a western religious archetype dropped onto the east. The fallout spread around the world on winds and in minds, west infecting east, east infiltrating west. The Soviet joined the NuClear club in '55.
'new' words - radiation , nuclear, fallout, ground zero, hypocentre, MAD.. Bombs got names - FatMan, Little Boy, ones named after Joe Stalin , humanised with diminutives, Trinity .
With it as our ceiling we may commit any outrage

Denis Stillings -
"If, as I believe[sometime before1990], nuclear weapons are merely an externalized , concrete expression in matter of a condition that permeates the very fabric of the human psyche [and not only the human], one may expect events and conditions to manifest that are symbolically equivalent to nuclear war - whether or not actual nuclear war takes place...........we have massive destruction of the land surface and animal species worldwide, both occurring naturally and through the agency of man, we have widely distributed natural and manmade explosions and nuclear disasters['bad'stars], and we are witnessing the emergence and dominance of diseases not dissimilar in symptomlogy to the 2ndary effects of acute RA-DIA-tion eX-po-sure."
[dia- = 'through' ,Gk]

From Bottles to Bell[e]s to Acorns, bellies make an appearance pregnantly
Presently the Oileroonies morphing soon into NewClearLoomies have spent so much time 'pumping oil' that they've got their drill bit caught round Terra Interiora's cervix so tight that any premature withdrawal will lead to emasculation of the Mil-Ind CompleX or at least a messy circumcision stroke bottleneck. And therein lies the stub of it , Poor Eaturnus , its manhood stuck in a saturnalian cervix , the Crawl to ChaOS grinding to a halt, the nuclear cholostomy bag , secreted mindwise by a post-war space programme + assorted films + the speeeeeeeed, the more with lessing - how long does it take for a tree to rot, watch the Uranium Miners emerge once more, all hail URANIA , Muse of astronomy. Nevertheless the lessons we must learn. As the Oily Boy attempts to remove his bell-end from the depths of the planet, certain to face a pubescent circumcision [ Ow, Phrygian Hell], such is the price of Liberty, let's not forget the fate of Uranus - castrated by ChronOS .
Directed Internal Implosion = MK

Uranus appeared as 1st ruler of the Universe until the tweaking when Time stepped in , making the big U.R.A.Noose with mud or come such substance all over his face. The problem with transcending time = coming too soon which leads to sticking around far too long , bringing us round to return on the vulgar boy with his finger in the dyke who shrugged off Alcohol [ which might have got him laid] due to it's pre-Prohibition freely available, domestically-manufactured , minimal-emissionary status. This natch-evo of thinking humans dismissed by the prurient po[ ]er-mongers as essentially 'an evil' got righteously buried along with 'easy-science' which the great and good [GaG for short] set about siphoning off via 'schooling' leading to situations when science , working experimentally, decided that one needed Magic Paper to practice and/or be listened to, and/or protected from theft.
Synchromysticism = a science left open to non-specialised non-eXperts
Raybeam initiated OPENING THE BEETLE/BEATLE/SUN STARGATE THROUGH KHEPRI opens out a deal of dawning gnosis about the scintillating Scarab - at Synchromystic Forum.
He provided this , from a VW in Gremlins. The Sapphire = a vast table whence Moses [ MShH-345] received a whole heap o'fallout from the unnameable. Its a bit of a biblo-trick as Sepher can also to refer to a 'BOOK' - BOOM BOOK = Torah/Taro

Here a beetle from The WOLFSBURG plant, now defunct, with the city's logo. A FOX parades over Aquarian waves [ symbol of electricity, thus the seemingly watery symbol/name defines CURRENT.
At Synch.Forum QUANTUM OBSERVER feels it shows the Dog-Star rising bringing the Nile floodwaters on.

SO MALIA u have a little puppy now.



Trinity = Trajectory Crossings Openings
Manifest = System-Structure

Peter Wyden - " The 'hypocenter' was in the courtyard of the [Shima] hospital. It was ground zero, the hub of the nuclear death wheel...the focus of Hiroshima's new universe...'

911 [11]= RAShYTh - in hebrew > 'beginning'
611 [8]= TVRH - in hebrew > Torah/Law

Break the Lore<

" A pause. Their orison arises misquewhite as Osman glory, ebbing wasteward, leaves to the soul the light its fading silence [ allah-lah lahlah lah!], a turquewashed sky. Then:

[ Finnegans Wake, p.231]

" To the laetification of disgeneration by neuhumorisation of our kristianiasation. As the last liar in the earth begeylywayled the first lady of the forest. Though Toot's pardoosled suave l'humour! For the joy of the dew on the flower of the fleets on the fields of the foam of the waves of the seas of the wild main from Borneholm has jest come to crown.

[FW, p.331]