Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Iesus-Xrist-Pineal [aka NunSkull] Mr AcciDENTAL ALchemist commented on in the preev post [ All Seeing 4-Eyes] taking a shot a IXs Third-Eye , via the Light-driven X-heirs.
With a flashy respelling + a new word order = IXP [ well it looks plus iconique for Mass-X]
Eye - Christ [ as XP = Xi Rho XR for XristOS]
.........X marks the Stop......

The skull came from an X-RAY of a Chinese boy who survived deep penetration from this BOLT. His fellow archer, a young girl, accidentally shot him through the EYE, arrow passed by the brain, just, and she'd shot with just enough force for it NOT to go through the back of his skull - SKILL!
Arrows [ at present in 'Sagittarius'] - Pineal Glands - Stargates [ well I bet the guy saw stars] - Xrist - Eyes
Insert Reductive Snowgramming
PEN - EEE - Tr8


Atareye said...

Succsyncht, abstract, perfection. Good meditation.

Atareye said...

Hahaaa. Seeing Star...gates.


Devin said...

Great catch aferris! Hope all is well with you in Czech Republic!

aferrismoon said...

Thanks for yo' accidental input. I'd already 'made' this pic, but the comment got me seeing the 'pineal strike' , full on arrow business, a bolt through the blue eye con-tact.

Cheers D. All here = fine , pretty cold, lots of Xmass tourists a - wandering.

Eugene said...


Your iron is sharp. Another odd filing for your crucible...

Another 'shoe' drops in a micro burning Bush, one Samael Esquibel. At least he has a brain!

Samael Esquibel = Samael's in accompaniment of Baal.

Dr Paul Grabb = saved by humble reach, as opposed to 'must possess the world dog bush'.

Hand Thigh Foot = all the elements of union in a Suzerain covenant.

Foetus in Fetu = all twins, who's first? Me, no me, Me, no me.

Colorado Springs = red fountain!

A parting kiss from one twin to another.

Eugene said...

source on Samael

Happy Solstice fellow synchnauts!

aferrismoon said...

Aha, the new flesh grows inside us, pushing through , yes , almost like a bodypart fountain.

Also gets me a'thunking of Total Recall, and the mutant who had a body growing on him.

Cheers. will use

Alex Robinson said...

Am reminded of the story of Phineas Gage in the book 'Descartes' Error' by neurologist Antonio R. Damasio - he argues that emotion & reason are inseparable.

A metal rod was blasted through the side of Gage's skull destroying part of his frontal lobe - he survived but went through a complete personality change leading Domasio to conclude that you cannot have reason without without emotion.

Michael Skaggs said...

Ouch, shish-ka-bobbed! I guess she didn't use her "dead aim", wounded his aura rather than create an XChrist -sacrifice?