Thursday, June 28, 2007


Watched this film the other day. The day after writing the Samson jazz.
Samson's riddle:
And he said unto them,
Out of the Eater came forth meat,
And out of the strong came forth sweetness.
And they could not in 3 days declare the riddle
This verse = Judges 14 verse 14 and in the Torah consists of 14 words and 56 characters. The room in the film = 1408 and is found on the 14th floor, and a total of 56 people have died in it.
The Dolphin Hotel, where the room resides and Enslin , [John Cusack]has an ex-wife called Lily. John Lilly was famed for his work on Dolphins, and this synchs with the Blue Lily happenings at other sights. Enslin embarks on a frightening hallucination that also echoes Lilly's work with hallucinogens , alone in a sensory depp-rivation tank.
In 777 , Sepher Sephiroth the Hebrew word ShVShNH 661 is translated as Roses and Lilies. I see that ASThR - Esther also = 661
Shush now.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Stone of Goat Mountain

Ebenezer , the Stone of Help. The Philly Steins stole the Ark at this place and took it to Ashdod [stronghold]. It wasn't called Eben-Ezer until the Israelights won it back 20 years later. The place was then dedicated to The Lored with the name Ebenezer.
Thoth-Duck SynCrow : Charles Dickens named his miserly character Ebenezer Scrooge
which inspired someone at Disney to call Donaldducks uncle :Scrooge McDuck
OZ-Duck Sink : When Ebenezer is written using an 'English' Alphabet for the Hebrew characters : ABN HOZR [pron. Even Haazer] [ the stone - help] the word OZR = help.
I decided to swop the letters round for other meanings mayking
HR OZ [ Mountain - Strength/Goat]
In L.E Duck, though Scrooge isn't in the scene. DD sits atop the unfinished pyramid," but,I'm bushed", I can't read the rest,though I get the idea he might need some help. He obviously needs some bricks/stones to cap the Pillarmid [ Considering the mixing between R & L this word seems unchanged - 'aaaah pilamidu '].
Help Stone , a bit of bush, the a4mentioned piwamid
Rimes with Geezer
Cap that
Trigger Squeezer

Monday, June 25, 2007

He Be Gee Bees

The plethora of GBs abound , esp. on the Easr and west shores of Atlantika
Gordon Brown now shares the amalgamated USA subsidiary of Great Britain with Gorgeous Bush. Gates. Bill former Moonchild soundalike hits the heights of MicroSophistry, the unpoetic incarnation of WilliamBYeats
G8 almost looks like GB in fact so much so I'll damn well inklude it in this collection of GBs and nearly GBs . I'm starting a collection so send all GBs u can think , idiotic to scintillatingly brilliant, such as
Glove Boy - he's got his finger on the pulse
Glow Ball - King of the radiating testicl;es that can be geigered round the whole world
Germaine Beezley - handsome lad , sings Ratpack songs but softer, one for the laydeez
and any other slightly illucid mimzy

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Samson&Delilah , the 2 pillars and more fish

Samson - ShMShVN - 696 or 1346
Delilah - DLYLH - 79
Dagon - DGVN - 63 or 713

In Hebrew 5 letters have a different total when their finals. This completes the number system as they represent 5,6,7,8,and9 hundred. So thats why some have 2 totals.

A quick whizz through the story:
Judges 13 - Samson born. he is a Nazir {NZYR 267 , same as MRKBH]
Judges 14 - Samson kills a lion, comes back later and bees have moved in . Samson takes some honey.
Judges 16 - Plucks up the 2 gateposts of Gaza and takes them to the mountain before Hebron ChBRVN [266].
He goes to Surek [ShVRQ-606] and meets Delilah. Eventually she gets the secret of his strength, cutting off his 7 locks of hair.He's then blinded while the PhLShThYM [860] praise LDGVN [- L = 'to the' DGVN - Dagon] in Verse 23.Samson then pushes apart the 2 middle pillars and the place collapses leaving 3000 dead.

Acc. to Wikipedia 2993 people lost their lives due to 9/11 , add Delilahs 7 locks and we get the biblical 3000.
2993/41 = 73
DLYLH = 79 which is the same enumeration as BOZ and YAChYN the 2 pillars.
DGVN = 63 which is 7 x 9 , with 713 we have 23 x 31. 713 also equals ShBThY - Sphere of Saturn.
I have suggested that SEPTember and July are both 7s - 9/11 0n the 7/11
711 = 9x79

The Twin Pillars of July and September leaves August in the middle. What may transpyre on the 8/8/08, a Friday

79 seems very involved with Towers/Pillars and their destruction. In 777 the page headed 'The Meaning of the Primes from 11-97' leaves out an ex-plane-ation for 79. In the 777 PDF file a footnote has been inserted. The space for 79 is marked with an asterisk [*8]. The footnote gives the two pillars enumeration and adds that 158 [79x2] has words for 'Arrows','to Suffocate' and 'Balances'. The word given for 'arrows' is ChYTzYM.
ChTz [ in the Hebrew dictionary] - arrows but ChYTz is given - Barrier. The YM at the end of the word is , i think, a fem.plural thus Arrows or Barriers. Perhaps an intentional double meaning.
The 696 and 606 seem ti hint at omething and nothing between two 6s.
DG[7]means 'fish' so also does NVN[106] . Names with N often invoke the sea and sea-related stories. NCh-58 [Noah],
NYNVH -121 [ Ninevah from the Jonah story - IVNH is Hebrew for Dove], Namor, Neptune, Nixon, Nommo and Nemo.
For DG keep an eye or two out for Dolce and Gabbana,Doges[ dukes of Venice], DouGall from Magic Roundabout,the DoGon and David and Goliath.

De Gun De Gun
A nasty little weapon invoked from the Sun
When I sees dat fucker firin'
I proceeds to run
Faster than my brother
BenBen Johnson

Friday, June 22, 2007


Ok so it was Clyde Tombaugh from Percival Lowells Observatory who 1st noted pluto and it was named by a girl named Venetia [Phoenicia] Burney[ later Phair] in conversation with her grandfather Falconer Madan in Oxford which in Greek is Bosphorous. It has been reclassified as a minor planet while that old egg-cracker Eris has noved into a position of planetary recognition
Venetia Phair
Phoenicians sailed from Venetia fair
From lair to lair
Carthage ,Tyre and Malta
to Britain and the Baltic Sea
to Xplore the world in Veekingry
In America before so named
they met Red brothers
who no longer tamed
the great wide sea
or so its sewn in History

Prime Rose

In Occ.of Personality there is a bit about the Primrose. I checked the Wikipedia article on the Primrose League where I see one of their logos is a PL design very very similar to the original sign fot the Planet Pluto discovered by Peter Lovell.
Lord Rosebery, PM, 3 x Derby winner and husband to Hannah Rothschild was born Arthur A. Primrose. His colours became the colours of the Scottish Football teams away strip. He had a dream to win the Derby , marry a rich, beauiful woman and become Prime Minister and got 3 out of 3.
The Primerose or Prima Rosa . the 1st Rose , so goes the etymology
The Prime rose the Prime awake
They rose and crossed the globe
Ocean by Ocean,Sea by Sea
Naught left in their wake
They rose again and will again
And all the Whirrled do shake

Thursday, June 21, 2007


So the Freedom Tower will measure 1776 ft in height. This=541 metres.
YShRAL [Israel] = 541


I note that 1776 = 2 x 888 . I haven't researched overly but it seems little investigation into this aspect of the dated pyramid on the reverse of the dollarUS. So , perhaps it doesn't represent a date. Crowley gives a Greek enumeration of their word for Jesus as totalling 888.
17+76= 93
Bucky-Fuller writes an interesting piece in his SYNERGETICS Vols I & II that navigator-priests in Babylonia wrote the 1001 Nights, the stories of Scheherazade in which the numbers 7,11&13 are'unlucky' or related to less than fortunate eVents. I HAVEN"T READ IT. 7x11x13 = 1001. The Nav-Priests didn't want non-initiates multipling numbers and finding mathematical refutation of their flat-world , god speaks through me, set-up. Possibly 666 has some rather beneficial properties.
If we total the letter-numbers of Chapter 1 Verse 4 of Genesis [ BRAShYTh] we get 1776 [37x3x2Power4].
4 represents rule, rigidity, the floor of the temple [ among myriad correspondi] and we see the 1776 running along the base of the US$ pyramid [ it also covers for the dollar symbol on a keyboard]
As no flat shapes exist in this part of the universe the pyramid has 4 openings-faces , 5 eVent-points and 8 vector-lines[ remember the vectors represent a dual current so 16 vectors truly exist]. Does this mean they have 72x4 = 288 bricks with the all-seeing eye seeing all, rather than its printed forward-looking aspect ?
I find the 'net drives home the all-seeing abilities [ or at least non-tunnel vision] of humans in our physical world, a dreanmnet extension of our 720 degree - tetrahedral eVent apprehension.
Number 72 . 72 names of God, Tetrahedra , the min.system of our universe has angles equalling 720 degrees . We get taught that 360 degree vision is the best we can get, keeping our minds flat and featureless, perfect and without dynamic.
The Tett-Ra-Hed-Ra gives us 4 dimensions [not 3 'coz u cant have 3-dimensional 'space' - an oxymoron] allowing the metaphysical and physical dimension - Time + Length Breadth,Height]
The timely arrival of productions such as Mr.Kotze at Bravenewworldorder.blogspot show how disassociated material from Dugs to Docks, Virgins,pop stars, masons, mayans and the WTC prove acceptable. If we remain wholly rational and 3 dimensional there's no place for mr.kotze's work yet as we can see his -its= productions provide an eVent that connects a great deal of vectors. The productions may prove wholly false, wrong,or whatever but that's not their work, they refresh our investigations as only the 'stranger' can.
The Fool represents this breath of fresh air the fresh air that sucked the sails of ships across great oceans [ Follis[L] - bellows , bag.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ovoce Zelininova

Here in the Cz.Rep the Fruit and veg shop are called Ovoce Zelininova - Fruit and Greens [pron. Of-ots- eh Zelininova]. Relating this to the Wizard of Oz I wonder if Frank Baum parodied the great Wizard as a fruit and veg merchant with a fabulous fantasy. Zeleny means 'green' and this seems to be the essential colour of The Emerald city.
Spiderman and other superheroes were infected by the mutagen OZ, made by OsCorps. Various Octos then come into play with Doctor Oktopus

Thursday, June 7, 2007


In my present speculative considerations I imagine that a few different styles of humans evolved in the polynesian arkhipelago. Many islands lacked predators capable of killing humans, unlike most of he great landmasses. Looking at Easter Island I feel that islands 'ran out' of essential livingry forcing humans to move across the water to find new commodities. Apparantly in Polynesian society these navigator-priests live away from the main villages, and this tradition has continued to the present day. Though not living in a separate area Scientists often have info that others don't thus developing different mental landscapes.
Over millenia many sailed with the winds , out to Malaysia, China,Japan Siberia and back in along the west coast of the Americas. Others tacked against the wind reaching Africa using their shipping knowledge to create pyramids and such. To those landlubbers , Polynesians who left in earlier times, conveniently for my concept, lost or didn't need ocean-going skills as the continents provided ample sustenance. Rather like today once we get a stable lifestyle we often try hard to continue it despite the complacency and instinctual survival of the whateverist and become . I think, uncomfortable with our universal physical-metaphysical evoluting.
A story goes that the natives of Islands 'could not see' the ships carrying the Europeans as they had no concept with which to compare it thus , I think, non-ocean travellers would call the visitors Fish-men, as they called the Greek ships ' giant horses' because the y performed the duties once carried out by landed horse-powered soldiers.
Fish and Ships
These 2 concepts carry through into Pharoanic religion, Judaism and Christianity, my knowledge of other organized religions precludes me from further comparisons.
Ra regularly races around in its barque, Iheshuah Ben-Adam walked on water, got crucified on a mast, like Ulysses. Noah and the Ark heralded the new world order of men who built not towers but great ships. Building a tower on land does not require thinking about how much it weighs but a ship needs exact calculations and effishent use of materials to stay afloat. The great ships of business tend towards maritime language - companies are floated , launched, sunk. Limited liability law comes directly from the East India Company insuring of cargo and ship though not the crew. The owners would get paid off if their company sank.
Ships have new forms now - trains , planes and spaceships

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Flights of Fanansi

Like silk from a spiders butt the flights flew off like Ozymandians a-tying to save the world from its elf. Flight Elf translated from the German = 11 and that did do its stuff on Tower 2. Flight 175 , 1 less than the 2 pillars together, added 1 to Tower 1. 175 = The number of Venus's Magic Sqare. AA77, the Pentagon pooper gives us the goat agin while UA93 invokes Love under Will , AGAPE & THELEMA [Greek] both with total 93. They all come to 356

Pillar Filla

Boaz and Iachin - BOZ - YAChYN . The 2 knot in the middle
Planely this tragedy has attracted a fair degree or 33 of interest and insurance payments. Many claim some kind of richuall revolving around goats. We find that OZ translates as he-goat in Hebrew thus a little look at BOZ. B is claimed by the word BYTh which indicates a container, a house, any containment of Aleph , so we can imagine that BOZ = House of OZ
Both pillars = 79 giving a total of 158 or 0 when subtracted 1 from t'other

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Threads from OZ77 and 911

OZ in Hebrew = strength or a he-goat , = 77 in numbers which corresponds to the word MGDL which translates as 'towers' ,'citadels'. This connects it with the 7/7 bombings in London - citadels and the 'towers' correspond to the Twins on the 11th day[11x7=77] of September [Sept = 7, ember = ex-burning thing]. So here we have the present 7th month July consorting with the previous 7th month September.
911 = RAShYTh the shebrew word for beginning. It represents the 2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th characters of BRAShYTh which the Old Testament has translated as Genesis.It corresponds to the word ShARYTh which has the translation ' remnant'.
It = the 154th prime, 7&11 = the 4th and 5th primes [ i do not include 1 as a prime at present ]

In Roman numerals 9 and 11 = IX XI, a mirror image indicative of twinning . 9+11 =20 which = XX and magically the twin ones have disappeared to be replaced 1 new tower. Thus:
IX XI = 20 = 0 [because they got razed] = 1 [ as a new 1 will be built]

Try drawing the IXXI , it creates 2 squares, an 8gonal base. The 2 X's = a star with 8 between 2 pillars


Well come
After watching Jake Kotzke's 9/11 Starg8 productions I willed to comment and necessarily had to open this blog.
My first comment was on the apparent to me synchs in pages 4 - 5 of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake.
This hasn't been published so I thiught it wise to use it as the initial posting on this blog.

The quotes follow:
' Phall if you but will, rise if you must'

'... and during might odd years this man of hod, cement and edifices in Toper's Thorp piled buildung pon buildung pon the banks for the lives by the Soangso '

'Oftwhile balbulous, mithre ahead, with goodly travel in group......... to rise in undress maisonry upstanded.'

'... a waalworth of a skyerscrape of most eyeful hoyth entowerly.... with a burning bush atop off its baubletop...'

' What agentlike brought about that tragoady thundersday this municipal sin business. our cubehouse still rocks as earwitness to the thunder of his arafaas.... unkalified muzzlenmussilehims that would blackguardise the whitestone ever hurtleturtled out of heaven.'

' Then we'll all now if the feast is a flyday'

While it requires an active mind to find the synchs written some 80 years ago I find the proximity of the Woolworth Tower, Arafat, Bush, bush burning, flyday, unqualified missile-muslims, the whitestone- Kaaba, the man of hod, HVD the *th Sefira and the Cubehouse worthy of a investigation
Joyce wrote FW around the 'Egyptian Book of the Dead' so the similarities with any Egyptian-Masonic ritual are easy to find.
He puns to pound out meanings as the priests of egypt were wont to do, and perhaps provides a basis for Xing 'time' to glean or dissemin8 in4mation

I use the Hebrew letter-number system to elucidate info and if I write sHebrew words I will use an English transliteration, as with HVD above.

Look siXward to sharing with U