Saturday, June 23, 2007

Samson&Delilah , the 2 pillars and more fish

Samson - ShMShVN - 696 or 1346
Delilah - DLYLH - 79
Dagon - DGVN - 63 or 713

In Hebrew 5 letters have a different total when their finals. This completes the number system as they represent 5,6,7,8,and9 hundred. So thats why some have 2 totals.

A quick whizz through the story:
Judges 13 - Samson born. he is a Nazir {NZYR 267 , same as MRKBH]
Judges 14 - Samson kills a lion, comes back later and bees have moved in . Samson takes some honey.
Judges 16 - Plucks up the 2 gateposts of Gaza and takes them to the mountain before Hebron ChBRVN [266].
He goes to Surek [ShVRQ-606] and meets Delilah. Eventually she gets the secret of his strength, cutting off his 7 locks of hair.He's then blinded while the PhLShThYM [860] praise LDGVN [- L = 'to the' DGVN - Dagon] in Verse 23.Samson then pushes apart the 2 middle pillars and the place collapses leaving 3000 dead.

Acc. to Wikipedia 2993 people lost their lives due to 9/11 , add Delilahs 7 locks and we get the biblical 3000.
2993/41 = 73
DLYLH = 79 which is the same enumeration as BOZ and YAChYN the 2 pillars.
DGVN = 63 which is 7 x 9 , with 713 we have 23 x 31. 713 also equals ShBThY - Sphere of Saturn.
I have suggested that SEPTember and July are both 7s - 9/11 0n the 7/11
711 = 9x79

The Twin Pillars of July and September leaves August in the middle. What may transpyre on the 8/8/08, a Friday

79 seems very involved with Towers/Pillars and their destruction. In 777 the page headed 'The Meaning of the Primes from 11-97' leaves out an ex-plane-ation for 79. In the 777 PDF file a footnote has been inserted. The space for 79 is marked with an asterisk [*8]. The footnote gives the two pillars enumeration and adds that 158 [79x2] has words for 'Arrows','to Suffocate' and 'Balances'. The word given for 'arrows' is ChYTzYM.
ChTz [ in the Hebrew dictionary] - arrows but ChYTz is given - Barrier. The YM at the end of the word is , i think, a fem.plural thus Arrows or Barriers. Perhaps an intentional double meaning.
The 696 and 606 seem ti hint at omething and nothing between two 6s.
DG[7]means 'fish' so also does NVN[106] . Names with N often invoke the sea and sea-related stories. NCh-58 [Noah],
NYNVH -121 [ Ninevah from the Jonah story - IVNH is Hebrew for Dove], Namor, Neptune, Nixon, Nommo and Nemo.
For DG keep an eye or two out for Dolce and Gabbana,Doges[ dukes of Venice], DouGall from Magic Roundabout,the DoGon and David and Goliath.

De Gun De Gun
A nasty little weapon invoked from the Sun
When I sees dat fucker firin'
I proceeds to run
Faster than my brother
BenBen Johnson

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