Friday, June 22, 2007

Prime Rose

In Occ.of Personality there is a bit about the Primrose. I checked the Wikipedia article on the Primrose League where I see one of their logos is a PL design very very similar to the original sign fot the Planet Pluto discovered by Peter Lovell.
Lord Rosebery, PM, 3 x Derby winner and husband to Hannah Rothschild was born Arthur A. Primrose. His colours became the colours of the Scottish Football teams away strip. He had a dream to win the Derby , marry a rich, beauiful woman and become Prime Minister and got 3 out of 3.
The Primerose or Prima Rosa . the 1st Rose , so goes the etymology
The Prime rose the Prime awake
They rose and crossed the globe
Ocean by Ocean,Sea by Sea
Naught left in their wake
They rose again and will again
And all the Whirrled do shake


plutosbitch said...

Was this the design?

aferrismoon said...

The address i have is League