Thursday, June 21, 2007


I note that 1776 = 2 x 888 . I haven't researched overly but it seems little investigation into this aspect of the dated pyramid on the reverse of the dollarUS. So , perhaps it doesn't represent a date. Crowley gives a Greek enumeration of their word for Jesus as totalling 888.
17+76= 93
Bucky-Fuller writes an interesting piece in his SYNERGETICS Vols I & II that navigator-priests in Babylonia wrote the 1001 Nights, the stories of Scheherazade in which the numbers 7,11&13 are'unlucky' or related to less than fortunate eVents. I HAVEN"T READ IT. 7x11x13 = 1001. The Nav-Priests didn't want non-initiates multipling numbers and finding mathematical refutation of their flat-world , god speaks through me, set-up. Possibly 666 has some rather beneficial properties.
If we total the letter-numbers of Chapter 1 Verse 4 of Genesis [ BRAShYTh] we get 1776 [37x3x2Power4].
4 represents rule, rigidity, the floor of the temple [ among myriad correspondi] and we see the 1776 running along the base of the US$ pyramid [ it also covers for the dollar symbol on a keyboard]
As no flat shapes exist in this part of the universe the pyramid has 4 openings-faces , 5 eVent-points and 8 vector-lines[ remember the vectors represent a dual current so 16 vectors truly exist]. Does this mean they have 72x4 = 288 bricks with the all-seeing eye seeing all, rather than its printed forward-looking aspect ?
I find the 'net drives home the all-seeing abilities [ or at least non-tunnel vision] of humans in our physical world, a dreanmnet extension of our 720 degree - tetrahedral eVent apprehension.
Number 72 . 72 names of God, Tetrahedra , the min.system of our universe has angles equalling 720 degrees . We get taught that 360 degree vision is the best we can get, keeping our minds flat and featureless, perfect and without dynamic.
The Tett-Ra-Hed-Ra gives us 4 dimensions [not 3 'coz u cant have 3-dimensional 'space' - an oxymoron] allowing the metaphysical and physical dimension - Time + Length Breadth,Height]
The timely arrival of productions such as Mr.Kotze at Bravenewworldorder.blogspot show how disassociated material from Dugs to Docks, Virgins,pop stars, masons, mayans and the WTC prove acceptable. If we remain wholly rational and 3 dimensional there's no place for mr.kotze's work yet as we can see his -its= productions provide an eVent that connects a great deal of vectors. The productions may prove wholly false, wrong,or whatever but that's not their work, they refresh our investigations as only the 'stranger' can.
The Fool represents this breath of fresh air the fresh air that sucked the sails of ships across great oceans [ Follis[L] - bellows , bag.


hoi polloi said...

I like how you linked the number 4 to the temple and suggested that the all seeing eye really sees around all four 4 sides as opposed to its 2 dimensional appearance. Also nice to point out the keyboard numbers with their corresponding symbols. Again something right in front of my face that I never thought of. Good stuff!

aferrismoon said...

The Eye sees in 6 directions as it also looks in and out [ aka down and up].
Reading Buckminster-Fuller quite a lot has helped remind me of flat-world, which to me is one of the greatest 'in my face' mind muddlers.
Also up & down as wholly false concepts. We grow out from the centre of the Earth and then many grow back in to it. The up and down dismalness benefits the dedicated pyramidical heirarchies where only 1 may stand atop, on a pinnacle. This 1 always fears the pinnacle effect called 'falling down', never quite trusts those upon whom the 1 stands and so on.
Without up and down I live more from my middle , my heart - without wishing to be lovey-dovey- rather than being pulled around by my head.
The DYMAXION map puts the up&downless concept into full effect.
Fuller made it plain that his work should not be proselytized . DO check it as I understand perhaps 10%.