Monday, July 30, 2007

Tale spin

The end of season double or twin-bill from Seenyour kotze provides a wellspring of personal synchronizing.
The 1st was the GB connexion. Some weeks ago I noted that there were a few GBs flying around [ see article: HeeBeeGeeBees and one on Ginger Baker that mentioned his band Ginger Baker's Airforce].
The vid started with the opening few seconds of a Smurf cartoon. The story is credited to Gerald Baldwin [ perhaps even a lost Baldwin brother]. There's alook at a Kate Bush album cover but I invoke Gate Bush. A feeble connexion, but then ask the Iraqis about feeble connexions.
In part 2 a Terry O'Quinn played Howard Hughes shows a GeeBee 'plane to the Rocketeer and then gives him a pack of BEEMAN Chewing Gum [ see article Well, Honey, House the Hive] and in the final scene the GB is reversed [ like a Tarot card] to give us Ben Grimm.
In numbers B = 2, G=3 so 32 and 23 connexions abound.
Pegasus flew in , short-hopping across the waters. i grabbed this as it had the word PEG in it, which I linked to my article A Tent-Peg to the Temple. Feeble! No, I think the word is tenuous.
In the Lost -Balloon- Howard Gayle clip I feel sure the Watchman Smiley face , complete with bloodstain, adorns the downed balloon. Howard Gayle was the 1st black player to play for Liverpool and the id card has a photo of a black man.
In the final final scene we see the WTC Towers sheared off at 45 degree angles which seemed to mimic the Thermite-cut girders recorded after their demolition. Great way to end with that rather specific bit of science swept under the already bulging carpet.
911 Eyewitness , a see-worthy one.
Acorn = a horn. We find this in the UniCorn and CornuCopia. Speaking of Cornucopia- horns of plenty , they seemed to metamorphose into the spiral stairs that cropped up a few times in this 2-parter.
At the top of the Pyramids the lights atop seem as Black Suns - see Through the Looking Glass.
Finally I wondered about the LOZT connexion to 911 and wondered if the 911 sub [ underway on the surface] perhaps sent a torpedo through an underground duct leading from the Hudson River to the Towers [ see 911 eyewitness for an explosion and smoke/dust billowing from the street]. A suitably enabled rocket could have beeen fired and its trajectory turned to rise through the towers creating the unusual dust clouds coming from the building] Check Steve Willner's laytest [ Exodus, Set and the Gr8 pyramids]
ThanX 4 InSpyring these thoughts all

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Whole whirrled in our hands, minds...

UNIVERSE = the comprehensive integral-aggregate system embracing all the separate integral-aggregate systems of all men's consciously apprehended and communicated experiences.
Universe - finite because it = the sum total of finitely furnished experiences
universe , like the dictionary, though integral is ipso facto nonsimultaneously recollectable, is nonsimultaneously considerable and, therfore as with the set of all the words of the dictionary, is nonsimultaneously reviewable, ergo is synergetically incomprehensible ,
y e t p r o g r e s s i v e l y r e v e a l i n g

Excerpts from R.Buckminster-Fuller's 1963 No More 2nd Hand God

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jael and Sisera

This story [ see Tent-peg to the Temple] elicits a lot more than meets the first 12 readings.
In the verse preceding Sisera's transformation he says :
'And if any ask is there any man [AYSh 311] here thou shalt say NO!'
Then 'he' is 'killed' by Jael. If Jaels tent-peg to the temples is the penetration by AinSvphAur then perhaps 'he' becomes 1 with 'his' feminine who like Woman[AShH 306] giving the apple to Man[AYSh] in the Garden of Eden has to act as a conduit of universal energy. And so, NOMAN is here.
Carlo Suares wrote that the Male is in a state of instability and cannot accept information without its mediation through its female. [ I won't pretend I 'know' what that means]
When Jael kills Sisera he is lying down, asleep, and she impales him through the temples into the ground. In the poetic version , Chapter 5, he is described as falling, bowing then dieing. How he does this asleep beggars belief,
Many of the male elements in the bible seem to be in a state of shock, numbness, coma, etc.
SYSRA[331] - acc. to Carlo Suares the S - Samekh [60] are the female equivalent of V -vaw [6] , the male copulative element. Thus a womb which, with this penetration, expresses the movement that YShRAL[541] requires to throw off the yoke of Canaan.
SYSRA - YShRAL , the 2 wombs [S and S] in Sisera will provide a movement to both the physical and psychic nature of Ysrael.
In both words the letters Y,R & A are shared thus with the penetration and opening of the 2 wombs come forth L [30] and Sh[300].
The 3s = movement G the movement of every A in its B.
Gs projection into the existential dimensions emerges as a controlled movement - L
Sh = the Cosmic Breath , the great movement that fills the cosmos[ physical universe] and our mind[s] { metaphysical universe]
Deborah lives beneath a palm-tree in the hills of Ephraim [ APhRYM 331]
Jael lives in a tent and transforms Sisera { SYSRA 331]

Friday, July 27, 2007



Bucky-Fuller's dymaxion map, around since the mid-40s. Not found in schools as it might push aside the UP-DOWN programme for the more aeronautical IN-OUT programme. Reprogramming where possible with in-out for down-up changes ones thinking easily and allows me to inform myself far more accurately within universe. It synchronises with our position on the world-sphere growing out from the centre into space, to the stars. atlas could do with it as it might alleviate his holding-the-world-up programme.
I tried this out on the word 'depressed' - pushing down and could only replace it with 'contraction'. Thus I could say a period of depression = a contraction presaging a new birth.
UP etymologically = a form of out. We can see this in BLOW-UP which I think = enlarging outwardly in an omnidirectional halo.
Though I have no evidence for this I wonder if this map has been in existence before Fuller's 1943 discovery of it.
Do check out animated versions it.

Ahoy, me heartease

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bla K ' sun

A fuller explanation at
Tod's Through the looking Glass blog
and from his
to Bev's Exploring the Mysterious

Tod reise

Bouncing off The Daily Behemoth's story about the 26 deaths [ probably mor] from a coach crash. The Travellers were on a pilgrimage to Altotting in Bavaria to visit a Black Madonna there.
There is also a clock there called the Death Clock, atop stands a skeleton with a scythe. legend the clock would ' knock' before an impending death though this has now been attributed to the behaviour of a type of Wood-Beetle.
Pope Benedikt XVI was born in the Altotting region, in a village called Marktl in 1927. He visited Altotting last year and spoke of his thoughts on his death. This was reported in an article in Spiegel Online - 11/9/2006 headed ' Papst denke an seinen Tod' - Pope thinks of his death.
XVI = The Lightning-struck Tower in Tarot[ Book of Thoth] or The Empress[ Sepher Yetsira]

Monday, July 23, 2007

A Tent-Peg to the Temple

As the bees begin to mass and swarm despite their forthcoming extinction I slipped back into the Torah & KJV to Judges 4 & 5 where Devorah decides to off the Canaanites.
DBVRH 217 means 'bee' in Hebrew . In the illustration above she sits beneath her palm-tree which is where she lived.The eponymous heroine rouses Baqr to fight the Canaanites. An exchange takes place - Bakr says I will if u will, Devorah replies , well I will if u will
So its agreed lets go and take out Sisera, the Canaanite kings general. Fine. And that's Devorah's lot, she doesn't appear again. perhaps she toddles off with Bakr, the KJV doesn't say. bakr definitely fights Sisera's 900 chariots. Sisera escapes and on his flight comes by the house of HBR [207] whose wife Jael JOL [110] invites him in. He accepts and asks for water. She gives him milk which he drinks. then she gives him a rug and he drops off to sleep. Jael , with a hammer [MQBTh 542], then drives a tent-peg [ YThD 414] through his temple into the ground. Do not go camping with Jael! She meets Bakr and tells him that she'd sorted him out and the story ends. That's Judges 4 which is written in prose , Chapter 5 tells the same story in a poetic style.
JOL means chamois or mountain goat [ yes another name for a goat]
I decided to look at the numbers to aid in innerstanding this passage and chose to start with Judges 4, 21 which relates the tent-peg to the temple incident.
JOL AShTh-HBR ATh- YThD = 110 701-207 401-414 'Jael the wife of Hebr the tent-peg'. Excluding the 1st word these are the next 5 formulae.
207 = AVR - the balanced light of day
414 = AYN SVPh AVR [ 61 146 207] - the limitless light
Note>>> 61+146=207; 207x2=414
The wife of light penetrates the temples of SYSRA 331 Sisera with Ain Soph Or , the 3 nothingnesses that encompass the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Now the story transforms from a killing, to the penetration of humans-in-time with the Ayin Soph Or [ which I won't attempt to explain] that penetrates again into the Earth. Linking HuMan to the Light and the Earth, transcending time and space yet grounded and thus comm-uni-cable. How disastrous that most of humanity [ who read the bible] be left with a war and the glorification of woman as a sneaky femme fatale [ the killing justified or otherwise]. The translation leaves woman devoid of compassion and the man as gullible. The Israelites are again degraded to mere land-grabbers, by any means necessary and this raises its head in the stereotypes of Jews as ' sneaky'. In the following chapters Samson as psychopath tends to hammer home the idea that the Israelites are murderous, untrustworthy and wholly for gain.
Sisera's sleep is the word NRDM and the sleep of Adam is TRDMH [ translated as 'dropping off' and 'deep sleep']. In Adam's sleep occurs it's discovery of its female and consequently its maleness. Sisera's sleep [ a man unlike Adam hermaphrodite] awakens his consciousness to Universe . Adam awakens to find that it is now Eesh and Eesha. Sisera is transformed by the female Jael and they connect with the tent-peg driven joining man and woman-light and earth and if we return to the war story the 2 sides of the war.
The Hammer = 542 and the peg = 414. 542+414=956. 9 stands for foundation ; the 9th Sephira, Yesod ; 56 = YVM= day.
The Light is grounded, earthed [ like an electrical charge] and day dawns.
Both 217 - DBVRH and 331 SYSRA [ Sisera, the one killed] are centred heXagonal numbers, 331 is also a centred pentagonal number. A 5=6 Ritual? 217 = 7x31 and 331 = 59+61+67+71+73 [ % consecutive Prime numbers]
On Jake Kotze's blog Mark LeClair [ I think] comments that the WTC aerial view looked like a giant 3-pin plug.
as to the disappearence of Devorah, she reemerges from the belly of the Lion killed by Samson bringing the light to humans in the form of food and physical sustenance.
Out of the strong comes forth sweetness

Sunday, July 22, 2007


What do you call yourselves? Girls who run with foxes?


In the Bee Man strip in the previous article we see Beeman 'acting bushed' acc. to the soldiers watching him descend to the Honeywell Bee Farm. Like the Honeywell MAV pictured below I imagine Bee Man as a sinkromystic link to the Sept 11 attack. The MAV tech is very small and may have recorded images on or around the Towers - pure speculation.
The Honeywell Bee farm has many large hives for yummy honey production though it links with Realmofconnections most recent artikkle dealing with prison populations. Perhaps Honeywell will have a hand in the future mega prisons in the war-torn parts of the world, they do at present have many connexions in the Emirates. Here prisoners can build the new Hiveopolis. Armed insurgents will be allowed to continue acting as a natural barrier against escape. New laws will follow the market trends and fulfil the markets desire for imprisoning as many people as possible to make the world a safer place. A German Architect intended to build a very large dam across the Straits of Gibralter + extensive road and bridge products.He called it ATLANTROPA.
The pix are from cu-MEGAblog and FreedomLab - Future Studies
The Daily Behemoth has ventured into the world of building with an article ' The world's most ambitious projects'
On the FreedomLab site a projection of the dam around Manhatten , worth a read

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Well, Honey, house the hive

At DIAL B FOR BLOG , comic collecting and artful putting togetherness brings a feastful of help.
Beeman on the page races for honey from The Honeywell Bee Farm. I have heard of the company Honeywell and I whipped over to their pages to find a new piece of tech made for the US Govt. It's small, it flies, takes photos and perhaps mor

Building 47

While looking for pix for Building 7, I accidently typed in building 47 and came across the Columbus tower in London.
Columba = Dove.


Have added a photo to article BLACK AND COMELY = black madonna and child centred within the wings of a double-headed eagle

1138 and the Whirr of the Aeon

On Realm of Connections a vid of THX 1138 overlaid with music by Depeche Mode. A fine composition in itself it echoes the shaving popstar heads of late, the preclusion for Soma-type lifestyles, consenting to dimming the light of human intertelligence [ dimming down]. The calming electronica of Depeche Mode lends itself well to this episode.
11 x 38 = 418 the enumeration of the Word of the Aeon ABRAHADABRA [ acc. to A.Crowley]. Were this to appear on its own it might not stir me to this blog BUTT
11 x 83 = BRAShYTh - the WORD , the 1st word of Torah
The Torah = The Book of the Law and Crowley called his received information on April8.9 and 10 1904 as The Book of the Law.

The film was made [in part] by George Lucas who seems a fair fit for a previous GL investigation. GL = Hebrew for a 'wave' and also corresponds to the 'death' age for JeSUS and the 33degree Masons. It appears in the acronym AGLA leaving a suggestive A.A. 2 As and a wave - the V and A + maritime imagert related in Sabrina's journey's latest article

A Fox trots o'er the conning Tower

In Oct 1962 4 Soviet FOXTROT class [diesel] subs left Murmansk for Mariel in Cuba. Unbeknown to them the US had recently set up a Submarine tracking system called SOSUS which picked them up mid-atlantic and tracked them until they felt the need to get them to surface. The US succeeded with 3 out of 4, The 4th apparently hid within the noise of the Aragon, a Liberian merchant vessel.
Photos were taken of the subs and one had the Conning Tower number 911.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Fort E-7

The Towers had 47 columns that held it aloft while Building 7 had 47 floors or storeys


Caught the MacOs X logo?
An outer space background, in fact a spiral galAXy , to the fore a circle with an X fitting snugly to the edges, another smaller circle a the X centre,
In the top quadrant we see the Apple logo.APL = Alice Pleasance Liddell, APL - thick fog, darkness in Hebrew and = 111
This invocation of the OX comes at atime when blogs discuss Alice in Wonderland , a book written in Oxford [ inspired].
OX = a circular-based pyramid form the top and is a translation of Aleph.
This Stargate-Wormhole design has 2 crossed poles [ the X ] and a bitten apple above;Snow White in the Garden of Eden.Awaken when the X is uncrossed each pole the life NRG dual current

Homer offers Barney a Torus

Over at Newspaceman he presents the Cerne Abbas 'Rude-man' , a large rendition of a guy with a club and a phallus on s hillside in Dorset. Newly drawn is a picture of Homer waving at Barney Cerne Abbas. He seems to be saying :
"Barney , time is doughnut-shaped. In honour of this eVent allow me to place the Torus over your erect member , symbolic as it is of the union of 1 and 0 , out and in. Time in existence [ 0 ] ever penetrated by Alef [ 1 ] creating life."
"What about the club Homer?"
" Go to Wrong Way Wizard, watch the monkkey"

In the Simpsons episode where the introduction is extended to give us Homer's evolution , Homer as a fish trough through the Mr.Burns Octopus's tentacles. I clicked on that with the idea of the Watchman psychic event, a giant octopus appears in New York and the 911 disaster , and the vrious 8 armed, sided , faced things going around the blogs I read.
Further on the Simpson have a fire , here's some dialogue :
- Do u know how many fire are started by birthday candles? If u do , tell me, it would settle a bet down at the station house. I say 5 Gus says a million.
- This disasterette was a rael wake-up call! We need to find a way to protect our irreplaceables.
- U could buy a fire-proof safe!
-Or we could resolve to be more careful with our open flames!
- Sir , we've been here 6 times this month.
-Yeah, but 1 of those times I dialled 911 by mistake but I was too embarrassed to admit it, so I set the house on fire. Feels good to tell the Truth. Oh, I'm lying again , it feels bad.

-It's not like we could restage all the photos
-Restage all the photos
-Restage all the photos ; oh no , you've doomed us all!

Further on we see Lisa reading Man & Superman - GB Shaw
And Bart reading Aquaman & Superman - DC Comics

Marge with fotos - It's just about what we need to pay for the fire-damage - CUT to newspaper editor based on Jonah Jameson [ Peter Parkers editor who always always always gets the RITE shots. Yes Peter Parker , with your pixellated nose-cones and inability to get even a close-up on those freakin' jets. Don't you have a Spidey suit, whatta we pay u for webspinner]

... to try to remember the place in the book I was reading

,,,, barring some kind of wierd pendulum effect [ the towers should fall directly into their footprint]

- Sometimes I just wish I had a twin. Not that much though we'd just fight.

- Well at least it got made.

In the episode with Bart failing to catch the baseball for the Springfield Isotots [ Eye -so-thoth], we get a scoreboard described:
Ball 1 Strike 1 Out 2

359 = ShTN , aka Shaitan, Satan. The ball and strike represent the 2 pillarmidic Twin Towers which gives 2 out. Later in Frink's notebook he calculates the sum 3-2=1

- It's not like we can play the game over again.
- Open ya' freakin' ears

Another scorecard [ 'scuse my chronlogicality]
Ball 3 Strike 2 Out 2

529 = 23x23 and 322 has a webpage of its own

112+322=434 which is DLTh - Dalet, Delta, Door, the 4th letter of the Hebrew alefbeyt
359+529=888 In Gk numerology this = Jesus. 888x2=1776
so here's a door pillared either side by 23s [ in Hebrew ChYH 23 translates as 'living']. Satan acts as the middle pillar , itself guarded by the Skull & Xbones 322 . Thus a form of death through the 322 -S&Xbones, to meet , understand and transcend Satan by letting go to the double-current of life coursing through us, becoming Jesususes.
The S S I initialling the teams and innings correspond to the snakes entwined around the Caduceus;
At present France has 23 Archbishops and the Parisienne one is called Andre Vingt-Trois [23]

- They warned me not to talk to you
-78th time is the charm

V & A

V and A have emerged on Sabrina's Journey.
The Victoria & Albert Museum in London is usually referred to as the V&A. There is a gallery in Mott Street , New York called V&A New York which has an exhibition called In Watermelon Sugar by John Penry. one painting shows a pyramid with eye-capstone. Sabrinas Journey has http address Fionawatermelon .
Venus and Aphrodite
Valis and Alice
V and A , Vaw and Alef , = 6 + 1 = 7 which wings us back to NTzCh - Netzach the 7th Sephira , often translated as Victory which then tacks to starboard to find HMS Victory harboured in Portsmouth
A has been interpreted as a glyph for the pentagram while 5 = Roman 5
They could be the symbols for Water and Air with the bases knocked off
Av represents Gold in the field of numismatics.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

For T-7

Regarding the Torah and its 1st verse: the verse starts with B implying that the Alef can only be apprehended secondly in its container. Thus Alef is NOT the 1st letter-number. The 1st word = BRAShYTh and = 913 and the 1st letter ALPh = 111.
In Buckminster-Fullers SYNERGETICS Vol 1 & 2 , Chapter 13, 1238.51 He has written :
Scheherezade numbers: 47.
' The 1st Prime number beyond the trigonometric limit [45] is 47. the number 47 may be a flying increment to fill allspace. to fill out the 8 triangular facets of the non-all-space filling-vector equilibrium to form the allspace-filling 1st nuclear cube. If 47 as a factor produces a Scheherazade number with mirrors, it may account for not only all he specks of dust in Universe but for all the changes of cosmic restlessness, accounting for the convergent-divergent NEXT EVENT, which unbalances the even and rational whole numbers. If 47 as a factor does not produce a Sch. number with mirrors, it may explain that there can be no recurring limit symmetries. It may be that 47 is the cosmic random element, the agent of infinite change.'

47 to the 9th power = 1119130473102767
Here the 'invisible' ALPh appears before 913 BRAShYTH confirming the idea that B contains ALP , while BRAShYTh commits to explanation , for many feel BRAShYTh = the WORD-LOGOS. The 0-47 gives the idea of allspace & allspace filler.
31 - AL and LA [not], while 02 reiterates the unknown and the known, allspace and allspace filler, as well as the Universe equation expressed by A.Crowley 0=2. The 767 remains outside any present explanation for now.
I checked out Genesis 47 , the story of Joseph being rewarded by the Pharoah for all his great work and adding that he lived well , dying at 147 years
147 = YHVH-ADNY-AHYH-AGLA the four god-names vibrated at each cardinal point
47 = BMH - clouds, high place, fortress, waves [in Sepher Sephiroth] and stage, podium , rostrum in Hebrew dictionary

Black and comely

Returning from BTB I carried with me thoughts of Albion [ see comments] and Madonnas. Yesterday I took the photo of the Black Madonna and child standing on the corner of the Cubist House in Prague.
The comments speak about the 5 Madonnas that may get built in Brighton. Brighton is not to far from the home of the Royal Navy [ as in 'not the British Navy'] which is Portsmouth, a town of vast importance in the growth of the British Empire. As spaceships and space travel had perhaps not been discovered I propose Portsmouth as a Maritime Watergate , the predecessor to Stargate tech [ as is all Maritime beesness]. This is reiterated in the Portsmouth FC club badge [ which is reproduced without permission somewhere]
Many years ago Brighton and Hove ALBION FC were live on the radio and a listener rang in to complain about the chanting of Seig Heil throughout the match. David Mellor [ former minister and then BBC Radio 5 live ] took a call from Brighton supporter who said that they were chanting 'Seagulls', the nickname of the club.

Blink and you'll kiss it

Seeping 4th from Sabrina's journey beginnings of a slight rise in water levels, the sun and moonlight glints off ripples stirred by Alice's hand trailing in the Isis while Charles ' Dodger' Dodgson entwines the 3 children into a story that winds its way through the ages. The Isis meets the Severn.
In Sabrin'a Journey we see the Red Queen talking to Alice - this links to the recent event when HRH QEII told off the photographer who asked her to take off her crown [ in fact a mere tiara] . The Red Queen has a fairly short temper and I imagine that she is telling Alice off in this illustration.
I note the crown with its 3 Vs left by the upwardly pointing 4 As.
This laying down of the lore theme has a more violent illustration at WrongWayWizard, the bone wielding-bone smashing ape thrashing out the 1st law
Bone in French = OS and I give this to Osiris for this article. Lewis Carrol told stories to Alice Liddell [ AL-31] on a river in Oxford - maybe it was the Isis. Sabrina is another name for the River Severn [ UK].
Osiris [ Bone - eye] was shut up in a coffin and pushed out to sea to end up trapped in an Erica [ heather] bush.
Egyptian priests apparently ' punned' the names of Gods , possibly because they didn't know the original names, possibly to include other god-forms in the ever-diversifying dynastical Egyptian pantheon . James Joyce used intense punning on all his words in Finnegans Wake. One great character of this river-book is the River Liffey [ Eire] which he refers to as Anna Livia Plurabella [ a nod to Alice Pleasance Liddell and Lewis Carroll].
WWSkeats relates the word to 'pound' and I return by vicus commodius to Wr.Way.Wiz's bone-monkey perhaps trying to pound out the first words, rather like an original I Ching reading from cracked bones and tortoise shells.
Oxford - where the Ox Crosses is where Carroll lived , worked and wrote. Ox in Latin or Greek = BOS and Ford = Porus [ european/semitic F-P interchange] so Oxford = the Bosporus.
As cattle are synonymous with CAPUTalism [ heads of cattle] the head honcho might have related to it and called himself the BOSS. The Greeks sometimes referred to Osiris as Busiris = so BOS-IRIS = BullsEye [ and a connexion to Boss- Sirius?]
Rivers - seas , the sacred Alef, Osiris and Isis. bulls eye when the bull's hit, bones and bony gods - is that a thigh bone , Mr.Mon[ad]key, did u keep the skull and 1 other thigh bone to create your 1st law - Maritime law - the Law of the Sea- Peeracy- Mari-age
The Monkey raises the bone and Isis raises Osiris' bone with magical words, his original bone lost to the Oxyrhyncus fish. This bone is the 14th part of his body rent by Set. Isis finds 13 . Thoth gives her the words to erect Osiris anew - 'Phall if you but will, rise you must'

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fox Features Samson where DC fears to don't tread on me.

By Jingo!
Looking up 'fox baker' I find a page on Fox Feature Syndicate who published comics under the direction of the eccentric Victor Fox, who proclaimed himself, often , as the 'king of comix'. He had previously worked as an accountant for DC but also had worked for Allied Capital Corp./Fox Motor and Bank Stocks,Inc./American Common Stocks,Inc. on Park Avenue. He was indicted on Nov. 27, 1929 for mail fraud though it is unrecorded [ yes unrecorded] as to whether this resulted in a conviction.
He , probably not independently, introduced Samson to the comic world, whose side-kick, David, was the only survivor of a plane crash.Thor . too, appeared through FFS too.
Thor has appeared in the 911 Timelords and its the first name of Tour-de-France contender Thor Hushevd [ thanks to Through the Louking Glass]. Thor , on his website, pronounces his name Tour , the same as Tour, which is the Old French root for the word Tower, which on the 911Timelords vid is encircled by Thor and companion hammer.
Ginger Baker thought about becoming a professional cyclist before using his leg muscles to power his drumming. Battling the Behemoth has been observing the serpentlike tour since its departure from Greenwich.
Soon it'll be August which the Czechs call Srpen , from the root SRP - a sickle. it relates to harvest-time. Leo takes most of August astrologically and its symbol is wholly serpentine which leads me to the SICKLE - a serpent?
The Hammer and Serpent
Druids , well Getafix, are often seen as carrying sickles to harvest mistletoe [ or missile-tow , chem-trails]
Sir Pentagon, transatlantic cousin of Arthur Pendragon leads a merry harvest sickling down the 'others' as the Corporate Collective culls communities left rite and centre

Bright Ginger Foxes hawking wind

Jesus once said 'Consider the Lily..' . Well I will but at present past articulls are catching up with each other and synergetically producing something new and unlike its parents.
The effusion of GBs - Gordon Brown, George Bush , Great Britain.
The Fox story has thrown up fires and red-hair or ginger hair.
The illuminati - Egyptian thang has regularly let loose that Hawk-Falcon Horus.
Through BNOW we get an insight into psychedelic enlightenment.
Colliding together they have formed 'Ginger Baker' , a drummer who once played with British psychedelic rock band Hawkwind.
One of their most celebrated albums has the name SPACE RITUAL.
Ginger Baker also played in Ginger Baker's Airforce adding a slightly flight synch with the TwinTowers mode of destruction.
I doubt Ginger Baker has any direct connection with the subject matter that the blogs I read express but I include Ginger baker as a sort of nodal meeting-place. This concept makes me wonder about 'seemingly unconnected events' and what may be gleaned by travelling away from apparently irrelevant news on unusual trajectories like The comic book cycle.
Connected to all things DOG - the cz word for Dog = pes , due to grammar changes the plural = PSI. Thought u might like to be informed. Imagine PSIcops etc..with their Solar connexions.
Solar - the root is sanskrit - sura meaning sun, but in the greek its 'seirios ' - the Dog Star. So we use the star Sirius to describe the Solar or Sirian system. Etymology acc. to W.W.Skeat.
I assumed that Solar related to 'The sun', do we astronomical systems that have all this systems planets, stars etc. revolving around Sirius [ which acc. to Dogon myth completes 50 year cycles] The Dogon , incidentally, get a lot of answers from the PALE FOX.

Force and Guile

Machiavelli said something along the these lines :
The only way the mynority can rule the madjority is through force or guile, the methods of the lion and the fox.
This gives me another insight into the Samson story. It perhaps allows us look at the merits of both.
While the lion rips and rends it cannot do this indefinitely. At some juncture the 'lions' began to feel pity and compassion for those it attacks. Thus war under these conditions has a relatively short duration, the Bold War.
Using the Foxy Way war can exist without people really noticing it and can then last longer - the Cold War, the Old War, the Sold War, Low-intensity conflict.
If a lion wants your chickens it has the strength to break down all the little fences surrounding the cooped up. A fox is eminently defendable against so a defence industry makes sense. Now people rarely have to go to war but stay on standby. If the fox has not yet broken in it stands to reason that it will attempt to find a way in to catch those chickens now mortgaged to the hilt to pay for the defences. So the chicken in a cage people build e'ermore complex defences based on the probable cause of the Fox ever improving his offence. Lack of Fox means the defences work, but evidence from a chicken dressed as a fox says the enemy is even now constructing weapons of myth destruction. As the defences complexify the chicken littles find it difficult to get out.
PKDick writes a short and long story on the population living underground while a false war rages above ground, beamed to them from above by the humans own robot slaves.
Finally the chickens vote for a fox to rule them as that seems the best defence against the wider Fox Populus.
We as humans have often used the press to keep the foxes in check by reporting on world activities and have invoked the FoxNewsNetwork [ and ChickeNeN] to inform us based on the premise that as they , bedfellows of corporate politicking, know them so well they'll be able to find out more about them. They continue to tell the public that the foxy terrorists have hidden in specially constructed dens. Luckily the allies can call upon the great Eagle which can see all this from very far away. The UN suggest peace but the foxy eagle says this sounds like You-hen.
In the words of a well-known Hip-Hop combo ' Breaking NYCs and crashing large jets, and cashing large chicks'
The Machiavelli reference comes from a book titled : The New Elites. George Walden [ Penguin]. He adds -
'Today we have the foxiest elite ever: one that rules in the people's name yet retains the lion's share of power.'
News from Newspaceman
As Newspaceman comes from the UK he elicited the FOXES GLACIER MINTS connexion. For those perhaps unfamilair with them these minty sweets have a logo of a Polar Bear atop a glacier mint. In the 80s the TV ad campaign featured a yapping fox trying to dislodge the ponderous bear [ I have likened this bear and its slower, more thoughtful character to Gordon Brown, accurately or otherwise, and the Fox to the yapping press and shrill common-'taters in the memedia, and Blair]
The company started in the early C20th by Eric Fox was located in Leicester which itself, due to foxhunting, has great connexions with the Fox. Have a look at Leicester City Football Club's badge - A fox backed by a 5-petalled white rose. As I've written before Madeleine McCann hails from Leicester. In the July 12[I think] Daily Mail [UK newspaper] a front-page photo of Madeleine appeared under the banner ad for a video of the battle between Monty and the Desert Fox [ Erwin Rommel].

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thor and Horus, Hammer and Fall-Con

The most recent vidiao from Pan. Kotze [ Pan is 'mister' in Czech]feature a synch or too that connected to this blog.
I watched a vid a few days ago , an interview with Boyd Bushman, a long-time research scientist for LockheedMartin. [Watch it]. he describes the use they had made of Magnets and gravity. Bolt 2 magnets, repelling each other, together, put them inside a solid structure , like a rock, and drop it with a rock of the same weight , and they DON'T reach the ground at the same time. Details on the vid.
By way of demo he showed the Apollo 15 video when the astronaut drops a silver hammer and a falcon's feather together. They hit the moon's surface at the same time.
Now on the 911 timelords.... Thor with Hammer creates a spinning vortex around the Twin Towers, and not long b4 the video had shown a cartoon pic of Osiris, Isis and Horus [the falcon] standing together.
Some of the properties that Boyd Bushman talked about led me to think of the great FALL-CON job, Twins hit by planes and fall.
Demolition job looks feasible, little puffs of smoke etc. Nevertheless what about some ' Magneto-gravity charge' coming from those circling gnats , the Helio-Copters, which in September Clues seemed to be hovering for a little more than shots they would soon overbanner or fade to black.
I do not know, I speculate. I'll try to get a good link to the Boyd bushman vid.
oh and any ideas on what happened to the passengers in the animated planes?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lily Potter

Following up on Tod's article at Through the looking Glass his article talked about foxes, some of it to the scapegoating of these creatures in certain cultures. I proposed the Red-Hair syndrome as possibly being part of that attitude - Set, Salome etc.
Looking into redheads I found redheaded Lily Potter, Harry's mother and tittered at the synch - Lily Fox > Lily Potter. see previous blogs with obvious Lily, Potter, Fox titles.

A fleeting glimpse

2 Gather 2 gether some of the work that I have ingested I deliver this overglance :
A plethora of overlays linked loosely by name, rank[sniff,sniff] and cereal number. While nothing returns upon itself [ the Ourobourus shows us that it can't eat its own tale] the spiralling stories require a temporary base-camp.
due to the content of other blogs I found myself lookinf at Torah-numeric & Biblo-literary connexions.
911 via BNWO provided the blast-off. These vids made me laugh , the prelude to any real learning.[ the Fool - see WrongWayWizard]. Avoiding the detail I allowed the various thoughts and images to spark loose links.
The 2 pillars, the 33 degrees [ Prince Charles i recall was a great fan of the 3 Degrees]
the 4 'planes, a pentagon, the sex-painted stars, 7 locks of Samson, the G8 stars, the NO 9s and t[h]en the
Art of Synchromysticism - using modern hieroglyfix , TV, movies, comix, the 'net, the fear , sorry the News, as well as the older and ancient synchro-devices. Since the end of WW2 the general populace has interpreted the ModernMassMEdia[ note the Roman Catholic Church has decided to opt for an older Mass Media ] as 'reality'. Now it has lost its reputation we tend to use it to 'get frit' or more beneficially as a very large 'device'.
In the last month topics bubble up, burst, return, never return or hang in the wings waiting. Some create small societies -
Modern times - 911, Lost, Madeleine McCann [ but] Walt Disney [ Scottish accent joke], Mudonna Face, Britney's Spear pops stars [ I'm reminded of Albert Speer], GMT, Corporate logos [how lo-han can hugo, boss], Donald, Scrooge, Bill Hyksos, Stanley Qbrik.
Recent past - history of Secret Societies, Dutch&British East India Companies, Dollar Bill and the USA
The Day B4 Yesterday - Akhenaton, Moses and Aaron, mushrooms and/or other paths of illumination - Path-illogical, Miriam Magdula, Babel-On, the Ark, Ceres, Isis and Atlantis.

Animals - Bees, Chickens, Foxes, Ducks, Owls, Dogs, Spiders, Goats, Fish and Octopi.
Comikoids - Time magazine, Spiderman, the Fantastic 4 [ Earth, Air, Water , Fire and the Silver Surfer - the quintessence], Donald Duck and family, the Simpsons, Rorshach,Xmen and other fleeting images.
Ac[oly]ters - Scarlett Yo!Handson, Kurt Russelveldt, Matt Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Harris Pilton-Down,the Fratpack, Mad-honour and Brutalni Spires [ twinned with Fawlty Towers[ more on this and Monty Python another time]]

the lily and the Rose, fleur-de-lis, Pirrormids, twins [ check the PM and President of Poland , they're twins], eights, ladders, G, maritime and naughtical tales, the 2er de France, space shuttles as we spin, a variety of Institutes, organized reeligions and a ubiquitous sub-plot known as PhilipKDick

M E R G E & V A R Y
Comikoids - Spiderman,

Ova the Seas and Oceans blue..

I help people learn English [ teach?] and mostly in businesses. Thus a fair bit of 'company' language. I tell studiers that it's a good idea to study ships and maritime language as a fair bit has entered into the language of business and trade. The East India Company introduced the Private Limited Company [PLC]. The Company ate bread together [ Fr.- com pain]. The luckless employess, the crew [ exempt from the PLC] enjoyed nutritious biscuits. The Board = the boards of the ship, which the Company are on. apaprently they sat around this board and directed the ship, plotting a course to the next venture for which they needed capital [ Cap = head]. Carrying cattle around required enormous ships so , a long time ago, these 'heads of cattle' were represented by heads on coin, or by people wearing horned-helmets.
Due to attacks from competitors precious metals proved problematic to transport back to the mother-country so they set uo banks, embassies and account books to log the transactions. The log alludes to the first boats [ as well as the log used for recording depth and speed] hollowed out with axes. The Czech word for ship = Lod' [ Lodye] which sounds like Lodge, essentially an upturned ship on land. Thus once off the sea the merry-mariner-masons repaired to their lodges for an Egypto-ritual or three.
The Egyptians were barqueing mad by all accountants , sailing over the sky and through the underworld and much of their maritimery leaked into the Christian mythos - fisherman, cross as mast, Joseph was a carpenter which is old Breton for'boatbuilder' rather than a plain woodworker. Mary sounds like Mer- the sea . Noah and Jonah have starring roles. Did God make a covenant with Noah as he wa a shipbuilder. Did the Lored make this covenant with mariners or the people of the land awell?
Buckminster-Fuller puts forward a case for lineage:Polynesians-Punicians-Phoenicians-Venetians-Veekings infiltrating all world-around businessing by their hold on every strategic port. He alludes to the Phoenicians 'renting' their boats to the Greeks, Romans and Carthaginians. If they didn't do business with them they wouldn't let them out of the ports. The book is titled ' Critical Path' .
Ships as companies-on-land is highlighted in Monty Python's Meaning of Life. The opening scene of the film sees the Crimson Assurance building getting underway and fighting off a hostile takeover. This scene deals with a couple of thousand years of history and relates it to todays boardroom battles.
The so-called British Empire , on which the Sun has yet to set, worked globally in the same way today's corporations do. No need for passports [ Britons required no passport until 1918], and thus no borders for ship and/or corporate officers.
Companies are launched, floated and sometimes sunk. Ships had figureheads which is what CEO's have become, and mytho-poetic names - Cuttys Ark, Sun Life, Shell, Victory, Mary Rose [ i thought that was Jesus].
Companies like many ships fly flags of convenience , alluding to the idea that they're from the US,UK, France,Germany, Japan, Soth Africa when it's seems obvious if you register a company offshore there'll be less tax to pay.
Corporations sail the metaphysical seas now, their strategic ports are patents, soldiers are lobbyists and arm-twisters, politicians their on-land stooges, press-gangs just dropped the word gang.

St.Bees and Potters Bar

The silent swarm of synchro-bess gleaned from the plagues of books, Syrup tins, glazed designs sparkle from amphorae and C17th porcelain. A Honey Pot of mead soaked dreams.
A few errant bees that seem to have passed me by at pres. Princess Beatrix, daughter of the Duke of York and Sarah Ferguson, rarely sighted, possibly basking aaway from the limelight.
Of course Bea is the diminutive for Beatrix, some patients may remember [Queen]Bea from Prisoner Cell Block H, an Australian soap opera set in a prison. Groundbreaking.Perhaps if the royals get careless we might find that QBee [Cube]may realise the throne.
At the Karlovy Vary Film Fest[ Cz.Rep] Miss Zellweger accepted an award and completed some functionary duties. The world awaits her role as Beatrix Potter, a name that invokes children's books about underage magicians [ what is the law on the invocation of supernatural beings for under-14s] , innumerable animals including the now-newsy Fox.
A bee tricks Potter.
I included Potter's Bar as , I think' its part of a motor-racing track , perhaps SilverStone, which I decided to add to Harry Potter for when he gets old enough to compete in F1.
Harry Potter and the Silverstone of Sorcery [ What magic keeps this sport soooo popular] F1 cars sound like bees, though with fuel injection.
The Egyptian god P'Tah is famously illustrated as working at a Potter's wheel. He seems to take the unformed clay and gives it life by opening it, and his name translates as ' opener'. This word has carried over into Hebrew PhThCh 488. His instruments include both Ankh and plumbline, thus a master mason.He presided or took part in the cerenony of the opening of the mouth, very important for dead Egyptians claiming After[ra]Life Assurance
Taking a few linguistic liberties -
Harry Potter >>> HARY PhThCh [ pronounced Ha-Eri P'taah] The[H] Lion[ARY] Opener which swirls by vicus commodius back again to Samson, the ripper-opener of Lion's jaws [ see prev blogs + Through the Looking Glass blog]
A potter Bee is a solitary bee that builds nests of mud or pebbles cemented together and attached to the side of a plant, while Gerge Potter started the Bee-Hive Trade Union Journal in 1861

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Plumblines and an eyeful of Pylarmids

While researching Orion I found acc. to Wiki, that there are 4 mentions in the OT. The last I looked at was in AMOS 5. Mmm, I thought, then my glipped across the page , noticing the word PLUMBLINE. The Lord stands by a wall, telling Amos, that ' I will put the plumbline into Ysrael' or words to that effect.
 Zooom, hitched over there, 2 mentions of plumbline, AMOS 7, 7-8. Its midnight, just after July 7th moves into the 8th. Nyam,nyam.
The SHeebrew word for plumbline = ANK 71. 71= YVNH - Dove. Once transformed into English the word ANK 'looks like' the English way of writing ANKH - the Egyptian Cross.
A code exists in the 1st verse of Genesis in Hebrew , to wit :
In the 1st verse [of 28 letter-numbers] it uses 11 different letters to spell out the verse. In the Hebrew alephbeyt there are 22 letters [ not incl. finals] so 11 letters are not used. TaDa - I put the 11 used in numerical order and below them the 11 not used. Now I can get a word and transpose the 'hidden' letters -
A  B  H  V  Y  L  M  Tz  R  Sh  Th
G  D  Z Ch T  K  N   S    O  Ph  Q
Thus ANK 71 = GML 73. [ note they are consecutive Prime numbers and include an inferred 'missing 72].
Now those Crafty Masons often use the letter G  within their symbolic system, and God loves Geometry ,coz its a gr8 mathematician.
The face of the pyramid on the dollar bill has 72 bricks , so the eye = the 73rd and among other words 73 = GML and GML hides an ANK and vice versa.  Eye =  plumbline. Plumbum is Latin for Lead - metal of Saturn.
I moved on - GML+ANK = 144 and QDM appeared , it means 'east'. Fairly synchro-acceptable so I encoded QDM and got ThBN which means 'straw' and = 452, added hose 2 together and the result = 596 ,which = YRVShLYM.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


..has ever 'seen' outside of himself. His brain is a multi-frequency [4 sensory ranges] scanning[TV] integrator. continually operating in co-ordination with a multitude of memory [kinescope taped] TV scanners. The whole array of NEW and MEMORY TVs is frequency monitored by an angular and frequency modulated PATTERN COMMONALITY SCORING & SCORE PREDICTING conceptual co-ordination capability. The TV co-ordianting conceptual capability includes a score-guessing and score-guess testing faculty, as well as a strategic-tests-contriving-pattern considerator. all of whichconceptual patterning proclivities are self-started and regenerated by synergetical INTELLECTION.
Thinking is a putting-aside, rather than a putting-in discipline, e.g., putting aside the tall grasses to isolate the trail into informative viewability - Thinking is FM - Frequency Modulation.
NO MORE 2ND HAND GOD - R.Buckminster-Fuller, 1963 Southern Illinois Univ. Press.
When 911 occurred the 1st thing that came to mind was the graphic novel The Watchmen and the 2nd thought was a memory of the above.
Now it's a good idea to watch SEPTEMBER CLUES.
TV commentators seemed accepting of the incident as accident until the 2nd Tower expressed flames and smoke. Small planes, Jumbos and missiles were all reported , acc. to the recordings on September Clues. I doubt people immediately thought - cabals within our/their govt. have organised this, and are prepared to hurt 1000s. Question-marks , emerged in minds, and inthose spaces were placed explanation marks ?!?!?
Were there really any Towers there at all?
How many commentators were taking prescription drugs to help with sleeplessness, if any. Listening to some of the commentators I imagined them to be almost monotone in their delivery. How many 'seeing', by using their mem-systems to conceive what they 'saw' 0.28 secs. later, [not including any beep-initiated 17sec. delay], also took drugs to combat sleeplessness. The second as the smallest general time-increment implies that we apprehend everything 'secondly', and apparently we can't recognize that which we have never cognized. Click-click-whirr.
The animated planes - so where are the 'real' planes and passengers? To avoid accepting their 'deaths' I wonder if they got flown to an island in the middle of Polynesia or thereabouts, in proximity to Atemlantes.
Adding the 4 planes from 911 to the Oceanic flight = 356+815= 1171, a pleasant looking number. Today its 7/7/7 and 111 x 7 = 777, though I fail to see any deeper connection.

Friday, July 6, 2007

What's that buzzzzzzzzzzin'

in a recentish Simpson's episode Crook and Ladder Marge opens 'Smotherimg mother ' magazine, She sees an article called:
'Are bees building hives in your diaper genie' followed by ' The deadly truth about Oxygen' replete with skull and Xbones motif. the episode deals with a sleeping pill called Nappion [ or as Lisa mumbles Ambien] and much of the decor has a violet overtone.
On Fox News page I notice that Eli Lilly have to pay out $700m over their drug Nyrexa

Lily Fox

While researching Samson & the 300 Foxes in Judges 15 and Deborah - the Bee- in Judges 4 & 5 I found myself in the a beautiful garden full of lilies, roses and the odd few little foxes.
After Samson despatches a lot of Philistines, after he's outfoxed them with the tail-flame foxes he goes to stay awhile ' in a cleft in the rock at Etam' - [ OYTM 129 , maybe the Eagle or Vulture's place].
DBVRH 217- Deborah is married to someone called LPhYDVTh 530 - Torch. This word is used in LPhYDYM 176- torches the word for torches attached to the foxes tails in the Samson attack.
I added 217 to 530 = 747 - Bees and Flames , Stingers and flames - Passenger aircraft
QVL HThVR = 747 and translates as ' the voice of the turtle-dove] and is found in the Song of Songs Ch2,v12 -
' ... and the voice of the turtle-dove is heard in our land'
The word HThVR - the dove = anagram of TVRH - Torah
A lil' further on
'O my dove, that art in the clefts of the rock, in the covert of the steep place .......
...... Take us the foxes , the little foxes that spoil the vinyards
For our vinyards are in blossom.
My beloved is mine, he feedeth his flock among the lilies'
This section of verse connects Jake's LILIES , Todd's interest in FOXES, the previous SAMSON story.
In the 1st verse the word for lilies = ChBTzLTh 530 as LPhYDVTh [ Deborah's husband]. My modern, fairly secular Hebrew dictionary translates this word as FLEUR de LIS, while the margin notes of the KJBible mention Autumn Crocus[ Colchicum Autumnale] as an alternative name. The latin name reminds me of the Ancient kingdom of Colchis where JASON ARGO sought the Golden Fleece.
In Synchroville modernis LOST , Matthew Fox & Evangeline Lilly -
' My beloved is gone down to his garden , to the beds of spices
To feed in the gardens, and to gather lilies.
I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine
He feedeth his flock among the lilies'

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Deborah , Samson, Tate and Lyle, more foxes in Leicester

DBVRH 217 , the name means 'bee' , the name of the 4th and only female Israelite Judge. The Bees in the Samson and the Lion story are spelt DBRYM and translated 'bees'. Nevertheless in the Hebrew dictionary 'bee' = DBVR and DBR = words. Do 'words' come out of the Lion?
Bees as goddesseis is well documented. In Greek mythology there's a story of bees being born out of an oxhide [ bugonia.
Abraham Lyle [AL] and Charles Tate [ of Tate gallery fame] started the T&L sugar company and their tins of Golden Syrup bear the illustration of the bees emerging from the lion
Bees born renewed and in full honey production from a lion, but no mention of a hive. Words emerging from the strength of a lion , willful and unhindered by the hive-mind. Samson = a loner - Samson's unsolveable riddle emerges from this episode ending in the death of 30 Philistines - 30 = L = Atu VIII - Adjustment
ShMShVN holds within ShMSh - Sun , and PhLSh within PhLShThYM means 'flash' The midday sun , Horus, consuming his enemies. The sun consumes its weaker morning flickers and flashes coming into full midday bloom. A time of drought.
Samson rents the lion's jaw in two - the Strength card in Rider Waite has perhaps a female version of this act.
Melissa - bee in Greek
A Wuzzle [ thanks Disney] called a Bumblelion exists
Leicester City Football Club are nicknamed the Foxes . Madeleine McCann also comes from Leicester. May she return home if she so wills
And the Bees are the nickname of Brentford Football Club who moved to their Griffin Park ground in 1904 when AlCrowley wrote the 'Book of the Law'. DBVR can mean Hornets, so pushing the envelope I bring you Watford Football Club, renewed by Sir Elton John,they won the FA Cup helped by his investment.
Football team emblems are a mine of symbolism ; check Portsmouth Football Club for StarGate synchronicity [ PORT'S MOUTH!]

Monday, July 2, 2007


I watched a recording of an Apollo 15 astronaut dropping a hammer and a feather to the moon surface, both of them landing at the same time.
The Astronaut said something like this :
'... in this hand I have a hammer and in this one I have a feather from OUR bird , the Falcon'
to whom or what does 'our bird' refer to?
Any suggestions?


In DieHard4 our hero says to the hacker-kid " You've got 14 minutes to tell me" for no apparent reason and a minute later the in-car computer voice tells them to take 14th street.
Other famous 14s include the amount of pieces Set ripped Osiris into. Isis could only find 13 and had to make the phallus herself as the the member had been swallowed by the Oxyrhynchus fish.
Its half a lunar cycle and half the number of characters in the 1st verse of Genesis [ in Hebrew]

Saturn and Saturn return

I have heard that we have entered the Age of Aquarius or it'll soon be here. This means the Age after will be the Age of Capricorn, that ever-aspiring goat. Both these signs are ruled by Saturn so we'll have a double-age of Saturn, though I agree Aquarius can be considered Saturn-Uran. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and in 2001: A Space Odyssea,the makers intended the mission to be to Saturn but due to the technology of the time were unable to make Saturn's rings so they plumbed for Jupiter.

DLY [44] the hebrew for bucket, pail and Aquarius resonates with Dalai Lama, which means 'ocean' [ danny Ocean]. it forms the first 3 letters of DLYLH - Delilah. 44 = DM which = blood . In ADM aspiring humans the Alef transmits through the blood , or drowns in it, The Aquarian electric-current wave symbol also invoked 'transmission'

Water and other Marithematica

The Earth, 75% Water but we call it the Earth. Bill Bryson made the comment in his book all about science and more. Do the Secret Navigator-Priest Chief Greys still live at or under the seas? Have 'them' evolved their head-start in the Maritime Sciences to Space Travel or even further to Wormhole - hyper spaceology [ Luther and the Diet of Worms].
The 1 decided that it'd grown tired of humans exacting vast , shoddily built towers on the fine planet. it knew whre this was going - static cities and the walled-in mentality that grows with it. Fine, "Ahoy Noah , build an ark, something that uses the minimum amount of weight to build but carries a great cargo, oh and it has to float."
So The 1 inloads a mass of technology to his new Arkitech [ Chief Technologist] and the whole family constructs this Ark in record time. the dimensions are 300x50x30=450000 cubits cubed
ADM = 45 , the Ark represents a massive ADM, initiating the idea that ADM contains all beings on the planet within it, which is why it could name all the animals. the human seed gets removed from where it's been enjoying itself again - Eden and wherever Noahites lived, a good 40 days from Ararat I guess.
300+50+30=380 which = PhSh a word meaning 'relax,rest' but in my mind sounds like the word 'fish'.
In Ch.7 Noah [ NCh-58] gets the word to fill the ark with 7 males & 7 females of all the 'clean' animals as well as fowl of the air + 2 and 2 of the 'unclean' animals. 7 7 in Ch.7 - 777 represents the sword at the gate of Eden [ODN-124], so maybe this indicates no return until we have evolved ourselves ourselves.
The rain will last 40 days 40 nights - In hebrew the letter M = 40 and the whole word is spelt MM -80. In hebrew 5 letters act as final letters and have 2 numbers, one of these is M which = 600 when a final. Noah is aged 600 when the waters begin.
The idea of the Ark as both vessel and bearer of the covenant seems work in English . In Hebrew the word[s] for Noah's Ark are ThBTh - 802 and ThBH - 407
ThBTh 400-2-400 shows the container of Alef between 2 massive resistances [ A is the first and Th the last letter-numbers of the Alefbeyt] - I liken this in synch with the JaKotze's blog of 2 pillarmids . Inside Alef awaits ,contained.
ThBH sounds like 'tub' and presages Swifts ' Tales of a Tub' and other old sailing vessels, etymologically satisfying. 407 also = AVTh = a sign, signum. The Ark itself is the sign, not the horrific vision of ' end-times'. Evolve unassuaged of purpose to use Crowley, don't worry , everything'll work out to misquote Morgan Freeman
The Ark of the Covenant ARVN HBRYTh - [257 + 617 = 874] or [907 + 617 = 1524], so a very different word. Here we have the word covenant [ BRYTh 612 ] which has been proposed as the word which made Britain and British. If it was it is not how the word for Britain and British is spelt now, another 'T' is used.
ARVN has the same total as VYAMR which the bible translates as ' and he said' - maybe this gives an alternative concept of the A of the C as non-material.
BRYTh is composed of 4 letters from BRAShYTh [913] the 1st word , or THE word of Torah and maybe the WORD beginning the New Testament. The 2 letters missing are ASh [ 301] - Fire . If the 1st word can be understood as a Covenant of Fire, the 1st covenant then when The 1 makes the covenant with Noah of the Rainbow, or perhaps just Bow. Does this represent a Covenant of Water?
The 1st stories of Genesis interpret Revelation through Fire, then the same Revelation is interpreted through Water though essentially the same Revelation. The searching for the Promised Land may = Air and the building of the Temple [Time] = Earth. The Temple is at once destroyed by Yahweh in much the same way as Yahweh incarnate as Qayeen [ Cain] destroys the conditioned human Hevel [ Abel] merely by 'rising up before him' . This represents in part Man-Gods getting a bit miffed with paying mortgages to their dull landlords who rest easy on the interest rate dividend - [ I am not my brother's keeper]

And now we're back at 7 if we imagine that Bow in the Clouds be a Rainbow with its 7 colours. The name of this Covenant of the Bow [or Bow as in ship's bow, or even the Golden Bow. It's given after the Golden Handshake for not sailing off into the distance but staying on bored for the whole of a working life] is
QShTh BRYTh [800 + 612 = 1412] Alef[1] in its cosmic projection Q[100] finds its resistance in Th[400] , the dynamic relationship produces a great movement, the cosmic breath Sh [300].
Movie synchs - David BOWman in 2001 and the FBI Coordinator in Die Hard 4 called Bowman and of course the repro-covenant in Almighty Evan. Bowman = ARCHer
MZL QShTh [77 + 800] = the sign Sagittarius which I think is ruled by Jupiter.
The 1 promises not to destroy the world again and this promise seems to go out to all the peoples of the world as encapsulated by Noah's family. He has a wife and 3 sons, each with a wife so 8 = the octave for renewing the human seed.
Noah reverts to a conditioned human for a time, he gets drunk on the vine - the blood of Adamah, the red Earth, who also drinks Hevel which is why no-one can find him.
In conclusion it seems that a lot of information is being outloaded into humans - how to build ocean going vessels BEFORE learning how to build large land projects such as Babel . Humanity emerging from an unrecorded past, island-edens, learn to sail across large expanses of ice-age melt, to the East African coast , the Persian Gulf, up the Brahmaputra to Tibet to become the Dalai [ Ocean ] Lama. They start building upside-down ships, keel-high pillarmids with their Arkitextural knowledge, perhaps astounding indigenous populations with their ability to talk to the stars and perform other magicko-scientific miracles. The indigenous perhaps not being able to 'see' the ships meet these Fish-Men emerging from the water, giving them fishtails to differentiate them from land-people in their drawn recordings.
These navigators, now advisers to the kings in the form of priests manipulate societies through organized religions and their strategic ports that they and they alone control. They go on to manage Egypt, Greece, Rome,Viking, Portuguese, Spanish, French, British affairs hemming in those who don't rent a Navy from them. By the Renaissance they've developed air travel and radio communications while society awaits the Industrial Revolution and the Car, oh and more war .
I read in a tourist book on Malta that the Phoenicians slowly assimilated into the indigenous people while their religion[s] and way of life began to take over. This seemed a very subtle way of 'taking over' and perhaps addresses the fact that certain institutions and businesses have no problem in starting a war, supplying all sides, collecting the post-war debts and veering off to find another conflict almost immediately.
How the Phoenix rises again every 500 years
Why do we get taught that Man started in Africa and proceeded to walk all round the world? The most populated parts of the world are China, india , SE Asia and Indonesia, nearly 60% of the world's pop. Africa seems thinly populated in comparison.
The Noah myth turns this round for me, Man started on the sea or on islands where the sea was used a great deal, for travelling to other islands, for living on rather than hacking through forests , dealing with volcanoes. On the sea god speeds.