Friday, July 20, 2007


Caught the MacOs X logo?
An outer space background, in fact a spiral galAXy , to the fore a circle with an X fitting snugly to the edges, another smaller circle a the X centre,
In the top quadrant we see the Apple logo.APL = Alice Pleasance Liddell, APL - thick fog, darkness in Hebrew and = 111
This invocation of the OX comes at atime when blogs discuss Alice in Wonderland , a book written in Oxford [ inspired].
OX = a circular-based pyramid form the top and is a translation of Aleph.
This Stargate-Wormhole design has 2 crossed poles [ the X ] and a bitten apple above;Snow White in the Garden of Eden.Awaken when the X is uncrossed each pole the life NRG dual current

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