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Water and other Marithematica

The Earth, 75% Water but we call it the Earth. Bill Bryson made the comment in his book all about science and more. Do the Secret Navigator-Priest Chief Greys still live at or under the seas? Have 'them' evolved their head-start in the Maritime Sciences to Space Travel or even further to Wormhole - hyper spaceology [ Luther and the Diet of Worms].
The 1 decided that it'd grown tired of humans exacting vast , shoddily built towers on the fine planet. it knew whre this was going - static cities and the walled-in mentality that grows with it. Fine, "Ahoy Noah , build an ark, something that uses the minimum amount of weight to build but carries a great cargo, oh and it has to float."
So The 1 inloads a mass of technology to his new Arkitech [ Chief Technologist] and the whole family constructs this Ark in record time. the dimensions are 300x50x30=450000 cubits cubed
ADM = 45 , the Ark represents a massive ADM, initiating the idea that ADM contains all beings on the planet within it, which is why it could name all the animals. the human seed gets removed from where it's been enjoying itself again - Eden and wherever Noahites lived, a good 40 days from Ararat I guess.
300+50+30=380 which = PhSh a word meaning 'relax,rest' but in my mind sounds like the word 'fish'.
In Ch.7 Noah [ NCh-58] gets the word to fill the ark with 7 males & 7 females of all the 'clean' animals as well as fowl of the air + 2 and 2 of the 'unclean' animals. 7 7 in Ch.7 - 777 represents the sword at the gate of Eden [ODN-124], so maybe this indicates no return until we have evolved ourselves ourselves.
The rain will last 40 days 40 nights - In hebrew the letter M = 40 and the whole word is spelt MM -80. In hebrew 5 letters act as final letters and have 2 numbers, one of these is M which = 600 when a final. Noah is aged 600 when the waters begin.
The idea of the Ark as both vessel and bearer of the covenant seems work in English . In Hebrew the word[s] for Noah's Ark are ThBTh - 802 and ThBH - 407
ThBTh 400-2-400 shows the container of Alef between 2 massive resistances [ A is the first and Th the last letter-numbers of the Alefbeyt] - I liken this in synch with the JaKotze's blog of 2 pillarmids . Inside Alef awaits ,contained.
ThBH sounds like 'tub' and presages Swifts ' Tales of a Tub' and other old sailing vessels, etymologically satisfying. 407 also = AVTh = a sign, signum. The Ark itself is the sign, not the horrific vision of ' end-times'. Evolve unassuaged of purpose to use Crowley, don't worry , everything'll work out to misquote Morgan Freeman
The Ark of the Covenant ARVN HBRYTh - [257 + 617 = 874] or [907 + 617 = 1524], so a very different word. Here we have the word covenant [ BRYTh 612 ] which has been proposed as the word which made Britain and British. If it was it is not how the word for Britain and British is spelt now, another 'T' is used.
ARVN has the same total as VYAMR which the bible translates as ' and he said' - maybe this gives an alternative concept of the A of the C as non-material.
BRYTh is composed of 4 letters from BRAShYTh [913] the 1st word , or THE word of Torah and maybe the WORD beginning the New Testament. The 2 letters missing are ASh [ 301] - Fire . If the 1st word can be understood as a Covenant of Fire, the 1st covenant then when The 1 makes the covenant with Noah of the Rainbow, or perhaps just Bow. Does this represent a Covenant of Water?
The 1st stories of Genesis interpret Revelation through Fire, then the same Revelation is interpreted through Water though essentially the same Revelation. The searching for the Promised Land may = Air and the building of the Temple [Time] = Earth. The Temple is at once destroyed by Yahweh in much the same way as Yahweh incarnate as Qayeen [ Cain] destroys the conditioned human Hevel [ Abel] merely by 'rising up before him' . This represents in part Man-Gods getting a bit miffed with paying mortgages to their dull landlords who rest easy on the interest rate dividend - [ I am not my brother's keeper]

And now we're back at 7 if we imagine that Bow in the Clouds be a Rainbow with its 7 colours. The name of this Covenant of the Bow [or Bow as in ship's bow, or even the Golden Bow. It's given after the Golden Handshake for not sailing off into the distance but staying on bored for the whole of a working life] is
QShTh BRYTh [800 + 612 = 1412] Alef[1] in its cosmic projection Q[100] finds its resistance in Th[400] , the dynamic relationship produces a great movement, the cosmic breath Sh [300].
Movie synchs - David BOWman in 2001 and the FBI Coordinator in Die Hard 4 called Bowman and of course the repro-covenant in Almighty Evan. Bowman = ARCHer
MZL QShTh [77 + 800] = the sign Sagittarius which I think is ruled by Jupiter.
The 1 promises not to destroy the world again and this promise seems to go out to all the peoples of the world as encapsulated by Noah's family. He has a wife and 3 sons, each with a wife so 8 = the octave for renewing the human seed.
Noah reverts to a conditioned human for a time, he gets drunk on the vine - the blood of Adamah, the red Earth, who also drinks Hevel which is why no-one can find him.
In conclusion it seems that a lot of information is being outloaded into humans - how to build ocean going vessels BEFORE learning how to build large land projects such as Babel . Humanity emerging from an unrecorded past, island-edens, learn to sail across large expanses of ice-age melt, to the East African coast , the Persian Gulf, up the Brahmaputra to Tibet to become the Dalai [ Ocean ] Lama. They start building upside-down ships, keel-high pillarmids with their Arkitextural knowledge, perhaps astounding indigenous populations with their ability to talk to the stars and perform other magicko-scientific miracles. The indigenous perhaps not being able to 'see' the ships meet these Fish-Men emerging from the water, giving them fishtails to differentiate them from land-people in their drawn recordings.
These navigators, now advisers to the kings in the form of priests manipulate societies through organized religions and their strategic ports that they and they alone control. They go on to manage Egypt, Greece, Rome,Viking, Portuguese, Spanish, French, British affairs hemming in those who don't rent a Navy from them. By the Renaissance they've developed air travel and radio communications while society awaits the Industrial Revolution and the Car, oh and more war .
I read in a tourist book on Malta that the Phoenicians slowly assimilated into the indigenous people while their religion[s] and way of life began to take over. This seemed a very subtle way of 'taking over' and perhaps addresses the fact that certain institutions and businesses have no problem in starting a war, supplying all sides, collecting the post-war debts and veering off to find another conflict almost immediately.
How the Phoenix rises again every 500 years
Why do we get taught that Man started in Africa and proceeded to walk all round the world? The most populated parts of the world are China, india , SE Asia and Indonesia, nearly 60% of the world's pop. Africa seems thinly populated in comparison.
The Noah myth turns this round for me, Man started on the sea or on islands where the sea was used a great deal, for travelling to other islands, for living on rather than hacking through forests , dealing with volcanoes. On the sea god speeds.

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