Monday, July 2, 2007


I watched a recording of an Apollo 15 astronaut dropping a hammer and a feather to the moon surface, both of them landing at the same time.
The Astronaut said something like this :
'... in this hand I have a hammer and in this one I have a feather from OUR bird , the Falcon'
to whom or what does 'our bird' refer to?
Any suggestions?


FilmNoir23 said...

I would assume the Phoenix.

This is Todd from "Through the Looking Glass" I am curious about your understanding of Samson and The Foxes. It relates directly to stuff I have been working on (I think). I saw your post to Jake Kotze and it struck me like a lightning bolt. I'd LOVE your insight.

aferrismoon said...

The Foxes seemed not so relevant when I first looked at the Samson story. The Pillars, the Pillars was the synchro-link, and then I was happy to bump into the Dagon religion which brought in the Fish theme [ even though Dagon appears to work as grain-god]. Then one of the videos, or comments led me to think how Fox News might in some peoples eyes create a big stories, burning brightly on the screen, massive headlines, and very little truth.
Samson appears to have sent the 300 paired foxes into the Philistine fields to provide cover for his attack [I will reread the story again to check details].
And 'bing' - synchronicity, though not major league stuff but a little peripheral synch.
Samson's fox-attack appears a pretty callous act, but Samson was that kind of guy.
so to answer your question -
at present Foxes appear as a minor synch but for me the idea of ' diversions' proved worthy. I will reread the text, and the numbers, and find out if the Hebrews wrote 'foxes' or some other animal.
Big synch is that TOD is another word for FOX
The word Fox comes from words referring to the 'bushy' tail
[see Etymonline]
So burning bush-y tale
So Fox & Bush seem to have a little bit of etymology going on.
Thanks for Phoenix possibility.
And your site

FilmNoir23 said...

Yes, I was VERY aware of my name meaning "fox" and also death in the German "Tod".

I think you might be on to something I was unaware of the Samson lends some much needed validity to some stuff I have been sitting on for months.

I'll try to keep you posted as I move forward with this particular investigation. You're great with all the Hebrew & always helps to keep that stuff in the mix.

I appreciate the insights.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers fort the hearty words. I feel the numbers
Yeah, its worth reading the story . Samson has a singular plan of which he appears unaware of until he gets to each part. his marriage seems to have no other purpose than to 'really fuck with Philistines' I therefore see it as a story of ' pure will' because it bears no reason, logic, compassion, community just a hooligan vindictiveness.
i reread the Foxes bit. He sends them into the fields apparently because his father-in-law has given Samson's wife to his companion , due to Samson ignoring her. The Philistines decide that burning the family will calm Samson so they do and then Samson kills 1000s in revenge and goes off to reside in Etam [ OITM}
Well , it would be a strange movie
Can I relate it to LOST and M.C.Fox [ without forcing it]
1.Any action against 'the others' seems justified
2. Family - burning seems to veer more towards Kate, killing her mother's brutal husband - she's
then betrayed.
There exists a conflict twixt Jack and his father, some mix-up of relationships with Jack-Wife-Dad. I think Jack gets violent at this point.
Samson chooses a Philistine wife which he seems to have little love for , against his father's wishes.
3. Samson loses his power when his 7 locks are shorn. Jack seems to have a bit of a problem with John Locke
Number connections
1. ShMShVN - 696 . Oh! look at those 2 pillarsixes surrounding a 9
2. ShMSh = a star, luminary [ Hebrew dictionary] and/orSun; Sphere of the Sun Sefer Sefirot [ Crowley, Bennett ]
- Perhaps this story elaborates the Egyptian story of Horus as midday sun violently destroying all his foes
3 ShOVLYM -456- foxes , ShOVL - 406 - fox
406 = ThV , the final letter of the Alefbeyt, means a mark,a cross.
Finding 300 foxes and then tying them in pairs to burning firebrands seems a difficult act to perform.
So it seems to have an allegorical subtext which I fathom not at present.
300 - the letter Sh which in its entirety - ShYN - a tooth [ see Gilgamesh and Jason Argo for teeth-sunk-into- the-ground allegories]
300 spartans at the Hot-Gates?
Sh - ATU XX - Aeon - Fire
Foxes are often reddish coloured [ Adamic influence?] . They have bushy tails - burning bushy tales.
are they jackals? Like the Set hieroglyph determinant, an unknown dog-like animal with a bifurcated tail. Set has redness too.
Do any Jehudis out there have a Jehudi-eye view of this story , the Christian view deals mostly with the pillars bit, the foxes are quite new to me.