Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A fleeting glimpse

2 Gather 2 gether some of the work that I have ingested I deliver this overglance :
A plethora of overlays linked loosely by name, rank[sniff,sniff] and cereal number. While nothing returns upon itself [ the Ourobourus shows us that it can't eat its own tale] the spiralling stories require a temporary base-camp.
due to the content of other blogs I found myself lookinf at Torah-numeric & Biblo-literary connexions.
911 via BNWO provided the blast-off. These vids made me laugh , the prelude to any real learning.[ the Fool - see WrongWayWizard]. Avoiding the detail I allowed the various thoughts and images to spark loose links.
The 2 pillars, the 33 degrees [ Prince Charles i recall was a great fan of the 3 Degrees]
the 4 'planes, a pentagon, the sex-painted stars, 7 locks of Samson, the G8 stars, the NO 9s and t[h]en the
Art of Synchromysticism - using modern hieroglyfix , TV, movies, comix, the 'net, the fear , sorry the News, as well as the older and ancient synchro-devices. Since the end of WW2 the general populace has interpreted the ModernMassMEdia[ note the Roman Catholic Church has decided to opt for an older Mass Media ] as 'reality'. Now it has lost its reputation we tend to use it to 'get frit' or more beneficially as a very large 'device'.
In the last month topics bubble up, burst, return, never return or hang in the wings waiting. Some create small societies -
Modern times - 911, Lost, Madeleine McCann [ but] Walt Disney [ Scottish accent joke], Mudonna Face, Britney's Spear pops stars [ I'm reminded of Albert Speer], GMT, Corporate logos [how lo-han can hugo, boss], Donald, Scrooge, Bill Hyksos, Stanley Qbrik.
Recent past - history of Secret Societies, Dutch&British East India Companies, Dollar Bill and the USA
The Day B4 Yesterday - Akhenaton, Moses and Aaron, mushrooms and/or other paths of illumination - Path-illogical, Miriam Magdula, Babel-On, the Ark, Ceres, Isis and Atlantis.

Animals - Bees, Chickens, Foxes, Ducks, Owls, Dogs, Spiders, Goats, Fish and Octopi.
Comikoids - Time magazine, Spiderman, the Fantastic 4 [ Earth, Air, Water , Fire and the Silver Surfer - the quintessence], Donald Duck and family, the Simpsons, Rorshach,Xmen and other fleeting images.
Ac[oly]ters - Scarlett Yo!Handson, Kurt Russelveldt, Matt Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Harris Pilton-Down,the Fratpack, Mad-honour and Brutalni Spires [ twinned with Fawlty Towers[ more on this and Monty Python another time]]

the lily and the Rose, fleur-de-lis, Pirrormids, twins [ check the PM and President of Poland , they're twins], eights, ladders, G, maritime and naughtical tales, the 2er de France, space shuttles as we spin, a variety of Institutes, organized reeligions and a ubiquitous sub-plot known as PhilipKDick

M E R G E & V A R Y
Comikoids - Spiderman,


Anonymous said...

Awe Some (22x6)

Man do I love this post.

To my brain it is a poly-rhythm of jazz-math-and-letters.

Kick Oz Dude.

FilmNoir23 said...

A well con-coq-ted list. I do think it important that we keep an index of connections because as vast as it might appear...it is actually quite small which leads me to believe that we are on to something...

Jake Kotze said...

Bill Hyksos!!! Ha! Ha!... Oh man..

Good evening 2 u Sir.

aferrismoon said...

Yeah, as well as liking the lists that James Joyce made, slightly normal with a light pleshette of s'realisma, it stops me from just spinning off on any and everything. I like to fick with the names too