Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bright Ginger Foxes hawking wind

Jesus once said 'Consider the Lily..' . Well I will but at present past articulls are catching up with each other and synergetically producing something new and unlike its parents.
The effusion of GBs - Gordon Brown, George Bush , Great Britain.
The Fox story has thrown up fires and red-hair or ginger hair.
The illuminati - Egyptian thang has regularly let loose that Hawk-Falcon Horus.
Through BNOW we get an insight into psychedelic enlightenment.
Colliding together they have formed 'Ginger Baker' , a drummer who once played with British psychedelic rock band Hawkwind.
One of their most celebrated albums has the name SPACE RITUAL.
Ginger Baker also played in Ginger Baker's Airforce adding a slightly flight synch with the TwinTowers mode of destruction.
I doubt Ginger Baker has any direct connection with the subject matter that the blogs I read express but I include Ginger baker as a sort of nodal meeting-place. This concept makes me wonder about 'seemingly unconnected events' and what may be gleaned by travelling away from apparently irrelevant news on unusual trajectories like The comic book cycle.
Connected to all things DOG - the cz word for Dog = pes , due to grammar changes the plural = PSI. Thought u might like to be informed. Imagine PSIcops etc..with their Solar connexions.
Solar - the root is sanskrit - sura meaning sun, but in the greek its 'seirios ' - the Dog Star. So we use the star Sirius to describe the Solar or Sirian system. Etymology acc. to W.W.Skeat.
I assumed that Solar related to 'The sun', do we astronomical systems that have all this systems planets, stars etc. revolving around Sirius [ which acc. to Dogon myth completes 50 year cycles] The Dogon , incidentally, get a lot of answers from the PALE FOX.


FilmNoir23 said...

Oh man...you devil. I didn't even pick up on the GB of Ginger Baker when you first mentioned him. I was familiar with him...

Nice group of connections here. I agree that Mr. Baker wasn't likely aware but I can see how some of the imagery and magick they were working on their own shows up more clearly now.

FilmNoir23 said...

here is the Hawk yet again...


aferrismoon said...

You were,nt the only one. I wasn't holding him back as some cunning tour-de-force. The Fox in space may have beguiled the memory connexion. By the way the Fox has eaten that Goose acc. to the Astronomers, apparently [Wiki] the new illustration shows no Goose. Best to check that info yorself though.
I haven't listened to Hawkwind for ages so that's a boon. I'll listen to it while watching and rewatching 911 crash videos mixed with the grinning monkeys of Fox et al- gabba gabba bing.
The weather here in Prague has hit nearly 40 degrees, falcons cruise the thermals frightening pigeons.
All the George Best

aferrismoon said...

The Mara-gamiel sight. I've seen the docu on Cameron, the boy who lived before. In fact I used it in English lessons so people could listen to Scottish accents. It looks interesting so I'll get into it later.
Thanx for the continuing links and comments,
God Bless