Friday, July 6, 2007

What's that buzzzzzzzzzzin'

in a recentish Simpson's episode Crook and Ladder Marge opens 'Smotherimg mother ' magazine, She sees an article called:
'Are bees building hives in your diaper genie' followed by ' The deadly truth about Oxygen' replete with skull and Xbones motif. the episode deals with a sleeping pill called Nappion [ or as Lisa mumbles Ambien] and much of the decor has a violet overtone.
On Fox News page I notice that Eli Lilly have to pay out $700m over their drug Nyrexa


hoi polloi said...

Ambien is known to cause blackouts and amnesia. The person will carry on conversations and even walk around with no recall of their actions when they 'wake up.'

aferrismoon said...

There seem to be a few of these products that are supposed to be taken when the Govt. et al wants to pass a new law, start a war etc.