Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thor and Horus, Hammer and Fall-Con

The most recent vidiao from Pan. Kotze [ Pan is 'mister' in Czech]feature a synch or too that connected to this blog.
I watched a vid a few days ago , an interview with Boyd Bushman, a long-time research scientist for LockheedMartin. [Watch it]. he describes the use they had made of Magnets and gravity. Bolt 2 magnets, repelling each other, together, put them inside a solid structure , like a rock, and drop it with a rock of the same weight , and they DON'T reach the ground at the same time. Details on the vid.
By way of demo he showed the Apollo 15 video when the astronaut drops a silver hammer and a falcon's feather together. They hit the moon's surface at the same time.
Now on the 911 timelords.... Thor with Hammer creates a spinning vortex around the Twin Towers, and not long b4 the video had shown a cartoon pic of Osiris, Isis and Horus [the falcon] standing together.
Some of the properties that Boyd Bushman talked about led me to think of the great FALL-CON job, Twins hit by planes and fall.
Demolition job looks feasible, little puffs of smoke etc. Nevertheless what about some ' Magneto-gravity charge' coming from those circling gnats , the Helio-Copters, which in September Clues seemed to be hovering for a little more than shots they would soon overbanner or fade to black.
I do not know, I speculate. I'll try to get a good link to the Boyd bushman vid.
oh and any ideas on what happened to the passengers in the animated planes?


FilmNoir23 said...

Did you see that a Thor Hushovd won stage 4 of the Tour de France? Keep an eye on him.

He is from an interesting town in Norway.

Jake Kotze said...

Fascinating hammer idea.. Those tricky space-Masons on the 'so we are to believe' rabbitball (a.k.a Moon)...

Hammer time!