Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trinity on all fours

The freshest Indiana film begins with a small primal mound linking the whole shebang into primal symbology. This mound , prior to losing its top, hints that Paramount are a bout to make a MOUNTAIN out of a MOLEHILL, the tiny mote on which a history of Hype has evolved, and I don't mean for the film but for the whole history movie - story-line involving kings-queens enacting vicious war for glittery stuff, protected in their spurious retelling by an army of lawyers and recondite enforcers.
Perhaps Pyramid builders = highly evolved and informed prairie DOGs.
The film deals the circular Stargate prevalence routine, all gleefully cross-haired so that we have something to set our sights on. Anyhow Indy declines the offer of Stargate illumination as he has got tenure at his University.
Hey Kids, do u really want illumination, or would u prefer to learn about it.
its all there , be responsible, or else!
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Cynicism aside, which is difficult considering Harrison's performance, we see the Indy character , with his CAP on standing next to the singular stella of the US Army. A 77 nestles in the numbers to the left which helps Indy get in line for the 3rd eye fingering he gets from The Soviet - so 1 White Star and 1 Red Star, telling us that the Sovs and the Yanks were merely the alter-flips of that old Templar coin

The Sov Colonel-Doctor with the Pulp Fiction-Uma Thurman BOB reuptaken by K8 Blanchette, who has been chosen for the similarity of her face to the alien crew , and I guess we're s'posed to rez with her Regal roles. Sexless as always Indy films employ the androgyne versus the homely Materna, and coterie of long-standing friends. the Sexless sex, Blanchette this time, superimposes the sexless though ruthless 'drodge as this proves a symbol of great force in 'magical ' pracctice.
Late in the film her eyes shine lights of knowledge as she 'burns' up, forcing us to imagine that 'too much' knowledge will invoke a human-sized nuclear reaction.
As we often externalise our inherent trepidation of knowledge we notice that with the surge in 'apparent' human intelligence, our physical world has built atomic bombs. These bombs , emerge from their containers, like the Genies emerging from the bottle, and as with knowledge, once one knows it , it becomes increasingly difficult to put it all back in.
Cate Blanchett takes on the ADAM KADMON role in reverse, her access of knowledges timed with the sealing of the aliens in their silver-spinning-bird
alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5206058496530939826" />
Note her bloodless hand. She attempts to extract something from Indy's mind but the man proves such a boorish, grumpy, know it all that she gives up almost immediately, leaving him instead for the homely clutches of the mother of his child

The film takes place in 1957 when a fair few bombs got set off in Nevada and environs. This one's called DIABLO and burst into life on JUNE 24.
AREA 51 and the Rose Swill Incident muggles into view. Last week the Oceanic 6 flew in on Coast Guard Flight 1717, this week the troops swoop into Area 3 x 17. Various tall buildings resonate with the large Hangar doors that store stuff for no apparent purpose other than it might persuade humans not to get mortgages, or buy SUVs a couple of years before they proceed to pay the highest-ever fuel prices.

The Genius Bottle. Hermetically sealed, magically made , toponomically situated, the individual awaits illuminism. Like Polynesian priests the 'Little Boy' resides outside the city gates.

Indy has no intention of illumination or initiation, grumpy = fine and forces his aging bulk into a refrigerator while the scorching takes place. He flings out innocent friuts to simmer a la 'tomique.

His dark personality the film highlights here . The 'fridge has lead-lining, thus Indy, dark and lacking anything approaching humour aligns himself wwith SATURN, who protects his tetchy savant from SOL's sudden summertime.

Saturn-protected Indy strides to the ridge to greet the Genie. Out of shot his BULLWHIP, which , originally made from a bull's penis, lends a Masonic KluKluXer motif to all of Indy's adventures [ strong Scots connexions via his father]

As reported the '57 Atomic Trials , to those in the know, might have set off a couple of alarm-bells ringing. The film tells the story how aliens will do anything to get off the planet once golf-playing humans start fiddling with the requisite Maths and Poetry to construct vast instruments of death [ or threshold-invokers for those who don't hold with death]. Life and Death aside, atomic energy burns.
The double H ranch effect - below we see Harold OX-ley [ Bull - NRG path], palyed by John Hurt , a great friend of HENRY Jones. He's surrogate father to Henry's son giving the kid a double H Chariot bearing, and with Indy's sperm and Harolds expert tutelage we find that the youngster has been born[e] via these 2 males archetypes. This also sets up the Neo-Masonic Ritual of Disrecognition where the supplicant gets shown one face as a father figure before getting whipped through a miasmasonical terror-ride to meet his father whom , of course, he finds to impossible to recognise as such, thus allowing various agencies to manipulate his need for male stability for the rest of his life.
alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5206057220925652706" />
Indy's famous BULLWHIP links with the other dad's OXLEY , castrated bull appellation
Here a Spire-Al-Amid, the low pressure column of transcendent tranquility at the centre of the cyclone. The updated CYCLONE from the WIZARD of OZ takes on Steelbergian proportions.
Often these movie stargate themes collect around stable centres with spinning periphs - which links 'me' to spinning to RAVEL'S BOLERO. 16 minutes of fun for the price of pizza - Terra Lumina

Many years ago in 1984, STARMAN , starring Jeff Bridges , as the alien, released. He had to get to a crater in AriZOna so his kind could beam him back to thier 'space'. before setting off he impregnated his human lover, acted by KAREN ALLEN, who pops into the Indy story as the mother of Indy's son, played by Hiram LeBoeuf. As STARMAN ended before we could see the baby we don't know what it looks like or where it went.
Thus Karen Allen , in her atomic little way, becomes wife -child-bearer of 3 males - Indy, the human father, Oxley, the Surro-gate for both fathers, while Jeff Bridges as the Alien provides the divine spark now coursing through the newly-inished Indy Hiram Shia Labiff

Whether Starman Jeff Bridges had contact, or perhaps got on well with the 13 into 1 Alien who flies off at the end of this pic, I know not. But doubtless trans-timing makes it easier to avoid alimony payments. Legally Karen Allen has no chance but the alien's not a fool and despite impregnating Karen 27 years into the future decides he'll do the honourable thing and leave her to morose , aging Indy
No Forwarding Address

Nevertheless we get reminded of the wonders of spinning as a kind of body-mind NRG 'aligning' concept dance. Better than spinning like Uranium in a tiny single-roomed bottle with millions of NEIGHBOURS only to introduce yourself to an audience that dissolves before you - which is essentially the Cain and Abel story [ Human as NRG 'v' Human as Robot]
To end at the beginning we find the spinning cyclonic filmette created in OZ, though reversed.
In the centre lurks YZO which gives NY and OZ considering the rotating Z

The first atomic explosion took place at TRINITY after the bomb had remained in POPE [Dad]prior to the blast. A Trinity of Fathers appears [ under certain conditions] inthis film with Karen Allen[KA], bearer of alien children, enjoying the attentions of Jeff Bridges , Indy and Harold. Thus a sort of atom-image with 3 Atoms spinning round a NU-cleus or another atom which when jiggled produces a son , the product of all three.
Atomic Theory emerged from the desperate need to save the 'family unit', yet this menage-a-quatre bombs the cereal-box family to dust [ which will get gathered up and breathed into some fresh Golem materia]. The film does give this metaphor ad plastic Americans bubble and melt before the awesome power of the family-in-a-bottle.
Now I am become BREATH.........

Monday, May 26, 2008

Indy Pendant

US TV didn't play LOST this week, the same weekend that INDY 4 released itself from the tired Hollywood publicity machine.
LOST had lost Charles Widmore who became General ROSS in the Crystal Skull Atomic Alien concerto to a world ruled by madmen and schoolteachers.

Oddly , the last Lost break saw the Jack Shephard actor Matthew FOX in Vantage Point , released while it was off-air.
Here's ALAN DALE as the famed JIM ROBINSON from Ozzie long-distance soap-opera NEIGHBOURS which flung the diminutive Kylie Minogue into celebrity orBit. He's a KIWI from Dunedin , originally

Anyhow , it seems pretty obvious that Charles Widmore runs everything, transtiming to the TRINITY type Downard Masonic hell of Skulls and treachery, while , at present , midway through trying to destroy the LOST island .
If anyone cares to watch Harrison on Conor O'Brien he performs some rude gesturing, at least if you're Ukrainian.
About 40secs in , the audience applauding, he performs it 4 or 5 times. Its dated May 21.
In the film he also recognises 'Ukrainian' , not Russian, words.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Lisa uncovers Sideshow Mel's full name and clues to his past identity while he leads her through the past winner's of Entertainer of the Year just won by Lisa who inveigled her sweet self into Krusty's show and then on to stardom
Krusty does refer to her as a Goy Wonder as he doesn't remember her name which probably made her think she's merely a pawn, a nameless side-kick.
Unlike Mel who appears as a Bonesman , his present shadow and past portrait merging

His name may refer to William Cornelius Van Horne, a famed Railway Executive. In 1888 as President of Canadian Pacific Railway he completed the first transcontinental railway. Railways , as JSDownard relates, attract Masons like flies to Honey due to the new towns one can build giving them outlandish cultic names, creating a tesselated America, the dots of which they then join together via their transportation business. Recently its airports and soon the space stations.
This WCVanHorne owned Minister's Island, and on this land he built a great house called COVENHOVEN after his father Cornelius Covenhoven Van Horne. In a book called MINISTER'S ISLAND by David Sullivan about the great man , Sullivan titles the first chapter XANADU, variously homes of Kublai Khan , Olivia Newton-John and William Randolph Hearst or Citizen Kane , i get 'em all mixed.

Whatever railroading he got into he managed a full life. His Island , found in St.Andrews, New Brunswick hails a hearty hello to the headquarters of Golf, St. Andrews in Scotland, and that's doubtless a discrete and celebrated club doing god knows what with Eagles, Albatrosses and related Birdies.
Born on 2/3/43 [ numbers that appear on the lower dial in Hugo Reyes [ from Lost] car] he left the world on 11/9/1915.
Associated with rituals of the unwilling kind are the knock-out pills, that allow those who take them to remember only what they've repeatedly bin told. Here the N in NokemOut rotates to give us ZO in capitals [ or large cities]. This reminds one that possibly Nappion [ Nappies are for children] got released after the 9/11 attacks to help with the policy of believing in monsters and the cleansing effects of War , oh! and Good Knights!

The letters in the middle form APPlE [ apple with all caps except the L [ L 30 - Justice card], and , as the Ns = twinned , I imagine an Apple [ NY/OZ] between Twins. N corresponds to the Death card in Tarot.
The odd looking E looks like a K with a passenger-aircraft type missile penetrating it centrally
SimpSOnia delves deeper into quasi-masonicynicism with the Jewish version. Krusty the [K]Clown exclaims 'everything inits place' congratulating the Goy Wonder on how well she's ordered his ritual space.

LISA [ or young, new, hopeful USA] sees off the old Admiral as we move further into Krusty's symbolic death and Lisa's rising trajectory. He walks the plank while the androgyne in an eye=patch 'pokes' him to his watery death, all trussed up like a scapegoat or PharmakOS
3 eyes - better than 1, a wide-eyed trinity, the 4th looks like a Shiner

Detouring , or sidetracking, we chuggle to last week's Lost. We see the Cowin Heights Knights from John Locke's school in TUSTIN , California. The school in reality has the name COWAN, which = a non-Mason [ a bit like a Goy = to a Jew] . Cowans aren't allowed to do certain Stone Masonic duties and in the Lodge they cannot enter. John of course turns down MittelOS Labs belonging to the secretive HanSO organisation

As Lisa becomes accepted into the light of stardom Krusty declines in degrees. The Little Boy Blue lends itself to the first 3 degrees of Masonry [ Prince Charles' favourite band used to be the 3 Degrees, he performed with them on TV , years ago]. Sometimes Masons call it BLUE MASONRY. This implies Krusty snakes back to the beginning while Lisa climbs her ladder to the top.
The spiral implies the snake, and his spiral into the abyss, while having both youth and great age, the uniform of a boy and the false Teeth of an oldster which also sees Thoth ruling over this little ritual of theatre, the house of words.

True to form he won't get evicted from the Showbiz cabal and races back to KrustyLu Studios in his chariot to smash through a bee-coloured barrier while a guard in his little pyramid looks on dismayed as Krusty won't acknowledge him - bringing in the non-person to the episode-long ritual. A Lu , spelt LOO, in Britain = a toilet/rest-room/John/dunny, coming from the phrase , used in pre-WC times, GARDEZ-LIEU [ you watch out in that place! ]

Meanwhile Bart and Homer engage in another a maZOnic pastime and invest time and money into Numismatism. here at the auction we get a glimpse of Kent holding 33, giving K33 while Homer holds onto the holy 13

A clip a bit later shows the number next to Kent , a 31, maKing a series 31-33-13.
313 sticks out. Donald Duck's car, 1934 Belchfire Runabout , often sports a numberplate 313,while Islam's first battle against pagans at Mecca , they fought with 313 warriors.
A tad later the 6 and 11 give an inverted 911, linking in Masons, Moslems and 911, all at an auction with the Gavel hammering down on the best bid

Its all for this coin, the 1917 Kissing Lincolns. On May 18, 1917 , the SELECTIVE SERVICE Act comes into force allowing the Prez to conscript his loyal voters, not long after the Russian Revolution Clown Show Act passed in March of that year.
The 1,1 and 9 furtle in the date while the whole coin story has Twins written all over it. Inverting?

Bart undergoes a sinking feeling , his room adorned with Ks to the Kreepy Krusty, his icon celebre.
Enough Ks there to set off a swarm of Monarchs

The final MonarK Mind Kontrol glyph[ thats like MM-KK Ultra, for minds that do thinking] hits us like a flash offa Babe Ruth's Bat

The Kansas City Royals [slayor] whip us with Ks and whisk us off, not in a balloon , but via superhero Radioactive Man [ RA] to Oz, which I think is the only flight destination out of Kansas, a rural backwater which uses old Hollywood sets to make it appear as if it eXists in the present time.
The Flash coming from his crown indicates that he has had implants from Walter Reed Hospital which gives greater control over flying humans who appear to have societies best interests at heart
On the field with a large D [ Tower card] stand 13 players and 3 Coaching staff and the man-behind-the-batter man making 17 in all, y'all. 17 looped in to Lost last week with on a 'plane
Sports prove wonderful for builders as one can create massive symbolic stadia in any part of town one so chooses and then belabour the populus with whacked-out crackerball logos, emblems, colours and coats-of-arms.
Somewhat like this blog.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Mid-Munch Hurley/Hugo Reyes { Rays} falters, as Ben informs him the SOda Crackers he's eating are 15 years old. He's off with John and Ben to a secret base to 'move the Island'. H/H and J&B move further into the Bush....
Henry Heger will be going further into the Bush by marrying Jenna Bush, an eVent that played out this week , the initials of the happy couple roundly resounding with Lost.

The secret base they call ORCHID , a form of parasitic plant. Here scrawled in Dan's Diary a glyph of a seed growing within Octagonic-spirals. The Orchid is a GREENHOUSE which fits in with all the Osirian-Croppy God-Resurrection scenario as well as the Green Knights lancing John's Pineal Gland [ see last posts]. This Hidden Den the Lostees, the Others and Les Soldats aim to find and keep.
Orchid comes from a latin word itself based on a Greek word ORKHIS - testicle

Killer Kimie and his troup buzz over the beach on the way to the Greenhouse, thought unbeknownst to them the pilot flings out a tracker. Jack retrieves it and sees the OZ-Grid - The compass glyph with an N for North rotates to form a Z for OZ, which meaning South for Oztralia and Oztria, reverses directions. How will they find their way home if they don't register basic synchs...that's edu - Kayshun for u!
Check out OPENING THE STARGATE VIA ADAM SANDLER at The BLOB for Zodiac - Grid images I feel resonate.

To operate the device Jack defers to Dan who listens in to Kimie declaring the 'dreaded' Orchid destination.
From the 'safety' of the boat comes Saeed to meet an islandee who I doubt has or ever will get lost, or even get Lost. A Sea-Turtle , how did it arrive? Drawn by its birthplace that apparently wanders around the Indian Ocean at will? Well , the Source = the Source, always somewhere , never anywhere , with all , in plain sight. We all = centres and as such no origin can exist , we happen, centres on the edges of their stabilising periphery. We come to ourselves a wake

Nobody notices the Turtle.

The prog has a few crosshairs and Xs , here the DJ at H/H's Hawaiin party sports the Public Enemy X-hairs , one of the earlier Crosshair patches sold to the General Public. Later this month they play in Prague.

Hurley go to see his Birthday present from his Dad and finds the lottery numbers that he hates registering on the dial.
The 2342 gives a 34 within 22 . BBL , Babel = 34 and = 2x17. The 22 = 2x11 , thus a Tower, unfinished twixt 2 Ks

Hurleys car emerges later [ in the post] to resonate with the Twin Tower eVent.
Ben claims ' He's communicating' using mirror language, talking by reflecting the Sun's Reyes, rather like the Moon. A Cross helps Ben 'line' things up with his correspondant. His hand reminds us of the claw-handed relatives of Ikhnaton, who have an eye hiDDen in their 4heads, that built the pyramids and probably post-modernism

The + rotates a smidgeon and beams out as the Crash Site. Other strange pink-beams and electric blue circles parade themselves flagrantly .

Dan 'ferries' passengers back to the Kahana. He actually says he'll 'ferry' them back. I imagined Dan secretly communicating with me in a previous post - he needed 'ferrous' metals, and thus my ears perked when I heard him use that word-sound again.

He greets with his now famous special K - Palm hand signal that indicates SUN symbology. Perhaps its even a sly H/H , Heil Hitler.
The Oceanic 6 arrive on Coast Guard plane 1717 [17x101] which leeches through the two tower-hitting aircraft of 9/11 - UA11 and AA77, meshing the two 'hits' together.
Hugo, Jack, Saeed, Sun, Kate and Aaron = 6 , but, Sun carries a child , making 7. The character Z in hebrew has the value 7, so with trepidation, the Oceanic 7 will become OZ

Honestly , I do make a few mistakes in my posts. Spelling AUS-TIN gave OZ-TIN , miXing Oz and its Tinman in Kates name. As the name-sign show she spells it AUS-TEN which = OZ-10 or OZ-X, and now links her far more firmly to the Island of ManhatTEN [ or ManhaX] and that to OZ and OZ to AUS.
Kates 'real' name = Evangeline Lilly, which can shorten to LILY, the flower but soundwise gives us LILI which = 1717 rotated

SUN , pregnancy in B&W, comes face to face with the SUN in its K-form, preceded by the letters A and I. Via Hebrew these = Alef and Yod , 1 and 10. Yod [ I or Y] = the projection of Aleph into Existence. The Alef = Fool = Whirling NRG and the Yod = The Hermit that contains the NRG within the lantern. The card following the Hermit = the Sun card - Kaph - The palm or fist and 'releases' the contained NRG of the Hermit into its radiating, existential state - bringing light.
With the K and SUN we get a 2K merging into her actions. She confronts her father, telling him that she's bought a majority share in PAIK , her father's company. This stuns the Old chap. She claims 2 have responsiblity for her husband's death, one of them her father. She kicks away the first pillar in this blinding B&W 2K move.
If we t[h]ot[h] up P-A-I-K via Hebrew we get 80-1-10-20 = 111.
P via Sepher Yetsira = Empress card which interprets Sun's transformation from captive daughter to Sun-Queen/Empress

The Birthday present for Hurley has Z23 attached to the grille, the two white stripes have that Twin-Tower aglypheration, and the twins reiterate as 2 on the number-plate next to the intrepid 9. Red + White = Blood and Innocence.
23 = ChYH in hebrew which translates as 'living' [ among others] while , as Z = 7, 7x23 = 161 which rotates and inside-outs the 911 figures

It could just be plane old 723 : Jacob [ YOQB] and Israel [ YSHRAL] , 182 and 541 respectively, = 723, so perhaps thats where Jacob's hiding OUT. Remember that the forthcoming 1776-ft Freedom Tower [ 2 x 888] converts into 541 metres, merging Jesus 888 [via Greek gematria], twinned, with Israel.
The control-panel from the ship has been manufactured by CAT who have a great lofo. An A on a Pyramid between the letters C & T. A pyramid at the centre of a Conspiracy Theory. The CAT has a hard C so lets make KAT - Here's one I made earlier K@ which as the @ symbol lives with the 2 = K2

Cat also acts as a diminutive for Kate. With K as 11 Kate = K8 and = 88, while Kat as K@/K2 = 22. The two figures = the total of constellations and the total of the Hebrew Alefbeyt/Major Arcana

At 22.57 Prague Time I finally cottoned on to the idea that this Lost episode they title 'THERES NO PLACE LIKE HOME' , words which Dorothy Gale speaks In the film of Wizard of Oz at the end of her cyclonic adventure

Friday, May 16, 2008


Disinhibiting the reuptake from the last p[l]ost John unlocked from his Locker-Womb-Tomb listens to his surrog8 father, the teacher Gellert. From their linKing emerge 2Ks which as 11 and 11 = 22 , implying the Major Arcana Tarot cards.
The Father-Son image in Hebrew we know as {father]AB-BN[Son] which contracts to form ABN - a rock, stone, and the basis implied by JChrist of that figures flowering faith , which obviously wasn't called Christianity at the time. The dual current derived from this teaching survives into the 9/11 Twin Towers eVent.
The Cowin Heights school eXists in TUS-TIN , California and links to Kate AUS-TIN by similar spelling magicality. A famous ville called AUSTIN resides in TEXAS. TIN = Metal of JUPITER, often seen as fatherly among the 'planets'. His colour = Purple and with the Cowin Knights we get GREEN for VENUS, lending a dual current of 'male' and 'female' love
I wrote my last Lost Post on the 14th. Today I beetled through the CONCRETE JUNKYARD - OPENING THE STARGATE VIA AL PACINO and found some more KNIGHTS, this time from DALLAS, Texas. They sport vivid red , a MARTIAL colour and often seen as 'opposite' to Venusian green

Above Al seems to address various dignataries while below we get a good glimpse of their logophenalia - 3rd eyes and Templar Crosses , all enflamed.
To complement the snapshots of the Cowin Knights [ see last post ] where the wearers of the colours are green Venus girls the Dallas Knights play the Mars-boys.
A Hard C for Co-win gives a K sound thus KK for Kowin Knights, Dallas Knights give DK - The TOWER and The SUN. The SUN acts as a RESISTANCE to darkness [ night] sprinkling light, morning , noon and night. The darkness = all that exists 'a priori' , the first 3 Tarot cards - The Fool , its container [ World] and the movement [Wheel] of AleFool within creating its own resistance D.
The DK also allows in Decay, implicit in the cycle of rebirth. D as the Tower = 1 of the Twin Towers. It resists the movement of Aleph-Life-Death-Pulse until on Sept 11 , 2001 an NRG projection penetrates its shell. The K looks like 2 Towers with one pushed in to touch the other.
DK strings one along further with the band DEAD KENNEDYS connecting all the conspirosynchronlogical dots back to the D-eath of SUN King - JFK, who died in D-allas where on Oct 3rd appears superstar Sun-King TUTANKHAMUN just before the election of either Father McCain - Mother Hillary , note the hill in Hillary, she's pregnant with - Barack [ blessing] , the Son. Could be a Co-win.

Concrete Junkyard in hir snapshot catches KNI which I have also snapped in the pic heading this post.
The bright Eye-in -the - Trinity leads one to the 3rd eye, exterior symbol of the PINEAL GLAND [ HiDDen [g]LanD].
John, boy-man , deliberates over his present state and remains unaware of the Queen's Knight to King's Pineal Gland move that might even outwit Bobby FISHER. John sits clothed in a shirt of FISH-SCALES implying PISCES - the final trans4mative symbol of the ZO-D-AK, the fishes reminding him of his interrupted sojourn in his mother's twomb, floating in a sea of AMNiotic fluid
The shirt might constitute modern CHAINMAIL linking into the Knights agin

Perhaps he mulls over 'she' - The Mother of John's mother, too young and inexperienced, unmarried who lets john go into adoption.

Her headress makes her Nuit, the mother of all , her arched body containing all the stars , all the life. often seen depicted on the ceilings of egyptian wombs, 'she' adorns herself with starry wizdom.
She resembles the Statue of Liberty , in that she wears a Crown, who many consider the Lady ISIS