Friday, May 16, 2008


Disinhibiting the reuptake from the last p[l]ost John unlocked from his Locker-Womb-Tomb listens to his surrog8 father, the teacher Gellert. From their linKing emerge 2Ks which as 11 and 11 = 22 , implying the Major Arcana Tarot cards.
The Father-Son image in Hebrew we know as {father]AB-BN[Son] which contracts to form ABN - a rock, stone, and the basis implied by JChrist of that figures flowering faith , which obviously wasn't called Christianity at the time. The dual current derived from this teaching survives into the 9/11 Twin Towers eVent.
The Cowin Heights school eXists in TUS-TIN , California and links to Kate AUS-TIN by similar spelling magicality. A famous ville called AUSTIN resides in TEXAS. TIN = Metal of JUPITER, often seen as fatherly among the 'planets'. His colour = Purple and with the Cowin Knights we get GREEN for VENUS, lending a dual current of 'male' and 'female' love
I wrote my last Lost Post on the 14th. Today I beetled through the CONCRETE JUNKYARD - OPENING THE STARGATE VIA AL PACINO and found some more KNIGHTS, this time from DALLAS, Texas. They sport vivid red , a MARTIAL colour and often seen as 'opposite' to Venusian green

Above Al seems to address various dignataries while below we get a good glimpse of their logophenalia - 3rd eyes and Templar Crosses , all enflamed.
To complement the snapshots of the Cowin Knights [ see last post ] where the wearers of the colours are green Venus girls the Dallas Knights play the Mars-boys.
A Hard C for Co-win gives a K sound thus KK for Kowin Knights, Dallas Knights give DK - The TOWER and The SUN. The SUN acts as a RESISTANCE to darkness [ night] sprinkling light, morning , noon and night. The darkness = all that exists 'a priori' , the first 3 Tarot cards - The Fool , its container [ World] and the movement [Wheel] of AleFool within creating its own resistance D.
The DK also allows in Decay, implicit in the cycle of rebirth. D as the Tower = 1 of the Twin Towers. It resists the movement of Aleph-Life-Death-Pulse until on Sept 11 , 2001 an NRG projection penetrates its shell. The K looks like 2 Towers with one pushed in to touch the other.
DK strings one along further with the band DEAD KENNEDYS connecting all the conspirosynchronlogical dots back to the D-eath of SUN King - JFK, who died in D-allas where on Oct 3rd appears superstar Sun-King TUTANKHAMUN just before the election of either Father McCain - Mother Hillary , note the hill in Hillary, she's pregnant with - Barack [ blessing] , the Son. Could be a Co-win.

Concrete Junkyard in hir snapshot catches KNI which I have also snapped in the pic heading this post.
The bright Eye-in -the - Trinity leads one to the 3rd eye, exterior symbol of the PINEAL GLAND [ HiDDen [g]LanD].
John, boy-man , deliberates over his present state and remains unaware of the Queen's Knight to King's Pineal Gland move that might even outwit Bobby FISHER. John sits clothed in a shirt of FISH-SCALES implying PISCES - the final trans4mative symbol of the ZO-D-AK, the fishes reminding him of his interrupted sojourn in his mother's twomb, floating in a sea of AMNiotic fluid
The shirt might constitute modern CHAINMAIL linking into the Knights agin

Perhaps he mulls over 'she' - The Mother of John's mother, too young and inexperienced, unmarried who lets john go into adoption.

Her headress makes her Nuit, the mother of all , her arched body containing all the stars , all the life. often seen depicted on the ceilings of egyptian wombs, 'she' adorns herself with starry wizdom.
She resembles the Statue of Liberty , in that she wears a Crown, who many consider the Lady ISIS


Michael said...

Hi Mr. Ferris. Your posts always unlock strange doors in my brain. Ferris wheels rotate, spinning up the NRG. Everything rotates... except one thing - the moon. Not playing along?

I have a fan made by Honywell that rotates, spins up a good little tornado. Fans worship their stars, fanning the flames. "I'm your number one fan". :-)

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Michael

With F turning to P in Euro and Semitic languages Fan's a PAN.

Interesting Moon info. It might have a hidden Ferris wheel inside.