Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tin , it is, I tell thee

The THEORY of EVERYTHING gets thrust TV-wards, as CSI LAS VEGAS incurs further mytho-crime, real crimes expressing a mythoretical story-book analysis attraction. Gracefully the characters of the laid back Loose Vegas Crime-Story Integration Florensic PD have been practicing office-wierdness for some months, ever since Grissom stung his fiancee with a Bee, and now she's left him.
The Infestigation begins [ here] with the Green Blood forensifier codeatrix called OSM3, artfully heralding the science of the series with the Oz-flavoured happenings, all minus balloons, just loons.
Loon 1 - A sweet TINVESTITE, head to tailing herself from drastic rays that can do everything but cook you apparently. She's mad , she's silly , she's nice , she dies but not before she's seen a bit of normal high wierdness herself [ though interpreting it quite differently to the Police report]. her talk concerns superstrings , something she picked up at MIT while serving as the Lab Auditor. She imagines that the whole Universe interconnects by 'string' but string , as we all know, has not the conductivity to electromagnounsplce the disparate doodah that others claim for Universe.
Universe = Finite, which means we can probably only DE- FINE, adding a bit of DE-ITY for the bit we don't know.

Wizarding along , where's our Dorothy Gale. The innocent youngster clupped from her parental home end up in OZ finds her likeness in Hodges , his name hugging DG - hoDGes. He still lives at home with his Mummy but has met an office - Valkyrie who detests competition. Hodges winces.

The whole investigation turns on its head when everyone starts watching the Simpsons and realise that Jesus H Christ rezzes with Joel H Cohen pairing a Messiah with a Jewish Temple 'ofishal'at the same time the POLICE are having a BARBIE -Q while 911 burns and Ralph starts down the mutilation path, coupled with their Quantum adventures in OZ that they have got[ten] in to

This episode has a tenuous synch status, some pop out , some glyph by audibly.
LISA or USA [ her name looks that way when printed] makes a film , a 'fly-on-the -wall docu, of the Family. They ask her if she's filming something , and she says ' NO US', but it sounds like she says NO OZ , even on the 83rd listen.

This effect the episode compounds when Homer exclaims ' COZ I'M FAT' tieing him in with HORSELOVER FAT, PKDICK's alter-ego in VALIS.
in the background Seymour Skinner's repressed filmaking yearnings ply to the fore. We glimpse the ready-made plinth that expects the award one day.
OS = OZ and CAR from Latin CARRUS does as a CHARIOT. Secret Sun wrote about Osiris - Oscar ceremonies a few moons ago, and the BLOB brings up TUTANKHAMUN in his latest offering. He links his ENCASED or EMBODIED Tut to IRONMAN , also safely ensconced in a protective covering. Osiris coffin serves as his instrument of InCARCERation

As the Simpson's finishes the CSI team shuffle back to the investigation infused in mythos and cartoon neural advancement to forenso-masonically carve a massive Y into a luckless cadaver, followed by a deft heart-removal. This lends a 2nd OZ character, the COWARDLY TINMAN. He's scared of the light but has no heart.
The Tinwoman has a very lovely heart but has lost her mind a la SCARECROW, and she's always a bit scared/paranoid.
As hinted at in the opening picture the blood has gone GREEN or EMERALD. These guys have read so much synchro-babble that it now courses through their bodies, though etaining a distinct dislike of too much 'information' from out there

The Quantum relevance character KYLE PLANCK gets a face-full [ 3rd eyeful] of PINK pepper-spray which stages the famous PINK-LIGHT eVent suffered by PKDICK in his books VALIS and RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH . With TINWOMAN in proXimity The WIZARD OF OZ and VALIS/R.F.A merge and vary. Another character has the name David BOHR giving us 3 Wanton physicists in this round of detectiving

The brain removal of a 3rd VIK - no brain = SCARECROW, who was found wearing earplugs and 3 pairs of Sunglasses. Note the PINEAL area has turned Emerald City Green

Some Oldsters die in another part of the city/story. They use ZOLPIDEM for inSOmnia, a nonbenZODIAzepine [ non - BEN - ZO - DIA - ze-PINE] a description that supplies, BEN [ as in BENNU, Phoenix], OZ reversed, DIA , a female deity, a nearly ZODIAc, and finally a PINE indicating the PINEAL gland. I wonder if some of the other bloggers make more than just synchroblogs.

ZOlpidem potentiates GABA acid which attaches to GABA receptors and has induced coma patients to 'awaken'. The FDA passed it for public consumption on April 23 , 2007.
According to the timing of the episode this batch of ZOLPIDEM expired about 3 weeks ago - do they mature like wine or a fine cheese? they also show the British dating system, or perhaps , if Canada has the same, maybe they've been lifted from a Canadian Tourist wondering drowsily around the pyramids and sphingi of Las LaVeygas
A cat dies from Rodent defence by the neighbours and grounds the whole Quantum fizzle .
APRIL 17 1961 = The Bay of Pigs invasion begins while in 1894 KRUSCHEV , who presided over the USSR through the Cuban Missile [ Miss Isle - Hit City] Crisis. In 1986 the 355 year-old war between the NETHERLANDS and the SCILLY ISLES draws to a peaceful conclusion.

ACID STRIP + Fluorescent Pink reiterate the PKDICK/VALIS/ PSYCHEDELIC/ moomery and doffs a gracious hat to ALBERT HOFFMAN, disco-verer of LSD - 25 in 1941, who died last week aged 1002

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Alex Robinson said...

Some years ago when I went to England I had to give the address I would be staying at to an official at the airport - the street address was number 10 - & when I told her she gave me a strange look & wrote 'Tin' - this went on for quite some time until I realised she didn't speak 'kiwi' - so I spelled it for her.

Had some synchs with your mention of green & emerald on a new post if you care to wander across. Have a feeling the colour could be looked at in more depth especially from a golfing angle

Michael Skaggs said...


This is just brilliant, the Simpsons definitely have some different writers after season 12. Thanks for all this great stuff! My mind is swirling like a pinwheel of Jello-O pudding! LOL

aferrismoon said...

I have heard of Kiwis engaging in SIX too.
Isn't Oxxies say 'sex' for six and Kiwis the other way round.
Ozzies also drink a lot of beer in sex-packs, stereotypically.
Great that TIN = TEN
I beetled across, have saved it , will read at leisure later
Cheers Michael - It does seem a lot more surreal and a lot less guarded. It's surprising what the 'censors' can't censor when its so layered. That seems to be what progs do more now - layer it in so many references that its difficult to 'stop' anything coming out.
The lack of a 'real' storyline, just layer upon layer

Alex Robinson said...

You know I never even knew kiwi's had an accent until I went to see a Dave Allen show when I was about 17 & he did a joke about kiwi's & used an ozzie sounding accent.
I also used to wonder how people knew my parents were Irish - I just didn't hear the accents.
I guess we do have 'six' here. Some English friends thought it was a great laugh to tell friends back in England that they were 'having John's dick extended' (meaning deck).

I don't watch Simpson's but my son has all the Futurama and we are both convinced that they have two writers - one who writes the first part of the episode & the other one who finishes it off because we can never tie up how it starts with how it finishes - the stories fit together but I'm sure if I looked closely I'd see a seam.

Was looking at a book about NZ last night & came across the 'Tin' Range - Stewart Island - our 3rd Island.
A wee pic 4 u -