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In an earlier post I had inferred that the Red River flowed from Winnipeg to Shreveport, which would have made it one of the longest rivers in the world. There seem to be 7 or 8 Red Rivers around the world, most in the US.

A Red River feeds into Lake Winnipeg , its originates at the confluence of the BOIS DE SIOUX and OTTER TAIL rivers in the US.

The Red River rose with reports of it flooding at Fargo - this is the Red River of the North.

An important waterway in the South is the Red River that has both its sources in Texas. Its split source gives that fork-tongued snakey appeal.
It seems to flow across Caddo Land , taking in Shreveport, La., Karnack, Tx., and the hidden lead mines of the Caddo.

Reading JustMe's comments at SyFo one finds mention of Ardmore, Oklahoma. S/He notes that the town's abbreviation = ADM.
ADM using the alphabet in place of alephbeyt makes the name Adam , the first , born of the image of the Elohim [ ALHYM86] , a composite male-female-singular-plural process.
One may imagine that the LHY of ALHYM has repackaged itself as the D of ADM. Quincydentally ADM = 45 = LHY
AD = mist, vapour, smoke
ADVM = red,scarlet, crimson
ADVM HChZH = 'robin' redbreast
The Shelby Downards came from Ardmore, dealing in asphalt, carpet-layers bringing dirt streets into pristine tessalation.
With business going well and a patent or two in the apron young James entered the world along with William Joseph Casey.

The seamless absurdity of Casey and Downard sharing birthdates considering their later occupations - Director of CIA and Director of AIC.
Intraspiralling deflection prose may have us well believe that they worked together, though within the genre all u can think is all that u know while truth has no tenure.In other documents we find 2 families [ Shelby and Downard] out in Okla [Red] Homa [People], partners in the Asphalt Tesselation Business:'

'Judge Wilhelm was born in Tom Green County, Texas, in the year 1877,
and he is a son of George and Ida (MURRAY) Wilhelm, the former of whom was born and reared to young manhood in Ohio. George Wilhelm,son of a German immigrant, was for twenty years captain of a whaling vessel on the Atlantic ocean. He was one of the vigorous '49ers who rushed to California during the gold excitement and subsequently he became a pioneer settler in the great state of Texas.
Concerning his children, the following brief data are here inserted: Truman is associated with the Shelby-Downard Asphalt Company, at Ardmore,Oklahoma;
Mrs. Thomas NORMAN, is the wife of a prominent lawyer at Ardmore; Ruth married a Mr. WEST, a retired real-estate dealer at Houston, Texas; Mrs. Frank LANTZ, is the wife of a farmer in the vicinity of Walters, Oklahoma;
Mrs. Clarence JOHNSON is the wife of a hardware merchant at Houston, Texas, Naoma is the wife of a Mr.DOWNARD, an asphalt dealer at Ardmore; "Rockie" is a sheep ranchman at El Paso, Texas; Misses Phoebe and Barbara are both teachers in the public schools at Coalgate; and Patrick E. is the subject of this discourse."

Pa Tricky

ADM45 , the biblical , went into a deep sleep and divided itself into male and female forms of fire.
The deep sleep = ThRDMH - 400., an enormous working in which , seemingly, a Universe[200] gets brought to life[5] via intense struggle with resistance [ Anything to do with 4]at varying levels of consciousness [ 400, 40, 4]. The resistance 40 = a biosphere wherein the seed may develop.
The look of the word ThRDMH implies a deep 'riddim', perhaps a sub-woofer of transtime proportions.

The split - the 2 entities standing with the serpent and apple are NOT Adam and Eve but AYSh311 [Male] and AShH306[female], forms of fire - ASh [ the word 'ash' derives from it].
What seems to have been glossed over is that the ADM [ at this stage] = male-female. It divides and knows itself somewhat 'objectively'. The ADM is in the image of the ALHYM86[ Elohim].
Apparently the male state cannot assimilate information directly. The information from the NChSh358-Serpent is gathered by the female aspect. This seems due to the varying characteristics of Y-existence and H-life.

THis does prove complex and that perhaps indicates why humans have opted for the Adam and Eve and Talking Snake version as fairy-tales provide a lot of emotional , sensuous fun , can be loaded with guiltifying inferrals for politicos, social organisers, holeymen. Added to these we can pile on the Lizard worshippers, sleecret slowslieties and their PR depts guilding HoleyWood with its aeternal dysfunctional storyline - most based on the 2 or 3 lines in the Torah deliberately misread.

ChVH - the developed female = the projection of the male god YHVH.
The undeveloped female = ADMH - the earth, which consumes all.
The conflict in Genesis comes between ADMH and YHVH for Human seed.

ChVH19 births QYN160 and HBL37 [ Qaheen and Hevel] , one with YHVH, the other with no-one. Qaheen destroys the menial Hevel by merely appearing before him. Qaheen = the union of YHVH and ChVH - his description as a murderer and the sorrow for Hevel-Able has tainted our world and maybe seen in almost all walks of life - victimology - victimalady
Finally she brings out ShTh700 , the Settler Son of the Eloheem

Las Vegas - The Meadows - The Leas

Qaheen-Cain has been accused of murder and humans have murdered every Qaheen that has existed since then to save the slave-maker and the nicey-nice predictable anthill viability study that proves our present course.
Hevel = the repetition of humans in duration with the hope of evolving into insect-safety
Friends , Insects and Stickmen, lend me your ......fear

The West [Amentet] developed Atomic Energy which may have propelled us into new ways of living, but we used it , almost immediately to bomb ourselves into the day before yesterday, a big cloudy electro-magnetic fear-prison , a Pavlov's Dog routine that scalds the mind for ................thinking. For seeing what needs must be while all around 'they're' all getting theirs.......well one gets sent off to bed, to a sleepy-shut-up zone called fluff, shock , emotional mendacity, the land of NoD.
Go to your room!

Ever get a bollocking for daring to swear when you were too young to even know what the silly word really meant? Thats called 'the end of education, the beginning of instruction'.

Cribbing from Shelby-Downards 'KingKill33' -



"On December 20, 1947, Jacob Rubinstein changed his name to Jack L. Ruby by decree of the 68th Judicial Court of Dallas, Texas. The etymology of the term "Ruby": (French) rubis; (Spanish) rubi; (Latin) rubinus, carbuncle.
ln old law books it was once the practice to print some of the titles of the statutes in red and these were termed rubrics or a ruby and hence any fixed, formulated or authoritative injunction of duty was apt to be designated as being a rubric or ruby.
As a rubinus or carbuncle Ruby is associated with the "Breastplate of Judgment" used by the Chosen Mispet (High Priests) of Jewish sorcery, enabling them to receive "divine" answers regarding the welfare of Judaism; some interpretations claim that the "Breastplate of Judgment" manifested the immediate presence of Jehovah and was also worn by Masons in Royal Arch chapters.
This "breastplate [which] contained twelve stones" each symbolized one of the twelve tribes of Israel. The carbuncle or ruby was connected to the tribe of Judah (Nohpech).
The term "Jack Ruby" was once used by pawnbrokers to indicated a fake ruby.
In iconography a ruby or carbuncle symbolizes blood, suffering and death."

This just in from the Terminator:

"We have invented the world's largest laser system," actor-turned-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said during a dedication ceremony attended by thousands including state and national officials.

"We can create the stars right here on earth. And I can see already my friends in Hollywood being very upset that their stuff that they show on the big screen is obsolete. We have the real stuff right here."

Lead = Plumbum , metal of Saturn and the base metal in a pyramid of metals. It has chem.element No.82.
In Hebrew we find the word for it = ANK - 1+50+20/500 = 71/551 71=Prime; 551=19x29.
71 = IVNH - Jonah; Dove . Thus the symbol of `YShRAL forms a relationship with Lead-ANK.
Usually the A in Hebrew gets pronounced 'eh' , so I assume this word pronounces - 'enk', resembles the end of 'etem-enki' and other 'enki' deities of Ancient Sumer among more modern countenance. Face It!
Using the English alphabet for transliterating Hebrew ANK looks [ and possibly sounds] like 'Ankh' , the anglicised way of spelling the Egyptian symbol.

Lead = Olovo [Cz.] - sounding close to English 'olive'

Fool-Death-Sun / Air-Scorpio-Sun / Air-Water-Fire

Both Jonah , in the whale, and the Dove, within the Ark, spend time isolated, insulated, the events and elements happening along 'outside'. Lead provides a comparitively impervious lining , protecting us against getting too much 'RAdiation', too much GOD, too much Sun. Thus acc. to scriptural-plasmate interpretation we may take some time away from 'god' . The place generally associated with not-god we call 'Hell', 'gehenna', 'tuat' and resident there a being called SATAN which many feel has many links to the word-name for the planet/god SATURN that claims the metal LEAD.

The feeling that 'hell' has been made such a place of terror we wishing only to stand in the light, that we must open [ its almost 'law' , not being 'open' with people gets one called dirge words like 'in denial' 'hiding' ' closed' 'dark' leading to 'must be up to sumfink' or even ' must be on to sunfink, get the info' - this gets to the extreme of locking the Secreter in dank incankeration.
Mr.Jesus spent 3 days in darkness in the TWomb :

"But He [Jesus] answered them, "An evil and adulterous generation asks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. For just as Jonah was in the belly of the huge fish for three days and three nights, so the Son of Man will be in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights. The people of Nineveh will stand up at the judgement with this generation and condemn it, because they repented when Jonah preached to them – and now, something greater than Jonah is here!

Then he ascended , I assume rose vertically tying in with the Hebrew word for vertical ANKY81. The connexion comes , it seems, from Lead-ANK71 used as a plumb-line which we adopt to assume perpendicular.

AMOS, Ch.7,vii

VYAMR ADNY HNNY ShM ANK BQRB OMY YShRAL LA-AVSYPh OVD OBVR LV: 1.4,50.10 300.40/600 1.50.20/500 70.40.10 10.300.200.1.30 30.1 - 70.6.4 70 2.6.200 30.6 : 2395[5x479] - 46characters - 13words

And spoke Adonai I am - name/there -- lead/plumbline/perpendicular - in - battle/approaching/interior - folk Israel - not-harvest/collect - more in return for it.
PKDick declined tripping off to the Negev with Bishop Pike to search for 'mushroom' called Anuki. If the mushroom proved entheogenic then I guess 'vertical' may have been one of the apparent effects of ingestion.
Bishop Pike remains , Chretian forget-me-not romancing the stoney land - AB-BN ABN.
ANVKY87 = in Hebrew means 'I' and from that 'selfish', Again the 'I' of the first person indicates the vertical nature of both the letter and humans.
Selfishness then implies ignorance of horizontal apprehension

The Serpent said ' Stand, for you're not to crawl'

Lead corresponds to Saturn and that planet/god , father of Jupiter, derived from BYTh - B - Card le deux. Card B = 2 , Card K = 20 , Lead and Sun[Gold].
K20 = projection of archetype of containing B 2, into existence. The Hermit, the 10th card represents >>> Existence-continuity-time. Thus 10x2= 20 = physical structures supporting [ horse] life [rider]

Note also the SCARVES appearing in both. The 3rd of this series = R , the Magus --- BKR 2-20-200
What form of containment does BRK represent? What will penetrate this 'blessing'?

Lead = ANK. The initial character - A1 = The Fool card
The following pair = N and K = Death and Sun. Using the Rider-Waite pack I notice that only these 2 cards have horse and rider.
In Latin 'horse' = Caballus

The formulae for Gold and Lead show some correlation:
ZHB - 7.5.2
ANK - 1.50.20/500

In the centre gold proffers H-5-Emperor-Aries
while lead yields...................N-50-Death-Scorpio
All letters for gold come from the archetypal level while lead has both archetypal and existential levels , with the possibilies fulfiling in building physical structures in Life , fructifying cosmically
Archetypal = 1-9
Existensial = 10-90
Cosmic= 100-900

With N & H , 50 and 5 we see the alchemical idea of refining oneself that lead may transcend to gold without losing the lead

Aleph - timeless and immanent transforms into the sword of ZYN 'cutting open' or 'piercing' its own container engendering possibilities
Aleph as plough-plow-flow instils this 'possibility' into all characters , the 'possibility' adapting to the nature of the character it resides within.
The H of life projected into existence = the living of individuals N that 'eNds' in death.
The archetypal container B , the World card, enclosing encapsulates the concept of Gold as a metaphor for a 'higher' state of being.
In lead the letter K indicates the existential containment of physical structures , from thoughts to buildings, films to folklore, nations and their constitutions , religions and their rituals and churches.

First word - top right= ANKY YY

The snapshot comes from the Judaeo-numerical series called NUMB3RS, when one of the Epps brothers finally makes it to the wordshop

Some handy hints from Carlo Suares' page at -

# 1: Life-Death/Consciousness: staff (1) of the Fool and Hermit (Aleph becomes Yod, the Fool in duration) and two towers of the Moon (Qof: beyond duality)
# 2: Containment: duality: Aleph enclosed: wands, circles, twins, palms and soles (Hebrew Kaf) and scarves
# 3: Movement: wheel/scales/breath: archetypal/controlled/cosmic movement
# 4: Resistance: falling/suspended upside-down figures: vertical tower, tree, crosses and pillars: active, passive and cosmic resistance
# 5: Life: life (Emperor/Aries/Spring) and its projection into existence: death (the harvest in Scorpio)
# 6: Copulation: hierophant/angel: male/female sexuality: fertility and interpenetration
# 7: Indetermination: twins/angel-devil: choice: indetermination and realization of actual potentials/probabilities: choice
# 8: Unstructured Potential: chariot-throne/sceptre: unstructured energy (consciousness) and pool of potentials (sum of probabilities)
# 9: Formation/Seed/Structure: bending woman managing energy: structuration (from pool of potential)


' Why, surely a bouquet of Yellow Roses suits Texas far better'
'Red'll go far better with your dress, honey'

The Yella rose in Texas
In the fall of 63
Jackie got them bloodied
So she could see across the sea

The King is Dead
And thats the Key
There's no escape
Nowhere to flee
Just say the words
An' don't silly be
"Three little maids
Are We"

In Mafiana a man reaching a certain stage ' gets made'- A Made Man

"Someone got killed , Hee! hee! hee!
Sweep 'em under the old oak tree"

"My Caddo Land" - August Gates

In Czech the month AUGUST they call SRPEN , derived from SRP a Sickle, Scorpion harvest in the old times, now they reap in Virgo.
Plenty hot , snakes in the grass, fearsome times in Aretz Mitzrayeem , don't tread on me bin circling the crops for a long while, see them signs, snaketalk, silent but deadly, farm fatale , speaking of Dorothy , she proved her link to the green cropper, Soory-ass Osighris, o woe is me , Aim a daying god , so I aim.
Oz au gust , dat's moi flossy fee

More o' KK33
"Slightly to the north of the town of Columbus are the Tres Hermanas (three sisters) mountains. It is approximately 32 miles between Deming and Columbus. The Three Sisters mountains are a minute and some seconds south of the 32nd degree line. When this line is traced further west it passes the ghost town of Shakespeare at a distance south of the town which is roughly equivalent to the distance which the 32nd degree line passes north of the Three Sisters mountains. The names "Shakespeare" and "Three Sisters" find a connection in the tragedy Macbeth which comprises such a large part of JFK assassination imagery.
When this 32nd degree line is traced a little distance farther west, into Arizona, it crosses an old trail which meandered north of what is now another ghost town but which at one time was called the town of "Ruby." Part of the old winding trail became known as the "Ruby Road." The town of Ruby acquired its name officially on April 11, 1912, and was notorious for many brutal murders which had ritual aspects. Four of these homicides occurred in a store attached to the post office which had been erected over the grave of a Catholic priest."
RUE BEE - Street of Hives
RUE B - Enclosure Street
RUE BRICK - Pyramid Street
"Continuing on with mystical toponomy, one encounters the fact that Ruby road twists north into the area known as the Kennedy and Johnson mountains."
Masonica knows very well the purpose of hermetically sealing their operations which may be why the modern Tarot begins with 0 - There's a HOLE in my Bucket dear LieZa dear LieZa.
Opening the love holes - Vadge and Ureeta [meter made] - overly , wears one out. The boys spermalising hits hard on the kidneys and lower back - body-mind reduces many functions while refilling.
Orgasm addiction comes in many forms - In Europe its goals! goals! goals! for the menfolk - for the girls its shoes!shoes!shoes!
Ooohs, aaaahs and gasps of high vol emotion which brings us to the hole in the head - PUSA in Czech, PUS in Irish, PUSSY all over the world. CARELESS TALK COSTS LIVES , need I say MAW?
Picking up from Celtic Rebel's wholesale investigation in to the hole where SUN-A don't shine, and for right good reez - it burns. That holes super-protected with its guardian deity the SPHINXTER [ from Greek - to bind tight].
Crowley used anal-pen to get through to Babylon and his Fool came to naught.
The Tarot beginning at 0 has no seal resulting in all its POWER dissipating. The same corollory appears in TaiChi training when the trainers often remind students that the SphinX should keep it mouth shut otherwise Chi flows out of the circuit. Applying this technique tends to improve posture and the attitude of the Spine

The Fool carries a stick to stop that leak - often opened holes on the body lead to the NRG bleeding off.
STICK = 1 , even 0 , as a dynamic concept , =s +1 + -1
Beginning at 0 leads to psychic rape

"One should also note the significance of (Jack) Ruby's killing (destroying) of "Ozwald" in reference to the "Ruby Slippers" of The Wizard of Oz which one may deride as a fairy tale but which nevertheless symbolizes the immense power of "ruby light," otherwise known as the laser."
Dorothy's clicking of her RUBY SLIPPERS [ they used to be SILVER but it were dark and she couln't see whar she wor warking] remind one of the neat click of officers in jackboots'
On that day the ROSES lay on the back seat twixt Jack and She.
"Some people say DOWN WITH THE SYSTEM
SHUT Y'MOUTH or I'll take your toys away"
The Undisputed Truth
Crowley made it perfectly plain proferring Harpocrates as silence with a single finger over shut lips.
Many think he sided with the Nazis but its well recorded that AL-LIES, either that or he couldn't turn back.

I drum , U dream , We all dream of Madeem

MADYM - 40 - 1 - 4 - 10 - 40

HoHum , suddenly that Martian landscape looks a hole heap o' diffront.

Carlo Suares visits the big RED -

Meadim (Mars) formed by Thallet-Dallet to the East, towards which we look, is always ahead of us. However long we look in that direction,we can never completely grasp it. The name Adam is contained in its name, mixed with Mem and Yod, the Autiot of the Waters. We project on Mars the wisdom which we have not yet attained. Our response to that projection is Hhokmah (intelligence) by Thallet in 'Aqarav (Scorpio); our blunt resistance to the future is Olet (folly). Suares, The Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah), p.133

Mars formed by D - The Tower card. See it burn, the people jump and fall.
Earth - Mars communications now open >>>

PKDick wrote a book , 'bout the same time as Moon-Talk got the booster rocket , anyhouse , MARTIAN TIMESLIP leaked through in 1964 [ year o'me birf]

"There is a new theory about autism,' Dr Glaub said. 'From Bergholzlei, in Switzerland. I wished to discuss it with you because it seems to offer us a new avenue with your son, here.'

'I doubt it ' , Steiner said.

Dr.Glaub did not seem to hear him, he continued, 'It assumes a derangement in the sense of time in the autistic individual, so that the environment around him is so accelerated that he cannot cope with it, in fact, he is unable to perceive it properly, precisely as we would be if we faced a speeded-up television programme, so that objects whizzed by so fast as to be invisible, and sound was gobbledegook - you know? Just extremely high-pitched mishmash. Now, this new theory would place the autistic child in a closed chamber, where he faces a screen on which filmed sequences were projected slowed down - do you see? Both sound and video slowed, at last so slow that you and I would not be able to perceive motion or comprehend the sounds as human speech.' p.37

What's this? Autistics on Mars, just ahead of us, the fewtcha, PKD worked in therapy years ahead. At present the simple thing is just regene them , or degene, or altergene and them 'tistix'll be fiXed , come to the mall, choose products, become really socially-acceptable autistuck, state-teat will oblige and u'll be happy in the Karmic crud-role the nice WEastern deities dispense.

Karma implies responsibility rather than limp acceptance
Qaheen, that we know as Kain, got hit with the Aut -Is - Tik, for the Lord or whatever slung AVTh - the sign, token or mark upon that son of his's head , but aut means sign not self-centred assassination.

" And yet he felt repelled by the teaching machines For the entire Public School was geared to a task which went contrary to his grain: the school was there not to inform or educate , but to mold, an along severely limited lines. It was the link to their inherited culture , and it peddled that culture, in its entirety to the young. It bent its pupils to it; perpetuation of the culture was its goal, and any special quirks in the children which might lead them in another direction had to be ironed out.
It was a battle , Jack realised, between the composite psyche of the school and the individual psyches of the children, and the former held all the key cards. A child who did not properly respond was assumed to be autistic - that is , oriented according to a subjective factor that took precedence over his sense of objective reality. And that child wound up by being expelled from the school; he went after that to another sort of school entirely, one designed to rehabilitate him: he went to camp Ben-Gurion. He could not be taught; he could only be dealt with as 'ill'.
Autism, Jack reflected, as he unscrewed the back of the Angry Janitor, had become a self-serving concept for the authorities who governed Mars. It replaced the older term 'psychopath', which in its time had replaced 'moral imbecile', which had replaced 'criminally insane'. And at Camp B-G, the child had a human teacher, or rather 'therapist'. p.61

East in Hebrew = QDM[100+4+40/600], compare with ADM[1+4+40/600], madam.


Way out East in the Czech Lands , psycho-geographically whence our future beckons, Jiri Paroubek , leader of CSSD, the semi-socialists, made a speech a couple of years ago.
In Czech the parties are so close that deals are regularly made. At the time of the speech Jirko wanted the KSCM [ da Commies] to support him, which they vacillated over.
At the party conference Jirko exclaimed -
" If the Communists won't cooperate with us then we'll do a deal with the Martians!", which surprisingly earned him a brief round of applause.
This made Mr. Paroubek the 1st national leader to admit to life on Mars as well as offer the hand of political expediency
At this years CSSD meet-the-peeps bash at Litomerice the Martians appeared, apparently to 'join the party'.

A photo of Jirko

I've been a-mowing
So we've red, red, rowen
I don
Da veil

This from Ray:

Fri May 29, 1:19 pm ET
CHAMONIX, France – Karine Ruby, a former Olympic snowboarding champion who had been training to become a mountain guide, died Friday in a climbing accident on Mont Blanc. She was 31.

Ruby was roped to other climbers when she and some members of the group fell into a deep crack in the glacier on the way down the mountain, Chamonix police official Laurent Sayssac said.

Down da Vale

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I'm not Kissing 'ER, eu!

An amber dress decorated with eyes and ears.
They call this the 'Rainbow Portrait'

Note El Queeno's siphoning petrol


Easy pickings though

One of a set , collect them all

1 star less than the original US states. EU-S

The wall separated East Germany from West Germany for more than a quarter-century, from the day construction began on 13 August 1961 until the Wall was opened on
9 November 1989.
It closed again on 9/11/2001


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Howen Nowen Browen Cowen

In Harlingen, Tx a young lady , Judy Trunnell died. After slipping into a coma she gave birth to her baby via Caeserean section.

"Texas health officials stopped short of saying that swine flu caused Trunnell's death. State health department spokeswoman Carrie Williams said the schoolteacher had "chronic underlying health conditions" but wouldn't give any more details."

Of course the Press have far more medical knowledge than mere doctors, nurses and various lackeys whose main purpose seems to be to annoy the media with .......details.
The case has been reported as the '1st case of Swine Flu' in the US o'Fay

Her family and friends are shocked and at a loss. One of the reasons will doubtless be her relatively young age - 33.
The 33 caught my eye for its Masonic significance and it marks Jesus' death age. I doubt the family could give a damn about the significance of her age and may feel that including Judy Trunnell in this post 'tasteless' or perhaps 'offensive'.

Swine Flu, Mexican Flu or Influensis Laboratorius Baxhysterii has infected the world psyche yet most find themselves at a loss to what to do, at what it is, where it came from and as such the main infection - powerless confusion cackles overhead , AIG cronies receive 'fuckyou' bonuses , Madoff keeps schtumm.

But we must have law and order

Here's the seal of Harlingen in Nederland where many of the original inhabitants of the Texas town hailed from , which brings out another link to Texas via the JFK-LBJ flim flam. Both JFK and LHO , sacrificial citizens, were buried in or near to places called Arlington. There's an Arlington not too far from Memphis , site of MLKs assassination.
The name comes from Harlington in England [ there are 3] and resorting to Wikipedia , searching for Harlington asks u to see also Harlingen and Arlington, thus I feel all spellings = the same name

This got blogged at KOSMIKON , just , late, ly

ARLINGTON, Va. – It's like this: When you want a burger, you have to have a burger.

In this state of mind on Tuesday, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden took a short — but wholly noticeable — motorcade ride from the White House to Virginia and pulled into a small, independent burger joint called Ray's Hell Burger.

The two leaders went right up to the counter where the meat was being grilled and ordered.

A few years back a series called 'League of Gentlemen' appeared. One of the storylines was the special meat supplied by Hillary Briss , the Butcher on the left

Unfortunately it got into the general publics hands and mysterious nosebleeds ravaged the already depraved village of Royston Vasey

The post-title flippantly unbuckled the names of PM of UK

and the Taoiseoch [ Tishok]

Deaths from 'meat' take on great variety in UK - Eire , probably inspiring the Meat Plot on League Of Gentlemen
The most dangerous meat is apparently chicken as it cross-contaminates really well. I reckon the Chicken Industry has been attacking the pork and beef industry. People tend to think red meat - aaaaaaaagh" , white meat - gooooooood.
I was once sick from chicken on a flight to Jordan when I was 8. When I got to school that term flu jabs were being given out. The Doc asked me if I'd got any allergies to eggs or chicken so I told him that I'd been sick from it a few weeks before so he didn't give it me and put me on a list for those not to be jabbed ...ever. I have never had a flu jab or flu.
At times , on a cold morning , I've had ZABIJACKOVA POLIVKA [ zabiyatchkova] which translates as 'Slaughter Soup'. It's pig blood and pearl barley , from which it gets its alternate name KRUP A KREV [ grain and blood], tastes fine and keeps one warm all day. It's usually fresh at the Jidelna [ Diner] attached to the Butchers.

South Caddo Parish - dead cows , possoprobably from Chesapeake Energy's drilling operations acc. to C.C.Canady.
Caddo Parish , not too far from Port Caddo nr. Karnack - Texas-Louisiana-Arkansas - Cows die on May 1 , a tribute to Hathor?

Their logo sports that ole RED RIVER , not long ago bursting its banks at FARGO.

Acc. to reports either 18 or 19 cows have been found and all seem to think that its poisoning due to Chesapeake Energy's operations which has proved somewhat thorn-like to members of the community - in essence the usual 'fuck-you' rudeness , as in 'we're doing business , you're just small-minded locals' attitude.
many roads [ often B-roads] have suffered damage from lorries , driving too fast, 24 hours a day noise and other minor annoyances. They're minor until off-handedly ignored week-after-week, they're minor in relation to War and Pestilence on a global scale, and as such I imagine that Chesapeake Energy could pull their finger out and get things all in order. Chesapeake = a port city in Virginia, though the energy company hails from the ArkLaTex region.
Reading the minutes to the meetings of South Caddo Parish makes one aware of the same kind of attitude here as in the Niger Delta from Shell and A-gip

Despite John McCain carrying all of Louisiana he didn't carry Caddo Parish, Barack Obama won, though in the previous election GWBush prevailed over John Kerry.
The Senate was won by Democrat Mary Landrieu who fought off the difficult challenge of Republican John Kennedy [ a name which also pops up in the legal battle involving Pirate Bay and those seeking to overthrow the burgeoning democracy]

On April 20, wrote post "By Now One Hears Turtlings All Over Doveland" which looked into the sacrifices under LBJ's [ Dem.T[o]x] presidency. I found that his wife Lady Bird Johnson was born in Karnack , Texas which is very close to the Caddo Parish Cow-deaths.

here's some Caddo history from their webpage -
"There’s a legend told in Mooringsport about Indians, who always visited Shreveport with an abundant supply of lead, which they traded for supplies. Even after they handed over their land, they continued to trade with lead. Although townspeople followed them, they always lost track of them along Black Bayou northeast of Mooringsport and never learned the source of the lead."

The image below I also used in the 'Doveland' post to imply sacrifice and how often crowds gather for these eVents

This is the end
My yoni friend
The end
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I’ll never look into your eyes

Het-Hert. identified with Sept, Sothis, which was called the 'second sun' in heaven.
Hathor in her form as a COW received the dead as they entered the Underworld. She gave them new life and celestial food to maintain it
Hathor Lady of Amentet. Also Nebt [ golden one]-Hetepet , she is glorious in heaven, mighty upon earth, Queen of the Underworld. As TEMT she is lady of the TWO LANDS, and of the RED covering, and she shines in the cities of BUBO and BUBASTIS

JSDownard spent time around Caddo Street in Ardmore, Ok and his writings brought forth the mystical history of ArkLaTex , TexArkana and environs. Oklahoma means 'red people' from Okla - Humma.

In Quotes from KingKill 33:

'In considering my data it would be helpful to consider a dictum of Einsteinian physics: " Time relations among events are assumed to be first constituted by the specific physical relations obtaining between them" '

'The eternal pagan psychodrama is escalated under these 'modern' conditions precisely because sorcery is not what 20th century man can accept as real.'

Homo Modernis has learnt to dismiss its intuitive psycho-physical uniVerse accepting only that verifiable by Touchman and its imagifying sidekick Vision, the dynamic duo of Human Investigative Techniques. Thus what doesn't get seen decreases in emphasis and when reported loses import. R.Buckminster-Fuller goes into this Touch-vision scenario and how its bias shapes our universe.
Often humans born with vision and touch opportunities as secondary and tertiary talents get side-lined as 'challenged' in these departments, yet rarely does the 'diagnosis' go the other way.

"Thus the 'Killing of the King' rite of November, 1963 is alternately diagnosed as a conflict. Needless to say, each of these groups has a place in the symbolism having to do with the Kennedy assassination."

Concerning some of the thoughts to do with Autistic Savant People and Mobile-MultiRole People the name 'Kennedy' adds a darkling humour , as it translates from Irish as 'wounded head'.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pour Quoi Pine

A couple of fotos recalled from Da Black Whole's prescient 'Queen of Da Sowf'[April 11]

Jim [ Centerportal ] did a post @ The Sync Whole called AUDITISM followed not long after by William FreeMorg Shamenhan [ A Few Shots To Shaman] called DOUBLE DOWN[RAINED ON][BRAIN MAN] which focussed on DUSTIN HOFFMAN [***TIN****MAN].

Struck by the AUdiTISM connexion of which I have made myself more aware through the blog DA BLACK WHOLE who has a link to QIM TUNES [ Tom Smith's P.P.] where live communications between 'Tom Smith' [ I Think] and a network of TUNES [ people referred to as Autistic]. UNITS seems to be their local word for people not consciously aware of the network.
Alongside the Autism 'duh-scovery' swoops La Flu du Cochon [ though accused , pigs not actually guilty] which brought 2 mind the film OUTBREAK starring Dustin, Morgan and Rene Russo.
At the Synch Hole , Jake augmented post IF SWINE FLEW [23'd, It's a Full ON Pig Roast] with a poster from Outbreak coupled with a cartoon LEG-END called PORCO RUSSO [ Red Pig]

Below a Kwote from FINNEGANS WAKE: 'pee gee ought he ought' , it's code for pg88 , page 88 from a book on Egypt. On Page 88 we find the GrainMan Osiris get awokin'.
Also note the rotated E!

While 'parents' think they can outplay life remains to be seen nevertheless the march towards the Perfect Little Child [PLC] jogs on. The Leisure Suit of Medicine - Genetix - will find the cause of anything that hinders humans from becoming the 'talking animals', 'happy workers', 'mindless killers' , 'automatons' that sosociety seems intent on creating.
Cancer exists to tell people they can't live for ever and if they want to live for a while then pay attention to what mind and body communicate. This has proven difficult as, in our march to the pinnacle of perfection [ often found nestling at the top of pyramids] we have tended to 'use up' humans in suffering for the greater [minority] good [convenience].
I only bring up TinCancer as it has been mentioned in an article informing the 'pulace that the genetic basis for Autism has been found. Autism.

U know , its a bit like Cancer .
The Cancer Answer

Wise Woman dealt with the SW-I-NE->
Swine Flu has just gotta be the correct 'designation' - albeit in an alpha & omega style - take the end & then the beginning of 'swine' & lo there appears the true 'spreader' of this mind virus - 'News'- in the middle of the frenzy lies the 'i' (eye) in the middle of this cooked up storm.

Page 88 "Roi et Dieux d'Egypte"

'Autism covers a group of conditions, marked by an impaired ability to communicate and interact socially and repetitive behaviour, which affect about one in 150 mostly male children.'

Remember children tend to be persuaded to not try and do too many things, CONCENTRATE little one. As we mature to University level we get pushed into specialized subjects which breaks down communication between human developments.
REPITITION doesn't actually exist as the environment has changed since the last iteration making nothing repetitive

I have only met one child with Autism and he did seem preoccupied with the colour red. I spent an afternoon with him going through Kays Catalogue [Kay-K] taking note of those red things.
Quite repetitive.
Possibly Autistic Child only repeated RED things to me as he knew I hadn't practiced communicating with him.
The Western Bible launches into RED with the first Humanmind - ADM - 45, so perhaps he'd decided to start from the beginning.
Note : Scripture/Plasmate moves - Humans move. Repetition cannot eXist.
Science has the Train whistle getting louder and diminishing for the Static Trackside Bystander. R.Buckminster-Fuller uses the exploding plane and passenger model. The exploding plane makes noises that get 'heard' by the human's hearing faculties now disconnected from the body and moving away, along, among the intimate sounds of the radiatively expanding aerial debris, some of it UU and some of it ME

Had I spent a few hours with members of the Governing Bodies and Administrations, the Qualified, I would doubtless remarked on the preoccupation with Terrorism and Terrorists and Terrorist attacks and Terrorist SleeperCells and Dirty Bombs and Filthy , filthy people, as well as deep and abiding respect for the word CRISIS.

Repeating images since 1483BC

Most governments and media outlets, most banks, social organisations, pressure groups and school curriculums fit the symptoms of autism EXCEPT their inability to keep it to themselves.

The possibility of FLU as a pandemic has stimmed into action many an agency - maskmakers, pinstickers, cullers etc, all at great expenditure to many who haven't been consulted.
AUTismOBILES , humanly-controlled?, may meander into people and not one of those agencies could give a single dose of Fuck-Flu. InJect cars not people, Cure Cars not people.

My apologies to those with Autism who I have used to push a point and I understand that Autistic people do suffer physical problems that prove difficult for people living with them, acc. to 'stuff' on the web.
Though we must ask ourselves what we are doing when we want to 'cure' these people before laying down arms and the compulsive need for dismissing human life for little more than to remain enclosed in a controlled environment.
Maybe I understand why Autistix don't want to peer out into the 'real' world, or in fact do much ordained by the Healthy Ones.

Koerce Kure Kill

Ray proferred this picg from post QUEEN OF DE SOWF [ amoon ago]
"Arkansas’ crimson Razorback Hog is both the state icon/mascot and chief faunal weapon of the goddess. In the Grail Cycles, the boar gores (castrates) the Grail King, inflicting an incurable wound."

While I realise people want humans to have as much self-autonomy as poss. the idea of parents getting cajoled by MediCorrect into letting them fiddle with a few DNA strands, for the COMMON-LCD good, has the possibility of throwing evolutions of various styles of human off-track.
Maybe AUTees do not accept other styles of humans as having authority over their world and perhaps consider their intrusions as , well, 'autistic'

Autism exists and if it proves an affliction I imagine it may be a humans way of 'getting the fuck out of the way' of the benumbed juggernaut Social Living before it eats one up.
Babys can hear while in the womb and I reckon some of them have heard enough.

The Medical Network has 2 dead things in a jar called the "Perfect Humans", which is why they intend to create human clones - Autism perhaps realises that they got the wrong end of the stick, in fact the Medicos actually chose the stick to beat humans into shape [ or into shop]. Humans have had their minds ignored [ unless it can be measured in ERGS] by the BODY POLITIC. When they have used it some organisation gets round to repossessing the body via the aforementioned sticks with a few stones thrown in.
This race to perfection means that slaves prefer their kids to FIT IN [or else]

Religious Organs have 2 dead things in a book which [ as usually fairly big] gets bounced off the heads of those whose thinking don't meet Deus Projectatis' impossible standards.

Society has even had to deal with 'Jesus Christ's' evasion of family duty by inventing his survival and slipping off to have a nuclear family who also have somehow seeded most of Europe's Royal Familys. Convenient but unconvincing, cheese-us proved anti-sosociety, I will not keep up my brother's mortgage payments.

Matthew 16 v.20

Some quotes from the Co-Munnicating at QIM TUNES -

Tom: Where do you want to go?

Nick: Someplace where my tunes wont stop.

Tom: What kind of place is that?

Nick: Mostly where sin isn’t.

Jerome: We are essentially retarded to you, Jed. Set your

understanding toward us so that we can renaisance together.

Nick: Mike (another autistic in the dorm who doesn’t facilitate) is the most intuitional eode in the entire


Tom: Can you tell me what eode is?

Nick: You’re not gonna know until you develop your soul

tuning by telepathy.

Brent: Test not what experience tells you, but lessons learnt from art, they are where beliefs exist. You will try existence. Tune to us!


Brent: Tens of millions are you. Webs feel this. We see how resisting you is. We’re so tired out from it. Try to understand us!

Tom: Do you follow us from cradle to grave?

Brent: Yes. But you especially.

Tom: Most of us?

Brent: Yes.

Tom: Any spirits effect us more than you guys?

Brent: Yes. You experience it all the time through God.

Geoff: Keep a clean mecca. Hear me well, lots out in the world want us dead. Kill us.

Brent: To believe is factor.

Nick: Nuts like you to skill not nearly able to louse rabbits like us up. Torch no longer in your corner. Tunes too intense last nite. Tin man ruts with someone else. Kills me letting you...nope . You healed rink. To rink you so ham

Tom: Am I fired? (I got paranoid here. What he is saying above is that the powers to be, "Tin man", were not happy with me. Administrators have never been overly pleased with me)

Brent: Tunes last nite require never work for us again.

Brent: Yes and no. To help us. You get massive tunes questioning us. It’s debilitating us. So to help us it needs to stop. To maw us less it’s better to be straight. Your most is the Tin Man. Exact no mawing of him.

Tom: Between my sarcasm and my Tin Man thoughts, which are the most disturbing to you guys?

Brent: Tin Man. (Reading back through this it seems obvious who Tin Man is. But as I was doing this, I thought it was a powerful Autistic or outerspace creature. It wasn’t until about a month later that I realized it was us.)

Tom: Is this individual separate from me?

Brent: Yes.

Tom: How long has he known me?

Brent: Years.

Tom: Did I ever meet him?

Brent: Yes.

Nick: Tojo men Tin men on outside. Tin men quote "no one Hec Hi Jed" ( I think this was my first clue as to who Tin Man was. It’s the non believers amongst us, in this case it was my bosses. I still chuckle over that appellation, "Hec Hi Jed")

'....hecitency Hec..' FW 119 , pinged it straightaway.
had been winding up to do a job on the ROTATING Es in Finnegans Wake. here its on its all-3s as M , as Chrisemon Trilith , a BriDGe

When it needs a new start E gets on its back , and the Shebrews whistle Shin - Tooth - 3 masted Schooner.
Look at the overturned E in the passasge above, it resembles, crudely, the composition of Nut and Horus in the Aeon card below

THis man ,a Chinee, has either 27 or 34 nails shot into his Skull.
27 = Number of Hebrew letters [22] + Finals [5]
34 = BBL = Bevel or BabeL.

Book 'em Stannum!!!

Its Qommunication QIM but knot as we SOWf it