Saturday, October 11, 2014


The word Ebola has spread due , obviously, to the disease taking a grip in some parts of West Africa, and isolated cases in different parts of the world.

Overat Da Black Whole the shape of the African continent is investigated.

The shape of Africa may be considered as Satan's head, replete with horn and wounded crown.

Thus West Africa = the back-brain, according to one brain map an area dealing with spatial and visual co-ordination [ on the right side ] language and mathematical calculation [ on the left ].

A Lobe

Today's media world celebrates confusion, deliberate , with glee does the MSM pounce and tear at the language of humanity, promotes a paleolithic dumbshow supremecism, hate and evil. And as such Ebola's re-entry into the world seems to symbolise the disease infecting this part of the 'brain' that disenables humanity from communicating with itself.

Da Black Whole noted that the first case in the US came from Liberia , a country that was begun by Africans freed from enslavement in the US. He touched down in Dallas, where JFK was shot in the head. He appeared to the people of the US as a leader who would usher forth a peaceful, prosperous and loving nation. The killing of this 'king' struck the heart of the US and demoralised the nation.

Kennedy or Ceanneidigh which can mean 'ugly head'

Even the Liberty Bell got a crack in its head.

Airborne Inauguration

M.Hoffman , at his blog, has mused on the 'twilight language' of Ebola.

" He gives the following account of how the virus was named:

Observer newspaper: You were also the one who gave the virus its name. Why Ebola?

Peter Piot: "On that day our team sat together late into the night – we had also had a couple of drinks – discussing the question. We definitely didn't want to name the new pathogen 'Yambuku virus,' because that would have stigmatized the place forever. There was a map hanging on the wall and our American team leader suggested looking for the nearest river and giving the virus its name. It was the Ebola river. So by around three or four in the morning we had found a name. But the map was small and inexact. We only learned later that the nearest river was actually a different one. But Ebola is a nice name, isn't it?"

Piot and an anonymous "American team leader" supposedly named the virus after "the nearest river," Ebola, which, as it turns out, was not the nearest river. This river-naming explanation is repeated by the Establishment media without question.

Do you believe Prof. Piot’s account of how the virus was named? While I am not accusing Piot of any wrong-doing, I don't necessarily take his statement at face value.

In the “Revelation of the Method” era in which we find ourselves, clues to mysteries and even the mysteries themselves are often openly revealed.

"Ebola" is a strong brand name like Exxon and Kodak. Piot's enigmatic statement that "Ebola is a nice name" is bizarre; almost a hint pointing to a clue.

What makes "Ebola" a “nice name” for a killer virus?"

M. Hoffman wonders about the account, its confusing language, and the slightly bizarre 'Ebola is a nice name , isn't it?'

Yambuku is situated about 60 miles south of the Ebola River.

Another Haemorrhagic Fever has the name Marburg virus after the city of Marburg in Germany. There seems to have been no noticeable stigmatization of that city due to it lending its name to a deadly virus.

Another book from Dan Brown's stable appeared this year - INFERNO. It deals with a plot to depopulate the world. A scientist makes a gene-bomb that once let out sterilises random humans and leads to depopulation. After a full-throttle story bthat damn thing gets releaesed but the protagonist generally feel that its not such a bad idea - awww!

Anyone who advocates or 'believes' in depopulation [ I prefer trying better distribution of world resources, as in 'let's try it since we have the means to do it' ] could do the honourable thing of topping themselves first before picking on swathes of others. Then after you've all moved on we can get down to making the world work without a crew of anti-life memes.

Herod I or the Great was a bit of cruel sod by all accounts:

"He has been described as "a madman who murdered his own family and a great many rabbis",[9] "the evil genius of the Judean nation",[10] "prepared to commit any crime in order to gratify his unbounded ambition"[11] and "the greatest builder in Jewish history" "

Great in works and evil in deeds.

Whether historically accurate or not Herod ordered the 'Massacre of the Innocents' in his attempt to kill the usurper Jesus, who had been touted as the new King of the Jews. All children 2 or under were targeted.

This act of random killing echoes the random killing of innocents, not just by the Ebola virus but the virus of media-led wars, especially in the Middle East, beheadings and crucifixions , mimicing the deaths of John and Jesus.

"Though satan persecutes the Lord’s people globally, where are the current atrocities concentrated? The crucifixions (mocking Christ) and beheadings (mocking John)? In Africa and the Mid-East. Satan has many servants in America, great and small, but also many enemies. Africa and the Middle-East offer direct push, easy targets, little organized resistance."
Da Black Whole

The age old art of putting words on a car-speedometer and watching the words metamorphose alphabetically sometimes throws up a word or two. Thus was HAL, the machine in 2001: A Space Oddysey, whose language went awry, transforms into earthly computer company IBM.

Similarily EBOLA eventually throws up HEROD and later on ROBYN. ROBYN describes the other two - Robbin' peoples lives.

Herod seems interesting, coming , possibly , from Hebrew root-word ChRD. Translations include: to tremble, fear, to startle: anxious, fearful and oddly ultra-orthozox person.

ChRD enumerates to 212.

Via Tarot imagery
Ch - Chariot

R - Magus

D - Tower


"The title given to the overseers and princes appointed by Solomon to supervise the workmen preparing the material and in the building of the Temple."


'Orb' and 'rod' seem prominent, each helping to form the other.

"Hey Lady, where dya git that crown? "