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Ballistics - Target Acquisition & Penetration [TAP]

Run, Rabbit, Run , I believe's the refrain
Running from the Blob again
Faster than a speeding Bullitt
Steve McQueen rocks rite through it.

An episode [ Series 4 Episode 19] of CRIMINAL MINDS [ Behavioural Analysis Unit] , for short. They profile what they refer to as UNSUBS - double negativising those subjects under suspicion - unsubs do this and that acc, to psychofiling.
Whatever the Blob synchs to the Blob blog which at times enjoys synching with da stuff from da screen.
Run from the Blob and GO rightly u will find that Adam Gorightly at his blog [ ADAM GORIGHTLY'S UNTAMED DIMENSIONS] posted 'Happy Birthday Steve McQueen' on March 23[ McQueen was born on 3/24/30]. Some info in the comments on Tuesday WELD [ an actress with some connexion to something,I am uninformed thereaways] but WELD seems to resonate with BLOB somehow - globules of stuff, sticking thing together

So the makers felt a nod to Steve McQueen would make a jolly intro to a death filled episode [ 36 burnt to death in this one].
As usual these episode are filled with goodies to snap shot - cookie-synchs arrghharraggrhhaggraugh.
Below the Cinema [ AMErICaN [ only the r a left out] Booth the poster for newly-released WATCHMEN film giffles in the periphery [ Wat Mench!].
Above her head , and difficult to see is the end of the word dinOSAURUS adding a new twist to the Boney Egyptian Osiris
Silver Circle at her 3rd eye flickers with Bloody Smiley Badge - Heads hot!

Here the colours and visual set uo beamed into the back o' yo' brain for da UNSUB shot , young white male , ywm ywm , disturbed , trauma from childhood, parents got burned, bonded with sis, just a touch too much, gets beat real bad, disappears, returns.
Unsub - he's had a history of ............

Outside the cinema after the fire , the fire-engine sports a sign reading 'Keep bacK' , and this coupled with the Blob sign a bunch of synchromystic 'classics' emerge.

Panning away from the sign we get to the shrine for the 31 burnt to death in the Cinema. Handprints in the background had a flurry of activity in certain reas of the 'synchrosphere' melt in myriad FLOWers backing a toy WOLF/DOG

Quite a few of these Crim.Minds, CSI, Numbers, Bones perhaps have someone in the credits with initials HH

Twin Suns , using Sepher Yetsira inspired attributions the SUN card = K, so this lady watches the Blob sporting a KK popcorn container, or some other kind of lightly-hallucinating cinema chemo-product to help one get ready for the burst of sound and image -
Chemical Cyclone Running around my Brain
Some stimulate, or make u laugh, fall to sleep or do insane [ but only long enough to commit the crime]

Now that U R sitting comfortably - INTENSE PINK - u should run [ remember PKDick Had info shot into his 'mind' via bright pink beam]

The Blob Blog, among others, also posted about C-RED , this linked in with the RED RIVER rising, a river emerging in Winnipeg [ I think] which planned to flood FARGO [ O Graf,, O Grove]. Below the ARSONIST carries Red Can to burn the cinema, with all the people who should've run from the Blob. Naturally he pours out this liquid and lights it , thus a Red River spilling out of a Red-C[an].

The episode plays with the actors running from the fire while the BLOB film actors all run out of the movie house,..
Healthfully Conditioned

At this point the full realisation for all viewers is that they will fucking burn and I feel that will disturb various viewers to a greater or lesser degree.
Red River

The Rippling Flames

Bringing more fear into viewers lives is the constant reinforcement of a wide range of crimes not being investigated.
Here we see FLIP Philips [ check Pseudoccultmedia for 'flips', 'spins' 'twists' and 'turns'. THinking along those lines we see Mr-Philips , the Mayor no less, with an alternate wife-beating personality.
One of the major themes running through cop-shows is Male Violence, this shot had nothing to do with the story, already about a vengeful, incestuous young man. The next photo was of a guy who was sleeping with the daughter of Flip Philips , and a 3rd , a middle-aged married woman who indulged in younger men.
Which 2 are the bad people , which one isn't really commiting a crime, whose act is the most immoral?

The Number 19 , numerical glyph for CHVH [ Eve pron. Hhewah]. This popped up last week on Celtic Rebel's latest post.
The cutting says EVE DEAD and perhaps symbo-glyphs the young man's lack of mothering. He burns the mother of all Eve and thus cut off from the all-human characteristic of Nurturing finds no problem in offing innocents

19 hours after the fire a service at the ROYAL CORNERSTONE CHURCH which flipped this episode off into the vaguely Masonic world. There are also the CORNERSTONE CONSTELLATIONS -
Several ancient cultures designated four bright stars in the zodiac as the "four corners of the earth" or the "four royal stars." At the time the constellations were drawn by Enoch, these four stars were near the sun's location in the heavens on the first day of autumn, winter, spring and summer, and were thus in four of the most important locations in the sky. The identity of these four stars is well known because there are, in fact, four bright stars which fit these requirements admirably. First, the star Antares is a bright red star, which anciently marked the autumnal equinox, that is, the place in the sky where the sun appears on the first day of autumn. The next star in the sequence is Fomalhaut, which is also a bright star, marking winter. The next star is Aldebaran, another very bright red star located 180.0° around the ecliptic (the apparent path of the sun through the stars) from Antares. Thus, it precisely marked the spring equinox when Antares marked the autumn. Finally, the bright star Regulus, located almost exactly on the ecliptic, marked summer. Regulus, meaning "the Prince," was traditionally the leader of these four royal stars.[1]

Each of the four royal stars is in one constellation of the zodiac, which is the circle of twelve constellations around the ecliptic. Antares is located at the heart of the Scorpion (Scorpius). Fomalhaut is located at the end of the rivers of water being poured out by the Water Bearer (Aquarius). Aldebaran is located at the eye of the Bull (Taurus). Finally, Regulus is located at the heart of the Lion (Leo), which is the king of the constellations, even as the lion is called the king of beasts. These are called the four cornerstone constellations in this article because they form the corners of a great square in the sky and also provide a foundation for understanding gospel symbolism.

Two of the royal stars are listed by the ancients as being shared by two constellations. Antares is not only the heart of the scorpion, it is also the heel of the Serpent Bearer (Ophiuchus), [2] who was encircled by a great serpent (Serpens) and who is stepping on the body and head of the Scorpion. Fomalhaut is not only in the stream of the Water Bearer, it is also in the Head of the Southern Fish (Piscis Australis).[3]

In the case of the Scorpion/Serpent pair, there is a third constellation which is very closely associated with them. It is the Eagle (Aquila), which is located near the tail of the Serpent. The Eagle has been considered to typify the enemy of the serpent and is often shown holding the Serpent in its claws, even as the Serpent Bearer is crushing the Scorpion.

The Lion and Unicorn Testify of Christ - John P.Pratt

Fomelhaut [ aka Albemuth] = the star from which PKDick reckoned his VALIS transmission may have originated. Check his books VALIS and RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH.

Royal PD and the Star at times given to BABALON 156, mot famously by Al.Crowley. Here its all mixed in with ROYALTY...

...while Royal In- Diana does a spot of goddess-princess-'spiracy while the Red Cardinal overlooks affairs

Here's Alger street with Barack's presidential number 44. Fire Services have also had links with Masonry, via Insurance , which meant u only put out the fires of those who paid.

Alger HIss got nicked for spying. He was born in 1904, same years as Oppenheimer as well Crowley's Book of the Law.
His photo number = 19137 while Steve McQueens, at the top of the post, = 19261. This is the 19th episode and 19 appears twice visibly.
19137 = 3x6379P ................. 19261 = 11x1751 = 17x103P

Barack Obama comes to Prague on April 4/5 , and April 4th remembers the death of Martin Luther King [ see post 4'4 4 the 44th {Pruser Jako Barak}].

Finally an odd name which seemed to link with Barack ......Windy Kennedy. barack represented Chicago before the Presidency and its often known as the Windy City. He has too been likened to Jack Kennedy who went down in the triple K offensive - JFK, MLK, RFK, making Windy Chicago, a nam,e one really has to think about and possibly explain why, or , sinisterly, order the makers to include it at ALL COSTS.
WK may also = MK too.
Do those drawing pins represent the Belt Of Orion?

These programmes , for those who peruse the internet, gleaning info, harbour a deal of imagery, links, synchs, uses of colour, visuals, subliminal storylines, all at an very fast pace, gruesome images, intense sadness , and the inevitable moving on to the next crime. The special sounds and chop-chop style catch the attention for a little while, and the mind gets assailed, indulged, made to feel across the 'divide' between TV and reality, right Royal Reality. How these porgs come across on HD I have no idea, but ones TOLERANCE - the ability to ENDURE PAIN - will alter.
Ballistics = the Art of accurately Hurling projectiles, be they bullets ot thought-bombs

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PATH[L]OS[T] - U Gotsta Be Inish 2 Finish!

here's how it goes -
Wherever u are
Nobody knows!

In keeping with the FX used in creating the scenery Lost moves away from coloured lights to more diffuse colours mixed with shapes.
This blue capsuleless pyramid of light hovering begins this weeks continuation of Ordealis Masonica

The first 3 degrees of certain Masonic Lodges they call the Blue Degrees. This blue , a shade called Little Blue Alice Dress Blue, maid famous not by the intrepid Wonderlander , but a relative of Teddy Roosevelt , ALICE Roosevelt Longworth, also begowned a young James Shelby Downard , as he stepped into the dark night on a dark street to meet some strangers at his mother's behest. The best laid plants of micey men were not to be an' the diminutive dandy Downard saw them off , and who knows, maybe culled a kipple.{ An episode from JSD's terrifying CARNIVALS OF LIFE AND DEATH]{Did Chuck Palahnuke read Downard?}

Standing at the Blue Gate we have the composite oppositrum ensconced firmly and fairly within James LaFleur [ aka Sawyer], a former killer and conman, now the Head of Security >>>
LaFleur-The Flower - Criminal- Policeman
here he awaits the oncoming trio of Jack-Kate-Hurley

Blue welcomes the new recruits , or masonically, the Initiates [ Inish = Island in Irish].
The Welcome banner invites the 'nishies' to go all the way, the octogon = 8. 8 slit top to bot = 33.
Splitting the Atom - increasing the force exponentially - 8 to the 33 times
=== 633825300042690425408022642688 ===

Blue light pyramid intersplices with Red step Pyramid

The Red Steps lead all the way 'in' to the 33rd degree

Candles-Towers-People, 3 on a rock and a book of rules

A montage from Synchromystic Librarian [ from last series] shows Aaron's bedroom [ the child], all set up for nursery resonant ritual impersonations

3 Less than worthy craftsmen arrive at the island , they've travelled 'back' 30 years while LeFleur has been hanging around for 3. The year = 1977, thus LeFleur 'arrived' on the Island in '74, the same year PKDick received his ValisZebra transmissions. All brought together at the 'wrong' time!
New recruits get bussed to the island in the SUB , they sleep in the 'belly of an iron whale' for the whole trip, bringing out Jonah and his undersea initiation.

Masonica seems to get itself awfully involved with Goddesses of various forms [ apparently they're all one, but ain't everything].
Groves - places where adherents come to do whatever the 'goddesses' decree.

The BVM we often see in grave-yards , head bowed, a tad weepy. Grove and Grave - same word , a cutting, digging out [ engrave]. The German version = GRAF
11.Groves and Oppenheimer [ The GOGOs]
mega-sized grove-grave production accelerated during the 1940s - Here LG Leslie Groves beeps with 'BlackOps' Oppenheimer about the fallout -
LG-' So Oppie, reckon it'll bleed through time?'
RO- 'Naah, should be contained'
Oppie got born on April 22, 1904, a couple of weeks after Aleister Crowley 'received' the Book of the Law

Lieutenant-General LESLIE GROVES headed the Manhattan Project and takes charge of the building of the Pentagon, initiating its construction, breaking the ground on Sept 11th 1941 , beginning = RAShYTH 911. 60years later Manhattan is struck by planes, the PENTAGON by something avionic, a hole in the ground off in Pennsylvania. He attended the Trinity site inspection with Bob ' Oops' Oppenheimer on Sept 11th , 1945. He twins with the deep-mine Oppenheimers of RSA, who mine diamonds , via others hard work, of course
JSD links this alchemical Trinity bomb with the Killing of the King - JFK. Among myriad geonomes and dates, resident rituality and other fallout the name DEALEY PLAZA emerges -
DEA = Goddess
LEY = meadow, clearing , grove .
Lieutenant-General Leslie Groves [ unisex name] - Goddess Grove Plaza, both entwined in Trinity . For those inclined to Hebrew letter-numbers then LG may = 33, while it may also stand for LOOKING-GLASS, which reels in Alice's trip down the RABBIT-HOLE, a looping french-stitch that undoes the Triple Rabbit of LEE-HARVEY - WARREN
Sassy assignations for Signed assassinations

Date of photo = September 11th 1945

Ground Zero - Trinity site, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Pentagon, WTC grove

Ground = QRQO = 470 [Manha-10 x 47]
Zero = APhS = 141
141=3x47. WTC Twins had 47 structural columns each while Building 7 [ Salomon Bros.] had 47 storeys

LOST resonates somewhat with PKDick's book - TIME OUT OF JOINT - whose protagonist RAGLE GUMM sits 30 years in the past plotting ICBMs via a newspaper quiz game.
This name resonates with Frances GUMM aka Judy GARLAND [ the welcome for new Dharma Recruits]
Ragle got me thinking of the Hebrew word RGL 233 which translates as 'leg, foot' which comes from the age-old Egyptian-like Ankh-holding statue, the island's longest inhabitant.
Hurley, Jack and K8 appear together , while Sayeed lands somewhere else, on the island but 30years before their flight.
Considering JL-B's particularly descriptive Masonic initiation played through a couple of episodes we now get 3 , 30 and through their addition the Nazarene's 'death' date and the highest Scottish Rite Masonry degree 33.

One of the stations on Lost they call the LOOKING GLASS , the words initialed with L and G , which , via the Hebrew letter-numbers = 30 and 3

POZOR - Technical stuff -For those a bit stymied by these numbers and letter - I use English Alphabet letters to stand for Hebrew letters. At some time in history Hebrew letters = numbers.
Thus the Torah may be enumerated, as well as any English letters that fit the Hebrew alephbeyt,
ABGDHVZChT numbers 1-9 [Archetypal]
YKLMNSOPhTz numbers 10-90[Existential]
QRShTh numbers 100-400[Cosmic].
The Tarot seems derived from the Hebrew letter-numbers.
5 characters called 'sofit' or 'finals' repeat to give a 3x9 grid [
KMNPhTz = 500-900 respectively. The corresponding Tarot cards may be used here in their 'cosmic' sense.
If u happen to have an interest the work by Carlo Suares [ and others] explains.
With V also use W
With Y also use I and J [ graphically the Y works best]
They do not represent the sounds though obviously the 'consonants' do sound similar to the English sounds.
The letter represented by O has quite a few pronuncitions , and I don't think any sound like 'Oh', often more like 'eee' or 'eh'
I do not know the true order of the Tarot.

Date of Moon Landing July 16th 1969
Date of Trinity test July 16th 1945
A rational connection between these 2 eVents is that the Rocket programme facilitated the Atomic programme by carrying the nuclear payload to its target at speeds that negated then-time defences and distances that allowed one to fire from the comfort of one's home.
The moon-landing = an experiment in Ballistics, which psychically refers to spiritual aspiration. Moon landings for real or not, the human psyche broke out.

Geodesic [ G.O.D.S, made from Gee Oh Dee Sik, aka GODS Shell-Home ]. Geodesic Domes = decelerated versions of atomic blasts

Richard Buckminster-Fuller revivified GEODESIC DOMES. he also wrote CRITICAL PATH which isn't so unlike some of the material found in David Icke's work as well as Shelby Downard's. Both Fuller and Downard's people were 'establishment Americans'. Downard's father held patents to Asphalt-laying processes, Fuller's Aunt [ I think] was writer Margaret Fuller.
Below the Island-finding pendulum which adjusts as it deals with the 'hopping island'

Book of Thoth character Adjustment or Adjusting synchs with this pendulum and derives its image from the Hebrew character L-30

The Wheel derives from character G, the 3rd and thus = 3
3 = Wheel ; 30 = Adjusting
Time-wheel ; Pendulum
3=G=Wheel=Jupiter GML=73[ Full spelling of the character G]
30=L=Adjusting=Libra LMD=74[ Full spelling of character L]
73x74=5402=2x2701. 2701= enumeration of Gen1,v.i. 2701=37x73[ mirror primes]

The Wheel of Life goes all around but never comes round to the same place as 360 degree circles that fit into their start point don't eXist - Ourobouroshit!
Below Ben hears John give a name and immediately strangles him , with Mason cord.

This comes not so long after John has turned the WHEEL of TIME found deep within a CAVE in the island

The Adjusting Wheel in this Looking-Glass war expresses LG - 33.
other associations = GL = Wave
GaLe , as an occluded name made famous by Dorothy [ God-Lover]
GLGL = to roll,revolve,turn,coil; wheel,hoop,sphere
GVLGVLTh [478] = skull
GVLL [ 69] = roll, unfold, unroll,unwind; tombstone

Lost fires up the Mason Path

Scroll up! Scroll up!

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4/4 4 the 44th [ Pruser Jako Barak]

A swift anniversaire , March 13th 2009 remembers the birth of these 2 'twins'. William Joseph Casey and James Shelby Downard came into the world , along with the FED[ DEF , as in Hip-Hop lingo], in 1913P, 96 years ago.
The 33 covering Bill's mouth relates to his sudden voice-loss.
11 years separate their dates with death.
O 41 sew fair!

On the 4th April 1968 Apollo 6 launched. Unmanned and due to the assassination of Martin Luther King in MEMPHIS on the 4th, it got under-reported for such an event. The King family didn't really believe he was killed by another lone 3-named gunman JAMES EARL RAY, they attended his funeral.
1968 was a big year, fledged full of import. For Prague the trundling in of SOV tanks heraleded the era of NORMALIZACE [ Normalisation]
In '68 our family moved to Northern Ireland, Larne Harbour.
MLK - Malik actually means King, it enumerates to 90 which corresponds to Hebrew letter Tz which rules the TSTAR card.
MiLK and HoNeY flow into the promissary land.
KOZMIKON's latest posting rereminded me that the Etymology of GALAXY = MILK, kinda making Harvey Milk - Rabbit Galaxy
[ Harvey's a movie-star Rabbit]

41 years [ prime] to the day Prez Obama will visit Prague, an odd place for the 1st black president to celebrate MLK day.
A space that will fit 100000 has to be found and at present it may be the Rudolfinium. Will get some photos of the Babylonian-style sculptures that grace the building.
The whistlestop recognises Czech presidency of the EU + the Radar defence business. Prague - one of the only cities in Europe more or less untouched in WW2 despite being at the centre of the conflict. The Nazis drove to Prague first , before starting anything. Heydrich got assassinated after donning the Crown of Bohemia.
Prague is known as the MOTHER OF CITIES as well as residing at the 'Heart' of Europe, though the actual heart resides in Dilove in West Ukrajina
Prague comes for a Czech word meaning THRESHOLD, and the Prez has his initials in BOhemia
Coming home BOrothy?
To the Grove?

Legend has it that LIbuse [ Liboosheh] dreamt of the city of Prague at Vysehrad about 500metres from my flat [flat ,home= Barak , in Czech].
Symphony No.41 [ Jupiter] = the last symphony that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote. He too spent a while in Prague.
Iesus Kristos got lashed 39 times[MLK died aged 39] while the Centurions spear-hole [ as fingered by Thomas] + the Crown of Thorns = 41 wounds in toto.
Do the afterMath!

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