Wednesday, March 11, 2009


AMerican MAsonica - John Locke/Jeremy Bentham - freshly-twinned and lightly-killed. For the compulsive Ma-Son [ always looking for a Prove-all], Mummy's Boyz [ think smothered in bandages]all twinning and tesselation , garbled grids and general groves, all tressed up and nowhere to floz.
The WESTERFIELD HotEl - berthplace of J.Bentham-Locke. WEST , where the SUN SETs, Death and pleasurable erection

Reiterating the preev post , augmented by Terry's comment [ KONKRETE JUNKYARD] -

theres also a x marks the spot on the chariot wheelchair and the ceiling where locke is gunna hang himself.

JBL on the table signifies. He has the Umbelical cord around his neck, a special pointing hand and the plaster-cast lends the rolled-up trouser leg - INISH-iation [ Inish - Irish for Island, in Welsh its YNYS].

One may GET LOST at SYNCHROMYSTIC LIBRARIAN [ far more visual, less explanation]

The sea-faring Polynesians thought of the Sea as male and the land as female, sea shapes land.
Stop the Ice melting, we need shaping no more, what we seem to need is AL and gore, gore, gore
Island-shaping = terra-forming
The top pic of SAWYER holding the rope over a WELL now disappeared
The Wheelchairiot sports a red X
Below John spells out OX , and possible another O

Further back John makes a promise to Jin, to give the Wedding ring to Sun and tell her NOT to come to the Island.
John, for those into NLP [ neuro-linguistic programming] makes a deliberate eye-movement in to the 'lying area'
Aim a suspect device an' willing to XPlode

Repairing to the UberMa we see Eloise Hawking flit twixt the candle-pillars. When candles burn the fall into their FOOTPRINT - big boot y'all. The 'Put on your Boot' song by rock-beat combo U2 means to 'put on a condom'
Ster-Isle-And the rest

The BVM emerges from her crown - the VIRGE generally keeps her gaze averted - it pains her to see what's going down in the GROVE -
"It's a Sergeants Affair....' , that's Sly ......

...and the FAMILY's tone

Dyu know why Mary's still a Virgin?
'Cos they keep fuckin' 'er in the arse an' all!


skrambo said...

Awesome post, 'specially the end. Makes sense to me..

Never heard of "boot" referring to a condom but the video and song certainly make the subconscious connection.

Devin said...

aferris-sorry for such an off-topic comment as per your post -today it was proved beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt that to the PTB and MSM that Obama equals Lincoln -TIME magazine had a blurb on its cover -paraphrasing here-"How would Lincoln Handle Economic Crisis?" I thought WTF??? They are asking what a prez gunned down in an era not remotely like ours and involving economic change and circumstances he couldnt have conceived of would handle the economic mess-why I ask myself do the PTB/MSM want Obama to equal Lincoln?-sorry once again to be so off topic -I am struggling with terrible exhaustion and behind on reading everyones blogs -Before I turned in for the eve I just wanted to ask a few more people in blogland if they had any thoughts on this -I say the "eras not remotely alike" with a definite wink -because as of now I would almost entertain PKDs thoughts that time stopped in 70 AD and just got restarted with Nag Hammadi:-)as Violator at Stygian Port said in his latest post -that would put us at 134 AD (where art thou Hadrian?-ok sorry to be so unnecessarily wordy as usual -off to bed finally-best to you as always!

aferrismoon said...

Tommy - I read it a newspaper
Devin - I doubt anything is off topic anymore - Obama Lincoln, Obamessiah, , also the relentlessness of it all. We are the press, we will push this agenda, we know that its bull, we don't care, we will scream at u until u listen to us and nod your heads in time.
If u don't then u will be ostracized [ period as the USers say]
The whole idea that the President = a Magician really shows how much the press thinks of its readership - the same as the President's real power - approximately zero


Newspaceman said...

Taking it easy, somehow back here:


Devin said...

Thanks for reply aferris and great comments all around-I agree-real power -perhaps with this prez more than any other is el zippo -fascinating info as always!!