Sunday, February 22, 2009

Murderers of the Sun

Plane crashes lately have thrown up a few prime numbers - 1549, 3407 , 911. The last one got me to looking at the whole date - 9112001. I found it divisible - 19x479579. Dividing further it turned out to = 19x19x43x587.

19 x 479579. There are two 79s which numerically coincides with YAChYN [ Yachin] and BOZ [Boaz] , the names of the famed twin pillars , as portrayed on the High Priestess card in the RW Tarot. This card = Th , the final Hebrew letter, the 22nd.
Two 79s , one for each of the pillars, leaves 4 and 5 which make 9 when added together in Base 10.
19 = ChVH , translated as 'eVe'
Therefore k = V|L2 over E. Sum kinda evil

479579 = 19P x 25241 ; 41 = Prime, in Hebrew = AM - Mother, whil252=126/2=63=7x9
, also 19 to its own power which = 361 , anagram of 316.
361 = a way of looking at the 'Tree of Life' , 3 above, 6 below and Malkuth the pendulum 10 or 1
25241 = 43P x 587P
43 = LBYA [ leviya - lion [ see Wise Woman's post THE MIL-LION MAN CONTINUES...]

ISLAND date - 9/23/54 - 50 years before Flight 815, minus a day[ 50 = a Sirian cycle as clocked by the DOG-ON of Mali, who may well hail from Follynesia]

Following DA BLACK WHOLES unlink to EGG SALAD ANNIE who wrote a couple of posts - HEYOKA COMET and GERONIMO!
The Heyoka Comet spouts a green tail and travels 'backwards' through the solar system, its called Lulin.
It seems headed sunwards.
The Geronimo article referenced number 322 , a number to do with the Bull and Scones Suseyety, an organisation they say.
It got me to look at Genesis Ch.3 verse 22. which via the `Hebrew, the whole verse = 3160, yesterday morning. Dividing 316 by 4 will get 79.
Genesis 3:22
"And he said: Behold Adam is become as one of us , knowing 'good' and 'evil': now therefore lest perhaps he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life , and eat, and live for ever."
Characters: 79 ; Words: 22 ; Enumeration: 3160 [316=4x79]

bbbbThe tttThe

316 led me to John 3:16.
Sometime after I ran into DEDROIDIFY's post LOZT AND FOUND 316, about the episode I watched a few hours later. The Flight 316 whence the Lostees get back to the Island
316 = YRVQ = Green, also slang for the $-dollar
316 = YVSh = Yosh , a name of Jesus
Gimme some Green , Sweet Inbetween

Green Jesus , what ho! Jesus = Eve .
Eve = ChVH , Jesus = YHShVH , Lord = YHVH , get the fix.
The Island may = ODN Eden, as a 'space.time' of indetermination

Thomas comes out in the episode, in the bible they call him Thomas Didymus - Twin [Good] Twin,[Evil] they never give his real name, and as Jesus wasn't really Jesus then I guess Thomas wasn't either.
He encouraged everyone to zoom off to Judae and die with Jesus - YHShVH326 in JOHN 11:16
"good' and 'evil' may = belief-disbelief , as in Doubting Thomas, and once we decide to check things out we become as 'us'.

ST.Ick it in the rabbithole

Thomas' feastday = December 21st

John 3:16 , compare both verse and picture of Thomas above with Genesis 3:22 -

And God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life.

The word 'believe' takes on its personal context here, though it has acquired semantic stultification in some circles
The below shot on the left comes from an episode a couple of weeks ago, showing the 'leaning cross/mast' , its angle resonating the 23.5 degree angle of the earth's axial bent. Jesus carried his cross at an angle, as does the pharoah to the right.
LOST came out with the trans-time mapping device , plotting the Islands likely course as it careens around the South Pacific. Its star-shaped criss-crossing not far offshore OZ
Flight 815 + Flight 316 = 1131 , the Trinity in guises
Robinson ropes in the First Lady
The pendulus may represent both the human physical and spiritual axes a-shifting
Supplemental to various shoe-throwing events recently we find Jack using his medical skills to fit his fathers shoes onto the dead John Locke's feet, a pseudo-Egyptian ritual that will doubtless enable John to walk - wow, animism's back!
Joyce wrote ULYSSES over many years , though it focussed on one day JUNE 16th 1904, a couple of months after Crowley had 'taken down' the BOOK OF THE LAW.

"The voices blend and fuse in clouded silence: silence that is the infinite of space: and swiftly, silently the soul is wafted over regions of cycles of cycles of generations that have lived. A region where grey twilight ever descends, never falls on wide sagegreen pasturefields, shedding her dusk, scattering a perennial dew of stars. She follows her mother with ungainly steps, a mare leading her fillyfoal. Twilight phantoms are they yet moulded in prophetic grace of structure, slim shapely haunches, a supple tendonous neck, the meek apprehensive skull. They fade, sad phantoms: all is gone. Agendath is a waste land, a home of screechowls and the sandblind upupa. Netaim, the golden, is no more. And on the highway of the clouds they come, muttering thunder of rebellion, the ghosts of beasts. Huuh! Hark! Huuh! Parallax stalks behind and goads them, the lancinating lightnings of whose brow are scorpions. Elk and yak, the bulls of Bashan and of Babylon, mammoth and mastodon, they come trooping to the sunken sea, Lacus Mortis. Ominous, revengeful zodiacal host! They moan, passing upon the clouds, horned and capricorned, the trumpeted with the tusked, the lionmaned the giantantlered, snouter and crawler, rodent, ruminant and pachyderm, all their moving moaning multitude, murderers of the sun." [Ulysses - Episode 14, Oxen of the Sun]

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Prime Time

AtomHeartMother - posted on Feb 1 threw out a few plastic shrapnelites and other crash-site debris.
On a local note Newspaceman picked out the inclusion of DN-54 [ Dan , from Lost] and linked in David Beckham's 108th cap for England [ Association Football]. 2x54=108[ as well as 2x2x3x3x3]. Dave wore no.17 that evening in England's 2-0 defeat by Spain. Mr.Beckham ties in to the Olympic Closing Ceremony as he kicked the ball to London/Zion 2012

In the same post I had posited Dan , from Lost, as DN = 54 , and that = half of 108. Newspaceman then proceeded to write a post ALL TO GELLER NOW whose main pic , WITH Uri geller has DAN on top and bottom of the computer moniter

On a more worldaround note the recent fatal crash by Flight 3407 synchs for me with words I wrote at the beginning of that post.
47 hits between the 3 eyes like a bridge to nowhere , nowhere =ing 0 , and so encapsulated [ 100% hindsight] - 3 ,4,7 and 0. The text also speaks of Code 47 , hitting buildings and eventually 3x47 which = 141, a number brought out by Carissa Conti, in her writings about MiLab abductions and eVents

3407 crashed into the Clarence Centre in Buffalo , near NY. 49 died from the flight [ 44 passengers, 5 crew] : 5x44=220=verses in Book of The Law] , and a 61yrs man on the ground.
49 resonates the 49 from Flight 1549 that ditched in the Hudson [ named for Henry Hudson who disappeared in 1611] with no fatalities.
54 = DN , 19 = ChVH [ Dan and Hhevah[Eve]
49 = 7x7 [ 7-7 as a combo gets around]
In the same post I wrongly gave the Lost character Charlotte the name Rachel, in Hebrew RChL - 238. 34x07=238 while 15x49=735. 735-238=497=ThAVMYM - Twins
Both 3407 and 1549 = PRIME
adding the numbers in the same column [ to a single number]

4947 [94=2x47+ 47=3x47] or more regularly 4947 = 3x1649 [17x97, both prime]

When I heard Clarence I got the usual childhood TV programming flash - Clarence the Cross-eyed Lion - a synch with that controversial Leo Al Crowley?.
Clarence regaled us with his presence in the series DAKTARI - Doctor in Swahili, the language of many in Kenya, home of Obama's father's side of the family. Hello! Big Kitty. Hi Big K@
Unfortunately movie memes insert themselves at all ages and Hudson Hawk came to mind with the crash-landing a few weeks back.
Thus a Hawk and a Lion from this eddy of the multiflow . Clarenceowley The X-eyed hawk. The snapshot of the clock stopped at 047 comes from the intro of CITY OF EMBER,which [p]rimes with September 911

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Nigredo or not
Here I come
U can't hide

Friday, February 13, 2009


A couple of interesting photos from -

The first by Samuel Arbesman makes a stab at mapping galactic Centre and environs

TinCan is Major
TinCan is Minor
Galactic Centre
One Giant Vagina
If the Suns lining up
Then he must be a prick
That pops that balloon
That lights up the wick
Of the candle
In my Mind
That I find
its fun

The 2nd , MAGNET art

someone's pullin' my l'ego

Thursday, February 12, 2009

S-Light of Hand

Thought I'd pop these 'lights' that moved in and out of focus in the last scene of last tweek's Lost. As they went in and out of focus they grew and shrank in size.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Whole Playing Games

After the initial 'previously on...' the mind gets photogenetically grabbed by this ZebraGate.

Losters misplaced in time paddle around Polynesia.
Navigator-Priests , tribal scientists of the ancient and initial humanity, dotted the various islands of modern Oceania. Australia could well have been one, thus placing Oz at the beginning of our world-history. Those who sailed, paddled and rowed to India , Arabia, Africa, Asia and Americas launched themselves , star-reading, shipbuilding, architectronical mathematicists. They did this for millenia, those more advanced meeting those who had gone out earlier Those more advanced remembered as Gods or Magi by those who had 'lost' their way, grown fat and easy on agriculture , bedazzled by their golden objects.
Now they have advanced to such a level a time-channel , based on old maritime thinking [ a priori constants - k, that merely change their shape but not their essence, e.g.: the use of the phrase 'on board'], will connect them to their 'past' and vice versa. For this they required nuclear NRG blasts and fallout, a whole heap of that got visited upon Oceania, staring with Japan and moving round and out to Bikini, Marshall, Australia, led by people calling themselves British, French, American. The Russians dealt with Shambhalla and Belovodia. The main block to finding the 'LOST WORLDS' proved a lack of NRG to initiate any prolonged thoroughfare.

To irradiate this point Les FRANCAIS appear in a seastorm wallowing in an Orange Octogon. The French have always been interested in Atomics, and as such some 85% of their Electricity comes from Nuclear Plants. The 'Atomic' meme has appeared in a number of popular progs.

The Umbilical thread pops out again , as Kate delivers Claires Baby - Aaron [ even though they keep saying Erin] [ AHRN=256, Fool-Emperor-Magus-Death]. Reincarnation of the Priest, Brither of MOses [ MShH -345] , may prove a requirement for opening a trans-time gate. It may come with the opening of individuals, or groups , to align with navigator-artist-priests, on other time threads to link. Islands , far-removed from centres of population and the the freewheeling debt ideology that turns many into neurally incapacitated auto-bots, give humans the time and grace to make a few mistakes , think for themselves, chart new courses.

Every so often get a Check-up - A CT [ Conspiracy Theory ] Scan. Jacks full of so many conspiracies he can charge his phone with neural activity.... what does that spell - C...A..B..A..L

One scene , near the end played a lot with coloured lights - here's Ben Lynus [ BL = 32] with 'his' colours.

In the last post I looked at ChVH - 19 , leading to 1961 , as 61 mirror-inverts 19. 1961 was the year Obama got born on HAWAII while A B-52 dropped 2 Hydrogen bombs on FARO, North Carolina. Some pieces from one of the bombs have not been found to this day, the debtonation began , but didn't come to any noticeable conclusion, or noticeably so, considering it was a time-portal bomb, like the B-29 at Lake Mead in '48 , on secret experiments, and where Jericho Caine appeared 'out of time' in SOUTHLAND TALES.
1+6+9+1=17; 61-19=42
The 42 raised its sign recently at the Blob, in connexion with Tinman JUPITERS glyph
42 came to the fore on LOST when Kate AusTINs address is revealed - 42 PAN-ORAMA CREST. As Pan = All in Greek perhaps we see a wink to Douglas Neil Adams who supposed via fictional supercomputer that answer or number explaining everything = 42.
42 reversed = 24 and 2x24=48 which reversed 84 = 2x42
42 emerged when Jack informs Saeed that he's been knocked out for 42 hours on 3 times more Horse Tranq than is usual for av'ge hume. The modern, funky horse trank on everybodies lips, and smeared around their nostrils is Ketamine - K, as advertised by John Lilly et al.

Opening creds - A Ziggurat somewhere in Elle-A [ Alpha-girl Town]

Looking around for leads on this sign some wordy types had already sussed that it anagrams to REINCARNATION. This does tingle the senses a bit as RAINIER = the ex-Crown Prince of Monaco who married Grace Patricai Kelly in 1956, the year John Locke is born in LOST. A TIN IRON CRANE also can be.
A Canton = a Swiss state and figures in the vast amount of wealth that remains locked into that part of the world.

This episode features a lot of RAIN and the word Rainier reinforced that

Grace was born in the same year PhilipKDicks twin sister Jane died, 1929, and died in a car-crash the year PKD died , 1982. Grace preceded many of the Amaxing Blondeenies that filled little girls heatrs with dreams of being a princess in reality. A different model bobbed out with Marilyn Monroe, then Diana Spencer and I guess Paris Hilton takes the mantle off in a different di-rection

In the still below we see the red-haired girl
the Lostee I described as Rachel actually has the name Charlotte, which I actually 'knew' but for a period of time I decided to incur a reality a smidgeon off.
R-Ch-L 238 emerged as a result, and looking at the word Ch-a-R-L-otte the 3 consonants have clung on attaching to my neural structure though relieving themselves of the need to retain any specific order. The Ch of Sharlottte not synching with the Hh of RaHhel. hard H.
So an aspect of my thinking has pushed out what I 'know' to include a non-sequential element.
Noticing Charlotte the feminine has her male counterpart in Charles Widmore, while at the end we meet Danielle Rousseau twinning with Dan the Scientist man.
Something that caught my eye - Blue Tent interlocking triangularly with Green Tree.

The straight after came this fiery logo with water beneath - who knows if they place subtle arrangements of elements devised as everyday objects. Anyhow the brand comes from an airline called AJIRA which = Hindi for Island. While acquiring that info found that the Hindi word for LOST = GUM, one may think of Frances GUMM [ JudyGarland] and Ragle GUMM [ Character lost in time in PKDs TIME OUT OF JOINT]

Rain provides a backdrop , Rain at the island, Rain in LA , happening at the same time, everyone getting soaked . In John Lilly's experiments with LSD and Isolation he and a colleague recorded an odd event.
John Lilly , after an LSD session was relating to his human guide about feelings in the trip. Lilly went through 1 or 2 weeks of 'coming back' that involved a form of debriefing, essentially to allow John not to have meta-programmes in his subconscious 'opened' in the trip to continue uncontrolled.
he began crying in one session and at the same time a friend of his had water raining in his house. Lilly's records make it fairly plain that they think His thoughts triggered the 'rain' at his friends house a long distance away.
Jack Shephard sits in a car with Evangeline LILLY in an LA rainstorm while the Islanders paddle ferociously in a island thunderstorm , 'at the same time'

Here's Sawyer arguing with God, all very Herman Melville, whose Moby Dick was finally killed close to the first Atomic Bomb Tests in the Pacific. Melville 'described' the Bomb when he 'described' the Whale, and opened a time fibre
He shouts " I Take That Back!].

Orange blooms for Hurley as he makes a call, 'safe in prison', but as the sign above him says it just an 'exit' to somewhere else.

A comment from Devin mixed with the Djed carrying Egyptian picture from Wise Woman. provided the man in Orange standing at TOTEM, the British Bomb exploded in OZ -

relating to 47 i thought of how 47 is 2x23.5 which is the degree of earths tilt (i think-this info came to mind in a bolt out of the blue last night)this reminded me of a book i had read about modern physics which dealt with the spin of atomic particles-how a 360 degree spin to an subatomic particle was useless in that realm-it needed a 720 degree spin -in other words twice the original-to return to its original orientation in space-like it had an extra dimension to turn thru-and i thought of 47 in relation to earths orientation in space-kind of juxtaposed info-also came to mind how 1947 was the year (of course they had been sighted for millenia) but the year that UFO sightings and the UFO culture really began in modern terms-

From Newspaceman -

Following on from Devin:

"The mathematical or geographical evidence proves that one circle has 360 degrees in space. Why is this circle or wheel of life considered to be of 360 degrees only? If we take a circle and start dividing it using the four elements and three attributes, all the logic can be observed. { Remember_ Child Drawing a circle in the latest SIMPSONS - see Pseudoccultmedia and Celtic Rebel]

The circle itself, is considered the first element of space, since we must consume space in drawing a circle. In this space {or circle}, the four remaining elements and three attributes create the idea of time. The circle is divisible by the product of four elements multiplied by three attributes. This involves the belief that the three attributes exist in the circle. By moving three times, each element completes its revolution.

So now we have the number 12 {3 x 4}. This division gave birth to our 12 months, and also to the 12 horas {1/2 of the day or Ahoratri}. We now have 360 degrees as well as 12 divisions. We can now further divide the wheel of time: there are 27 fixed stars (nakshatras) along with three attributes that divide the time in smaller portions. So this 27 + 3 = 30 is interpreted as 30 degrees or days of one part of the wheel (circle) or month. All of this is only half of a day. The night is yet unaccounted for. Therefore, we multiply these 30 degrees by 2. This gives us our reference of 60 seconds in a minute.

Thus the 360º x 30º = 10,800. Zero {0} is considered ‘Purna’ or complete. So we take out the last zeros and are left with 108. The idea of our total universe is represented by this number of 108. Offering 108, devotees believe that they are showing ultimate or complete respect to the Supreme."

Enumeration of DN [Dan] = 54, thus Dan and Danielle , twin Dans make 108

The Paddling sets off the pretime marimeme of the Polynesian Genesis. This also deals with why those same magicians returned to the South Pacific , to open an Atomic Stargate that will allow them to travel through time at will.
Possibly both entrance-exits must get opened at once, though of course somewhat antilogical as it would seem that the modern Polynesian Magi would open one 'side' and then its 'open'. Nevertheless I get a feeling of some simultaneaity, if only that Bucky-Fuller reminds us that a circle - 360 degrees on one side + 360 on the 'other' side, and as such this 360 one-half unity may have lead us into only 'seeing half' ...... ???
The Atomic experiments , all by the same crew, began in earnest in the Pacific, Atholls and Australia, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Mars-hall Islands.

Beyond the Plot we may find our Bearing

"There is nothing mysterious in that knowledge. When you consider the explosion of springtime in the vegetation, you realize that you do not see it, but only the shapes that capture it. The memory of every blade of grass, shrub or tree imprisons that explosiv Energy in pre-established shapes, moulds it according to patterns established through many centuries. All those memories are so powerful as to compel the explosive Energy to surrender to their compressive Energy. and to be used by it in order to perpetuate the species. The species evolve in time by adaptation to modified factors, but only within small margins. The new varieties are adapted specimens. The non-adapted go extinct. Nature is rampant and cruel, a constant battlefield where the strong destroy the weak. When not attended to, nature leads to chaos. Its "harmony" is a romantic idea based on no real fact." [C.Suares]

Bark if u must , Flower if u but will
Though, mind the plants