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47 hits between the 3 eyes like a bridge to knowwhere. 3 of the buildings scuppered in the WiTCh synking claimed access to Code:47. The Twins had 47 structural inducing columns [ 'scuse my archeology] while the Building 3 Salomon Bros. [ even more twins] divided its 47 storeys among 7 of its most notable seconds - Architects = Chief Technicians
3 x 47 = 141

The OTHER day 'La Blog de la Blob ' reminded me of a post 'TRUNKATED' to where I repaired.
PKD's VALIS - Read it a 2nd time - p.132
'Phylogenic memory, memory of the species. Not my own memory, ontogenic memory. ' Phylogeny is recapitulated in ontegeny', as it is put. The individual contains the history of his entire race, back to its origins. Back to Ancient Riome, to Minos at Crete, back to the stars. All I got down to , all I abreacted to, in sleep, was one generation. This is gene-pool memory, the memory of the DNA. That explains Horselover Fat's crucial experience in which the symbol of the Christian Fish disinhibited a personality from two thousand years in the past. Had he been shown an even older symbol he would have abreacted farther; after all, the conditions were perfect for it: he was coming off sodium pentathol, the 'truth drug'.
Fat has another theory. He thinks that the date is really 103C.E. [ or A.D. as I put it: damn Fat and his hip modernisms]. We're actually in apostolic times , but a layer of 'maya' or what the greeks called ' dokos ' obscures the landscape. This a key concept with Fat: dokos, the layer of delusion or the merely seeming. The situation has to do with time, with whether time is rea

Repair = return, a tad like respect etymologically, to come upon ALIS borne of VALIS yet on 2nd reading noticing vaLIS with LIS = 517. 517 = 11x47 , flinging forth twins and 47 stories

Valis brings in PKDick again , the book in one language translated as SIVA, where the hell's the L .
517 reverberates 51 [3x17] and 17
Adding 517 to Flight 815 numbers produce 1332 which = 2x666 .

A Penta-tych , stain-glassed history, a millisecond in the making.
To the Island, Dan the Scientist-man , expert in trans-time nuclear disloDGement , runs from a leak he comes across in JUGHEAD. 

Jughead didn't detonate, already obsolete, resigned to bit-parts in a TVseries. Perhaps the islanders will see a 'flash' from oneof the other bomb-tests on Bikini

The bomb - Ozhead green hangs damoclesian in its Tower, it leaks , dung it about with ore of lead and bury it in the ground, Saturn'll keep u safe .

Anyhow thats Dan's job, stop the leak


That's the year, a premature Aquarian, the unexploded JUG, a diminutive of Judith

Jug - flit back if u will to that shimmer-nation, island of the Balkans JUG os Slavia , home of Southern Slavs, indeed JUG = SOUTH=AUS=OZ, the OzBorn Bomb. The bomb carries a current Aquarienne, it seems to bomb us out of time and place, and now its back , retro fitted and series style, shall we not remind the young 'uns of the Hideyourgen bomb.
Below . the bomb on the left hails from Indy and the Crystal Skull. Atom Heart Mother, coupled to the Tower, outside of town. here on the island ATM hangs damoclesian outside the village. They will bury her , in lead and earth, i time and reproduction, eternal carnal mother, man-managed-matrix, they shall claim theirs, blood and wine

The man-scientist meets his Xanadu. From Dan [ DN = 54] shoots forth pineal-post . 

The union of Olivia Newton-John , daughter of Bryn Newton-John , who worked for Station-X at Bletchley Park on Enigma, granddaughter of Max Born, nuclear-physicist, who worked out the Born-Oppenheimer Approximation way back in  '27, brings together singer and scientist, harmony and number .
Dan the Scientist gets together with Olivia NJ via MaxBorn, her partner from Grease joins Scientology , John Travolta, loses his son Jett, a craft forming the basis of the Lost series.

Some called her Olivia Neutron-Bomb , tying her to nuclear roots.
Another famous singer , who appeared as Dorithy in Wizard of Oz, was Frances Gumm who changed her named to Judy, a diminutive of Judith. Ragle Gumm predicted atomic strikes in PKD's TIME OUT OF JOINT, living in a time-island, disconnected yet influencing Earth's survival.
Another diminutive of Judith = Jug

The Red ADM tries to live , Rachel and Magdalene - Red Mars - MADYM. The Red ADM tries to live , grows sick - Rachel-RChL 238 . Freshly smitten by Dan's elegant transmission of love for her falls on Adamah's earth-centric fears. Rachel gets clawed back in, her blood drained from her. Dan/Rachel [ a human, an ADM] gets unravelled]
The Lostees , caught in marital strife - The IslandEarth, nature, smothering and the SkyGod, butterfingers, phlegmatic, battle for custody of the ADM which has yet to get a fix on its own existence. Our old parental gods battle for custody over a child yet born

Clint's Island in Gran Torino - No.238 , RChL again, she married Jacob-YOQB, he carried a seed. Jacob hovers over the island psyche and some have mistaken him for YShRAL - Israel

The office of Charles Widmore, the painting announces NAMASTE.

The Year 1954 , on the Island portrayed in LOST, has John Locke meeting a young Charles Widmore, announcing his influence in all things past and present. The '54 episode invokes the Atomic theme.Charles Widmore mediates reality via the name Alan Dale and appeared last year in Indian Jones and the Crystal Skull, as Colonel Ross, the officer who oversaw a nuclear test that nearly caught the dreary Indy napping, save for a lead-lined refrigerator.
Charles , on the left, poses with a Trinity of Towers

1954 saw the explosion of CASTLE BRAVO, its fallout infecting a fishload. A Japanese fishing-boat got caught in the cloud , 23 crew , 1 died, called the Dragon-boat.
Alan Dale hurtled screenwise with Neighbours, wherein we find Kylie, the miniature BOOM-BOOM erang

The Island that consumes , the Island that gives birth.
The last photo on the post TRUNKATED featured the number 19, which has emerged of late.
This = ChVH[8+6+5=19], translated Hhevah or Eve. She is named AM KL ChY [ Mother of all] 41+50+18 =109.
The 19 of ChVH mirror-inverts to 61, prime numbers that mirror-invert prove elusive. 1961 = The year of Obama's birth on an island in the Pacific while over the village of FARO, in North Carolina a bomber crashed letting loose 2 hydrogen bomb though no-one but the crew was hurt,


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Devin said...

Agree with Jake aferris! wonderfully beautiful and thought provoking post! best as always!

Devin said...

sorry for another multiple aferris-like wise womans post today-you bet i will be back to this post tonight or if i am not online tomorrow-glad yo said multiples are OK!:-)

Devin said...
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Atareye said...

Long awaited, needed, biblical context courtesy of PKD. The 'fictional' implications made by PKD would help what Jesus said make more sense. All this talk of 'end times' makes a little more sense.

Stuck in a rut.

Lets not shoot blanks into the future.



Alex Robinson said...

Was reminded of the Judith who was a little timebomb herself & ticked away the last minutes of Holofernes life - leaving him in a couple of bit parts.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Wise . Gota couple of artworks - Klimt painted this [ not that I knew] Judith and jael - a fime pair indeed.
Hi Axe - it seems useful to pit Dick against the tawdry drivellings about God in the mainstream, oh yeah - that = the battlefield, the main stream
Anyhow a bit of a splatter-post, see what the splodges reveal
Devin - multiples many men desire
Jake - ChVH = 19 ; AM KL ChY = 119 . Was going to add them together in the post , but your comment time hit it -128


Devin said...

Really great and interesting post aferris-I deleted the multiple of a multiple-didnt realize i did that-thinking of Jug=southern slavs-I think I had a memory of the Yugoslav news agency in the communist era being Tanjug-sometimes my memory doesnt serve well anymore-I love the bit about 47 and the Sherheradze numbers! best as always!

Devin said...

aferris-hope you do not mind this bit-I am always interested in timestamps and word veris-noticed somehow I managed to comment 24 exact hours apart-for some reason this is feeding into my thinking lately that 'time' is an illusion-it is funny as modern society has progressed how much more we are 'wedded' to time-something that doesnt exist! best to you!

Newspaceman said...

Hiya afm, your initial 47 and latter 61 adding to 108.

Jake had a post with a taxi showing 4x27 on it quite recently if I remember correcty.

I leave it with you, twin Dans and all.


aferrismoon said...

News - Like DanDan the Lavatory man , , anyhow .
Yea saw 108 connexion, but not via 47+61.
There seems to be something with prime numbers - 11,19,47,61,911.
Prime Curios is a page with odd things about primes, some of its readable for non-mathematicians.

devin - time = an illusion watching itself and then forgetting what time it is.

Devin said...

Thanks again aferris-I have really enjoyed this post-as an obsessive-compulsive numbers have a way of going through my head-of course not all folks who suffer from this are this way with #s-totally agree with your thought about time-I missed in my first read through about Olivia 'Neutron Bomb' when I saw that it brought back another flood of memories-one of which is how the american right wing (sometimes i say reich-wing) chastised the Carter admin for cancelling development of the NB-if memory serves Sov media said the NB was the perfect capitalist weapon because it killed people and not buildings-best to you as always!

Devin said...

Sorry aferris-Mr Multiple has struck through the blogosphere several times today-I forgot this it and feel free to delete the comment if you find the info useless-relating to 47 i thought of how 47 is 2x23.5 which is the degree of earths tilt (i think-this info came to mind in a bolt out of the blue last night)this reminded me of a book i had read about modern physics which dealt with the spin of atomic particles-how a 360 degree spin to an subatomic particle was useless in that realm-it needed a 720 degree spin -in other words twice the original-to return to its original orientation in space-like it had an extra dimension to turn thru-and i thought of 47 in relation to earths orientation in space-kind of juxtaposed info-also came to mind how 1947 was the year (of course they had been sighted for millenia) but the year that UFO sightings and the UFO culture really began in modern terms-I really think you have struck gold ever since Tooth Marks the Apple-I cannot tell you how that particular post has buried itself-in a nice way-in my consciousness-and now this post is starting to have the same effect-best as always!

aferrismoon said...

Thats great Devin as I've been wondering what to do with a picture I took from Wise Woman a while back of Kneegyptian carrying a Djed at 23,5 degrees.


Newspaceman said...

Aferrismoon, I had never heard of Dan Dan, lavatory man, had to look it up, it is not what I had in mind.

Not sure where you got your 108 from though, I just noticed that the beginning and end numbers in your post totalled what some consider an important number and that a double dan also equalled it.

You know that the Royal Box at Wembley Stadium sits on the 108th level, 107 steps to climb.


Newspaceman said...

Following on from Devin:

"The mathematical or geographical evidence proves that one circle has 360 degrees in space. Why is this circle or wheel of life considered to be of 360 degrees only? If we take a circle and start dividing it using the four elements and three attributes, all the logic can be observed.

The circle itself, is considered the first element of space, since we must consume space in drawing a circle. In this space {or circle}, the four remaining elements and three attributes create the idea of time. The circle is divisible by the product of four elements multiplied by three attributes. This involves the belief that the three attributes exist in the circle. By moving three times, each element completes its revolution.

So now we have the number 12 {3 x 4}. This division gave birth to our 12 months, and also to the 12 horas {1/2 of the day or Ahoratri}. We now have 360 degrees as well as 12 divisions. We can now further divide the wheel of time: there are 27 fixed stars (nakshatras) along with three attributes that divide the time in smaller portions. So this 27 + 3 = 30 is interpreted as 30 degrees or days of one part of the wheel (circle) or month. All of this is only half of a day. The night is yet unaccounted for. Therefore, we multiply these 30 degrees by 2. This gives us our reference of 60 seconds in a minute.

Thus the 360º x 30º = 10,800. Zero {0} is considered ‘Purna’ or complete. So we take out the last zeros and are left with 108. The idea of our total universe is represented by this number of 108. Offering 108, devotees believe that they are showing ultimate or complete respect to the Supreme."


aferrismoon said...

I didn't think u meant 'the Lavatory man', just pooped in to my heads.
The circle - Fuller does as much in his Circle having angles adding to 720 degrees, as he says the circle = a tetrahedron which , made from 4 - Tri-angles

the 108 I saw as 2 Dans. DN has a reverse ND , which is the Nod that Cain travels off to. It can mean to wander ,go astray, etc, whereas DN = justice.


Arrowsmith said...

Hi Afferismoon. I like how you look at the name DAN, which seems to resonate with DNA. I also noticed the number 47 in Lost but didn't know what it meant. Thanks for shedding some light on it.
As for the number 108, you've probably already covered this on your blog but I once read that the Earth is 108 times smaller than the Sun, and the Moon is 108 times smaller than our Earth. Don't know if it's true but thought I'd share it anyway.