Sunday, September 30, 2007

Saturn reborn

I glimpsed Saturnine linking via Hexagrams to bees on comments though my special bee-powers fail to waggle out the actual links. This photo I took just b4 the photo of the girl in the yellow jacket in the previous article. Lots of lead and sulpher here, live.
Leads blackish-grey and sulpher's yellow - more beelike colouration

Bee Transformed

On Sept 28th Czechs celebrate Svaty Vaclav's Day [ Saint Wenclas]. He helped christianize the Czech Lands and started the Premyslov dynasty. I took this picture of a Vaclav facing a yellow coated girl standing before a black tent [ Yellow and Black= bee colours] The red hair brought to mind the fiery Hebrew judge Deborah- the Bee who married Laphidot - flames. [ DBVRH 217 + LPhYDVTh 530 = 747].
If we imagine the butterfly effect and magical cities [ see Gosporn's latest on Cherubim] Prague's present construction mania , which = a lot, then perhaps their underground drilling by Subterra [ yellow and black logo] may resonate as Earthquakes in other parts of the world, and the various Lovecraftian soundings across the blogwaves.
1937 was the year Frank Whittle invented a jet engine, a possible competitor to Airships in those early avionic days, and the first artificial element Technetium was discovered. Its 60 years ago which = a full Chinese astro-cycle

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Eye Bee M

The M = twin pyraMounts

Bee 4 Boat, Chi 4 Checker

A couple of time units ago , when the sun did its smash the face of the earth with its fiery glare, I found myself in the auspicious position of witnessing an actual StarG8 eVent.
This human innocent had little or no idea of his majestic drawing together of da seriously sunchromystic
So the photo may be a little small for discerning details. Allow me to shed a light:
Boat's yellow and with the checkered flag along the hull it has bee-like visual characteristix. The ensign on the stern = the skull and Xbones while the numbers on the bow read 107 434. Excitement mounts as we discover that 434 = DLTh , Dalet, the 4th Hebrew letter, cousin of Delta, it meaning Door. Newspaceman has a pic with US flag draped coffins a couple of weeks or so back. 107+434 = 541 which will be the metres highness of the ArbMachtFreidom Tower, and the enumeration of the word YShRAL. 434 divided by 2 = 217 which = DBVRH the Shebrew for BEE, so 2 Bs = a Dore.
The bee things and Stargate phenomena have been wondrously realigned in the Checkerboard Trilogy though I have seen only the 1st and not yet even the Tod-voiced Willner producktion
Does this boat clue us into any possible Bee-disappearance or disappearances in general. Do they lead the way or a way?
And then there's this logo on a crane [ maybe Hugh Crane for RAW readers] which , well................sprung

Monday, September 24, 2007


On 22/9/07 I wrote a comment on Realm of Connection's article 'Student tasered...'. I told of a Tearoom in Vermont that sold fine Darjeelings. I wrote it at about 2.30 pm . At 4 pm who should appear but the proprieter Andrew , here on a 9-day trip, which includes a meeting of all Dobra Cayovna [ Good Tearoom ] employees for a un photo grand.
While I agree the whole episode = self-generated , possibly self-centred its synchro-status forces me to articulate it.
Foto of Andrew and I think a Barnesberg Darjeeling First Flush

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A swan or 2

Took these last Sunday, on the River Vltava


Linking to Tod's looking at SiouXsie SiouX and the album Mantaray, out popped Man Ray. his imagery synchs sweetly with some of SS's.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

HUmpty Dumpty

Due to a lack of connectivity time, and the sublime brillalliance of other blogs , words have become as blind mice while pictures speak volumes. Though what they utter relies on my shutter
The one pic is of 3 maidens and a phoenix + egg atop the Hotel Europa. The other comes from the woods on the outskirts of Prague called Divokej Sarka [ Sharka] which means Wild Sarka [ a girls mname]
which at present will not appear on the page, but if clicked may appear.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Balloon Poppers

There's a fair bit of ballooon and trident activity bustling around the blogs. This statue and the balloon flight seem to go together if we imagine the ballooon getting popped by the Trident. All sorts of meanings maybe gleaned, I feel sure.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Grace and Innocence

Today = the anniversary of Princess Grace of Monaco. Her acting career included Dial M for Murder
Thanx to Newspaceman for link -
An detailed investigation into the possibility of forged photos, esp. this one, in the ongoing McShiCannery

Far O

Realm of Connections , sort of Syncro-security observer, evaluates security build ups on the shores of NAU. He has photos. The Whitehouse/Tank photo has great similarity to the ultimate enemy - The Daleks. No more perfect form of totalitarianism exists except perhaps Universe itself. Have they taken over, time travelling as is their wont. A Doctor Who series earlier this year had them building an NRG device atop the Empire State in the Great Depression.
the daleks got their name from the Slavic word - dalek meaning far away
The Doctor who episode = Daleks in Manhatten

Spilling ova...

....from Peering Through. Tod's most recent [ most [ pronounced like 'mossed'] = Czech for Bridge] includes watery , tridental imagery that I re-cognised as the pix above. As well as the stories overlapping wavelike upon the shore which allows us a layering imitative of the textual research [ manifold imago-textual synchronisme dada doodah unity]. As well as the content in all these outputs, there seeps the massage, the way we're doing it. It's often this that I take into the streets, woods i walk in, the films, docus and books that I inhale. It's this that can't be terrorised yet it's open, you, me , I they, can walk in and set out. I assume that the skillful application of this practice will improve, allowing us to take greater control of our exterior reality.
One wonders of the multi-synchro contextualism indulged in by the warrior-politicos, mainline media, and the frytenned. I do amble into their psychic feeders, finding it difficult to digest , the smell of bad eggs. Pleasant to flies , lots and lords of Flies, but once consumed passes through, due to its lack of roots. one feels the superficial, eggshell layer- mal-new-trition....
one must eat, for this the TOOTH proves essential. In Hebrew the letter ShYN 360 means tooth, the molar, thus its tridental appearence. Sh = 300 and has the Tarot attribution JUDGEMENT/AEON . Via Carlo Suares it can represent the great cosmic movement , akin or =ing the Holy Spirit. It represents the element FIRE, and in Tods Trident glyph emerges from 2 fish positioned like the 2 dolphins in the 2 of Cups [ from the Book of Thoth], which he titles LOVE. Cups = Water element, thus a Fire borne of Water, and this Tooth , the whole tooth , nothing butt the Tooth.
The Dirigibles: Zeppo, Blimp,and Graf, Steve Faucet, Ricky B. Ransome [ Swallows and Amazons] all require heat to get them into the air. With Hot -Air balloons, a toothy fire projects into the cuppy airsack. In a simialer way we can use our sperm NRG to create a fire in our Tan T'ien that helps shoot the Wunderleany along our spines, to a know-doubt butterfly-shaped transevolutionary metamorphic gland that no-ones yet discovered physically
We transform our genes, not they us, lest we relinquish that operation. Daily we get bombarded with our determinist genetic programme. The Hebrews use the word GN[53] for both GENE and GARDEN, while Eden they spell ODN[124], DiO-x-y-riboNuclayic, and RYBA in Czech = a FISH.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Butterfly Bone

Acc. to some in Paleontology one of the more important factors in humans satnding erect is the movement of the Sphenoid bone. Dentists have noticed the surge in child orthodental problems and have concluded that humans are still evolving, their skulls at least. As the Sphenoid has moved over time it has aided our posture and given us the rounded cranium .
The Butterfly effect
More about butterflies at Wrong Way wizard , and some while ago at Exploring the Mysterious

I'd river be an amour than a-kneel

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

911 LIES

P.93 of Gibson's Spook Country:
'There is an arch, here,' the old man said, in English, 'called the Pearl Harbour Arch.' He looked up and back along the nave. ' It was pointed out to me,once, but i can no longer recall where it is ' The Masons laid down their tools , the day of the attack. The
construction of the cathedral lapsed for decades.'
Tito turned and looked up, uncertain as to what he was supposed to be looking for. The arches were so high overhead. Alejandro had once played with a helium-filled Mylar blimp, in Battery Park. A small radio-contolled airship. With such a thing, here, one could explore the nave's forest of arches, the shadows of its inverted deep-sea canyon.'

When it was brought to me by a messenger whose words proved true, I then understood it as an attack on the 4 by the 11.

This snippet is an explanation by Big Al Crow on the word number DM 44 - blood

911 = an attack BY the 4 ON the 11vent
The 4 planes whose numbers total 356 which = 4 x 89
89-A number of sin-restriction, the wrong kind of silence, that of the Black Brothers
LIBER LEGIS Ch.2, v.27 - There is a great danger in me; for who do not understandeth these runes shall make a great miss

How does it begin , with LIES , which as all schoolies know = 5317 in calculator fonts. Multiply those lies by 911 :
Using the Sepher Yetsira Tarot attributions we find that -
4 = D - The Blasted Tower - Mars
7 = Z - The Lovers - Twins - Gemineye
3 = G - The Wheel - Youpiter
8 - Ch - The Chariot - Cancer
which all adds up to 22, ATU XXII = The High Priestess-Moon

The 47s = The number of columns in each tower that used to hold them in place, and the number of storeys of Building 7
The 4s represent the bases of each twin tower soon to be formed into and 8-sided base. Together they make 44=DM-blood which was used as the foundation of the Freedom Tower
take out the 47s and 838 remains which divided by 2 = 419, that is TYTh or in Tarot The Strength card, and a double headed ceremony for the Whore of Babylon, where an apparently unfinished tower stands.
The 7s = the OZ 77 ritual, doubly strengthened by MGDL 77 - a tower
The 3 delivers the 3 brothers, Twins and a watchful elder.
The 8s show how the twins have transformed to a cosmic level as 88 = the number of constellations
4+7 = 11 and multiplying 83 and 38 gives 418 and 913 [ ABRAHADABRA and BRAShYTh]
77+44 = 121, the Twin Towers 4-fold bases annihilated to form the 2 twins into the 8-fold Tower, and this Tower will be 1776feet in height, that = 541.3248 mettres with 541 =ing YShRAL, that old ladder walking Jakubin

LL.Ch 2, v.35 - let the rituals be rightly performed with joy & beauty
J and B = Jachin and Boaz , those blessed pillars and thus the Twins, the & is the same keyboard key as 7 which invokes Building 7
LL.Ch 3, v.71 - Hail! ye twin warriors about the pillars of the world! for your time is nigh at hand.

Perhaps they have overlooked the rather childish calculator-reversing language, but the Fool = everpresent in all transactions with Universe.

The Weishaupt photo = Weishaupt- Oil and Gas Burners

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Yesterday, in the previous article, I wrote ' the Once Citizen Hurry Kane...'. Last night I watched a British Light Comedy called 'The Magicians', the 'hero' [ or one of them] was a stage magicain called Harry Kane.
A couple of stills above - one shows an airline pilot attempting to pass an air-stewardess through a Stargate. It's that easy!
Some hours l8r after observing the 2 pix:
Mars and Venus- Mars gets the Sword , the phallus, the 1: Venus the Circle-opening, the Yoni, the 0
The Magus communes in Binary

Friday, September 7, 2007

Ocean's a-livin'

Reading William Gibson's new book - SPOOK COUNTRY - a caharcter named Billy Chombo divides his world into a GPS-informed grid of fairly small dimension, never sleeping in the same grid-space twice. I watched Reichstag911 the other night and it showed the US gridded down to house level, all movements tracked.
Later in the book the same character, who puts up artists virtual-scenes via technelectronic means, allows another to see the Architeuthis Dux - the Giant Squid. Michael at Gosporn has just recently articled a Spaghetti-Cthulhu [Hu 8] type version of god, while Tod bites the Balloon of disbelief with a well-aimed trident. The squid accompanying all the climactic climate events, the bowels of the earth disasters, mirth quakes, the Once Citizen Hurry Kane becomes King Felix , so Citizen Bush regales us with godly pronouncements and the victims mount.
The ARC in the squid's Latin name reminds us of the tax-deductable tentacles , now managed by a former-IRS man, of the American Red Cross, appearing at a disaster near you, collecting dime s in San Francisco.
Gibson's book tells a tale of Spies, young and old, and thus bounds forth super-spy martial artist or supreme faker Frank Dux, Shucks.
Sept 11 remembered conveniently on Sept 11th this year and resurrectingly close the anniversary of another autdevoured Princess, Grace of Monaco, who died on Sept 14. This date leaves 108 days to the end of year and addingly I relaise that the Twins fell with 111 days to go. 108 - 2x2x3x3x3 - the square playing with the cube while 111 = ALPh, the first , terrible, undefinible character of the Hebrew alephbeyt.
We may rember Allende, killed on 9/11/73, along with that Government's CYBERSYN Economic programme, organised by the elusive Stafford Beer
Moore and Gibson's Watchmen : The Psychic Octopoid Time Travelling Sensation, metaphysical comic book 'carnation of the smoke-billowing Twins falling into their footprince. Whom the shoe fits will cap it all.
XI licks Fel-IX , he licks her

Monday, September 3, 2007

Cat 5

Over at Gosporn the subject has whirled into the hurricane : Felix. Of course Felix the Cat , as well as King Felix, resonate like screaming Banshees. What struck me was that Hurricane Felix is a CATegory 5 [ hope it doesn't do the Gory bit though].
The picture above is one of the first transmitted TV images, Felix was used as a test card.
The image looks a bit hurricaney

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Crop circles, and Wells
Doors of reception
As and Vs
Like waves uncease
Floods and Fires
Insurance claims
as acts of God
while others retort
Climate chainged.
Our Lady wants to purchase twins
And make them her next of kins
As September rises to the top
Damien makes a bauble-top
Full with gems and metal pure
A glyph of death, financially secure
Shine on u crazy diamonds
On the dark side of the Moon
Orbis eye, great Baal-Loon
I heard you had been born with
A Spoon upon your tongue
Sending Silver Surfers out
And burning up the Sun
And leaves turn a golden-brown
While Phasers turn to stun....

Golden time

Following the Full Moon the temperatures dropped a good 10 degrees, at least such as I feel. A couple of days before I walked around a wood in Prague to see which Autumn fruits had ripened, and there were some, rosehips, little yellow sweet plum called Shpendleeky, acorns and apples. I went to Cibulka Sady [ Onion Park] where I happened across a strange folly - a stone gazebo, delapidating. Further on an equally delapidated farmhouse and outbuildings, inhabited by detritus and techno-ancestors.
As I walked out of the woods into the streets a wall sigil took me and my camera's attention. The Lion of Leo, the hot summer daze, its benefits will now be harvested by the Virgin's sickle, the Virgin mature, the fruit has ripened and September , the harvest is upon us.