Monday, September 24, 2007


On 22/9/07 I wrote a comment on Realm of Connection's article 'Student tasered...'. I told of a Tearoom in Vermont that sold fine Darjeelings. I wrote it at about 2.30 pm . At 4 pm who should appear but the proprieter Andrew , here on a 9-day trip, which includes a meeting of all Dobra Cayovna [ Good Tearoom ] employees for a un photo grand.
While I agree the whole episode = self-generated , possibly self-centred its synchro-status forces me to articulate it.
Foto of Andrew and I think a Barnesberg Darjeeling First Flush


realm said...

synchro is synchro, period.
I remember having a dream and 619 stuck in my mind the whole day. Later that evening my friend who lived in New York visited me. An area code for New York is 619, his cell phone beginning with 619. I had no warning he would be visiting.
synchro is synchro.
Peace, Joshua

aferrismoon said...

I feel we are possibly coming to the age when this might be one of our evolutionary jumps- the 2012 thing. Who can speculate on the Stock Market when all will intuit far more accurately than we're presently doing. Of course its runs away and hides at school and most jobs, but thanks to dear Nettie here, it might get unhidden and lose its strangeness

FilmNoir23 said...

Mine was with Owen Wilson's new release "Darjeeling Limited"

aferrismoon said...

Gr8 one F23. I will check it out

hoi polloi said...

Did you see this in Prague. The Codex Gigas? On display at the Czech National Library?!