Friday, September 7, 2007

Ocean's a-livin'

Reading William Gibson's new book - SPOOK COUNTRY - a caharcter named Billy Chombo divides his world into a GPS-informed grid of fairly small dimension, never sleeping in the same grid-space twice. I watched Reichstag911 the other night and it showed the US gridded down to house level, all movements tracked.
Later in the book the same character, who puts up artists virtual-scenes via technelectronic means, allows another to see the Architeuthis Dux - the Giant Squid. Michael at Gosporn has just recently articled a Spaghetti-Cthulhu [Hu 8] type version of god, while Tod bites the Balloon of disbelief with a well-aimed trident. The squid accompanying all the climactic climate events, the bowels of the earth disasters, mirth quakes, the Once Citizen Hurry Kane becomes King Felix , so Citizen Bush regales us with godly pronouncements and the victims mount.
The ARC in the squid's Latin name reminds us of the tax-deductable tentacles , now managed by a former-IRS man, of the American Red Cross, appearing at a disaster near you, collecting dime s in San Francisco.
Gibson's book tells a tale of Spies, young and old, and thus bounds forth super-spy martial artist or supreme faker Frank Dux, Shucks.
Sept 11 remembered conveniently on Sept 11th this year and resurrectingly close the anniversary of another autdevoured Princess, Grace of Monaco, who died on Sept 14. This date leaves 108 days to the end of year and addingly I relaise that the Twins fell with 111 days to go. 108 - 2x2x3x3x3 - the square playing with the cube while 111 = ALPh, the first , terrible, undefinible character of the Hebrew alephbeyt.
We may rember Allende, killed on 9/11/73, along with that Government's CYBERSYN Economic programme, organised by the elusive Stafford Beer
Moore and Gibson's Watchmen : The Psychic Octopoid Time Travelling Sensation, metaphysical comic book 'carnation of the smoke-billowing Twins falling into their footprince. Whom the shoe fits will cap it all.
XI licks Fel-IX , he licks her


FilmNoir23 said...

It's all rather oozing out now isn't it? Like some gelatinous otherworldly creature from the Lovecraftian order rising from the ashes of what we (K)New the world to be.

Plenty of outings going on while the lies continue to be hurled at us from every direction, and yet somehow they don't seem so effective anymore, do they?

The McCann's on the verge of becoming the MacBeth's very soon...Bin Laden on tape just in time for the holiest of holies, give us a break...The tangled web is starting to show signs of wear and tear old bean.

realm said...

I contend that the illusion is failing. "Blackhole sun won't you come, and wash away the rain, blackhole sun won't you come ,won't you come."
I have seen with my own eyes the honeycomb in the sky back in the summer of 2002. Dreamt of the kraken in various dreams before movies I would later watch, looked in the eyes of evil men and stared them down. As Lynn Minmei(Robotech) has sung
"We will win"

aferrismoon said...

Ooying out and peeling back, unpicked , unravelled, or as Steve Willner implies we all have cosmic skills that perhaps are coming to the fore
The rain resembling the Matrix film numbers, the colour of death no longer black but green
even the lies have numerical import
The monsters - portent in latin - demon-strata, we clothe them in film and call them 'other'
Haven't seen the Bin Laden tape but noticed the McCann news - The Portuguese Authorities have waited, very calmly, through veiled insults, and perhaps a revealing occurs at the Beach of Light where fogs of accusation dissolve into the soft, eternal lapping of sea on shore

Newspaceman said...

The character that Felix was based on, first appeared on stage on 9th November (9/11 UK) 1919 - as per wikipedia.

How are you on photography afferismoon, in respect to sun angles etc. at time of day. I read a very interesting article on the McCanns -

I sort of follow it but am not too sure about the water reflection of light. Anway, it seems pretty logical.

take care, thanks for the comments