Tuesday, September 11, 2007

911 LIES

P.93 of Gibson's Spook Country:
'There is an arch, here,' the old man said, in English, 'called the Pearl Harbour Arch.' He looked up and back along the nave. ' It was pointed out to me,once, but i can no longer recall where it is ' The Masons laid down their tools , the day of the attack. The
construction of the cathedral lapsed for decades.'
Tito turned and looked up, uncertain as to what he was supposed to be looking for. The arches were so high overhead. Alejandro had once played with a helium-filled Mylar blimp, in Battery Park. A small radio-contolled airship. With such a thing, here, one could explore the nave's forest of arches, the shadows of its inverted deep-sea canyon.'

When it was brought to me by a messenger whose words proved true, I then understood it as an attack on the 4 by the 11.

This snippet is an explanation by Big Al Crow on the word number DM 44 - blood

911 = an attack BY the 4 ON the 11vent
The 4 planes whose numbers total 356 which = 4 x 89
89-A number of sin-restriction, the wrong kind of silence, that of the Black Brothers
LIBER LEGIS Ch.2, v.27 - There is a great danger in me; for who do not understandeth these runes shall make a great miss

How does it begin , with LIES , which as all schoolies know = 5317 in calculator fonts. Multiply those lies by 911 :
Using the Sepher Yetsira Tarot attributions we find that -
4 = D - The Blasted Tower - Mars
7 = Z - The Lovers - Twins - Gemineye
3 = G - The Wheel - Youpiter
8 - Ch - The Chariot - Cancer
which all adds up to 22, ATU XXII = The High Priestess-Moon

The 47s = The number of columns in each tower that used to hold them in place, and the number of storeys of Building 7
The 4s represent the bases of each twin tower soon to be formed into and 8-sided base. Together they make 44=DM-blood which was used as the foundation of the Freedom Tower
take out the 47s and 838 remains which divided by 2 = 419, that is TYTh or in Tarot The Strength card, and a double headed ceremony for the Whore of Babylon, where an apparently unfinished tower stands.
The 7s = the OZ 77 ritual, doubly strengthened by MGDL 77 - a tower
The 3 delivers the 3 brothers, Twins and a watchful elder.
The 8s show how the twins have transformed to a cosmic level as 88 = the number of constellations
4+7 = 11 and multiplying 83 and 38 gives 418 and 913 [ ABRAHADABRA and BRAShYTh]
77+44 = 121, the Twin Towers 4-fold bases annihilated to form the 2 twins into the 8-fold Tower, and this Tower will be 1776feet in height, that = 541.3248 mettres with 541 =ing YShRAL, that old ladder walking Jakubin

LL.Ch 2, v.35 - let the rituals be rightly performed with joy & beauty
J and B = Jachin and Boaz , those blessed pillars and thus the Twins, the & is the same keyboard key as 7 which invokes Building 7
LL.Ch 3, v.71 - Hail! ye twin warriors about the pillars of the world! for your time is nigh at hand.

Perhaps they have overlooked the rather childish calculator-reversing language, but the Fool = everpresent in all transactions with Universe.

The Weishaupt photo = Weishaupt- Oil and Gas Burners


FilmNoir23 said...

Could you elaborate a little on this
"The 3 delivers the 3 brothers, Twins and a watchful elder"

You say the brothers are the twins, who is the watchful elder?

aferrismoon said...

building 7 - watchful elder. They had their base of ops there. floor 23

FilmNoir23 said...

right, thanks!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Simply fantastic.

I will struggle joyfully to apprehend the depth of your exegesis.

I am shocked by the reference to Gibson's vaulted Battery Park. I have wondered that Sol's Temple pro temp is nowt but a common copper-top.

Could it be that 9/11 is/wuz an attempt to super-charge telluric currents?

The WWWiz wants to know, by gum.

Even more I would like to know what it is all aboot! The rough nature of the means is to my mind established by the likes of thee, adachi, kotze - but what of the End in Mind?

Where are we going my little ones?

Newspaceman said...

Hiya aferrismoon, a few things -

The American coffin formation I showed, 4-3-4, total 11, 4 +3 = 7, either way.

Twins - we have the McCann twins, left alone with watchful elder, Madeleine, who herself has "vanished"

We had the identical girly twins on big brother, runners up (as a joint entity) - but both looking on the winner as almost a "watchful elder", certainly symbolically anyway.

calculator - 4517734, total 31.


aferrismoon said...

Cheers Newspa... Much of the stuff I've written has quite a wide catch net, like the Twins and Watchful Elder, but like Tod commented on his podcast, it's difficult to fit it in or , as in most of my cases, too focussed on something else to notice the fairly obvious -
SO - cheers for the McCann and Big Bro' info,