Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bee Transformed

On Sept 28th Czechs celebrate Svaty Vaclav's Day [ Saint Wenclas]. He helped christianize the Czech Lands and started the Premyslov dynasty. I took this picture of a Vaclav facing a yellow coated girl standing before a black tent [ Yellow and Black= bee colours] The red hair brought to mind the fiery Hebrew judge Deborah- the Bee who married Laphidot - flames. [ DBVRH 217 + LPhYDVTh 530 = 747].
If we imagine the butterfly effect and magical cities [ see Gosporn's latest on Cherubim] Prague's present construction mania , which = a lot, then perhaps their underground drilling by Subterra [ yellow and black logo] may resonate as Earthquakes in other parts of the world, and the various Lovecraftian soundings across the blogwaves.
1937 was the year Frank Whittle invented a jet engine, a possible competitor to Airships in those early avionic days, and the first artificial element Technetium was discovered. Its 60 years ago which = a full Chinese astro-cycle


FilmNoir23 said...

The nuke fallout symbol is also yellow/black...which was a motif used throughout "The Watchmen"

aferrismoon said...

Nice one on the Nuke fallout, atomic bees and the Watchmen,
but who watches the bees