Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hovering above the synchrolandscape, like a brazen hawk-eyed wing-beater I treasures the glints of eyes far below : scorpions or ice, beetles or headlamps, diamonds or the twinkling vidz of U-Tube and other fearless televistula accomplishments.

In jakes - tunney tribute, we see a mock ritual for Deb - which is short for Deborah - the bee, below DEB was written RIP, a demise of a Bee. In Part the 2 , the narrator says '........finally driving off in a checkercab' , whereupon R.Tunney lays down next to an Octogonal table sporting an Octogonal ashtray affair.
Pushing into CheckerChariotTaxiCabs who might the Knight be, sometimes it feels like Arnie as Terminator, but only slightly. The Knight = the I that pushes or merges , or finds itself clothed in DNA represented by the 4 beasts before the Book of Thoth Chariot. These = the 16 subelements, that will divide again into 64 I Ching hexagrams, all of thm representing those outer vestiges of Man who , invisible and unknowable drives the Chariot in the form of a human.
The Chariot - A ferry taxiing people from place to place, The ferry - a water chariot, built by a CARpenter, carried upon the sea.
JC , a charioteer , clothed in his body-armour, his WAY.
The Taxi, a man on the move, shuttling back and 4th> Travis BICKLE [Taxi-Driver], Korben DALLAS [5th Elephant], Judd HIRSCH, Andy KAUFMAN, Christopher LLOYD , Danny DeVITO [TAXI Sit-com]- 'shoundsh like a shuttle launch' -'Evidently , Bond'
In a recent episode of NUMBERS, a robbery at a Comic Fair turns to murder and forgery, The Seller of a rare copy of ULTRA-WORLD [ played by the son of Dr.Beverly Somebody from StarTrek-The next Gen] has it stolen. It was drawn by Ron Moore in the 6o's , who still lives and is played by Chris Lloyd. He meets Judd Hirsch ,[ the father of the brothers who are the heroes of Numbers]. Thus in this month or 2 of Taxis we see a meeting of 2 of the cast from the TAXI sit-com of the 80's.
Danny DeV hits it off with Arnie in Twins [ though of course not identical twins] while Chris Lloyd calculated trans=time in Back to the Future
Which brings me to Futurama - the film starts with an OWL swooping in to perch atop the Planet Express ship [ Taxi-courier] and then to be seen no more. Then Fry gets into a cab which has got ' .... Checker' written on the side, scrawled in post-production. Couldn't read all of it, sorry base, but..chhhhzz.. we're so deep now.chhxzzz... comm...
Star Wars provides an action ending with a Hassidic fighter-pilot who sports Stars of David on his fighter's wings, while Bender and Fry use a Binary code to open a Stargate [ green electro-ball]. The code is found in microsize on a tattoo of a BLUE BENDER on Fry's right arse-cheek.The Torah numeration means that we can translate the Torah into Binary images [ see August post - Binary Torah]. Bender's 1st jump is to Ancient Egypt and later he receives the order of the Double Cross from Nixon. Hermes gets decapitated.
Gore does the hero bit, saves the world by death-defying flying.
I watched Criminal Minds and they too brought in Comic books, or was that CSI Agartha.
If it fractallates . I'll tendril it
The blog has not magically fixed itself for pictures.
Darjeeling = Lightning Bolt.
The Chariot , represents the Hebrew letter Ch[8], which in full form is spelt ChYTh and has a value of 418. This = ABRAHADABRA , Crowley's Word of the Aeon, so the Chariot must provide a resonance for this great charge from Climber Crowley. What proves interesting is that the BEASTS written about in Genesis , Chapters 1 and 2 are called ChYTh. Generally ChYTH = fence , enclosure, but it definitely has been translated as 'beast' , yet we are led to believe that 666 = the number of the Beast. I doubt Crowley would overlook this, and he can't have missed it as it creates a form of strange irony. He takes the number 666 and calls himself the beast, yet it is 418, ChYTh, ruler of the Chariot and encoder of ABRAHADABRA that = the Beast. And the chariot = the 8th Card , despite the 0=1, 1=2 confusion, secreted in by Crowley to fool all.
And 8 shines through as number of import, throughout this ritual, it will be the chariots number at the base of the FreedOm Tower
The Crab or Krab spelt backwards = the Bark which Ra sailed across sky and through underworld. This hard-shelled soft-centred thingy might represent our cosmic path , ensconced in physicality we are sensitive to the tiny changes in currents and temperaures, mental and physical. like wee crabbies in a rockpool dammit.
Todds blog does a bit of the old Led Zep tug. They once said , or one of them, I doubt they all ad-libbed at the same time, they'd go down like Lead Zeppelin , and the name stuck, invoking Saturn as u do when u get plum bummed. LZ , their awesome initials, comes to 37 via the Hebrew tongue-number code{
30 for L = Adjustment and Libra
7 for Z = the Twins and Gemini ,
what an airy collective
3 x 37 = 111
L7 resurfaces if we take the Z as such
Airships and Air Chariots and Air Taxis and Bees Yellow Black...I can't make... indist...chrfzxx... its..
...we've lost them
Well the radio's down, but at least we're not lost

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Your life is irrevocably human. Ergo sum........

Wise words wend their way from Willners wyrd, along with the splatter of raindrops and blood, blue of course as neighbouring deities , dragons and demons skillfully invoke their own story through the matted hair of mindstruck mortals. Leave us , let us write, but they will ne'er .
In yesterday's afternoon I took the offer from the BLOB to rewatch 911 Timelords. A little while after TubeTV saved me the Ophiuchus-Burning Tower creation and then off for food and with coin and paper upon my person to a bookshop.
There, at the BIG BEN Bookshop I collected a Graf-Nov that had been waiting for me to supply the monies to take it away - that novel was and still remains PROMETHEA.
This morning I watched the Timelords 911 with that synchro shake of the head as image after image of Promethea flew forth. It 'ended' in linear time allowing me to savour Ophiuchus, the images of Agent Smith [ he that doubtless forges] and the words ' indefinitely delay the inevitable , as Agent Smith would say'.
I brewed tea - Golden Monkey , and ate bread spread with honey from the Locust Tree, began reading Promethea. I get to a part early on where Barbara Shelley , the present incarnation of Promethea tells Sophie Bangs, the Promethea to come ,'...just somewhere we can hide up to delay the inevitable'
The Labyrynthine Psychonaut urges viewers to recognise the signs and free one self from the looping wheel of time. or we can hide up or even try to definitely delay
All these synchs happened this morning Nov 11, St.Martin's Day who came this morning upon his White Horse - Prague's first snow of the winter fell this morning
On the wet streets a mini, with a checkerboard roof, a difficult to see Skull and Crossbones hanging from the rear-view mirror, a 13 which when the 1 and 3 touch becomes a B and very Apian livery . The Scarab has been fashioned from Libyan Desert Glass which Scientists claim comes from a massive meteorite 30 million years ago and not an Atlantean Swamp Nuke - desperate escapism veils the time-spun interdimensional conflict
When the blog magically fixes itself I'll post the pix

Saturday, November 10, 2007

All at 6s and 7s then 8s and all in 11s

Synchronicities ply their way as they will, daily events play their part, yet some jump out , requiring little investigation. The event of November 7 2007 plays with 8, though putting them together with another 8 might elecit some dis-gust , a bad taste in the mouth.
A young man in Finland took the lives of 8 people, after notifying the world at large via Youtube. Here we get the info and [ like 911] appear powerless to do anything about it. What would I have done had I seen it - rang the Finnish Embassy or perhaps just ignored it as a kind of radical art-form . As yet I haven't seen it
On a vastly different note, the evening before Liverpool beat Besiktas 8-0 in the Champions League. This is the new record win of the League, taking over from Arsenal's 7-0 victory over Slavia Praha a fortnight ago.
The eight souls touched human consciousness via the 8 goals , aware of it or not the soul will not be shot down as an irrelevancy due to an individuals belief that it has the right to take someone's life against their will. These souls emerged into my mind through the very popular and much-watched European Champions League telling viewers that they will not be dismissed. Nevertheless the souls message came 24 hours before their leaving their bodies and makes me wonder, madly perhaps, whether we may be contacted before the event, on a mass scale and then put it together with the gunners video . I doubt it, the distractions of life, running around , doing this or that. Yet I kept meeting people who talked about 8 nil, 8, and then the transformation into 8 dead humans , seamless 8, interrupted living.
Had I contacted the authorities with my info and the gunner arrested then the crime doesn't happen and the gunner will walk free. To keep the guy in one would have to have a great probabilty of the guy going through with it at some time but then that's PKDick pre-crime , Minority Report. Chips or surveillance of body chemistry look like possible physical-world solutions, or our own pharma-supply of mood-alterers and Lucy NoGens
The player with the forefinger of both hands raised - pillarmidding -has the name Markus Babbel and he scored 2 goals.
The Finnish gunner has used a checkerboard pattern for his image here, though I agree its not black and white etc. An extension of Travis Bickles disgust enlarged to encompass all humanity
Yossi Benayoun scored a Hat-trick. His initials = I and B for the 2 pillars Iachin and Boaz
The Besiktas Club logo - B+W with a white 5star rising from the crescent on a red ground . The White Pillarmids and the inferred 3 made by the black become an H when the glyph or the Kaaba Stone or Caryotid joins them.
The twin eternal flames on the Liverpool logo in remembrance of those fans who died at Hillsboro'. The eternal flame does burn for real outside Anfield, Liverpool's ground. The bird is called the Liver [Lie-ver] bird, its origin is disputed though some wonder if it represents a Phoenix, many though think a water-bird like the Cormorant]
The Football accentuates the pentagram-orange . While green represents the active-King scale Venusian colour, Orange or Amber represents the female- Queen scale.
7 = the Sefirot influenced by Venus on the Tree of Life
For many Liverpool fans the song and the words of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' have great resonance at times of great joy and deep despair.
I leave u with a snippet from Violator's comment [Nov 6] at Inside the Cosmic Cube- Heroes-the Nit-Pickers OCD Gude: 6
' there's some reason why 7:11 is important, but I'm not going to try and remember it now, it's too late'

Friday, November 9, 2007

Tribulation 99

Perhaps many have seen this BUT if u haven't take the time.
made in 1992 it seems to presage much of the Conspiracy culture by taking the US side as it battles for the Earth's future against the off-planet though hibernating deep underground Quetzels, who can't handle too much radiation , thus the reason for underground atomic testing.
The narrator tells us how , despite his own UFO experience , Jimmy Carter inexplicably fails to bring this up as a reason for the 50,000 people killed in Nicaragua under Samoza. What an oversight!
Howard Hunt appears with other saviours.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

During World War

Such relates the words struck at the base of this relief I discovered opposite the Spanish synagogue in the centre of Praha. A sphinx with its hand-claw nudges men towards a sword surmounted with branches in its right hand. The men appear encouraged to climb the blade to reach some sort of blossoming. Its eyes , wide, glaring and oriental survey a space beyond its frieze-captured duty.
It represents WW1 and probably dates from the early 1920s

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Scare City , Terror Fearma

Not enough food to go round but adequate feud.
An hour or so of Bucky giving his 'comprehensive' view, psychology of ploytics.
As the blog has a prob inloading it go to Youtube :
Buckminster Fuller World Game Anticapatory.[ The spelling is wrong on the link]
RBF in conversation with Harold Hudson Channer - 1974
At present some claim scarcity in abundance, though Britons throw away a 1/3 of their food [ Yahoo article a couple of days ago] while US parents get told that having a child reduces stress and premature death [ Yahoo article the same day as the UK one].
At BTB a video of an impassioned , clear-headed approach to this ' obvious' problem has its bland semantics broken by the word 'exterminate'. In a comment to BTB I remarked that the reporter could be paraphrasing for the Daleks, a species of 'do-gooder' genetically modified to 'do good' in the most efficient and cost-effective manner known to man.
Surplus - apparently we have many products and produce in surplus though Mr.and Mrs Mark Etforces have to be assuaged , thus butter and meat mountains, milk lakes. Yet here in Czech the price of butter has changed dramatically- 25Kc last hear, 35 this and anywher between 50 and 75Kc expected in the New Year, so Czechs pop over to Poland where its 19Kc . 19Kc is about $1US [ it was 40Kc - $1US 5 years ago]. That's when the war started, previous to that the Fed had been buying up Eastern European Gold at low prices for Gold and the Eastern Europeans bought dollars at 40Kc [guess who helped pay for the war]
Market Horses.
If the planet = a system then it self-regenerates, it has to feed itself so we have to have enough to go round. Food proves plentiful though it appears that access = scarce. Channelling food through the market sets up different priorities, the energy of the food, in part, transforms into energy as money. To balance this energy transfer we throw food away.
Homeless people used to get bread thrown out at the back of supermarkets that had passed its sell-by date until supermarkets decided to stop and went to great effort to dispose of the bread hermetically sealed as it were. The homeless were recycling the bread for free, yet the supermarkets could not see that they had a universe-supplied free recycling service- the Homeless should have asked for a payment for their service
Scarcity = a cult . Members look concerned and furrow their brows. They realise there will be casualties. It's a dirty job, its far easier to harvest people than feed them but let's at least be humane.
Fear acts as the 'will' of Scare City , beamed at us [ though our intelligence can always dis-spell the Fear by contemplating self-regenerating Universe, phew] through benign objects such as TVs , radio, blogs, and the rest, real message-acrossers like bullets leave me with little time to contemplate the options and at such times I may well panic. Nevertheless slow-mo bullets like indirect starvation through hoarding of energy as money I can probably deal with intelligently, without doing the inner-guilt finger-biter at having regular access to affordable energy income - food-heat-intelligence - love
Universe is not scarce , we cannot spend it, the law of conservation of NRG. As we see with synchromystic research the story of 911 emerges through comics where it is hidden in the 'real' world. The supermarkets throw food away , the homeless recycle it at no cost. We turn food into a commodity then digitize it into bank-accounts we can hoard a whole heap of forward days often extending far past our expected life at this particular body-frequency [ batteries not included].
'Whooah Scarcity , I'm scared, no doughnuts!!' freaks Homer
'T'aint nuttin' but Moonshine them folks is a-spinning' informs Cleetus

Bridge it bard - O

A flick around finds vertical H-blocks upstanding. Gosporn weighs in with the Double-H Ranch , and JaKe Otze's Blob picks up on this theme. I found this logo concerning Vysehrad [ Vyshay-hrad ] - which means High Castle. The logo represents the Cathedral and its twin spire-towers. Due to its cathedral layout I recognised the two spires stand thief-like either side of the altar - place of worship, a little like JC 'pon the cross. .
The Kaaba stone may form the altar at the Twin Tower site, and the whole metaphor dumped on Giza with the little pyramid a form of altar , focusing human prayer-energy used to power the whatever however. The triangular shape in this Vysehrad logo nudged me thataways.
The spires remind me of spiral and that tower comes from turning, all very inspiring - and then to the dual current Jacobs L-Adder, Tree of Life, Us and Them. The dual-NRG nature of Universe disbars the singular-mono-trip , humans as systems develop tetrahedrally, concave and convex. 'The entity that one speaks to when one says 'you' is also the entity that speaks when one says 'I''- John Lilly - The Centre of the Cyclone
The other images decided to catch a lift , the journey looked interesting.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


The proposed Czech National Library as well as having the nickname OCTOPUS has a more recent appellation - BLOB which leads me to let u know that I , yes I, have found BNOWs brand new handmaiden- the BLOB..
Above a view from 'inside' the / a blob, through its singular massive eye , no less.
I add a pic of Max Mercury to link to the Flash items and Azure qualitiease of recent articulations.
Then I remembered classic washing-powder Flash and the sci-fi - fantasy names Procter&Gamble give to their cleansing products.
The 3 above create a Poe-Marvel or DC-Lovecraftian tale almost instantly. Fill a bucket with hot water and add the contents of the Fairy-Flash-Vortex combo and hey! pressed-O, atale for children and adults ina cleaner than clean imagination kitchen where stories , tales and sagas emerge hologoraphically as blue mist . Inhale the blue mist for the inner version, sort of like an inside B-side job. It's the old thing new again!
All the Blesk

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Does your city have one ?

Generally if you exist as a sovereign nation you get to have an embassy, ambassador and a plethora of security guards and secretaries. I may be mistaken but since when have the Sov.Military Order of Malta been a sovereign nation. A quick look round the net says that you don't have to be a country to be recognised as a sovereign entity, it requires only that you are recognised as such by other sovereign entities, who no doubt feel pleased to have you recognise them and so they recognise you....
Dear bloggers and blogettes:
I formally recognise each and every one of you as Sovereign Entities.
Novice Ordo Saeclorum - The New and Most Innocent Order of the Ages
I include a strange atmospheris phenomena as a symbol of this new order - it appears to be a rainbow though no rain poured that day. Perhaps its not too unusual but a sense of the dramatic seems de rigeur for new eras.


Due to infection from various blogs and their inherent subject matter my camera caught a pic or two.
Michael at Gosporn mentioned H - linked to the Petronas Towers, and many moons ago Steve W included a linked twin-tower in a vid.
Mr Neo from Matrix gets a few hits and the Egyptians have been synchromystic blogging [ mostly in stone] for a millenia or
A company that has something to do with fight against Diabetes has a Hathor-based logo, in this years fashionable blue, and sports the name Novo Nordisk which seems to hide Novo Ordis.