Friday, June 26, 2009

Hobson's Joyce

Stories abound of animalia:

Jellyfish , Medusa , pollywogs

Bears , Bercows, rabbits and hares

Cows , sheepdog, pigs

while travelling the Red Line in WDC a Metro train , attempting to perform the Ouroborus, failed dismally at this level of reality.

Orange and Blue lines make a crocodeel shape!
Red Rabbit hovers!

Rosslyn in Arlington

The 2 trains reported had ID numbers M112 and M214.
214 = RVCh , the Hebrew for 'mind', 'spirit'

Together they = 326 - YHShVH
The Metro has been around for 33 years now, the year of YHShVH 's 'death and resurrection'

The Metro as Line-Nile flows through Washington, a city not averse to Masonic-Egyptian architecture and orientation.
Leylinery creeps in with ERD-Line , Earth-Line

Hob - Hobbs - Hobbes
Hobbes wrote Leviathan LVYThN , the Hebrew word used to describe 'the whale' in the Jonah story.
ThN = 'dragon'
LVYThN and MLKVTh [ Malkoot] share the enumeration - 496
Jonah backwards forms Hanoj

A Hob = male ferret , a number of whom died at Bulovka when injected with a vaccine from Avis Green Hills, in February, prior to the Flying Swyin Flu now PAN-democratic.

This from Heidi-Lore's blog:

Journalist files charges against WHO and UN for bioterrorism and intent to commit mass-murder:
"In February, when a staff member at BioTest in the Czech Republic tested the material meant for candidate vaccines on ferrets, the ferrets died. This incident was not followed up by any investigation from the WHO, EU, or Austrian health authorities. There was no investigation of the content of the virus material, and there is no data on the genetic sequence of the virus released."

An attack by EU on Czech Republic - think Klaus - anti-Lisbon Treaty, anti-Global Environmental Unelected Govt. Not long after the Czech govt. collapsed while heading the EU presidency.
The Dead Sea has developed an increasing amount of sinkholes and pits - life in Sodom and Gomorrah proceeds along historical lines. Soon it'll be so pitted with holes that only Palestinians will be able to move there. Gulags love salt.

Operation Gomorrah in WW2 involved the bombing of Hamburg .

SDM has one letter different from ADM
Get the feeling that SDM = a stifled birth or a miscarriage.

Fool - Tower - Hanging Man = ADM
Temperance-Tower-Hanging Man = SDM
Moon - Tower - Hanging Man = QDM [East]

Once nearly swam to the Israeli side while staying in Jordan one summer. Its pretty difficult to swim on one's front so backstroke moves one along at a leisurely pace 'cept one forgets to look how far out one has ventures - ooops!
Sea's fine , after 5 mins out one has a crystalised white salt-skin. Great for fair-skinned people as its so low , even at 45, no sun-burn.

Sraelis can apparently get a bit prickly , so much so , that they get called ABR203 [ eber or ever] which means 'prickly pear' , 'Israeli' or 'hoarder' [via different diacritic marks]. [Silberman's Hebrew-English dictionary]
Could stand for Avery-Bermas-Rowe
Must be an old word updated since the inception of Israel-State.
Hebrew gets spelt OBR272 [ eebr?] so its quite close, while Arab = ORB

The name Dubose has turned up 3 times in the past couple of weeks:
"William DUBOSE said he captured video of yellowish-green fumes that smelled like a combination of antifreeze and petrochemical."
Post 'Kull to Khao'oz' - June 19th

"The Local paper , The Item, noted that...
Christopher Davis was killed shortly before 11p.m. in an incident at his home at 5230 DUBOSE Siding Road. Investigators say Davis was targeted in a drug-related incident."
Blog: Twilight Language; post: Lizard Man Witness Killed
Date: June 22nd

"The seven others killed in the collision were: train operator Jeanice McMillan,42, of Springfield,Virginia; Mary Doolittle,59; Lavanda King,23; Veronica DUBOSE, 26; Cameron Williams, 36; and Dennis Hawkins, 64, all of Washington; and Ana Fernandez, 40, of Hyattsville, Maryland."
Blog: Elluminati; post: Man killed in D.C.Metro crash ordered jets above Capitol on 9/11. Date: June 24th

William Dubose we find in Caddo Land , Louisiana, spitting distance from the Red River, which with its proximity to Karnack, Tx has overtones of the Nile.
He witnessed the chemical detritus emanating from Chesapeake Oil who had carelessly poisoned the countryside.

Veronica Dubose lost her life on a Red-Line running through Washing-Ton. The Potomac river travels from Appalachia through Washington to Chesapeake Bay, Virginia

DuBose Siding Road implies railway niles/lines

Rabbits return.
Further to last posts incisive reportage of 334 Rabbits in a back-yard in Rio Rancho, NM , Tink, the Robin Watcher, passed on a story from June 17 emerging from Portland, Oregon.
Miriam Sakewitz was found with 250 rabbits in her flat and 100 in the freezer, in 2007. The police recovered the rabbits but Miriam managed to steal in to the holding-place and reclaimed 130 of them. She was duly found and placed on probation and was banned from going within 100 yards of a rabbit.
On Tuesday Tigard Police spokesman Jim Wolf told the press that Washing-ton Co. animal control officers removed 8 adult rabbits , 5 bunnies and a dead one from her hotel room on Tuesday.

"Washington County probation officer Bob Severe said Sakewitz had undergone a court-ordered mental evaluation but that no treatment was recommended. He said she was thought to be living in Clackamas County."

Is Clackamas County a euphemism?

While various unnamed humes around our globe died at other's hands the famous Michael Jackson - King of 'Pop' [ goes the we sell] passed on at 50.

50 = N = Death Card

'I Said If
You're Thinkin' Of
Being My Brother
It Don't Matter If You're
Black Or White'

Sara Pyszka (pish-kah) is a 19-year old singer/composer from Pittsburgh, PA. She uses a DynaVox to communicate, compose and to sing. She has a web site at which you can:

* Read her poetry
* See video of recent performances
* Learn about upcoming performances
* Learn how her communication device works for composing

Another voice is at present lost to the world , an autistic boy has had his application for a DynaVox turned down [ doubtless perfectly reasonable, I mean, we can't just give these things away, willy-nilly]. Nevertheless the boy responds well to the DynaVox compared with other 'communication aids'.

Should this world wish to develop we do have to allow the development of our youngers. Allowing all sorts of people [ incl. the anomalous] to develop using our technological advances has to be a step ahead of disappearing a whole heap of NRG down a giant sinkhole in Manhattan or wherever.

Rhode Island looks set to change its name , removing the part that implies this state's connexion to slavery. The state also did some to try and end slavery.

'A mistake occurred in 1690, when Luisa was charted by the Dutch explorer Adriaen Block, after whom Luisa was renamed by the Dutch West India Company; however, their motives in doing so are unknown.[9] The official explanation by the State of Rhode Island is that Adriaen Block named the area "Roodt Eylandt" meaning "red island" in reference to the red clay that lined the shore, and that the name was later anglicized when the region came under British rule.'

That old Red clay lines the shore - ShOR = 'gate' via Hebrew

A tall well preserved painted pottery shabti inscribed for Pentaur. Formed of red Nile silt clay with a yellow wash over the front portion. The figure is adorned with a tripartite wig and broad collar with eyes and mouth indicated in black. The shabti bears two hoes and a basket held by two cords slung over the shoulder depicted on the unmodeled reverse side in black paint. A single frontal column of hieroglyphs in black bears the abbreviated shabti spell common from the New Kingdom onward. It derives from the Book of the Dead and requests, "Make bright the Osiris, Pentaur, true of voice." A fine appealing Ramesside Period example.

'And il isn't our spittle we'll stint
you of, is it, druids? Not shabbty little imagettes, pennydirts and
dodgemyeyes you buy in the soottee stores. But offerings of the
field. Mieliodories, that Doctor Faherty, the madison man,
taught to gooden you. Poppypap's a passport out. And honey is
the holiest thing ever was, hive, comb and earwax, the food for
glory, (mind you keep the pot or your nectar cup may yield too
light !) and some goat's milk, sir, like the maid used to bring you.'
FW, page 25

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Valis in Underland

After writing about Hobbs, NM : the upwelling of disease from underground pits , drilling detritus etc. , the post swirling around with imagery gleaned from blogs as Stygian Port [ Lead, tombs, whales, Purification], Da Black Whole [ maritime initiation strategies and the bubbling sordidness of stinking phollytix], Newspaceman [ Cows , Pigs, Sheep, Hares, Royal family].

The latest was Newspaceman's HARE TODAY , GONE TOMORROW which sported ritual intent on a gate in Dark Lane. This happened alongside [ shipping term] the outpouring of media interest in Timber Ton's latest twee macabre :
Alice in Sunderland. It stars Donny Jipp , whose talent for wearing Top Hats surpasses Yelena Bottom-Character's [ wiffy of Cobweb Burton] penchant for something veh veh Inglis.
Anyhow, approaching la pointe, one Alice character = The March Hare, and guess what, lookie out the window, its June and we have the weather of March. Why? Apparently a volcano somewhere in Alaska blew off and its fallout now means much of Europe will remain in a cold spring sorta thing until midway through July.
People with Seasonally-Adjusted Disorders plus investments in this and that will doubtless be looking to Iran , Isfahan , apparently has some wonderful sights to see.
Newspaceman also posted his receipt for a rather tasty Italian Pasta Bake, at the rather godless price of £6.66.
Thus I felt no choice but to cast a butcher's at a story emanating from Rio Rancho, NM. Mrs Nancy Haseman was found to have 334 rabbits running around her backyard.
Many years ago a friend played in a band called -334, a tricky codex designed to bypass the 'Imprison Evil Numbers Voluntary Brigade' , who sort of exist.
A few weeks ago I had a 'chat' with a lady who obviously took an interest in the New Testament, to wit - '666 is an evil number'. To keep myself well out of Satan's End-game plan I asked if factors of 666, like 111, 2, 3 and 37, f'r example also held some level of evilness.
I received a look that said ' I spit in your face 'til Judgement and then when u go to hell I won't spit , Haha hahahahhahahhahahhahhaha!'

So there's Alice in Underland as a vaguely macabre backdrop , now updated with an eye on costume and the gagglespeck florid creepy castle that seems to permeate all of TeeBees flicks - character MARCH HARE

Newspaceman uncovers hares nailed to a gate following from I-talien pasta B-ake for the same price as a whole Beast while a lady in New Mexico breeds the amount of rabbits it requires to take us to 1000.


More mystical numbering with the Washing-Ton Crash of their Subway [ more ne'erdowellness underground] the other day. One backended another between Fort TOTTEN and Takoma, heading south from the North-Eastern part of the city.

At present the wind has been going from NE to SW across Czechie and proves quite unusual.

The service has been running for 33 years.

A vast array of psychosomatic animalia dances through and round the world, not always in their true and natural forms. Bears took a sniff around via the names Arthur, Brown, Medved, Ursa, California while Cows died , have died, via poisoning [ in the US] and mass, simultaneous lightning strike [UK].

Above a volcano on Ostrov Matooa in the Kiril chain , its being sending smoke signals from the belly of the beast for a couple of weeks now. Hooray, winter for ever!

Interesting flag and coat of arms. The V-shape has come up in the last few posts by CELTIC REBEL.


The turnout for the EU elections - low

The new speaker of the Houses of Parliament , elected a couple of days ago, is a Mr. BERCOW, which includes both Be[a]r and Cow in its spelling. I imagined its pronounced "Berkoff" but apparently its as it looks.
In the final round he gained 322 votes to his opponents 271.
322 = the Skull and Bones

He was born on the fairly conspiratorial date Jan 19 , 1963 [ 1.19.63] reverse engineering 9/11 in the year of JFK's death.

Acc. to the gossip Mr BearCow [ Conservative]is roundly despised by his own party and got voted in by the Labour Party who bypassed their party grandee Margaret Beckett [ a name that resonates a form of treachery].
We can only imagine why Parliament would vote in a guy whose party colleagues openly call treacherous, who used to belong to fairly right-wing groups like the Monday Club.

Apparently Mr Bercow will be the first Jew to divide the House.
Labour's leader = G. Brown [ Scots] while the leader of the Tories = D. Cameron [ Scottish name].
The Scots have been dividing the House for aeons

The most sinister aspect of Mr. Bercow is his ardent passion for Arsenal, a football club whose classic 'enemy' is TOTTENham Hotspur, the 'Jewish' club. Well, at their ground they sometimes chant:
" We are the Yids' ,
while the white + blue Israeli flag unfurls for all to see.
Arsenal seem to have made a few steps off the backs of their North London rival - see 'PSEUDONYMOUS BOSCH' @ The Wayist, though Spurs to tend to sell their best players, content with mid-table.

"A Totten trust (also referred to as a "Payable on Death" account) is a form of trust created where one party (the settlor of the trust) places money in a bank account or security with instructions that upon the settlor's death, whatever is in that account will pass to a named beneficiary. For example, a Totten trust arises where the account is titled in the form "[depositor], in trust for [beneficiary]".

The name is derived from Matter of Totten, 179 N.Y. 112 (1904), the case decided by the Court of Appeals of New York which established the legality of this practice. Although this method of creating a trust did not meet the formal requirements of trust creation, or the testamentary formalities required to make a valid will, the Court noted that such an arrangement typically involved a small amount of money left by a person of modest means, who could not otherwise afford to establish a legal mechanism for passing the specified property. For this reason, the device is sometimes called a "poor man's will". The funds in question are not subject to probate and, if held in a bank account, are insured in the same manner as any deposit. The beneficiary has no access to the account until the depositor's death and need not be notified that the account exists. This is also called a tentative trust because it is contingent upon the death of the settlor or creator of the trust account."

Jewish people have lived in Egypt and a fair few have moved back thataway over the past 100 years which brings us to the 3Ks -
K2 - Kandy - Keysa.
Mr. Crowley spent some time getting it together in Kandy before setting off on a climbing expedition to K2 , both these predating his 'receiving' in Egypt where we find the pyramids of Keysa/Giza.
Linked all three to make a triangle which has one line travelling through Isfahan, the old capital of Iran-Persia.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Kull to Khao'oz

Continuing in the hoofprints of The Caddo Parish cow deaths a couple a months back in Swine Flu Age.
They flatlined following foaming at the mouth and bellowing a little while after they ingested a green-yellow liquid that decorated the waterways in them parts.

"Carol "C.C." Canady, president of United Neighbors for Oil and Gas Rights, said she saw at least four cows collapse and die.

"The cows' tongues hanging, bleeding off front and back, foaming at the mouth and bellowing" she said.

William Dubose said he captured video of yellowish-green fumes that smelled like a combination of antifreeze and petrochemical.

The cattle were on a pasture south of Spring Ridge, a community about 20 miles south of Shreveport."

Chesapeake Oil, who drill there, got fingered.
Its 20km South of Shreveport, La., named for
Henry Miller Shreve , son of Col. Israel Shreve, a distinguished Revolutionary War hero and a close friend[ brother?] of George Washington.
Henry Miller Shreve came into the world on October 21 ,1785, the US a nation waiting on the verge for the semi-comfortable slavery of being well in-hock to the enemy.
Somewhat of a derring-do type, he broke a monopoly on the territories rivers and eventually got put in charge of the ENTERPRISE, possibly the first-ever fully steam-powered boat.
The rivers of the area had many obstacles, esp. from logs and log-jams. To this end Shreve built a snag-boat after the govt. promised but failed to deliver one. He finally finished it in 1829 and named it HELIOPOLIS .

"Fare thee well my fairy fey
cause i've gone to Louisiana
just to see my Susieanna
singin' Polly Wolly Doodle all the day"

Not far away in Texas and still in Caddo country is the villagette of Karnack, birthplace of Lady Bird Johnson, who stepped in for Jacqueline Kennedy on the occasion of her husband's death.

Thus the electrocution in classic ancient-deity style of 16 cattle in East Lothian , Scotland , bubbling spring of a world-annoying Masonical Industry , variegated with Egyptianism and , for this post, that area of the deep South I'm calling Caddo Land [doubtless erroneously, though its gotta ring], arc their electroethereal psychic tesselation into a unique but illionth iteration of a story draped in animal skin, drooping in arcane carnality and perhaps even a spot or two of lupusity.

The up-bubbling and ill-making of substance en Caddo led some of the indignant residents to look into other fall-out from drilling for baron Blackbloods Subterranean Secretions.
It took them to a 6/block area of HOBBS, NM. In the '70s sciurntists studying residents on the housing development found incidence of LUPUS [ an autoimmune disease] there , 30 to 99 times higher than the gen.pop.

"They also complained of “petroleum and/or rotten egg odors inside homes on frequent occasions” and reported “black oily material oozing out of ground either spontaneously or when digging around their property.”

Carlsbad comes from Karlsbad now Karlovy Vary in Czechie. This year it holds the 44th KV Film Festival so its the same age as OBIE's presidency

The Hobbs, NM subdivision was built in the 1970s on land that was an active oilfield from 1927 until the late 1960s. It included a 6,000 square foot waste pit, which was closed and covered with fill soil prior to construction of the homes."

Comments from Ray:
"Susie-Anna (Susie-queen) reminds me of Fairhall's recent post on Virgin-Goddess Susan Boyle (boil being a surfaced plague, ie on the skin)"

A symptom of Lupus is boils , they once ravaged Aretz Mitsrayeem with assorted other plagues - Flyin' Sue pour example followed swiftly by onset of Climin' Slymin' Cowell

LuPus = WolF

Lou Pustule

Kozmikon wrote that he felt [ despite lack of sleep] that Zeus should be fingered for this attack.
Zeus may line up with one of the 'Gypto gods, and oddly , reversed Zeus = sueZ.
One of the big events that went towards the nationalisation of Izrael, built by the French bankers the british Bankers bought a controlling interest in 1875, an astute acquisition by Disraeli , a man who had his seat bought for him [ Shrewsbury 1846]. Lord Beaconsfield as he became enjoyed gambling and proved a great fave of Victoria. His governments dealt a lot with the South African states, perhaps they introduced the semite word Kaphir there, definitely augmented Rhodes position with a little help from Hiram Maxim.

'Bye Bye Matabele
Try not to run away
We've been hiring Maxims
As we've naught meaningful to say'

{The DoubleXing Diamond Dealers Doowop, trad.]

Remember genocide's acceptable, it just depends who's doing it and who its being done to.

From Saltoun Farm , E.Lothian:
'It is thought that the lightning conducted through a puddle to kill the other cows.'

From Caddo Parish, La.
'Investigators are paying particular attention to the puddled water and its vicinity to see if the cows drank or ate something that might have been contaminated from the well or from another source, authorities said. '

Cows weigh a lot, eat a lot, shit profusely , decompose when dead or provide food .
This defies modern business techniques which prefer all assets as small and lightweight as possible. Preferably feeding the populace on a diet of numbers while doing away with the problem parts of the body [ all but the head] would suit our ever-increasing armies of accountants, lawyers, HR, NGOs, wealth-depleters and other faux-occupations.

Newspaceman received this receipt and posted it on June 17th. Note the name 'John Lawson' at the head.
Correctly or not, the number 666 gets attached to the phraselet " Number of the Beast"
666 we may find in Genesis 1, ii with the 4 words ChShK,AVR,YVM,LYLH [ darkness, light, day, night] which all add up to 666. Considering the nature of these words perhaps this proves somewhat more revelatory than the vicious 'Beasto' charged with bringin' it on pucker-lips style.
Yet despite that scintillating info-thread the beastly number on a butcher's bill , it's address bearing the number of electrocuted cows and the ominous OWN[NWO] REARED BEEF make this a receipt to remember.

A Scot , John Lawson Johnston was tasked with providing a million cans of beef for Napoleon III's army in his war against the Prussians in 1870. Britain had not enough meat to go around so the uncanny Scot developed 'Johnston's Fluid Beef' which he later renamed BOVRIL using 'bov' from Latin 'bovis' - an ox and Bulwer-Lyttons term 'vril' whose novel 'The Coming Race' proved popular at that time.
'Vril' = a powerful energy fluid.

'When John Lawson Johnston died, George Lawson Johnston inherited the Bovril business. In 1929, George Lawson Johnston was recognised by the British Government and monarchy and was ennobled as Lord Luke, of Pavenham in the county of Bedford. This hereditary title passed to Ian St John Lawson Johnston in 1943 and to Arthur Charles St John Lawson Johnston in 1996. The current Lord Luke is one of the ninety hereditary peers elected to remain in the House of Lords of the United Kingdom after its 1999 reform.'

That'll be the Vril then! Lucky Old Luke!

This from WAYIST [ or perhaps BON ACCORDION] -

"Bovril is not just a nutritious meat drink (not even that since they went all limp in the wrist for the veggie vote), it's an occultic potion, manufactured for one purpose: to instill the practitioners of evil magic rites with the mystical essence of cow. It is just what it says on the tin: bovine vril, the life force and subterranean super-energy of cow."

19 at Caddo 16 at Saltoun , figgly-diggety poo and we get 1961 , birth-year of the Golden Kar-f, Baa-Baa-Barack O'Farma, and loike a pig for truffles some rarebits from BON ACCORDION:

The CMC was founded in 1961. Spokesmen asserted that it would function as an international commercial organization, that it would aid in the establishing of a permanent exposition, and generally assist concerns involved in trade. The staffing was expansive, the offices elaborate, and it gave all the appearance of being a rather grand operation.

CMC = Centro Mondiale Commerciale and started up in Rome. After a few questions the company moved to Jo'Burg, SA while another arm of the operation located to New Orleans under the directorship of one CLAY SHAW - International Trade Mart.
These were not buildings, as the WTC complex in NYC [ finished in 1972] , but a type of business that attracts investment , esp. for large building projects, industrial exhibitions and the funding of fascist groups in post-war Europe.The CMC and ITM found themselves 'connected' to the JFK investigation through Clay Shaw, a flamboyant indulgant of homoerotica.
CLAY , homoerotica & Egyptian creation myth, the greening of Israel - could indicate golems [GLM73].
A Shaw = a small group of trees; a thicket.
The bible describes Abraham finding the ram caught in 'thicket' , it replaced 'laughing-boy' Yitzhaq, not quite a scapegoat though.

more from WAYIST:

"Tarot, too, has a tower card. A tower, generally, being struck by lightning and with corpses around. Based on the Tower of Babel. It was the World Tade Centre, very Babylonian. We all know what happened to that tower, of course. I'm trying to stay focused on the 9/11 aspects here, but my mind is wandering elsewhere. What is World Trade Center in Italian? Centro Mundiale Commerciale. Well, holy mackerel! Wasn't that part of the JFK assassination? And isn't it mentioned, in a surprisingly bried fashion, in Ganser's book "NATO's Secret Armies", documenting the Gladio network of clandestine terror cells and stay behinds run by the CIA/MI6 in post-War western Europe? Mentioned, indeed, as an offshore tool of the "BNDII", one of the apparently several German Gladio affiliates, part of the BND which was formerly the Gehlen Org. So here we have JFK - CMC World Tade Centre - WTC World Trade Centre. Could be a coincidence, but suggestive is the US branch of the CMC. It was not translated as the World Trade Centre. It was Internatonal Trade Mart. Why not a direct translation if there was nothing to hide?

The Tarot tower. Wiki says:

"To some, it symbolizes failure, ruin and catastrophe."

Yes, to some it would. To others, of course, it's different. Hence the meaning of the ritual."

Dallas Fire Officials looking for the source of the leak

Information = Water
"It is a prime tenet of Masonry that its assassins come in threes. Masonic assassins are known in the code of the lodge as the "unworthy craftsmen."

CMC = Italien for WTC while ITM = alternate English for same
The 3 sisters of MacBeth, Tres Hermanos in the Deep South - Clinton, Obama, Sotomayer in the North.
"A book about JFK was called Three Steps to the White House. In Masonry are what is known as the "three symbolical steps." "The three grand steps symbolically lead from this life to the source of all knowledge." (Encyclopedia of Freemasonry)"

Barack Obama , Kine of DamErica , neatly sidesteps his initials into the drink's name enveloping himself in presidential Vril the energy with a Thrill.
' Wanna take over the world, make it safe for the rite-sort of geners to come, talk shit messianically, receive rapturous applause, turn dreams to reality - then daub yourself in BO-Vril and claim your destiny'

3 Candles/Towers, oft-used on Masonic tracing boards, to symbolize everything that melts, in keeping with dead cows and Bovril I recommend tallow candles - actually something passed over in descriptions of candlelit rituals , should they go back to ancient times I assume animal fat to have been used in these ceremonies until fairly modern times. Doubtless helped on the incense industry.

The Castle-Tower-Rook seems to represent the secular world with its armourial shield denoting the Lords, Knights , land-owners and other in-charge types [ some of whom hold membership of masonry].
Perhaps the Castle holds the central pillar of religious and moral authority while the Pope dispenses said authority to the world enthralled.
While Catholicism may not be the biggest or greatest organised and visible religion I reckon the Pope may be recognised as the 'most powerful' religious figure around the world.

The Pope in the pic blesses the Rook [ a Persian word] with the Rabbit-Ear blessing, fingers a tad splayed, nearly Winston mixed with the limp-wristedness of Stalin's minimalist wave.
Some discussion over what finger method = the original as practiced by the man some call Iesus Xrist.

The present Pope = Kenny Benedictum , wide-eyed wunderkind [ Numero Uno Religious leader] sitting opposite the No.1 Secular leader, that'll be Barack Obama, thusly initialled .
The hard brick structure perhaps revealing how impervious this administration will become.
A Rook is also a kind of Crow , so acc. to the time the poster was made, it might even be Crowley sat there, with his vril, magickal ranking.

The Tower burns , although only by its visual attachment to the candles

Innumerable things on this planet may be reduced to its essence and eaten, drunk or somehow ingested via physi- or psychology - mind vampires, debilitating habits, vile and fractious disorder - Mordo Ab Cowos.
Many of those things are human-cowans , the other two are yeast.

RVCh - 214 - spirit, mind , etc
Ruh [ hard H ] in Czech = corner , horn , much as the English corn/horn responds to corner. Those who would ROOK you would/will stand on the corner [ of things] much as the Castell/Rook stands in the corner of a Chess-game.

Q. Mr.President: Did u just fleece the nation?
Mr.P: I am not a Rook

If we imagine the BO-VRIL ROOK as Barack Obama standing in the corner [ consummate with a politically iconic role], then, the whole shebang got ROOKED in the FInancial sleight of hand that represents much of the late 1900s and early 20th Century inter-cultural communications

The Two Infallible Towers brings to mind the Two Unfallable Towers with its illuminating /occluding side-effects, leaving one the idea that perhaps these 2 infallibles have finally foot-shot themselves into evolutionary redundancy.

'You're cattle and this is a truck, just the thicket!'
PhRH[285] = Cow [heb.] compare with PhROH for Pharoah. The O introduces existential possibilities for the fair-O and sweet FA for the Boo-Cows

PhRH - Empress-Magus-Emperor
- Venus - Mercury - Mars

mmm.... a balanced diet by all things Tarotical

Nebertheless CowCow Chanel, her of the logo, gets a new lease of life in a film delighting us in the importance of the fashion industry and its superficial sibling De Media.
Nowadays westerners love nothing more to flash her badge on a bag or a teeshirt while demanding the less sartorially aware of the world to buck up and git civilised.

Lots of Magical rituals hang on the clothes one wears.

Chicken Lickin'

"Will you take a look over there?
Is she trying to get out of that clitoris
Liberation for women
That's what I preach
Preacher man..."
STRANGLERS - "Peaches"

The Lamb lies down on Broadway[Sonny sighed up]
Adam Lambert , an ninteresting name for the Media's latest concubine template.
Like Susan Boyle , he came 2nd, but she was a virgin. I doubt 'Precious' here qualifies .
Anyhow, the new breed of predatory male shows boys how to get attention.
The butterfly[insect] and snake[reptile] on hir crotch speak volumes - by-passing overt MK for a mo' I guess the butterfly shows how fragile Adam is while the snake may mean he's trying to take the biblical wife's place [ however misread that story may be].
Most give the snake episode to Adam and Eve. Adam = Eve, with the snake speaking to Eve we may only wonder what Adam thinks of his trouser-snake.

Should we get into the MK symbology a tad possibly it equals -
" Poison me and Break me, I am your slave"

Snakes shed their skin, Butterflies emerge from the chrysalis and Adam suddenly decloseted himself, live, gosh!

Adam = ADM45 or ADVM51 , various shades of 'red', while
Lamb = TLH44 , the first astro-symbol, its planet the ruddy Mars/MADYM95.
Also the idea of Adam Lam as some sort of early alien-humanoid as revealed by Al the Crow.

Coy Carp - put in a bowl an' stare at it for


"One Sunday morn young Lambton went
A-fishing' in the Wear;
An' catched a fish upon he's heuk,
He thowt leuk't varry queer.
But whatt'n a kind of fish it was
Young Lambton cuddent tell.
He waddn't fash te carry'd hyem,
So he hoyed it doon a well."

Judging by the make-up Adam's going all out for pharoanic embalmment.

John F. Kennedy, the one and only Catholic president of the United States, was a human scapegoat, a "pharmakos." "Pharmakos" or "Pharmak-vos" can mean "enchantment with drugs and sorcery" or "beaten, crippled or immolated." In alchemy, the Killing of the King was symbolized by a crucified snake on a tau cross, a variant of the crucifixion of Jesus.
Prescriptive programming

Returning to Ay-Ka-Ptah [ The house of the double of P'Tah] note P'Tah's occupation, Clay-Man, a potter. His name seems to mean 'opener' which corresponds neatly to the Hebrew word PhThCh[80+400+8] - an opening.
The opening of Egypt was met with its revitalisation via Religious behaviour , architecture, jewelry, stories and history.
Everyone just had to have an obelisk while a few towns in America acquired Egyptianate names - Memphis, Karnack, plus a plethora of Egypto-Semitic inspired Mason names.
Modern pyramids sprouted across the land, from casinos to shopping malls & museums.

Clay Shaw's questioning by Garrison in the JFK investigation apparently led to so many leads that the inquiry soon dissipated into 'confusion', too many 'openings'.


"I ain't working on Pharoah's Pharm no more!"

More factos from Caddo County :
'Randle said he will request results as soon as possible and hopes to get them within a week. He said investigators found white, milky puddles here and there both on the well site and in a 400 square-yard area just inside the pasture.'

Hydraulic Fracture Fluid Kills Cattle Near Chesapeake Well

The drilling crew at a Chesapeake well site in Louisiana was "injecting fluids at high pressure to break down the shale and release natural gas," when some cattle ingested the fluid and died. 19 [ crossed out] 16 (edit) of the cattle died.

That sure sounds a lot like hydraulic fracturing. In 2005, at the urging of Dick Cheney, former Halliburton CEO, Congress exempt fracing from the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. It's way past time to repeal that exemption! LINK to EXAMPLE resolutions your group, municipality, county, etc. can adopt asking our legislature to remove the exemption.

But, there's no need to worry because the industry tells us that hydraulic fracturing is perfectly safe and never, ever contaminates any water and it's really precise except for when it's imprecise"

Pride comes before a Phall


Wisdom and Power - Sotomayer & Clinton both took a tumble leading to minor injuries.
HRC [ Harvest-Reap Combine] fractured her elbow and got treated at George Washing-ton Uni. Hospital. She'll return to for a check-up in a day or two.
"Biotelemetry implants were made in various parts of the body depending on the desired effect and function."
Barack asked the gen-pub. to not associate Ms. Soto with her racist remarks from a couple a years back, in an attempt to stop her tripping up on her way to The Supreme Court where she may dispense 'wise-latino-woman' judgements upon the unsuspecting.
But she did trip up! In fact over an object of her vindictive dismissal.

Luckily Clintonova din't fracture her salootin' arm.

"Tim Finnegan was an Irish hod carrier who fell off his ladder while drunk. Since he was apparently dead, his friends held a "Death Watch" (black watch or wake) at his coffin. This watch lived up to the traditional "liveliness" of these affairs and Mr. Finnegan was splashed with some vintage Irish whiskey (Fitzgerald's?) and resurrected."

Sunday, June 14, 2009

DE[b]T - PIT

'Yeah, sure I got 'em both , I mean dincha see the signs, didnit give u a tip Ted?'

'Yeah, but I read it Chi-Tam'
'It's all a question of degrees'

'Pitted my wits so now its DOW-in the Robbitt Hole!/

Sunday, June 7, 2009


The Acquisition

Phallic symbol pointing outwards

Pucker Up!

OPEL SUITS [ Made t' mek your mouth water]
Sometime around a while ago a Canadian group MAGNA INTERNATIONAL bought OPEL, the German carmaker , called Vauxhall in UK, a word Russians use for their railway stations.

Cars Cars Cars , Cars are headin' along an endless highway, careering, kareening, as if attracted by an unseen light - maybe its the Great White , or the Ruby Red, some have spoken of blue, that's Sephir to u 'n' me.

Logowise the Magna Mountain sports the Risen Sun, or could be Mars on a great and proximus ecliptic. Maybe we're there already. Opel livery brings to mind CAR 77., Kanukes have acquired Oz

"Your genus its worldwide, your spacest sublime! 7
But, Holy Saltmartin, why can't you beat time?"
FW, p.419

In comments for last post TINK [ photographer deity to a nation of Robins] I got info about Kwai Chang CAINE , known simply as
David of Carradine , who went out on to the highway, tied and bound, why? Some may know.

"Wanna buy some Pegs, Dave?"
" But I have a tumble dryer! What'll I do wi' pegs?"
" Put um on your nozzer, stops a good stink"
" We've no skeletons in our closet"
" They mey not've deep composed as yet, what , with the cold winter an' all!"

In comments for last post TINK [ photographer deity to a nation of Robins] I got info about Kwai Chang CAINE , known simply as
David of Carradine , who went out on to the highway, tied and bound, why? Some may know.

Kwai Chang Caine:

When watching it the feeling I got from Caine was enough self-confidence to allow others to take the lead, that he believed in other's abilities while aware of his 'amazing-to-others' craft.
He was polite , he never shouted over others to get what he was 'owed', while today's screaming victim groups collect ever more owings for their righteous coffers built on the already dead and buried.
He never forced or cajoled people into doing what they didn't want, knowing that time and tide will shape reality so that it gets done [or doesnt].

"PORNTHIP Rojanasunand, director of Thailand's Central Institute of Forensic Science, said the circumstances under which Carradine died suggest the 72-year-old actor may have been performing auto-erotic asphyxiation. The practice involves temporarily cutting off the supply of oxygen to the brain to heighten the effects of a sexual climax."

'On the Porn Thip Lollipop
They cleared the decks
An' watched 'em drop...'
SURELY TEMPLE - "The Poop Deck Dick" - 1946

A testament to perseverence in Thailand = the Bridge on the River Kwai, a Bridge built by Allied POWs under Japanese management in WW2, made more famous by the film starring Alec Guinness.

Phallic symbol pointing inward

David Carradine played Bill in the nasty 'Kill Bill' by child director QT Quaranteeno, a film and character that shows how much 'easier' it appears to commit violence to get what one wants, how much 'easier' it appears to base films round porno-violence, pubescant wank-dramas appealing to cat-molesters and BleekRock dumployees.
Acc. to his autobio Carradine nearly hanged himself off the bumper of his da's Duesenburg [ a truck I assume]. Anyhow da' untangled him and ascribing influence to the young David's comic book collection burnt the lot.
That KillBill moobie taints from the strain of Comico that presents multiple moider as the righteous fulfilment of ancient injustices upbubbling. Only smug vengeance coupled with the uberdismissiveness of lives of those who get in the way, poetry born of garbled dysfunctionalism, won-liners, hard-faced bitches in soft focus, grumpy, life-hating machismo, ganglionland, made for mainstream cult-effect, what's her name as Bruce Lee, dead-eyed Jap-Chick, scratch 'n' sniff, oh! and the slaughter of the depersonalised male troops seems to point at QTs childhood - likes to kill boys, likes girls wielding swords, girl lives , lil' QT saves the killer-honey, gets to keep her.
Gubble, gubble - their tongues in each others throat-holes , choking the life , worming wily tingle-tongues , dead automata, venal vedal fecal VD, videodroNe, and the meat goes on in fleshtone fistavision.

Its grey Jim but not as we know it.

KillBill prepared the for such mini-series as 'Extraordinairy Rendition' , Hitmo' 911012' , ' Tammy's Tasers', 'GazaGazaGoo' added to the pleth of Abuso-News progs - 'Bludgeon24', 'Truth B-Tween the Eyes' , 'B-Rite News in the Rainbow Stadt', 'C-No End', ' Race for Incoherence'.
QT obv' got chose for the vulgar fuck and bloodfest that has now propelled itself into the vid-violence for kids and teens that parades wrapped and strapped dollettes in permorgasm , male slaves slaver , take on stone-gaze gangster pop-em 'n' drop'em slick-suited wannaboy winsomeness all the time promoting abuse as status.
"I vos only following ze contract, mein agent made me do it."
This propellance of violence [ films avoidable, adversubverting impinges actively manywhere].

The vile voilence has to get offset somehow someway someone pleeeeeeeease - Polly Violet and her vulpa-ego Mary-Ann de Bris[ outa Kansis] enter staged left, flush with backing from the Harvest Research Combine
HeReC, sing to us and demand clothing

U can say the Holocaust ended in 1945 but that's abrogate revisionism, Most of the world may be persuaded to stop counting at 6m, but humes's still dropping like flies, imprisoned for nits, have U stopped counting,?
One rule of war rules over all others: History gets written by the Victors. Its so true they call it a RUBRIC . The laser gets used in drilling and cutting, alignment and guidance.

A Stone , its scarcity makes it more expensive than some humans - Nature first!

No doubt exists that the Media deliberately attempts to influence minds and as such what of those who derive their income from mental disturbance through movies and series - do they just follow orders or does their mere taking part warrant them being found guilty of making concerted psychic attacks on the receptive imaginariums of those easily influenced by this ........enter-tainment, which lead to outbreaks of psychosis resulting in profitable despair in
Da Old-New War

Its like the Environment, they say its polluted all over the Earth, though that belies SOURCE, our minds, our minds = environment and we keep this planet GOing, which IT knows.
False Prophet : Planetsaver

Planetsaver sacrifices his buddies for the planet, by diminishing his BUDdies the planet withers for lack of human love. The planet sees itself portrayed as ' a green leaf', 'a sunny day' , ' a picnic area' , 'a natural wonder', ' a victim' , and that last one really sticks in its cave-like structures
Planets aver

It seems that there be those on this planet that dismiss the lives of many due to their status [comfortable] .v. the many [ uncomfortable], mainly because of a form of psychic distancing. Body prox. no probs , walk past starvers often though many have cars for their passing by.

This from Ray

"the Cane River (Kwai Chang Kaine) in Natchitoches Parish, LA (originally a Caddo settlement, natchally) is formed from the Red River; the short wikipedia entry on Cane River mentions Orca's Book Klub and writer Lalita (Lolita) Tademy

the area's closely associated with the Melrose Plantation

seems the Caddo culture took a big hit from same drought that probly ran the Azasazi out of Mesa Verde and Chaco Canyon, etc

RueBee Slips, the See Quelle:

news report today, 10,000 bees swarm parked airplane wing at Beverly Airport in MA"

More Knit from Tink:
"Thefts worth thousands of pounds (dollars) have been reported across the country in recent months, with the latest and most high profile taking place on hives run by royal beekeeper Murray McGregor in West Lothian, Scotland.

About 11 hives, containing up to 500,000 bees, many destined for the Balmoral royal estate in Scotland to make honey for Prince Charles's Duchy Originals luxury food label, were taken in the raid last month."


Wrote this May 29 -
"Qaheen-Cain has been accused of murder and humans have murdered every Qaheen that has existed since then to save the slave-maker and the nicey-nice predictable anthill viability study that proves our present course.
Hevel = the repetition of humans in duration with the hope of evolving into insect-safety"

The rhetoric carries the name, word-vesseling

@TooLongInThisPlace , wiseling womer , Alex Robinson tentaviley explores hanging, the terminal tightrope.


'Hello Missis. Is Ric in?'

'Ric left me ajar"

Meanwhile at the GROVE
"Anti-terror officers raided the 41-year-old's home in Myrtle Grove, Burnopfield, County Durham, and discovered traces of the toxin Ricin following a search.
His 18-year-old son was also arrested and held on suspicion of inciting racial hatred following a swoop at his home in Grampian Court, Annfield Plain. He has since been re-arrested and is also now detained under the Terrorism Act in West Yorkshire."

'In Jewish mysticism, the myrtle represents the phallic, masculine force at work in the universe.'

What ho! Poison at 11 'o' clock, spill the beans son.

"In the Mediterranean, myrtle was symbolic of love and immortality. In their culture the plant was used extensively and was considered an essential plant."

The beans of the Castor Oil plant lend their properties to this virulent strain some 6000x more powerful than Cyanide.
Pops kept it in the kitchen cupboard in a jam-jar - definitely a divorcee
" Now the wife's left us I shall conduct biochemical experiments when and where I bloody well will!'
Could be a mitigating circumstance, the desire to create thwarted by the lack of laboratories and/or adequate qualifications among close family members.

He is described as a white-supremacist - an Amurkiam Media term.
Perhaps in his defence he may use:
'Batter my heart, three person'd God;—.' Beyond this, I have no clues whatever." (John Donne, Holy Sonnets XIV).

'I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.', may also come under legal precedent.

"Myrtle Grove is an Elizabethan gabled house in Youghal, County Cork, Ireland. It was home for Sir Walter Raleigh in 1588-1589. Myrtle Grove's South Gable is where Edmund Spenser is reputed to have written part of his poem The Faerie Queene. In 1602 Raleigh sold house to Richard Boyle, who became Earl of Cork later."

Spenser wrote The Faerie Queene as part of the Cult of Elizabeth, to help raise her status beyond mere mortal.
Nowadays Fairie Queene describes the actress industry, many have broken wings, others do good works, they wince shyly, nervously as the attention arcs round to gather them up.

One of the thrusts of the post before was:
MARS as symbolic of that future
PKDs use of AUTistic Manfred Steiner as one who could apprehend 'a future' in his novel set on Mars - Martian Timeslip.

An attentive Mom and part-time Robin-fancier added this to comments for the preev posting:
"Bee back later with sum autie info on Temple Grandin (real name), autistic extraordinaire, professor, and subject of Oliver Sacks' "An Anthropologist on Mars."

AVTh[407] = Sign, Mark, and is the word used to describe the mark on the forehead of Qaheen/Kaine.
Its pronounced the same as 'aut' in autism which tends to the Greek - auto - self.

NeeNaw - NeeNaw - The Securifying Light of the Blue Carbuncle races off to MYRTLE GROVE.

"In Greek mythology and ritual the myrtle was sacred to the goddesses Aphrodite[2] and also Demeter: Artemidorus asserts that in interpreting dreams “a myrtle garland signifies the same as an olive garland, except that it is especially auspicious for farmers because of Demeter and for women because of Aphrodite. For the plant is sacred to both goddesses."

Grove = a cutting in the woods for the Goode-$$

Laser fishin' at Arthur's Eaterie.
Reserve a place at Newspaceman's 'ARTHUR'S TREAT'

Way out West in ValleyFornia , future androidipus , now merely Guv'nor of the Valley of the Dead Kings
Arnold Schwarzenegger presents a new star and gives the 'thumbs down' to the hams:

"We have invented the world's largest laser system," actor-turned-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said during a dedication ceremony attended by thousands including state and national officials.

"We can create the stars right here on earth. And I can see already my friends in Hollywood being very upset that their stuff that they show on the big screen is obsolete. We have the real stuff right here."

"The real stuff" is Arniespeak for SALVATION or TERMINUS or both

Arnie governs the Arthe-Mesa, the Bear State

Smrt = death in cz., why they call it a SMaRT weapon

'Why, lookit change kulah, mussen mekkit nurny 50 Kaphir all down!'

Sanskrit for 'stone' , it stains history large and skews forth as OPAL , the vivid stone of stones. They emerge from deep underground in mainly in Australia.
QEII has one named ANDAMOOKA
A big Opal Mining concern have Czech-German roots

Highman and Black

Wassup wi' U PAL?
The 'riginal town nestles in the Karakoram , on the China-Pakistan border [ a border where left hand drivers meet the right hand pathers]

Silk Roots

The estate of Myrtle Grove nestles within the larger Burnopfield, a field the English 'burnt up' to fend off invading Scots. It proved successful, till the Anglos voted Scots in by the BearsDen-full.
Lest one forget-
BROWN - Bruin - Bear
A.Schwarzenegger - Gubner of The BEAR State.
Prince William has ARTHUR as one of his names.
Princess DIANA in Greek = ARTHEMIS [ Prince Philip may have clocked that]
Dimitry MEDVEDEV - Medved = The Honey Bear [ Med = Honey, Veda = Science].

A Myrtle exists as a community in Whitby Town, Durham Region, named by the English immigrants from the same place in North-East England

Some illustria hailing from BurnOPSfield:
Codename Zig-Zag - Eddie CHAPMAN - ex-Coldstream Guard turned safecracker turned double-agent in WW2.
"Chapman achieved a unique record during the war, having at the same time, on opposite sides of the war, two fiancées, one in England (Freda Stevenson) and one in Norway (Dagmar Lahlum), each under the protection of and financially assisted by their respective governments. [5] After the war he abandoned both women and instead married his former pre-war lover Betty Farmer - whom he had left in a hurry at the Hotel de la Plage, Jersey, in 1938. Chapman and his wife later had a daughter, Suzanne (b. 1954)."

Andrew Robinson Stoney, later renamed Andrew Robinson Stoney Bowes (1747-1810) was an Anglo-Irish adventurer who married Mary Eleanor Bowes, the Countess of Strathmore, one of the ancestors of Queen Elizabeth II. She became known as "The Unhappy Countess" due to their tempestuous relationship, which ended in scandal. The story of Stoney Bowes and the Countess of Strathmore was fictionalized by William Makepeace Thackeray in The Luck of Barry Lyndon. Stanley Kubrick later adapted the novel into the 1975 award-winning film Barry Lyndon.

Married a gal from Burnopfield, name of Hannah Newton.
Some believe he caused her death, to get on , so to speak

Please note post - "By Now One Hears Turtlings All Over Doveland"

In concert with David Carradine died the skier Karine Ruby on Mt. Blanc , see preev post. She was tied to other climbers by a rope
Karine >> Carradine

Karina means KEEL

In a Hebrew-English dictionary [ Shimon Zilberman] I use I find the word ChRD212 which has meanings as follows: tremble, be afraid, quail; anxious, fearful, afraid, pious , religious, Haredi.

The Haredi - The Haredeen or Harideem or Charidi, they tremble in awe of God.
This 'H' used in Hebrew sounds gutteral and over time may get pronounced hard like 'Kh'

Bound to Work


The Wandering Jew

..................The word above ChRD in that dictionary = ChRGVL247 - a Grasshopper

"Now whim the sillybilly of a Gracehoper had jingled
through a jungle of love and debts and jangled through a jumble
of life in doubts afterworse, wetting with the bimblebeaks, drik-
king with nautonects, bilking with durrydunglecks and horing
after ladybirdies (ichnehmon diagelegenaitoikon) he fell joust as
sieck as a sexton and tantoo pooveroo quant a churchprince, and
wheer the midges to wend hemsylph or vosch to sirch for grub
for his corapusse or to find a hospes, alick, he wist gnit! Bruko
dry! fuko spint! Sultamont osa bare!"
FW, p.416