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The Acquisition

Phallic symbol pointing outwards

Pucker Up!

OPEL SUITS [ Made t' mek your mouth water]
Sometime around a while ago a Canadian group MAGNA INTERNATIONAL bought OPEL, the German carmaker , called Vauxhall in UK, a word Russians use for their railway stations.

Cars Cars Cars , Cars are headin' along an endless highway, careering, kareening, as if attracted by an unseen light - maybe its the Great White , or the Ruby Red, some have spoken of blue, that's Sephir to u 'n' me.

Logowise the Magna Mountain sports the Risen Sun, or could be Mars on a great and proximus ecliptic. Maybe we're there already. Opel livery brings to mind CAR 77., Kanukes have acquired Oz

"Your genus its worldwide, your spacest sublime! 7
But, Holy Saltmartin, why can't you beat time?"
FW, p.419

In comments for last post TINK [ photographer deity to a nation of Robins] I got info about Kwai Chang CAINE , known simply as
David of Carradine , who went out on to the highway, tied and bound, why? Some may know.

"Wanna buy some Pegs, Dave?"
" But I have a tumble dryer! What'll I do wi' pegs?"
" Put um on your nozzer, stops a good stink"
" We've no skeletons in our closet"
" They mey not've deep composed as yet, what , with the cold winter an' all!"

In comments for last post TINK [ photographer deity to a nation of Robins] I got info about Kwai Chang CAINE , known simply as
David of Carradine , who went out on to the highway, tied and bound, why? Some may know.

Kwai Chang Caine:

When watching it the feeling I got from Caine was enough self-confidence to allow others to take the lead, that he believed in other's abilities while aware of his 'amazing-to-others' craft.
He was polite , he never shouted over others to get what he was 'owed', while today's screaming victim groups collect ever more owings for their righteous coffers built on the already dead and buried.
He never forced or cajoled people into doing what they didn't want, knowing that time and tide will shape reality so that it gets done [or doesnt].

"PORNTHIP Rojanasunand, director of Thailand's Central Institute of Forensic Science, said the circumstances under which Carradine died suggest the 72-year-old actor may have been performing auto-erotic asphyxiation. The practice involves temporarily cutting off the supply of oxygen to the brain to heighten the effects of a sexual climax."

'On the Porn Thip Lollipop
They cleared the decks
An' watched 'em drop...'
SURELY TEMPLE - "The Poop Deck Dick" - 1946

A testament to perseverence in Thailand = the Bridge on the River Kwai, a Bridge built by Allied POWs under Japanese management in WW2, made more famous by the film starring Alec Guinness.

Phallic symbol pointing inward

David Carradine played Bill in the nasty 'Kill Bill' by child director QT Quaranteeno, a film and character that shows how much 'easier' it appears to commit violence to get what one wants, how much 'easier' it appears to base films round porno-violence, pubescant wank-dramas appealing to cat-molesters and BleekRock dumployees.
Acc. to his autobio Carradine nearly hanged himself off the bumper of his da's Duesenburg [ a truck I assume]. Anyhow da' untangled him and ascribing influence to the young David's comic book collection burnt the lot.
That KillBill moobie taints from the strain of Comico that presents multiple moider as the righteous fulfilment of ancient injustices upbubbling. Only smug vengeance coupled with the uberdismissiveness of lives of those who get in the way, poetry born of garbled dysfunctionalism, won-liners, hard-faced bitches in soft focus, grumpy, life-hating machismo, ganglionland, made for mainstream cult-effect, what's her name as Bruce Lee, dead-eyed Jap-Chick, scratch 'n' sniff, oh! and the slaughter of the depersonalised male troops seems to point at QTs childhood - likes to kill boys, likes girls wielding swords, girl lives , lil' QT saves the killer-honey, gets to keep her.
Gubble, gubble - their tongues in each others throat-holes , choking the life , worming wily tingle-tongues , dead automata, venal vedal fecal VD, videodroNe, and the meat goes on in fleshtone fistavision.

Its grey Jim but not as we know it.

KillBill prepared the for such mini-series as 'Extraordinairy Rendition' , Hitmo' 911012' , ' Tammy's Tasers', 'GazaGazaGoo' added to the pleth of Abuso-News progs - 'Bludgeon24', 'Truth B-Tween the Eyes' , 'B-Rite News in the Rainbow Stadt', 'C-No End', ' Race for Incoherence'.
QT obv' got chose for the vulgar fuck and bloodfest that has now propelled itself into the vid-violence for kids and teens that parades wrapped and strapped dollettes in permorgasm , male slaves slaver , take on stone-gaze gangster pop-em 'n' drop'em slick-suited wannaboy winsomeness all the time promoting abuse as status.
"I vos only following ze contract, mein agent made me do it."
This propellance of violence [ films avoidable, adversubverting impinges actively manywhere].

The vile voilence has to get offset somehow someway someone pleeeeeeeease - Polly Violet and her vulpa-ego Mary-Ann de Bris[ outa Kansis] enter staged left, flush with backing from the Harvest Research Combine
HeReC, sing to us and demand clothing

U can say the Holocaust ended in 1945 but that's abrogate revisionism, Most of the world may be persuaded to stop counting at 6m, but humes's still dropping like flies, imprisoned for nits, have U stopped counting,?
One rule of war rules over all others: History gets written by the Victors. Its so true they call it a RUBRIC . The laser gets used in drilling and cutting, alignment and guidance.

A Stone , its scarcity makes it more expensive than some humans - Nature first!

No doubt exists that the Media deliberately attempts to influence minds and as such what of those who derive their income from mental disturbance through movies and series - do they just follow orders or does their mere taking part warrant them being found guilty of making concerted psychic attacks on the receptive imaginariums of those easily influenced by this ........enter-tainment, which lead to outbreaks of psychosis resulting in profitable despair in
Da Old-New War

Its like the Environment, they say its polluted all over the Earth, though that belies SOURCE, our minds, our minds = environment and we keep this planet GOing, which IT knows.
False Prophet : Planetsaver

Planetsaver sacrifices his buddies for the planet, by diminishing his BUDdies the planet withers for lack of human love. The planet sees itself portrayed as ' a green leaf', 'a sunny day' , ' a picnic area' , 'a natural wonder', ' a victim' , and that last one really sticks in its cave-like structures
Planets aver

It seems that there be those on this planet that dismiss the lives of many due to their status [comfortable] .v. the many [ uncomfortable], mainly because of a form of psychic distancing. Body prox. no probs , walk past starvers often though many have cars for their passing by.

This from Ray

"the Cane River (Kwai Chang Kaine) in Natchitoches Parish, LA (originally a Caddo settlement, natchally) is formed from the Red River; the short wikipedia entry on Cane River mentions Orca's Book Klub and writer Lalita (Lolita) Tademy

the area's closely associated with the Melrose Plantation

seems the Caddo culture took a big hit from same drought that probly ran the Azasazi out of Mesa Verde and Chaco Canyon, etc

RueBee Slips, the See Quelle:

news report today, 10,000 bees swarm parked airplane wing at Beverly Airport in MA"

More Knit from Tink:
"Thefts worth thousands of pounds (dollars) have been reported across the country in recent months, with the latest and most high profile taking place on hives run by royal beekeeper Murray McGregor in West Lothian, Scotland.

About 11 hives, containing up to 500,000 bees, many destined for the Balmoral royal estate in Scotland to make honey for Prince Charles's Duchy Originals luxury food label, were taken in the raid last month."


Wrote this May 29 -
"Qaheen-Cain has been accused of murder and humans have murdered every Qaheen that has existed since then to save the slave-maker and the nicey-nice predictable anthill viability study that proves our present course.
Hevel = the repetition of humans in duration with the hope of evolving into insect-safety"

The rhetoric carries the name, word-vesseling

@TooLongInThisPlace , wiseling womer , Alex Robinson tentaviley explores hanging, the terminal tightrope.


'Hello Missis. Is Ric in?'

'Ric left me ajar"

Meanwhile at the GROVE
"Anti-terror officers raided the 41-year-old's home in Myrtle Grove, Burnopfield, County Durham, and discovered traces of the toxin Ricin following a search.
His 18-year-old son was also arrested and held on suspicion of inciting racial hatred following a swoop at his home in Grampian Court, Annfield Plain. He has since been re-arrested and is also now detained under the Terrorism Act in West Yorkshire."

'In Jewish mysticism, the myrtle represents the phallic, masculine force at work in the universe.'

What ho! Poison at 11 'o' clock, spill the beans son.

"In the Mediterranean, myrtle was symbolic of love and immortality. In their culture the plant was used extensively and was considered an essential plant."

The beans of the Castor Oil plant lend their properties to this virulent strain some 6000x more powerful than Cyanide.
Pops kept it in the kitchen cupboard in a jam-jar - definitely a divorcee
" Now the wife's left us I shall conduct biochemical experiments when and where I bloody well will!'
Could be a mitigating circumstance, the desire to create thwarted by the lack of laboratories and/or adequate qualifications among close family members.

He is described as a white-supremacist - an Amurkiam Media term.
Perhaps in his defence he may use:
'Batter my heart, three person'd God;—.' Beyond this, I have no clues whatever." (John Donne, Holy Sonnets XIV).

'I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.', may also come under legal precedent.

"Myrtle Grove is an Elizabethan gabled house in Youghal, County Cork, Ireland. It was home for Sir Walter Raleigh in 1588-1589. Myrtle Grove's South Gable is where Edmund Spenser is reputed to have written part of his poem The Faerie Queene. In 1602 Raleigh sold house to Richard Boyle, who became Earl of Cork later."

Spenser wrote The Faerie Queene as part of the Cult of Elizabeth, to help raise her status beyond mere mortal.
Nowadays Fairie Queene describes the actress industry, many have broken wings, others do good works, they wince shyly, nervously as the attention arcs round to gather them up.

One of the thrusts of the post before was:
MARS as symbolic of that future
PKDs use of AUTistic Manfred Steiner as one who could apprehend 'a future' in his novel set on Mars - Martian Timeslip.

An attentive Mom and part-time Robin-fancier added this to comments for the preev posting:
"Bee back later with sum autie info on Temple Grandin (real name), autistic extraordinaire, professor, and subject of Oliver Sacks' "An Anthropologist on Mars."

AVTh[407] = Sign, Mark, and is the word used to describe the mark on the forehead of Qaheen/Kaine.
Its pronounced the same as 'aut' in autism which tends to the Greek - auto - self.

NeeNaw - NeeNaw - The Securifying Light of the Blue Carbuncle races off to MYRTLE GROVE.

"In Greek mythology and ritual the myrtle was sacred to the goddesses Aphrodite[2] and also Demeter: Artemidorus asserts that in interpreting dreams “a myrtle garland signifies the same as an olive garland, except that it is especially auspicious for farmers because of Demeter and for women because of Aphrodite. For the plant is sacred to both goddesses."

Grove = a cutting in the woods for the Goode-$$

Laser fishin' at Arthur's Eaterie.
Reserve a place at Newspaceman's 'ARTHUR'S TREAT'

Way out West in ValleyFornia , future androidipus , now merely Guv'nor of the Valley of the Dead Kings
Arnold Schwarzenegger presents a new star and gives the 'thumbs down' to the hams:

"We have invented the world's largest laser system," actor-turned-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said during a dedication ceremony attended by thousands including state and national officials.

"We can create the stars right here on earth. And I can see already my friends in Hollywood being very upset that their stuff that they show on the big screen is obsolete. We have the real stuff right here."

"The real stuff" is Arniespeak for SALVATION or TERMINUS or both

Arnie governs the Arthe-Mesa, the Bear State

Smrt = death in cz., why they call it a SMaRT weapon

'Why, lookit change kulah, mussen mekkit nurny 50 Kaphir all down!'

Sanskrit for 'stone' , it stains history large and skews forth as OPAL , the vivid stone of stones. They emerge from deep underground in mainly in Australia.
QEII has one named ANDAMOOKA
A big Opal Mining concern have Czech-German roots

Highman and Black

Wassup wi' U PAL?
The 'riginal town nestles in the Karakoram , on the China-Pakistan border [ a border where left hand drivers meet the right hand pathers]

Silk Roots

The estate of Myrtle Grove nestles within the larger Burnopfield, a field the English 'burnt up' to fend off invading Scots. It proved successful, till the Anglos voted Scots in by the BearsDen-full.
Lest one forget-
BROWN - Bruin - Bear
A.Schwarzenegger - Gubner of The BEAR State.
Prince William has ARTHUR as one of his names.
Princess DIANA in Greek = ARTHEMIS [ Prince Philip may have clocked that]
Dimitry MEDVEDEV - Medved = The Honey Bear [ Med = Honey, Veda = Science].

A Myrtle exists as a community in Whitby Town, Durham Region, named by the English immigrants from the same place in North-East England

Some illustria hailing from BurnOPSfield:
Codename Zig-Zag - Eddie CHAPMAN - ex-Coldstream Guard turned safecracker turned double-agent in WW2.
"Chapman achieved a unique record during the war, having at the same time, on opposite sides of the war, two fiancées, one in England (Freda Stevenson) and one in Norway (Dagmar Lahlum), each under the protection of and financially assisted by their respective governments. [5] After the war he abandoned both women and instead married his former pre-war lover Betty Farmer - whom he had left in a hurry at the Hotel de la Plage, Jersey, in 1938. Chapman and his wife later had a daughter, Suzanne (b. 1954)."

Andrew Robinson Stoney, later renamed Andrew Robinson Stoney Bowes (1747-1810) was an Anglo-Irish adventurer who married Mary Eleanor Bowes, the Countess of Strathmore, one of the ancestors of Queen Elizabeth II. She became known as "The Unhappy Countess" due to their tempestuous relationship, which ended in scandal. The story of Stoney Bowes and the Countess of Strathmore was fictionalized by William Makepeace Thackeray in The Luck of Barry Lyndon. Stanley Kubrick later adapted the novel into the 1975 award-winning film Barry Lyndon.

Married a gal from Burnopfield, name of Hannah Newton.
Some believe he caused her death, to get on , so to speak

Please note post - "By Now One Hears Turtlings All Over Doveland"

In concert with David Carradine died the skier Karine Ruby on Mt. Blanc , see preev post. She was tied to other climbers by a rope
Karine >> Carradine

Karina means KEEL

In a Hebrew-English dictionary [ Shimon Zilberman] I use I find the word ChRD212 which has meanings as follows: tremble, be afraid, quail; anxious, fearful, afraid, pious , religious, Haredi.

The Haredi - The Haredeen or Harideem or Charidi, they tremble in awe of God.
This 'H' used in Hebrew sounds gutteral and over time may get pronounced hard like 'Kh'

Bound to Work


The Wandering Jew

..................The word above ChRD in that dictionary = ChRGVL247 - a Grasshopper

"Now whim the sillybilly of a Gracehoper had jingled
through a jungle of love and debts and jangled through a jumble
of life in doubts afterworse, wetting with the bimblebeaks, drik-
king with nautonects, bilking with durrydunglecks and horing
after ladybirdies (ichnehmon diagelegenaitoikon) he fell joust as
sieck as a sexton and tantoo pooveroo quant a churchprince, and
wheer the midges to wend hemsylph or vosch to sirch for grub
for his corapusse or to find a hospes, alick, he wist gnit! Bruko
dry! fuko spint! Sultamont osa bare!"
FW, p.416


Alex Robinson said...

You have snatched many pebbles (carbuncles?) from the hands of... fate perhaps?

I did not realise that the Kwai bridge tied itself unto Thailand (must get back to my globe - funnily enough my son & I were doing Eastern Europe last week & the Czech Repub is now 'firmly brain a'fixed' along with the rest of it's old name).

I remembered seeing a strange site on a a number of Magnum PI series - the 'BORK' made with matchsticks - it was given a reasonable amount of attention (up front or background shots) in a few episodes & was later 'destroyed'!

Ruby Karine died on the anniversary of Hillary's 'conquest' of Everest - a state which they are now both in, hopefully peacefully.

Dennis/87 said...

Lot's of chards of precious thought in this lengthy essay. How do you do it? Our environment should be more than a parkland, it is home after all. Many poisons spewing into our water and air and food needs elimination. Much werk to do. Perhaps we should start terraforming our red neighbor? Of interest your essays are. Dennis

aferrismoon said...

Immediately taken back to your Hillary posts , prob, when I started reading yours.
Cheers AleX

dennis, I do think that every human , not stressed out, will always clean up hir act, always, and doubtless help others out if possible, and that represents an 'always' base level of humans-living-together.

Many chords

Terraform internally, make your own map


Eugene said...

Loped the Opel Pole long long ago in looking at the watermark egg on the 10 dollar bill.

A very connected piece.

Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

Newspaceman said...

Will digest, in meantime,
little ted's nursery is hot:


aferrismoon said...

Cheers Eugene
Will take a look at the 10bucks
Link to Opel loped didn't link

Ritual killings , or at least the reporting of them, seems almost a TV series now.

Thanks News
Any correlation between the increase in both parents working and the increase in 'pre-school' drop-off centres [ aka places where u can get info on children and their parents, over years]


Eugene said...


Love your pieces...and your'e whole:)

Suares has been a real force in my life as well. Times spent in ciphering letters has been well worth it.

Truly amazing and awe inspiring this word play.

aferrismoon said...

I get a lot out of Suares but I don't pretend to 'know' to the depth he does.
A great comment of his was to 'not make a cult out of Alef' and advised to not overly study the texts but allow them/it to push through.
I found this convenient as I'm a lazy studier.
nevertheless working with both numbers and letters to make texts does throw up some intersting finds, connexions.
Thanks to the 'Hebrew Dogmatism' many recognizable pattern bleed through , with some depth

Cheers for your comments


Michael Skaggs said...

As always, the golden weave persists at Mr. Moons!

Well played! Little breadcrumbs of word projection interlaced above and below.


aferrismoon said...

Cheers Mike
Great threads all around