Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Birth { The World Tost at Tennis} [Updated from medieval times]

"Ou est le vrai Saddam?"

Sometime earlier this year Sarkozy was first in on Libya. Today we find that Muammar Gaddaffi has been killed [ drooling all round by the media, slaver slaver]. I'm unsure if he died today or yesterday but , coincidentally, on Oct.19 1912 Italy took possession of Tripoli from the Ottomans. It is also the festival day of Armilustrium which Newspaceman wrote about in 2007

"Per wikipedia, 19th October is a Roman festival, in honour of the planet of war, Mars. It is named Armilustrium, a day when the weapons of the soldiers were "ritually purified and stored for winter".

3rd in a series of 'Freshly-killed Scapegoats ' - collect them all

Anyhow lo! and behold! Little NIkki and his wife Carla Bruni have just become parents in the same 24 hours or so that Sarkozy-ignited Libyan campaign has come to an 'end' with the death of Gaddaffi.

What a blessing! [ Elections soon :) ]

Dyiz think Gaddaffi's reincarnated into the newest Sarkozy, like he'd planned it an' all?

Nato that ya bastards!

Libya's Iwo Jima shot :) Scale model already in the pipeline

Notice on this photo that programme that uses blur/sharpness contrast to make the photo look as if its in miniature - perhaps a little joke , you know, the gods and the little earth people running around 'neath their playful gaze. It serves to 'belittle'. Anyhow the photographer just happened to be there whilst the two guys [ in yet another type of uniform. From where? ] were inexplicably standing on a vehicle, though it does seem a bit fashionable and democratic nowadays, while the top [dominant] soldier has a pair of handcuffs in his right hand as he greets the lower [sub] soldier who's swooping in low for a big , freedom hug. The foreground picture may well have been done in a studio and the background just tacked on plus a bit of that miniaturising effect + the fact they couldn't give a sod what I think anyhow as well as it being an ongoing psy-op from which the 'themmers' will glean info for a more refined set-up farce for Assad or anybody else the West has decided to point the finger at. - continuing shoddily produced fakery saga

"Tonight the evening news anchor, a woman, looked as if she was having an orgasm as she related the joyous news of Qaddafi's death. She promises to show us all films of how the entire world is celebrating the death of the tyrant. But no joke, she really looks as if, may I put it crudely, she will be leaving a little puddle when she is finished her report."

The above paragraph seems to describe the whole shebang, from initiation, to reportage, to Hillary's muted 'wow' when she got a text about his capture, and the boost to Obama's presidency just like when he got 'Sama in the eye.


Friday, October 14, 2011