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John Kidd of the Accidental Alchemist had a wee run in with the number 237. In the musings at the Synch Hole and environs the number 42 [2x3x7] attracts some response. Because it looks similar to the symbol for planet Jupiter , 42 and Jupiter have coalesced thereabouts. Oddly AMA - 'mamma' in Hebrew also = 42.

Kidd = Dick uttered reversely which leads to author PhilipK.Dick.
PKD wrote the VALIS trilogy which began in February/March 1974. He shorthanded it - 2-3-74.
This number consolidates the '4' cards of Tarot, via certain orders, thisaway:
4 - D - Tower - Mars - resistance to the movement of Alef. Violent resistance to society by PKD, the taking of drugs, anger towards his wives, paranoia and fear of mainstreamia.
40 - M - HangingMan - Water - Biosphere, within which life develops. Within my take on PKDick's life, The HngingMan may correspond with PKD's 'Valis contact'
400 - Th - HighPriestess - Moon - Cosmic resistance to all. Also the 'veil' and thus an 'unveiling'. apocalypse. The awakenings of PKD found in his exegesis. Valis 'left'

2x3x7x4=168=hours in a week

These cards can represent ' resistance' at archetypal, existential and cosmic levels, respectively.
PKD seemed to spend much of his life 'resisting' the powers-that-be [ animate and inanimate]. He continued writing despite many setbacks. He continued marrying despite all his wives leaving. He resisted leaving California for much of his life.

In News the MeDear! decided to focus on the flirtations of one TigerWoods, a noted golfer, who , according to investigative reporters, has had multiple relationships outside of marriage.
Around the blogs 'Tiger' synchs have clustered.

P.35 FW
They tell the story (an amalgam as absorbing as calzium chloereydes and hydrophobe sponges could make it) how one happygogusty Ides-of-April morning (the anniversary, as it fell out,of his first assumption of his mirthday suit and rights in appurtenance to the confusioning of human races) ages and ages after the alleged misdemeanour when the tried friend of all creation, tigerwood roadstaff to his stay, was billowing across the wide expanse of our greatest park in his caoutchouc kepi and great belt and hideinsacks and his blaufunx fustian and ironsides jackboots and Bhagafat gaiters and his rubberised inverness, he met a cad with a pipe. The latter, the luciferant not the oriuolate (who, the odds are, is still berting dagabout in the same straw bamer, carryin his overgoat under his schulder, sheepside out, so as to look more like a coumfry gentleman and signing the pledge as gaily as you please) hardily accosted him with: Guinness thaw tool in jew me dinner ouzel fin? (a nice how-do-you-do in Poolblack at the time as some of our olddaisers may still tremblingly recall) to ask could he tell him how much a clock it was that the clock struck had he any idea by cock's luck as his watch was bradys. Hesitency was clearly to be evitated. Execration as cleverly to be honnisoid. The Earwicker of that spurring instant, realising on fundamental liberal principles the supreme importance, nexally and noxally, of physical life (the nearest help relay being pingping K. O. Sempatrick's Day and the fenian rising) and unwishful as he felt of being hurled into eternity right then, plugged by a soft- nosed bullet from the sap, halted, quick on the draw, and reply in that he was feelin tipstaff, cue, prodooced from his gunpocket his Jurgensen's shrapnel waterbury, ours by communionism, his by usucapture, but, on the same stroke, hearing above the skirling of harsh Mother East old Fox Goodman, the bellmaster, over...........

'..confusioning of human races' - Tiger Woods has mixed-race heritage
'...alleged misdemeanour' - relates to his infidelity,his Miss-Demeanour; his roadcrash
'...tigerwood roadstaff '- his name [ amazingly!] + 'roadstaff' connecting his roadcrash with 'staff' which may double as golf-club
'...the wide expanse of our greatest park' - though this is Phoenix Park in Dublin it could describe a golf-course
'..caoutchouc kepi.......and his rubberised inverness' - seems to describe clothing, though surreal, of a type used by those walking outside , which includes golfers
'.. a cad with a pipe' - Mr.Woods has acted like a 'cad' by all accounts, while the word is an abbreviated 'caddy'
' cock's luck as his watch' - 'cock' brings in his offending member, 'watch' relates to his advertising for a watch company
'....prodooced from his gunpocket' - "Is that a gun in your pocket or ..etc etc?"
'...on the same stroke' - as he takes a rest from golf he will be stuck on the same stroke until he again hoists aloft his roadstaff. He also strokes the ladies.

Nevertheless Tiger's actions have been jumped on by the moral majority, while ignoring the the illegalities that got a whole lot of people into war

An NFL star playing for the BENGALS of Cincinatti has died at the young age of 26. He fell off the back of a pick-up. Tiger came to the fore with his road accident.
After the partition of India the province divided into West and East Bengal, the former remaining within India the latter becoming Bangladesh.
Off the southern tip of India reside the Tamil Tigers, who seem to have suffered largescale defeat earlier inthe year at the hands of govt. forces.
Completing the 'Triangle' is Pakistan, at present embroiled in the Middle-East Securing of States [MESS] exercise carried out by NATOUSUKIZLSTAT + the Baleful Hidden Ones.
There is a phrase pertinent to the Pakistan corner of the triangle - 'to have a tiger by the tail' = "to embark on a course that proves unexpectedly difficult but that cannot be easily or safely abandoned."

Pic from - david_d40 - at Flickr

2 Lions in Liberec Zoo in Czech somehow opened a trapdoor that led to the White Tigers' cage. Once in they quickly killed the White Tiger there.
Liberec Hockey Club are called 'Bily Tigri' [ White Tigers], thus the reason for bringing them to the zoo.

Dare to read:DARE FRAME THY DREADFUL SYMMETRY by 'Through the Looking Glass' blog and the post before it.

The living word/homo-plasmate expressed in personal writings. That which penetrate-integrates, like a needle and thread puncturing cloth sewing together evolving forms. Writing that lives under less confining strictures!
Subject matter defers to pattern integration, often beyond the everyday consciousness of the creators.
Leads to a form of intelepathy
Sheeks! best to give examples.

Examplo Uno - The extract from Finnegans Wake written between 1922 and 1939.

Examplo Doyouowe
Of late , in facto, December 11th 2009 I posted PARSE THE TORCH - title taken from DaBlackWhole's -
FRAGILE X SYNDROME: GONE FROM SORROW [addended] [Nov4th2009 , a year after O-Bar-Me's 'nauguration].
I read DBW's posts , the writing demands attention, integrity upwells from the manhandled missives.

I took quite a while to write PARSE THE TORCH - various cable/battery probs and no real need to post. Whatever I posted it on 11/12/09, the same day as DBW posted his ID SERPENT, though he posted on 12/11/09.
Of course I'm aware of DBW's subject matters and we do 'share' some ideas for our own purposes.

In PARSE THE TORCH I included:
1. A couple of pics used at DBW's post FRAGILE X..., though this was a conscious decision.
2. A note signed by Barack Obama
3. The poster from the film VALKYRIE with its prominent ' red-line' followed by a paragraph on the symbology of red-carpets
4. Musings on ADMH - Adamah , 'the red earth' and her role in the early verses of Genesis.

In ID SERPENT , DBW included:
1. A different signature by Barack Obama.
2. A map of the WASHINGTON D.C. subway used for its REDLINE where travellers were killed in an accident earlier this year. I feel sure DBW took the map from a post I wrote on that crash.
3. A picture of a RUBEDO Woman, a lady who has coloured her skin with Red Ochre, a type of earth.

Despite the admitted attention paid to DBW both posts appeared on Dec.11th after a gap of a month or so from both blogs.

DBW's post began with a USSR flag. This reminded me of something Carlo Suares wrote about people/nations gathering around red flags to gain dominion over the planet -
Barack's signature described as similar to:
i) - The Zodiac Killers monogram
ii) - A head with an aerial protruding from its ' cranium'.
Red-line/Red-carpet - DBW remarks on the train-crash in Washington D.C [ New Egypt] and a similar accident in [Old] Egypt, south of Cairo.
Red - Line = Red Nile

The Washington crash happened just with Arlington Co. boundaries linking the crash with 'sassed Pharoah JFK's alleged resting-place. JFK and wife, Jackie had extensive dealings with Egypt's Dept. of Antiquities, providing donations to help save ancient monuments to serve the compulsive need to ever preserve funerary artefacts - who knows where they've been, who knows what they've seen.
The Orange & Blue lines diverge to create a Crocodile's gaping maw. Its eye sits in the Anacostia river, perhaps a tear, where these reptiles haunt, ['kost' in Czech = 'bone'] Its mouth seems to provide an open welcome to Arlington Co / D.C. They appear in Egyptian mythology as SEBEK

Beep, beep.......kheeeeeee......incoming from TottenKaMoon, the Coercer ... Phaoronik Year 2701........initiate ritual , must take..khkhkhkh... place on a Nile, rivers of blood.......9, 11 or multiples thereof.....beep, celebrate the pharoah's beep....all participants gather at Shady Grove, beep beep.'
[Transtime Transmissions - Remote Tech-Human Viewing/Listening]
The convergences do not indicate that the posts are 'right' about anything but rather certain word-ideas vessel into ken, loom into view, remain slightly elusive, though integral.

We hear of the Israelites escaping from the now dysfunctional magick pharoahdom of ARTz MYTzRYM aka Ancient Egypt. What proves difficult to ascertain is whether or not the Israelites actually continued to exist, perhaps finally being hunted down by Chaldean Secret Services, usurping them with an engineered class of agents posing as the Jews.
Did Yeheshuah-Jesus , the disciples and apostles click this?
Had the usurpers managed to integrate with the homo-plasmate or does this still elude them, leaving them only with rhetoric and force to control the people. The latter option appears accurate. They have a Silver-tongue in office now, voice tuned, earnest and intelligent-sounding, though when he speaks no integration occurs. The words don't VESSEL but come as particles which bounce off , or burn when they contact homo-plasmate, akin to an inadequately protected object entering Earth's atmosphere. For the media commentaters his super-fishy all talk tastes like a BigMac , marinaded and then lightly sprinkled with Creme de Saffron.

VESELY, in Czech = MERRY

'Black' and White Tigers, Red women, roam the info-waves.

Further Numerical War-blings
Thanks to Jon Stewart, of the Daley Show,who remembered GWBush sending 30,000 troops to Iraq to help the war on some. He synched it with Obama sending the same amount to Afghanistan to help finish the war there.

Both of them 'justified' their decisions, reminding us, as ever, that these are 'JUST' wars [ though the context of 'just' briefly eludes, is it just war - justifiable, or just as in 'these are only wars'].
30 = L = via Hebrew Letter-Numbers.
This often relates to 'justice', 'judgement' as written in full, L = LMD - an ox-goad, or that which controls the natural energy and its tendency to get chaotic and unuseful - thus justice essentially deals with the managing of society's energy by enacting laws, for good or for bad.
The Tarot card = Justice-Adjustment, Card 12.

Judas - YHVDH - got 30 pieces of silver for delivering YHShVH. It has proved valuable for Xtian and Jew alike to ignore the idea that Judas was chosen by Yeheshuah to fulfil scripture-plasmate.
Alternatively p'haps Judas held Jesus' insurance policy.

Y H Sh V H = 326
Y H V D H = 30

Together they total 356, as does 11+77+93+175

Sh = Cosmic motion/breath - Judgement or Aeon card - Fire - 300
D = Resistance - Blasted Tower card - Mars - 4
The rest is all YHVH.

Jesus and Judas link through the 'explosive' action following the arrest and the ensuing Crucifixion which evolved into a multifaceted religion called Xtianity.
Anyhow , symbolic twins ushering in a new order.

Using Suares' take on Hebrew letter-numbers we find that the 3s imply motion.
3 - G - Wheel - Jupiter - The motion of every Aleph within its container, Beyt
30 - L - Adjustment - Libra - Controlled movement, existential
300 - Sh - Judgement/Aeon - Fire - Cosmic motion/breath

Whatever , a whole loada motion which exactly describes deploying troops in a foreign country.
Obviously a govt. dept. exists to appoint numerical values to govt. actions to give them special power.
I doubt exactly 30,000 will go.


Prestwick was the location of the first Scottish Open in Golf which Mr.Woods plays awfa' well

"The second regards an incident today at Prestwick airport, Ayrshire, where a plane failed to stop whilst taxiing on the runway on arrival from Dublin, Ireland and skidded onto the grass - thankfully with no injuries. (BBC report). Prestwick airport was the location of Elvis - the King - Presley's only visit to Scotland (indeed the UK), on a top freemason level resonating, 3/3, in 1960 (adding all the digits gives 22, double 11 etc) It maybe needs reminding that Ayrshire could be considered the birthplace of the current wave of "masonry", the Lodge Mother Number 0, located in Kilwinning, is only 13 miles or so away. The etymology re Ryan (see pic below & here):

From an Irish surname which was derived from Ó Riain meaning "descendent of Rían". The given name Rían probably means "little king" (from Irish rí "king" combined with a diminutive suffix)."

DEV[i]L IN ...sounds like DOVE-LYN which sounds like DUBLIN, as the B can 'phone like a V.

RYANAIR reversed = RIA - N - AYR , 2 'airs' either side of N.
N = Tarot card 'Death'. It's attributed to Scorpio. Scorpion and Eagle can both represent the same symbol, the former the lowest and the latter the highest attribution.
From Crowley's BOOK OF THOTH concerning the DEATH card:
"The highest aspect of the card is the Eagle, which represents exaltation above solid matter. It was understood by the early chemists that , in certain experiments, the purest [ i.e., most tenuous] elements present were given off as gas or vapour. These are thus represented in this card the three essential types of putrefaction"

So we can have 2 'Aiyrs' surrounding an Eagle

"Note - there was another incident today at Kingston airport Jamaica, where a plane overshot the runway."

Rian = anagram of Iran

AmericanAirlines owns the 'plane' - AA331 which overran the Kingston runway.

An Eagle twixt 2A

The A = Fool , and A = 1, so an 11, thus 2 Towers/Pillars split by an Eagle.

Some muse that Global Hawks were used in the 9/11 attacks, and AA does fly internationally.

331 via the Hebrew letter-numbers throws up a couple of words-
APhRYM - Ephraim. The root of this name seems to be APhR which translates as 'ashes, embers'
AShL - Tamarisk tree. Quite a good tree for making fires. In Iran , in the region around Esfehan, a nougat called 'gaz' is made using sap from a member of the Tamarisk family

The Ryanair flight arrived at Prestwick from DUBLIN which translates as BLACK POOL. Not long ago Lady Gaga performed in red plastic Elizabethan gown in front of present Queen, Elizabeth II in Blackpool , England , famous for its Blackpool ILLUMINATIONS

This van was found on 6th and KING Street in NYC a little while after and a short distance from the WTC attacks. The image of this van exists though I know not whether it existed in 'real life'.

'Jumpin' Jack' RUBEDO

The 'Lady in Red' made a lunge for Papa Benedict this Christmas, reiterating her attempt to get him last year.
A couple of weeks ago Her Vacancy , Lady GaGa bowed before Queen Elizabeth II at a performance in Blackpool, home of the famous Blackpool Illuminations.
She wore a plastic, red, faux-Elizebethan court dress, obviously invoking the image of Good Queen Bess , or Elixabeth I. She was the first 'protestant' monarch of note after Henry VIII split from Rome and , for the people, took VIRGIN status. A wee subterfuge as the Roman church used MARY, Mother of Jesus, as a very powerful icon. It seems to British countered with a living 'Virgin Queen', redhaired.

A Scarlet woman 'attacks' the Pope, head of the Catholic Church-Empire.
A Scarlet bows before QEII, incumbent of the ever-morphing 'British' Empire

The Pope's name = BENE-DICT - fine words, blessings. He gets attacked.
The Pop-Star's name = GAGA - incomprehensible and/or crazy

The Lady in Red, considered to have psychological problems could be called a bit 'gaga'

Red , in Medieval Europe was the usual colour for Wedding dresses, not until the C18th did white push through.

Queen + Gaga = Black and Red
Woman + Pope = Red and White

Charcoal, White and Red Ochre = primal colours

The 'wedding' took place on DECEMBER 7th which some give as the birthday of COLUMKILL, St. COLUMBA [the Dove] , who helped to convert Picts and Britons to Xtianity , Irish-style.
He moved to IONA on the west coast of Scotland. While the etymology doesn't accord, the word IONA sounds like Hebrew IVNH = Jonah, a 'DOVE".

A Stagnate Nite From A Gestate Informant

Newspaceman adds in the previous post's comments that the Nigerian 'burner' , Umar Abdulmutallab, has been fotografed in a CELTIC FC away shirt.
Celtic = the Pope's team, whether he likes it or not
Celtic FC probably 'helped' the Catholic side of the conflict in Northern Ireland as Rangers probably did for the Prods. The 2 groups [ among others] indulged in bombing/terrorist activities to get on the telly.

A Nigerian may choose a Celtic shirt as their home colours are green&white , as the Nigerian flag

See Newspaceman post 'BRIGHT SPARK

"On the trip to London, Abdulmutallab became upset when the teacher took students to a pub. He said it was wrong to be in a place where alcohol was being served.
Rimmer also revealed how Abdulmutallab chose to give £50 (A$90) to an orphanage rather than spend it on souvenirs.
"His nickname was 'The Pope.' In one way it's totally unsuitable because he's Muslim, but he did have this saintly aura.'

Wonders never cease!

Monday, December 28, 2009


A boarding pass of another passenger on the same flight. Note that it reads NW0253 making it possible to read as NW0.
253 = MTRD a Hebrew word with the folllowing meanings
'Annoyance , nuisance' - acc. to dictionary by Shimon Zilberman
'Matred, who symbolises the Elaborations on the side of Severity', from Crowley's 'Sepher Sephiroth'
253 = 11 x 23.

The passenger ticket above belongs to Kurt haskell who saw the man getting led through customs in Schipol , apparently without paperwork, by a 'sharp-dressed man'. Perhaps Mr. Haskell's observation will bring 'annoyance' to whoever set up this drama.

The attack may lead US Govt. to re-enact a couple of Homeland Security laws that finish on Dec 31st - elaborations on the side of severity?

The passenger , from Nigeria, had seat number 19A, which = no. of hijackers alleged to have committed the 9/11 attacks.
A=1 so 191, an 'anagram' of that event.

BLUE MOONS occur every 19years

Friday, December 11, 2009

Parse the Torch


On the left we have the torch , that which passes from generation to gendernation.
On the right an egg contains the word 'People'.

'Hamilton, that's Scottish, right?'

'When did the position of 1st lady begin to assume stature greater than that of the President? The text inquired. In other words, when did our society become matriarchal, Ian Duncan said to himself. Around about 1990. I knew the answer to that. there were glimmerings before that - the change came gradually.
Each year der Alte became more obscure, the 1st Lady became better known , more liked by the public which brought it about. Was it a need for mother, wife, mistress, or perhaps all three? Anyhow they got what they wanted; they got Nicole and she is certainly three and more besides'

"As we move into this phase we’re calling a woman’s nation, women can turn their pivotal role as wage-earners, as consumers, as bosses, as opinion-shapers, as co-equal partners in whatever we do into a potent force for change. Emergent economic power gives women a new seat at the table—at the head of the table."

Maria Shriver - co-equal-partner of Governor Schwarzenegger. Co-equal-partner is one of those unwords that make you realise that someone 'powerful' is going to spout a fountain of wisdom and should you mention that co-equal-partner = tautology, well , just assume the position.

It continues:

"Back in 1960, President Kennedy talked about the torch being passed to “a new generation.” Well, five decades later, the torch is being passed . . . to a new gender. There’s no doubt in my mind that we women will lift that torch. We will carry it. And we will light a new way forward."

The snippets came from SPEARHEAD via DA BLACK WHOLE .


"Ah yes.  The rye-caught king you slaughtered to inaugurate your New Girl Order, the corn cut down to provision your Demetrian Matriarchy.   
And the whole Torch Thing?  Classic!  Really captures that progressive Neolithic vibe."

Illustration from SPEARHEAD

"A NEW Gender?
President Kennedy talked about the torch passed to a new generation…a term which includes both men and women."

Forward by Cleo Taurus

Some excerpts from the KingKill33 document purportedly by James Shelby Downard -
Much of Boston's Irish population arrived in American in what were nicknamed the "coffin ships." Members of the Kennedy family were acquainted with the "Coffin" family. The Reverend William Sloane Coffin was the son of the theologian Henry Sloane Coffin; the younger Coffin was a member of the Peace Corps Advisory Council that Sargent Shriver headed. "Shriver" or "Shrive" has the meaning of one who grants absolution to a penitent, and it was customary to call upon a shriver before death. If the shriver was not available, a "sin eater" was summoned. The old pious cry which was connected with the request for a shriving was "Shrive me O Holy Land and Give Me Peace." To this the shriver would respond "Pax Vobiscum":
Sargent Shriver, a Catholic and Kennedy by marriage, as head of the Peace Corps and in association with a Coffin, might be considered to be in a sensitive position in relation to mystical onomatology.

The InauguratI

'Soulless , a 2nd-hand dictatorhood'

"The gentlemen at the Royal Institute of International Affairs responsible for charting Britain's global drug trafficking recognized that no mass-scale drug epidemic could be produced in the United States until the American people's fundamental commitment to scientific and technological progress had first been significantly undermined. The drug-rock counterculture was no mere "sociological phenomenon."

"The Hit Parade is organized precisely on the same principles used by Egypt's Isis priesthood and for the same purpose: the recruitment of youth to the dionysiac counterculture."

Let's just cop a look at the inauguration of' 'Little Boy' Johnson , at LOVE Field [ see an article at 'Too Long In This Place' about the word 'love' tacked on to any meaningless drivel in an attempt to make it good and clean and nice].
The Matriarchy showed its triple-face, LBJ triangulated by 3 powerful women
Jackie's pink suit was spattered with blood and she supposedly carried part of JFKs skull in her hand for some 5 hours. Doubtless energy residues from the freshly sacrificed's blood lent a deal of power to this death and resurrection doowop

We have co-equal-partner LADY BIRD Johnson, who was born in Karnack in Texas, named after Karnak in Egypt which was named after neolithic Carnac in France. The French priest that named Karnak after Carnac doubtless realised a connexion.
The Ladybird [insect] is named after 'Their Lady' - Mary, Madonna, Mother of God and/ or Christ, missnamed by the Church so the masses could bow regularly to his idolatrous falseimage.
Many concur that MaryMOG = a remarketed ISIS thus giving Mrs Johnson something of the Goddess role. Her husband as the new president = Osiris resurrected and LadyBird = Wife and Sister [ they're male and female LBJs] , as in the myth. To add a little extra detail JackiKennedy represents the widow of JFK/ Osiris slain, thus both represent Isis in her familial forms.
As Judge and swearer-in of LittleBoy , Sarah T.Hughes reps Isis in her form as she who speaks 'Words of Power' - Isis in her professional role.
'Mary Magdalene' had her 7 devils exorcised by ' Jesus'. This allowed her to transcend the matriarchal strictures and open to possibility, which the 7 represents . Jesus transcends his mother though the Church has her as a figure of worship and Magdalene has been sidelined - MaSon.
In the 4 Gospels only Mary Magdalene appears in all:
27:56 " ...among whom was Mary Magdalene , and Mary the mother of James and Joses, and the mother of the sons of Zebedee.
27:62 [at the tomb] "And Mary Magdalene was there,and the other Mary , sitting over against the sepulchre
28:1,2 " Now late on the sabbath day, as it began toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre. For the angel of the Lord came and rolled away the stone, and sat upon it."
15:40 "....among whom were Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James the less and of Joses, and Salome"
15:47 " And Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joses beheld where he was laid"
16:1 " And when the Sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome, bought spices, that they may come and anoint him."
16:9 " Now when he was risen early on the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, from whom he had cast seven devils."
24:10 " Now they were Mary Magdalene, and Joanna, and Mary the mother of James: and the other women with them told these things to the apostles."
19:25 " But there was standing by the cross of Jesus his mother, and his mother's sister , Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother , Woman , behold thy son! Then saith he to the disciple, Behold, thy mother! And from that hour the disciple took her into his own home. "
20:1 " Now on the first day of the week Mary came early, while it was still yet dark......"
20:11 "But Mary was standing without at the tomb weeping:......."
20:16 "Jesus saith unto her, Mary. She turneth herself, and saith unto him in Hebrew, Rabboni; which ids to say Master/Teacher"
20:18 Mary Magdalene cometh and telleth the disciples......"
In Matthew another mother Mary is there but its not Jesus' mother. This mother Mary is then referred to as the 'other' Mary. There is also a mother not named.
Mary, mother of James does appear 3 times, but in John , the Mary reported is the mother of Clopas. It is only in John that MaryMOG appears and Jesus sends her to live with a disciple ' whom he loved'. A sentiment not made about his mother.
Carlo Suares implies that the war for Mankind is between ADMH - Adamah , the Red earth, the carnal female as opposed to ChVH - Eve , the female projection of YHVH. ADMH consumes Hevel-Abel, which is why Qayeen-Cain cannot find him.
Mary Magdalene has the 7 devils cast out by Jesus while ChVH = YHVH as mother.
Mary or Miriam comes from Hebrew MRAH - Mirror. Mary runs to tell the disciples in the same way as the woman AShH [ in Eden] tells Adam the words of the serpent or NChSh .
NChSh = 358 as does MShYCh - Messiah
The root of Magdalene = MGDL - 77
MGDL may mean - magnifier; tower; grower, breeder.

Albert Pike - Mother Supreme Council of the World
Brittania - Liberta - Columbia - Europa
"Masonic betrayal of the "common man" involves archetypes of fertility and death symbolism seemingly motivated to bring about syncretism in opposing principles in order to green Israel, rebuild the Temple of Solomon and establish a One World government." - KK33
Nowadays the Israeli connexion has cropped up linked to the Assassination of JFK - what plausible reason could IsraelStat [IzlStat]have for offing a seemingly modern President who was willing to make inroads into racism. At KENNY'S SIDESHOW the author seems to make a connexion [ over a couple of posts] between the 5 Mossad Agents caught hoopin' an' a hollerin' while filming the attacks on the Twin Towers. They were interviewed on TV and claimed: "Our purpose was only to document the event". Though that obviously requires prior knowledge the 3 went about their normal lives, unlike swathes of Musselmen who could and still can get picked up 'on sus' and detained indefinitely without charge.
JFK was Catholic. On some level conflict exists between Judaism and Catholicism. Even though Kennedy may have annoyed the Catholic hierarchy by doing nothing to support Vietnam's Catholic president Ngo Dinh Diem, who , after alleged ill-treatment of Buddhists, was offed on Nov 1st 1963.This dented the Catholic base in Asia.

3 and more besides
Another man documented the Kennedy assassination - Abraham 'SteadyCam' Zapruder, a Jewish businessman. [ Jews do not constitute a singularity and I have no idea whether Zapruder supported the State or like some Jews abhorred it. I merely use his Jewish status as a possible connexion to a conspiracy involving IzlStat, a Homeland for some, with the coincidence of Jews , famously, filming both the 1963 and 2001 events. He may or may not have been a Mason, while IzlStat may be being run by the Judaeo-Zionist branch of The Great Conspiracy to Bugger Things About Because We Think We Know What's Going On - All welcome]
[Judaeo-Zionist may be shortened to Jay-Zee thus linking in that rapper's Mamasonic symbol use.]
Nevertheless considering the comment ' to document the event' one may wonder about Zapruder's fortuitous position. The family lately received $16m for the film, doubtless from the Tax-payer.

Many wonder how much IzlStat had to do with the 9/11 attacks which began 2 wars against a religion IzlStat and USA [ among a myriad of other tribal entities] deride continually through the Media.. Please list 10 Hollywood films where a Moslem protagonist gets shown in a positive light, apart from Doctor Zhivago.
One method of investigation is the 'Who Benefits' theory - After 9/11 IzlStat got the USUK alliance and NATO to fight it's enemies without having to use any of their own forces [ 'cept for Gaza and other outnumberings].

After the jFK assassination AIPAC [ after a name change] was granted status as a domestic rather than a foreign organisation and nowadays if u wanna Prez-it-up its a very, very good idea to accept their invitation to see whether or not they will support u, based on your attitude to IzlStat.
In '67 LBJ ignored the IzlStat attack on the USSLiberty which observed their forces starting the war while all the worl'd media blamed the Arabs.Doubtless they knew about the Gulf of Tonkin false flag that began the Slaughter + Induced mass psychosis aka The Benumbing we tend to call Vietnam
Blogger AANGIRFAN sometimes wonders if Moslem Fundamentalism has been influenced by the USUKIZLSTAT Mil-Intel A-Lie-Ants

Obama et al. mull the deployment of more people[30000, mostly male] to the 2 biggest Adult Abortion Clinics available to Western Matriarchal Society - Afghanistan and Iraq. Opium Poppy production has grown enormously since the Taleban left office. Perhaps some of the 'bail-out'[Baal Out] money has been invested with an eye to the future - the increasing rate of unemployment means the jobless will have to be criminalised as soon as possible while still performing a service for the Eek!Onomy. Pharmakon will provide the needles , to stop AIDS and Hep spreading. Many of these needles can and should be left in parks , on the streets, to either leech into the soil and/or stab some poor sod . The Rehabs will grow and offer some jobs [ Like in PKDick's A SCANNER DARKLY ], gleaning more funds from BigGov which has essentially nationalised the Drugs Industry along with the Banks. Or have they? I mean what's the difference between the Govt. 'nationalising' the Banks and the Bank[s] 'privatising' the Govt. How dya tell the diff!
Many new jobs in the Opium fields of Afghanistan may arise once the US etc have been traumatised by debt, war and plague.
The Matrix requires food for its children, it must acquire. All defence against MA-SON-ic acquisition is considered ' against [name of nation/tribe] interests , which allows an entity like NATOUSUKIZLSTAT to get 'their' raw materials and building contracts from , say, Iraq while staring in wide-eyed disbelief at the slightest hint of retaliation.
Meanwhile in the HOMELANDS of Freedomville the populace get continual shocks - Invisible terrorists in your midst , H1N1 outbreaks + the word millions, the 33million infected by AIDS [ the last 2 examples also being 'invisible' except to doctors and journalists] with male circumcision touted as one way to stop it happening [think dirty-uncircumcised men who obviously never wash , vile!] Again see DA BLACK WHOLE], the Eeek!Onomy and the Big Steal - so far only Madoff busted, though there was a spate of management suicides as the pork went belly-up. 2 or 3 trillion $ 'disappeared' worldwide. As the system = FINITE the money-energy cannot have disappeared; it has to still exist as money or have been transformed into other forms of NRG. Our 'belief' in Infinity allows for 'disappear' programmes to fool the masses quite easily.
'Disappear' and 'Invisible' come from the same stable
If we consider all of energy in any form belongs to all the individuals on the planet then it would seem sensible to make some people not be here . As it says in SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS - Kill Vuh Kweditor

'What's that in the shadows?'

The EU has chosen a Belgian as the new President. As well as Chocolate and Beer the country has a reputation for a large Pedophile ring which allegedly includes officials and personages placed highly enough that they can apparently stop legal investigations - see the DuTroux case. We wonder if the investigation will reopen as an example of a renewed and mature Europe, or will it be left to protect the victims from having to relive such horrific experiences.
Much of the torture got filmed then the videos sold.
Rumours abounded at the time that many in France had connexions with their neighbours in Belgium and environs.
Would not a copy made by a famous film director be worth a few extra Euros?

'Mr. Polanski has witnessed enough suffering'

"However, the Swiss side of the operation, typified by Lombard Odier and Edmond de Rothschild's Banque Privee in Geneva, and the Zionist-controlled Baseler Handelsbank is more specialized. Their most important activity is conduiting funds for international terrorism. Most recently, European authorities traced the funding of the 1978 Aldo Moro assassination through Swiss channels back to Israel."
from DOPE,INC.

"Children are not born slaves but slavehood is swiftly superimposed/' R.B-Fuller

The Bush girls allegedly visited this place in Belgium fo' some kind ' nitiation that goes off at age 19 the same age as the amount of hijackers US Govt. blamed for the 9/11 ritual.
pic. from THE WHISTLER

In his mind he saw Nicole propped up in her enormous bed, in her pink , frilly robe, her breakfast on a tray beside her as she scanned the programme schedules presented to her for her approval.
Already she's heard about us , he thought.
She knows of our existence. In that case , we really do exist. Like a child that has to have its mother watching what it does, we're brought into being , validated consensually , by Nicole's gaze.
And when she takes her eye off us, he thought, then what?
What happens to us afterwards? Do we disintegrate , sink back into oblivion? back, he thought, into random, unformed atoms. Where we came from , the world of non-being, the world we've been in all our lives , up until now'


Sorting Sheep from Goat.

Oddly prescient stuff from yer man James Joyce.
Finnegans Wake p.35

"ages and ages
after the alleged misdemeanour when the tried friend of all crea-
tion, tigerwood roadstaff to his stay, was billowing across the
wide expanse of our greatest park in his caoutchouc kepi and
great belt and hideinsacks and his blaufunx fustian and ironsides
jackboots and Bhagafat gaiters and his rubberised inverness, he
met a cad with a pipe."


Obama-Soetero may not be the 1st Simulacra President, I reckon Jimmy Carter may hold that position. The Bush family with their apparently occult leanings seem to lend the idea of MKSimulacra - when , via traumaritual, a mind gets essential erased and work begins on a clean sheet. Technology in these areas I would surmise is well beyond the general public's ken.

Dr. Ewen Cameron spent his time torturing/treating patients' mental faculties via PSYCHIC DRIVING which is just brain-change ritual technologised.
Crowley defined 'Magick' as 'brain change via will'. Cameron and others took the patients 'will' away though retained the 'brain-change' bit.
Crowley and Golden Dawn put the Fool, the 1st card , at 0 - empty vessels , fools, programme easily.
Most of Hollywood, commercial TV and advertising = a form of psychic driving , esp. when backed up by the community.

With Obama-Soetero's international lifestyle there may have been opportunities to tinker. Children have often been used in history to further their families - the aristocracies have killed siblings who may be getting too influential, imprisoned them, exiled them and/or manipulated them until it was time for them to go.
Ex-PM , Tony Blair seems to be looking more 'isolated' in the Iraq Inquiry being acted out in the UK. Attorney-General Lord Goldsmith making out that confronting Blair on Iraq physically changed his appearance from looking 'fit' to 'haggard'.

Scottish Leftie or...?


Sept 11th 1945 . Trinity Ground Zero


"It is by way of Masonic sorcery that the union of opposing principles is supposed to be brought about. The criminals who stage-managed Dallas in the killing of Kennedy have controlled the American people's will in exchange for a sleep without nightmares. I publish this in the wake of the situation Charles Seymour alluded to: "The moralist unquestionably secures wide support; but he also wearies his audience." Most Americans are beyond being tired; the revelations have benumbed them."

AMA - Hebrew for 'mamma' Acc. to Crowley the word AMA = The Mother of the Supernals [ on the Tree of life, Sephirot 1, 2 and 3], unfertilized.
Thus her children come forth via Necromancy, the animation of dead things - zombies, golems, simulacra
AMA = 1+40+1 = 42
AMH = 1+40+5 = 46 'maidservant' maybe also 'concubine', [ perhaps its pronounced 'emma'].
The Hebrew word for 'necromancy' = AVB pronounced 'ob'. It has a value of 9
Doubtkless related to the Beast raised in Daley Plaza

'Please excuse Kennedy's absence'
'She's with me!'

Re: the signature - the 'obama' looks as if its a head with 'ma' looking like an aerial protruding from it ,

AS mentioned in earlier posts the present Foreign Sec. in the US = 3rd Grrrl in a row HillaryRClinton. She doubles with JFK's bodyguard at Dealey Plaza , CLINTON HILL. For the ritually minded this helps link events through time

'How dya like ya' Hot Dog , friend?'
'On rye. please'

IN Dealey interests shot the President to death. It 'traumatised' the US. In Daley America-In-Shock will finally be put to sleep.

In 1961 one of the many 'options' emerged/born. The father played his part and legged it, leaving the child in the charge of an internationalist-progrrressive , mucho-politico mom , later to hang out with Ames who was a member of the terrorist group 'The Weather Underground' , who generally came from the well-off connected families of NY.

Programming would be easier with the boy's travelling , a lack of stable community, a variety of doctors and dentists, a swiftly changing social network cutting down on inquisitive neighbours while the relatives would only come from the matrilinear side..
Mech-Automata had been thought of but with the work done on the DNA + sub-atomic breakthroughs, the work of the Nazis, Soviets and Japanese in the prison camps and Gulags coupled with the more refined Tavistock behavioural work and various mental health establishments dotted around the globe. BioMechs would be up and running in 2 flicks of a lamb's tail.
The advantage of course was that one had the ease of programming akin to a computer though with a body that any doctor would pass as human, which , of course, they were, just tampered with, nevertheless still considered somewhat mechanical. BioTelemetry provided for long distance control.
Experiments began in 1958 and by 1960 hundreds had been 'birthed' in the Great Chambers Underground. Many had defects , some of which were welcome, others not. The hierarchy had always bred and this was no different, they didn't mind how the offspring came out just as long as they continued with the Compact.
Soon this class of humes - the Simulacra - would manage all government , banking and the media.

November 22 - And all of a sudden the Serpent squeezed and AM-Stat struggling for breath fell into place.

There was a pharoah's funeral though missing his brain which they placed in a canopic jar and then flew to the moon

Then Vietnam - swathes drawn off into the Armed Forces, schooled , trained , bullied, scared, disassociated. Many married in late-teens, Nuh-Nuh-Nuh-Nineteen and earlt 20s, a child on the way and then drafted which completely dysfunctionalised the families who , after the Media conditioning, felt they were saving the Free world.

The Cold War trundled on until 1989 and then with a flash of her gore-addled wand the Gulf War began. Those Islamists who had helped fight the Soviet were turned on by a JayZee-dominated media along the lines of the Nazi attacks on the Jews of Germany. At present it seems that the Moslem Holocaust will be punctuated with Miley Cyrus, financial problems and the Footy, thus generally ignored.

'Well, that settles that!'

Those unfit to fight yet academically uninspired got INGOV jobs, either bureaucratic or , for the so-called Creatives, the Entertainment Industry , that had now taken over the role of religion with its Idolatry programme, a mixture of highly emotive ,violent and pornographic shock-grammes. Documentaries now rewrote history.
Religions existed but the EYE had captured the attention of the populace. The EYE was a 24-hour Infotainment service using certain frequencies that made info-assimilation far simpler. Flash images and the aforementioned gross violence and porn shocked the mind while subliminal messages slipped past the attention of the watchee. The Eye beamed out Idols for all walks of life. These were the Creatives, highly impressionable personality that desired attention , the ME-DEARS. They were worshipped.

Abortion had been raised to the age of puberty and an agency had been set up to deal with any anomolies that required termination. Nevertheless it wasn't enough for the purist group FOUNTAINHEAD who demanded a raise to 18 which they considered the end of gestation. The years up to puberty were considered external gestation and 'birth' defects could still occur, esp. with the thinking faculties. The 'live' abortions were handled by KIN - 'Keep It Normal' who had large facilities in towns and cities around the 1st World. CCTV , RFID and a host of Watchmen checked for antisocial behaviour. Parents too had to do their bit, family squabbles written up and collated.

The blood was saved and used in experiments along with the Internal organs as they were still in good working order. The important people used them to extend their important lives.

Judy Garland sings 'REVELATIONS' to the music of Rodgers and Hammerstein

An Israeli scientist, Josef Moshe, who allegedly predicted the outbreak in Ukrajina in October has been arrested by the FBI and is being held at the Twin Towers facility in LA.They stopped his car using microwave tech. which wiped out his electronics The form of H1N1 in Ukrajina has mutated to become far more powerful. The dead have black lungs.
Jurischenko , the president, got poisoned with a dioxin a few years ago and came close to death.



THE BEATLES were formed around the same time as BO-S was born and their first single came out around the time of the assassination of JFK.They then invaded the US in 1964 , landing at JFK Int'l Airport. The Beetle relates to Khepera who brings the sun from the Tuat creating dawn. A few moons ago I wordgamed Barack into Barack$kcaraB. His image was of CHANGE [ which relates to the value of the Dollar]. His dark skin also heralded a 'nooo era' and thus the black beetle bearing the sun through the dark night for a new and apparently gold-coloured dawn.
The Beatles proved a big 'change' in the Music Industry, they dabbled with drugs and occultism as time rolled on and many people still appreciate their songs and music.
Their secretion into world-famous status at the same time as the assassination with their form of change mirrors new-beetle Barack$kcarab's message.

The Mu-Sick Industry now attempts to propel the robo-sexual female , often acting stereotypically male, into the ogle-public's shock-demanding consciousness. They feed on violence and power. They teach MeMeism. They revel in ATTENTION. Pay attention to me, I am your whole-model!! Music and image appeal to young people , I would say that its aimed at 7 - 25 year olds. For an example of the void, abyss-mal mind , that values total attention we have the trojan clotheshorse Lady Gaga, who fills the screen-mind with MaMa-sonic stim-bolism. PSEUDOCCULTMEDIA and VIGILANT CITIZEN have gone into detail about the stim-bolism contained in her videos.
The most defined sound of her name is GA. Masonica sports the letter G along with their Compass and Square leading some to reason that it stands for Geometry/God as they call their deity the Grand Architect Of The Universe [GAOTU].

'We're so pretty, we're so pretty .........vay - kunt

The Dove - IVNH - Jonah = 10+6+50+5 = 71. The Dove is an ancient symbol of IShRAL - 541. 541m = 1776ft - the height of the Tower that will stand in place of the Twins.
71x71 = 5041
541x2 = 1082
182 = YOQB - Yaaqov - Jacob

Springmeier's essays on MK ULTRA give a lot of descryption of MKUltra programming while , ironically, providing 'creatives' in the music and film industries a wealth of 'inspiration'

G in Hebrew is spelt GML and = 3+40+30 = 73. Apparently in the dollar-bill pyramid there = 72 bricks [ I don't think they're drawn on though, haven't counted] which may represent the 72 names of God while the 73rd = the opening of the eye when 'god' has no name. Thus the G may rep the opening of the 3rd eye, a tabula rasa for Da Big G to reprogramme. Da really real God is not the biggest person as cults and religions would have us believe, God has no person-ality, nor giant hands with giant growing nails that angels pare, as angels don't exist.
G in one Tarot order = the Wheel at Numero 3. [ There are tellingly 3 figures upon the wheel in 'classic' packs]. The wheel = motion. The 3 represents Triangle. R.Buckminster-Fuller claims Triangle = Structure.

The number 3 gets doubled in the supposed 'highest degree' of Scottish Rite Freemasonry - 33. This converts to GL = 3+30 = 33, translates as 'wave'. DeQuincey-dentally the two letters spelt in full - GML and LMD total - 73 and 74 respectively.
74 - 73 = 1, which may infer that those with the 33rd degree are now 1 or 1st.
Tarotically G & L give -
G - Wheel - 3 - Jupiter
L - Adjustment - 30 - Libra
and as such the 33rd degree has ability to adjust structure and its motion.

The 'G' crops up in Ground zerO and for my purposes I'll transcribe it thus - GO. as standing for GML and OYN.
G = Wheel - 3 - Jupiter
O = Devil - 70 - Capricorn
The word OYN translates as 'eye', while GO = 73, the total of GML spelt in full.
GML + OYN = 73 + 130 = 203 = BRA - 'creates' , and the 1st and 3rd syllables of The Torah - BRAShYTH BRA..... In the beginning creates....
Of note is that 911 = RAShYTh , the 2nd - 6th letters of the Torah

Al Crowley makes this point in the 'Book of the Law' - Ch.2 v.7
'I am the Magician and the Exorcist. I am the axle of the wheel, and the cube in the circle.
"Come unto me " is a foolish word: for it is I that go.

INAUGURATE - ' interpreted as omens' [from the flight of birds]

The Red carpet on which monarchs and presidents waft along when occasion demands represents a sacrifice. In the past certain types got sacrificed at great celebrations. The sub-ject was hauled before the monarchs and beheaded or heart ripped out etc. The bloody corpse was then dragged off before the monarchs leaving a broad red line on which the monarch-priests , hand-in-hand walked along, breathing in the psycho-spiritual soul energy. These days they use a symbolic carpet.

Tarantino's 'Inglourious Bastards' also uses a swathe of red daubed behind the victorious heroes.

In 'Magnolia' Tom Cruise's character gives the 'V' sign, here indicating 'Vagina'. CELTIC REBEL provides a deal of writings on the subject of the V-sign.
Churchill's V for Victory sign was supposedly given him by Crowley, the sign of Apophis the Destroyer , to combat the swastika.
The 60's peace symbol - 2 up 3 down , Robert Anton Wilson claimed it as a 'secret' 23. Perhaps for the 23rd Yi-Ching hexagram 'to overthrow', which I guess would be Apophis' specialisation
The fingers down are 1,4 and 5 which reversed give 541 - YShRAL. Israel was created 'because' of the war in 1948.
CELTIC REBEL makes the connexion that the 'Love Heart' symbol and the 2 fingers up = a symbol of the vagina.
Perhaps mythologically the holy name ISRAEL-YShRAL has been taken from its human bearer , Jacob, who wrestled with an entity , possibly 'God', or 'Eesh'. It now represents a place on Earth - Adamah, the carnal female, who has now acquired it in the battle between Adamah and Yahweh for humanity and 'drinks its blood' through warring and killingry.
YShRAL - YOQB [ Israel minus Jacob] = 541 - 182 - 359 which spells ShTN - Satan. 300+9+50.

The dust proved a major component of the 9/11 death ritual. Dust and the breath of YHVH brought about the ADM


Burn-hard Bernanke
Banker Wanker
Covers up
A septic canker
Board 'em
Loot 'em
& raise the Anchor
[as well as the debt]
America,; 'Sank her!'

Repeat - the money has disappeared!

The Heath Ledger JOKER from the film DarKKnight, burnards a whopping pile of dollar bills, reminding us that 'moneee' holds only the value given it by consent.
Neither human nor planet have lost any real wealth though feel that a lot of work has come to naught, But we will try to balance the books, aka the Ledgers. Our attachment to Bio-Survival tickets makes us feel that the loss is overwhelming. Once overwhelmed many give up thinking and become despondant, esp. savers
The Ledgers in the Fed we cannot peruse, check, balance or approve.

The timing of the film and its theme of bank-looting paved the way for the real heist.

Goldman Sachs while the Fed plunders

Atomic blasts mimicked as MediaMindBombs

Electro-Magnetic energy pulses into the Ionosphere mimicking the effects of Carbon emission

The number of the Beast - 666 - mimics Carbon's atomic makeup - 6 Electrons, 6 Protons, 6 Neutrons

When Carbon a Tax!!

No More dead man images central to organised cults

The end of the Avatar , the beginning of religion