Monday, December 28, 2009


A boarding pass of another passenger on the same flight. Note that it reads NW0253 making it possible to read as NW0.
253 = MTRD a Hebrew word with the folllowing meanings
'Annoyance , nuisance' - acc. to dictionary by Shimon Zilberman
'Matred, who symbolises the Elaborations on the side of Severity', from Crowley's 'Sepher Sephiroth'
253 = 11 x 23.

The passenger ticket above belongs to Kurt haskell who saw the man getting led through customs in Schipol , apparently without paperwork, by a 'sharp-dressed man'. Perhaps Mr. Haskell's observation will bring 'annoyance' to whoever set up this drama.

The attack may lead US Govt. to re-enact a couple of Homeland Security laws that finish on Dec 31st - elaborations on the side of severity?

The passenger , from Nigeria, had seat number 19A, which = no. of hijackers alleged to have committed the 9/11 attacks.
A=1 so 191, an 'anagram' of that event.

BLUE MOONS occur every 19years


little dynamo said...

well for awhile N.O.W. i've read NWO largely as New Woman Order, thatd make it New Woman Order #253, a command a la isis -- apparently one of 'severe nuisance'

tho circumstances and potential were severe (and ongoing!) ---note that the "attack" failed, thus nuisance not tragedy etc

MTRD at first glance elicited 'MaTeR Dei" ie goddess, so incident as mass psychic extrusion/dreeming mind madness of "Matred" = mother + hatred

alternately, MaTR-D, either mater-D or maitre-dee

"The attack may lead US Govt. to re-enact a couple of Homeland Security laws that finish on Dec 31st - elaborations on the side of severity?"

yoop v convenient-ay aint it?

and whose interests are served by such a nuisance attack? NWO indeed

the above theme aligns with our recent posts, as well as the Lady in Red attack at st peters on christmas -- fairhall wrote lots about this, also our Black Widow-in-Red genetocollage and obie's Hovering Spectre Wife photo i just ran again

also aligns with the norway spiral/obama nobel twostep -- the flight was out of amsterdam

netherlands = underworld, subterra, hell baybee! the whole unkonshus circus

... hovering spectres, MTRD, New Bel Awards, norway aerospirals -- another week the Off Iss!

ok af great catch on the NWO253 ticket, out, ray

aferrismoon said...

Yes , a 'nuisance' attack.

Got me a-thunkin' o Lady in Red.

A Lady in Red attacks the Pope

Lady Gaga in red bows to Queen Liz dressed as Queen Zlizabeth 1, the 1st major protestant monarch after HenryVIII left Rome.

The woman in Rome was also 'gaga' , as in mentally disturbed, so they say


Scarlet Woman

AM-Stir-Dam to AM - Erica

The bomber was both 'dangerous' and 'stupid' as he set himself alight. Kind of fear and piss-taking at the same time.

Notice there's been lots of rioting in Nigeria, a country that has been cozying up to Russia in the past couple of years.


Dennis/87 said...

Hail Isis!

little dynamo said...

NWO253 ticket belonged to passenger [pigeon] Kurt Haskell

ImmimentEminent InfoOfficer here,rna Karrier in this particular (un)rite(yus)

Has Kell, so represents/carries the book of kells ie code in this miniritual cryptosequence of Severe Nuisance

kell-tic, druidic, NWOMA, MATR with goddess frosting & dont forget the sprinkles

so Kurt command #253 (MATD) of the New Woman Order

?? anyway, thats a rough illumination :O)

meanwhile as you report unerringly! one Lady Gaga, whatever that is and pls dont tell me, bows to Queen Liz

the "illuminated" manuscript Book of Kells is commonly called the Book of Columba = goddess of n. and s. america, columbia

our own old grrl!

District 'n all! ;O)

original name for Book of Kells = Gospel of Columbkille, which i do believe rather fits here umhm

cheerio to yo, ray

aferrismoon said...

You can have hail, rain, wind, sun or even snow on special occasions.
Book in Advance.

'Our book of kills' as Joyce were apt to call it.

£ days ago watched a BBC prog about Irish Christianity in Britain.

The blue colour in the book was from Lapis Lazuli , which they got from Afghanistan.

oddly Columba's Irish Xtianity was eventually usurped by Rome's interference, no-one could agree on the date of Easter - The goddess of fertility who munches the Christling


Newspaceman said...

Great catch aferrismoon. Dont know if it is mainstream media or just in Scotland, but we have seen the "bomber" photographed in a celtic football strip in various tabloids.

Celtic - Catholic team - Pope.

Link is here, half way down for image -

cheers, Happy New Year

aferrismoon said...

Cheers , I got the Celtic shirt [ of course Nigeria's colours are Green and White] and I assume Celtic FC also had links with the Catholic side of the Troubles

All the Best