Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bees keep life buzzing

A few streets away from where I live is the shrine pictured her. The girl who died, maybe she was about 20-25, looked, on the pictures, full of the fun of life. Pictures show her making faces and reminding the passers-by that she enjoyed life. Her name is Sabina.

Binary Torah

On Jan.16 2000 I got the fairly reasonable idea of translating the numerical value of the words in the Torah into Binary.
Translate each word into its number. Do this , lightly, for 1 verse. Place each number below the previous, vertically. Across the horizontal [ left to right] the binary values [ 1,2,4,8,16,32 etc] . Translate numbers into black [1] and white [0] acc. to their binary value. Take the pattern as a quarter and mirror it [ to the right] then mirror this half [below-top to bottom] and hey!Presto the verse is translated into a b/w checkerboard image.
Here is one I made earlier
- Genesis Ch.3 verse 2 [ in Hebrew 3=G, 2=B]
The whole verse totals 4928 [ 49-7x7,28=4x7; 49+28=77]

Friday, August 24, 2007

These boots are made for running

Fly me to the Moon
Let me report among the stars
I'm here to tell what life is like
On Jupiter and Mars

Mercurial Max piles on the NRG

In an article in Kiwi netpape Spinner [] they report the release of hammer murderer Maxwell Edison who has now reformed [ either that or been panel-beaten]. In the same pape an article on education warns that children who don't stay in school might end up working at firms like Mercury Energy.
T.Edison had a deal to do with NRG and Max Mercury sounds like a cheaper version of Silver Surfer
This hammer-time via the Silver Fox at Peering Through links in with my blog about the Hammer and Falcon's feather experiment on the Apollo15 moon jaunt. JK hammers through with Mjolnir, Thor's hammer, that grinds and dustifies all opposition

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


In an article in July 'Plumblines and an eyeful of Pylarmids' I showed how the 1st verse of Genesis in Hebrew is 'reversible' or complementary. 11 characters are used to form the 28 character 1st verse, thus 11 remain unused. In time-honoured code tradition one may use the characters transposed to find 'hidden' talk. The English alphabet is also used to symbolize the Hebrew characters, though they don't really represent the sounds of those words, merely approximate.
Thus the 1st verse of Genesis-Berashit :
is the transposition
The 1st part of the 1st word BRA [203][ translates as 'created'] transposes into DOG [77]which synchromystically and hilariously goes some way to answer the question 'Is a God to be found in a Dog?' . DOG is the hidden force of creating, coupled with the Dog-star, the Dogon of Mali and their Sirian cosmology. DG[7] = fish in Hebrew and the O[70] represents the hebrew character OYN[130] - an eye; a fish - eye? - Piscis Australis. Is DogStar a mispronunciation of Dag-star , a fish star
Can earthquakes be caused by star movements, among other things?
BRA = 203 : the glyph of life [ ChYH, chiah = living=23] , pregnant with all possibilties - 0 added to DOG = 77 , this fish with its eye of opportunity opening conjoin to form 280 , the periodicity of the female 28 incarnated in Malkuth , the 10th Sephira.
The twin towers = 2 and 3 with 0 between them. they are struck by the 77 . the 77 cubes the 2 creating the 8-gonal tower and having 'crushed an Universe, nought remains' - 280
WhoWhatever created the Torah seems to have a keen sense of humour.
Slightly aside from that a few other interesting number synchs :
BRAShYTh = 913 = 11x83 ; ABRAHADABRA - Crowley's word of the Aeon = 418 = 11x38
The whole of verse1 = 2701 = 37x73 [ two primes, reversed]

On the run

A cavalcade of mercurial inflewences and Newspaceman's flagrant collection of china and enamel ephemera brings forth my great-great-grandfathers 130yards dash [handicap] trophy . He [GHJupp] won this while at a meet for the London Athletics Club Oct 13th 1867. He also played in the 1st match against an Australian Cricket Team in Britain in 1868. The Australian team were all Aboriginal people. The matches in this series were not recognized by the Australian Cricket Board until the 1990's.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hu r U

One from the CEOP page and the other an ad on the Space shuttle story that's linked from Tod's article [ Peering Through] Invasion
The Hu looks nearest to the Hg symbol for the element Mercury, Also 8 = HVD the 8th Sephira whose planet is Mercury as Venus is the &th

Saturday, August 18, 2007

F 4 Phayk

and Fox
Tods investigative burrowing has like mystic flypaper caught a few flies and turned them into a dinner fit for a Fay-King.
What looked briefly like rocks, small stones, gravel has now turned out to be most illustrious Cinnabar.
Hg - Wells-Welles -Mercury - Mercury Theatre-War of the Worlds - the Mining accident in Utah
In David Southwells blog he writes about the Thief-Writer in A Fragment from the Dreamscape
Mercury , king of Thieves, con-artist supreme leads me to Welles film F for Fake and the artist Elmyro
The dubious qualities of the MM investigation: the ability to attract a lot of cash-money-interest -focus on the basis of something that is missing. [ My apologies to Madeleine whose plight I can't imagine]
I have to include the logo of CEOP gleaned from 'Battling the Behemoth'
Like a Thief in the Night
MM = 40+40 in the Hebrew letter-number system and Hg = chem.element 80
80 = Ph , [ PhH = Mouth, pron. Fey]. In the Crowley tarot, Book of Thoth it goes with The Tower
A tiny furore over the symbolicism of the All C-ing Eye at BTB leads to a pleasant synch:
As the 1st word of the CEOP logo is Child there's no reason why this Child agency sholud not be called ChEOP and thus invoke the Great Pyramid of that name which had to be built by Masons , free or otherwise. The Dollar-bill pyramid with eye neatly slips in, providing a freemasonic tinge. The ASEye has been used widely in Catholic symbolgy and we note the McCanns' religious inclinations. The Cheop eye also has a split at 3oclock, while Madeleine's eye has a 7oclock split.
Ummm 73 , the last brick atop the 72-bricked pyramid of the dollar, sorry Federal Reserve Bill.
The Earthquake in Peru had its epicentre 33 miles in.
Che-ops, black-ops, bunny-'ops

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Icon Tact

These images stir me to action. I have touched on them before, but seeing them in different settings, pictures [ over at Synchromystic Librarian, and vid L.I.M.b by Pan Kotze] requires they wash up on the shores of SunKhrono City . All circulates.
Here Foxy Lockesy explains how Masons are chosen, the Watchman Smiley worn by the Comedian, Edward Blake and a ruffled balloon , Smiley visage slightly disfigured. Aren't we all

Monday, August 13, 2007


Mrs. McCann claims that she is in 'the worst kind of limbo'. For Catholics , such as the McCanns, Limbo denotes a specific place in the various hells and pre-hells of this complex religious practice. There seem to be a range of realms one must pass through to get there, naturally, due to Limbo's proximity to Hell.
In other news today a paedophile was jailed in Leicester. His room was infested with fleas and police claimed it a foul search.
As he comes from Leicester , despite his serious delusion, perhaps he's the type who might have or be able to get info on child-abductors.
For many the McCann media machine has become a White Elephant
Noone knows the fate of Madeleine or the thousands young and old taken against their will, in plain sight

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cross purposes

At Through the looking Glass Tod highlights the Johnson&Johnson legal spat with the American Red Cross over use in commerce of the Red Cross logo. I had recently taken some pictures at The Soviet Knights of Malta chapels in Prague.
Lately I've been reading Secrets of the Federal Reserve [ E. Mullins] and he cites some of the former directors of the ARC -
In 1917 Henry P. Davison , senior partner in JPMorgan Co., was appointed head of ARC to get control of the $370m cash collected in donations.
Ronald Ransom [ Atlanta banker & under Rooseveldt in '38-'39 Gov. of the Fed] was Dir. in charge of personnel for Foreign Service for ARC in 1918
John Skelton Williams , Comptroller of the Currency, was app. National Treasurer of the ARC
FDR's law partner, Basil O'Connor was a director of the ARC
At present it's Mark Everson who in a question from Trent Stamp ,[ article:' I am well suited for the job' at] concerning the tax status of the Salvation Army and its large donation-based untaxed income answered:
'I don't comment on things that are relevant to my former position as the Comissioner of the IRS'
On the J&J case he was able to comment:
' For a multi-million dollar drug company to claim that the ARC violated a criminal statute that was created to protect the humanitarian mission of the ARC, simply so that J&J can make more money, is obscene"
I include a photo of Mr. Everson and his employer and his employer........

If it melts , film it and if it films....

Over on The Kentroversy Papers he has an article on Glowbawl Warrming and included a link to book pictired above.
Over at Newspaceman I acquired the Foxes Glacier Mints logo.
While reading The Secrets of the Federal reserve by E. Mullins [ through Aria Invicta at Tod's site] I found a credit to Ladislav Farago's 'The Game of the Foxes' about the extent of German espionage in the US and GB in WW2

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fans miss bee hive

The new English Premier league starts on Saturday 11. Harry Potter, Foot and Mouth, Iraq, Terrorism will all fall before the this league of ultra-ordinary gentlemen. Various teams promoting football's version of eugenics will steadily draw out more raw talent from around the world to create this season's Uberteam.
Millions will be dispersed throughout Europe at speeds that no non-superhero tax collector can ever compete with. These amounts will be dutifully converted into Pounds or Euros. Heads of state, ex-heads of state, newspaper owners, Ice-hockey team owners, owners of small countries have now 'seen the light'. All sail to fair Albion [ or any team except Albion] to pour their gotten gains into the beautiful game.
Millions will wear their Team Strip, waddling from Giant screen to Giant screen, hawking the latest logo and the team crest around where'er they wander, stumble and fall. Like Knights of old en masse the motleys will chant , a chant that will begin in good-humour and end with Your'e gonna get your fuckin' bed slept in!
The Champions League will field Giga-teams, with a value equivalent to a lot of not-so-well-off countries, and we will become intimate with inept over-the-moon vocabulary , petulant managers, some wonderful football, and doubtless the new tattoos and hairstyles so integral to football today.
While the game ensues international corporate diplomacy will take place in the Executive boxes as various Mafians peer down upon their 'crew'. Losers will be dropped, then operated on , then played until their legs fall off. It is important to get some sort of return on the new Foot & lot of Mouth boys.
Over time each team will have a missing child who's news photo will display their fave team strip. This team will have a moral obligation to play their hardest for the victim[s] from their fan-base. Fans will be given part of a picture of the little person's face which they can hold up , all together, before the game. Hooligans ain't sooo bad. Opposing fans will be blamed for not supporting their victim icon and can then be 'nailed' for the crime by proxy.
Everton used to be nicknamed 'The Millionaires'.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sugar Hill Gang

Filched this from Tod at Through the Looking Glass, and before that at Crop Circle Connection.
There are 4 x 36 triangles and 18 cubes. The Hexagram in the middle [ for those who don't know what a hexagram is , it's in the middle] invoked the 13 starred one on the dollar bill so 144 + 18 + 13 = 175. Another [h]airline connection[ Flight 175, a tower hitter] and also the number of the intelligence of Venus

Lost by numbers

The 1st 9 verses of Genesis ch.11 continue to create more outlandish synchronumbers. When I total the value for each of the 9 together the result = 28152 which I tend to consider as 2-815-2.
A quick review
Finding that D.Lynch and L.Dern have reversible initials totalling via Hebrew to 34 the numerical attribution of BBL, the place where they built the Tower , I decided to investigate those 9 verses. Verse 9 = 3629 which = 19x191.
It turned out that a clutch of aircraft numbered 191 have crashed in the past 40 years. Synchronous as this blog hovers around the 911 ritual
So the total of verses 1-9 = 28152 and I instantly link it to the Oceanic flight 815 that crashed in Lost. It appears trapped within the 22 Major Arcana or the 22 paths connecting the Sephiroth constituting the Tree of Life.
In the illustration above the numbers up tp 22 have been positioned, each number connected to one other makes a prime.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Bower of Tables

A few numerical psinkers from the Tower of Babel which crops up, or attempts to, in Genesis Chapter 11 verses 1-9. The tower does not fall but is 'left off' once the confusion of languages occur. This comes from translating the bible-torah eVent into 'words', which can do naught but compare. While the various peoples building a Magdul [ MGDL - 77] or Tower to YHVH spoke in a language they could all understand -numbers- they could get on with evolution. This language still exists as a World-Around-Language-Integration-System [WALIS]. Importing the Torah through numbers doesn't create the present word-based fallout that has emerged from the Bible -Torah. Words aren't inherently 'bad' but certain conditions arise from their use esp. when talking ab-out the Deity [which is IT/2]. The words change meaning over time, from geographical region to region etc.
Ezra Pound felt that the Tower of Babel represented the advent of Phonetic [ Phoenician] language though which took language out of the hands of the Hieroglyph-using priesthood. Nevertheless the thrust of the Babel story implies the whole world had the same language and that can only be numbers.
Reading Buckminster-Fuller I get the feeeling that he feels the Navigator-Priests created 'unlucky' numbers [ esp. Primes] to dissuade people from using them. In the Renaissence mathematicians like John Dee had to balance their use of numbers in case they got fingered or digitised as 'working with the Devil'. Even today people have seen me adding numbers and said that it'll send you mad.
while I admit Technology gets misused in itself it's not evil , yet there remain those who despise it's very existence, the Witchfinder Luddite Nihilists. The essence of this fear for numbers comes arises as they can't 'lie'.
a bible of numbers destroys the idiocy that the one true faith belongs to a tiny amount of humans who understand Hebrew, Arabic, Sanskrit, English, Latin , Greek etc.

The Lord confounds the language in Ch.11 v.9 and the word BBL the Torah mentions twice which loops it back to the synchro about Laura and David in the previous blog. This verse has 19 words and uses 58 characters. When I add all the words numerical values the total = 3629.
3629 = 19 x 191
Thus Ch. 11 v.9 uses 19 words which total 19 x 191 [ every number except 9 = Prime number]
While checking out 191 I see 5 aircraft with that number have crashed, the most recent on Aug 27 , last year.
19 = ChVH - Eve, the mother of all, so an idea of a new birth. Carlo Suares called the Babel episode a premature birth, humans have to 'go through' a learning process and acc. to Suares it had not occured. [Cipher of Genesis -Carlo Suares]
BBL [ bevel, baybelle] - B = in, a container, BL=Lord, LB = heart. BBL comes to 34 [ 2 - 2 - 30]. Evidently we have this double container BB and a controlled movement L [ this letter is called LMD which means an ox-goad]. Humans enclosed in the conditioning of their conditioning leads to a controlled and measured movement, the building of a tower.BBL is mentioned chapter 10, as one of the cities built by Nimrod. Following his building efforts we get a list of the generations of Noah within which we are told that the earth and its people are divided. Then in Chapter 11, without warning, we are told that the people all speak and live as one, wishing to establish a place for themselves.These contradictions prove farcical if left in a linguistic form. Acc. to Carlo Suares the Hebrew grammar is unusual even for native Hebrew readers, which to him , lends evidence to the top-order relevance of the numbers.
BBL = 34 = 2 x 17
2b continued
In the photo of the plane I notice that it's very visible and much of the details can be seen. Quite unlike the planes that 'flew into' the WTC towers.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

WOMB for 7

In the previous article , despite protestations from the script , I find it hard not to hear
'Holy Shit, 9 11 fucking down' from Lula [ Peanut] the character played by Laura Dern in David Lynch's Wild@Heart.
16 years later Lynch's Inland Empire has Laura Dern playing Nikki Grace who opens the door to Room 47 wherein live a suburban Rabbit family.
47 stories hath WTC Building 7, and 47 = the number of columns holding intact the respective Twin Towers. The title Inland Empire, the girl disappearing into the rabbit hole-home, the reverse Tarot effect of DL and LD [ David Lynch and Laura Dern]
LD converted into numbers gives L=30, D = 4 and thus 34 which happens to = BBL [ Babel or as hebrews say Bevel] and quite obviously a Tower. Thus DL&LD = Twin Towers, and 2x34 = 68
1968 = the year that initiated the present attempt by the NWO at world domination.
The rabbit=ear shadow against the back wall = the 1st and 4th finger salute so prized by the NWO ackackolights

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Can NE 1 Tell what Peanut done said?

If anybody can give their version of what Peanut says I would be much obliged.

Month 8

Month 8 - August in the English. In the Czech [ I'm sure I've written some on this before] its written SRPEN [ Sir-pen] which derives from the word SRP - as sickle.
Since living in Prague I have yet to see a picture or a sculpture/statue featuring a male with a SICKLE. They seem to be held by a young girl. [ Check article - Ahoy me heartease, the young girl holds the sickle]. Thus I imagine that the Sickle is held by the Virgin. The Virgin then stands for MATURITY rather than some coy girl, innocent tousle-haired lad awaiting to get it on. This allows me to regain the journey of innocence to maturity at all times instead of wondering what the hell happened when I first 'had sex'. Here the penetration represents Universe informing and the sickle the time to harvest, weigh it up and reorientate acc. to the store of NRG I have to GO 4ward.
This also forces me to reappraise the virginal quality of Mary. Perpetually in a state of revealing a harvest, mature enough to accept the LORDs visit and bring forth a new aeon. Mary as dynamic, thoughtful, focussed and ready to act not some permanently half-sad , fragile, icon-lie.
As August - Srpen belongs mostly to LEO an allegory ensues. The VIRGIN controls the LION. At the right time the vigorous corn will mature though it declines ever to cut itself down. We need to let it get to the peak of nutritious value before we HARVEST.
A linking occurs - The vigorous , golden corn - LEO, we harvest at its MATURITY and then WEIGH our crop. Get a bit stuck at Scorpio.
This sickle reminds me of the glyph for Leo, which has very serpentlike qualities.
I wonder anew at the Crop-circles, a new harvest now that we appraoch maturity.