Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lost by numbers

The 1st 9 verses of Genesis ch.11 continue to create more outlandish synchronumbers. When I total the value for each of the 9 together the result = 28152 which I tend to consider as 2-815-2.
A quick review
Finding that D.Lynch and L.Dern have reversible initials totalling via Hebrew to 34 the numerical attribution of BBL, the place where they built the Tower , I decided to investigate those 9 verses. Verse 9 = 3629 which = 19x191.
It turned out that a clutch of aircraft numbered 191 have crashed in the past 40 years. Synchronous as this blog hovers around the 911 ritual
So the total of verses 1-9 = 28152 and I instantly link it to the Oceanic flight 815 that crashed in Lost. It appears trapped within the 22 Major Arcana or the 22 paths connecting the Sephiroth constituting the Tree of Life.
In the illustration above the numbers up tp 22 have been positioned, each number connected to one other makes a prime.

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