Monday, August 13, 2007


Mrs. McCann claims that she is in 'the worst kind of limbo'. For Catholics , such as the McCanns, Limbo denotes a specific place in the various hells and pre-hells of this complex religious practice. There seem to be a range of realms one must pass through to get there, naturally, due to Limbo's proximity to Hell.
In other news today a paedophile was jailed in Leicester. His room was infested with fleas and police claimed it a foul search.
As he comes from Leicester , despite his serious delusion, perhaps he's the type who might have or be able to get info on child-abductors.
For many the McCann media machine has become a White Elephant
Noone knows the fate of Madeleine or the thousands young and old taken against their will, in plain sight


realm said...

around here we have 'Amber Alerts' just saw another announcement driving home today. They are becoming more and more frequent. Really sad state of affairs, I'm sure this will only expedite the chipped movement. As far as Limbo, in the above picture ... it's not such a bad place. If one can delude themselves. Peace, Joshua

aferrismoon said...

Yes i,ve seen the graded emergencies. What's more , despite some healthy cynicism, it must prove difficult to get them out of sight and therefore out of mind
First it's seen , then the office worker who has to bring the news , 'Oh God everybody , did u see the new emergency grade'
'Oh Jeez Louise, just relax , take it easy'
' Take it easy when terrorists are gonna kill my kids, aaaah' Office worker goes into simulated heart-attack, you're fired for not 'caring'. The govt. has a word about your flippant attitude towards the W.on T. Nobody dies. Frighetened employee becomes Prozak addict. Govt. reviews your case , you are now a Corporate hero. New job doing PR work for Monsanto-Wellcome media dept.