Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Thomeme Korun Affair

I wrote a post entitled something like Jack and Morg going up a hill, and mastaba-tumbling after, a mem-shard revelation gleaned from the film THE BUCKET LIST. The Jack and Jill shindig got charged again by a pointed remark in The WWWiz's e-tome on EWS [Eyes Wide Shut] - Jack and Jill went up the hill, r u getting the signal?
The Signal , the Signal Tower [ RKO do a good image] and the Crown with its QRN, the Hebrew word for Horn. It seems a simple link to put the Hebrew word QRN with the word CROWN and then slip in the word THORN which in Hebrew = QTz or QVTz which infers 'cuts' and a 1000 of them.
A gamut of insistent images , criss-cruising the imageniary oceans. TUM, borne by the beetle Khepera emerges on the horizon. The image emblazons itself on all of earthly consciousness, yet its the humes who tend to whip off its clothes and writhe in symbolism. The Tumulus, primeval mound, the first erection, the inkling of breasts, the urge to say something, pregnant, and now Jack comes tumbling down and Jill a breathless moment after. The Horn and Tower , sweet words of power. And in the whirlings of passion the 2 mingle and a fine beam of light reaches crown to star all the way through to the centre of the Earth. How they laughed!
Jack rises to the crown of the hill , Jill with him, The THAUMIM - The Twins, they fetch a PAIL of WATER , the Aquarians with their dual-current icon communicate and receive with the ALL-BUCKET, the 2 Kids holding hands play atop the Tumulus , the SUN card in the book of Thoth takes us to the Tumble Top. A spiralling love dance invigorates all and sundries the 2 little pisceans , wettier a sweatier as the 2 make OUT. The climbax comes, it flows , it glows.......

And Jack breaks his Crown, that gilded horn of the wily born, the pail of water spills ,the she-bucket, and both fall back in - no more downers. Jacob and the Angel, the Gods at the top of the Starcase, both Tummy and Tomb. This dual-twin currency - Jack , hard , towering seeds Jill, at the moment they conceive Jack falls while Jill begins to grow inside. In 9 months she falls, after Jack while out comes the KID who grows, a veritable 3IN1. It grows and then starts to shrink , enough to stoop through the doorway of the TUMULUS or Barrow.

In BATMAN BEGINS , Bruce Wayne , at a young age , has a phobia for bats. As he gets older he meets a HEnri Ducard who invites him to join the LEAGUE OF SHADOWS, an elite vigilante group. Bruce travels to a mountaintop, and is told to pick a BLUE FLOWER that gets made into an hallucinogen which helps him overcome his bat-phobia. He is asked to assassinate a criminal , refuses and kills a few of the League. This eating of the Blue Flower and its inherent power on and within the human psyche keeps popping in of late. Blue the stain of HAL&LUCY Mushrooms and the spice-ridden FREMEN of Djune

Brought by Man who paces the News just right - FORGET-ME-NOT, an iconic blue-flower, its tale of a KNecht [ Geman Knight] picking flowers for his Maiden tumbles or topples headlong into the River - too heavy he cries to her the echoing words - Fuck Me Nicely. The Ways of Interactive Bio-Symbioisis grace us with the SETACEOUS HEBREW CHARACTER , the name of the moth-like entity in the picture. To some eyes it proffers the Hebrew character NVN, the letter allied to the Tarot DEATH , Card 13, and I must say its a pretty like likeness. While NVN can mean a 'fish' it is thought the original N was NChSh - a serpent and particularly the brand of Serpent that gives away fruit to primal females. NChSh numerically - 358 which MShYCh- Messiah. This leads to the double-current over aeons of The YHShVH-NChSh [ Jesus-Serpent]or[326-358]. The difference twixt the two = 32 while the difference between 326 and 359 [ ShTN-Shaitan] = 33. The Serpent shares the apple and is immidiately condemned in the Criss-Cross versions, The Messiah-Jesus shares the fruit and gets double-crossed. All Rise

The Crown - Horn of Thorns [ Thorn - a Runic letter, from Thurisaz - Frost Giant] placed on the Head of Jesus as he strolls hilltopward, to GOLGOTHA , the place of Skulls, erstwhile human tumuli. He will stand in for the sins of all, pain will occur, doubtless, but this guy's got it in for 'fear of death'. A few megapixels earlier Abraham, the father of the human tribe whisks his boy Yitzak to the hilltop, to fill a bucket with the watery blood of his son. A RAM appears just before the clim-axe of this bloody Sonnycide caught in a thornbush, its spiralling horns locking it in. Fair swop Yahweh, cheers, 'preciate it. Yahweh - Just don't ignore the message hidden, not too deep, ok Avram et all. The Ram pays for Yitzhak , the Laughing Boy, and Jesus does duty for mankinder.

Here we seee Charles 1, supporter of A Spanish-catholic influenced THRONE of Britain, following on from his schizo father JACOBUS I or VI, who married Charles to the Infanta and his daughter Elizabeth to the Calvinist Frederick V of Heidelberg. Both were the Winter King and Queen of Bohemia and the fuse for the explosive 30 Years War. The Battle of Bila Hora [ White Mountain] in 1621 remains a battle of long-enduring influence on Europe and the World, perhaps it still resounds.
Charles , pictured here in the EIKON BASILIKE by William Marshall [ The W-M again] exchanges his earthly crown for the crown of a martyr, a crown of thorns. Charles lost his head. He climbed to the place of Execution. He lost his head and his QRN came tumbling after.

Here Christ uses the angle of the Cross to calculate the time of day and his earthly position. As we know all great fishermen have to learn to sail and read the heavens. I guess he saw the note: Enjoy the weekend, I return on Monday, be good.
Jack and Jesus Christ and Jill , three horns crown that Hill, out from Earth and in2 heaven, 3 = 4 now equals seven.
The wee tumulus of GolGotha, a burial mound, a pyramid , ladder. No culture should be without one. Rising from solitary heaths the barrow-builders and the Hump-T Tum-Ts dot the landscape with soft horns, in the cities and megalopoli the hills are remembered as Thorny Rhamni, Towers scraping heaven, rise they will , Phall they must.

Astrosphinks relayed that Walnut can mean BIG nut in Swedish, VAL for Big is also VAL for Whale. Whale seems to mean big, in Czech the Whale = Velryba- the Whale Fish and in older English the Whale was known and sung about as WHALEFISH, WHALEFISH. The Great Ocean-going ships, deep=bellied took their design from the Beached remains of the Whale. I consider the Punic-Phoenician-Venetian-Portuguese-Veeking to be the same sea-farers and adept world-around strategists and they store their knowledge, not in one , but all World religions/ belief-systems.
The instructions for building ships, mathematics, trigonometry, star-charting all marry together and can be known only by the World-Around. Monotheism don't wash here, nor mon-archy, the religion is myriad , such is its unity.
While the etymology of VALHALL [ Valhalla - an English corruption] may be Hall of the Slain, I counter with HALL of the WHALE. This includes big-, great- and giantness but to the 'nitiate the template for Ocean going vessels. Overturned the Whale becomes the Tumulus, place of worship, a Church, a great Gothic Cathedral, wherein sits a man , Jonah. In Hebrew IVNH , the name = dove and the dove left the ark, and the ark found land , and the they turned over their great ark , forgot all about how to construct boats, taught slaves the half of it, and created the Church of the Stupid Slave. Further to that, in subterranean add-on, they knew the safe place to stay was often underground, even now they build large safety bunkers in Norway [ Cheers Laboratory of the Psychonaut]. Underground = no sunlight = no Vitamin D. Nevertheless Inuits got by in darkness, skin-covered from the cold. Aha! They eat the odd whale and whales contain in their blubber- Vitamin D which is whu Whale is an important dietary requirement for any world powerful though fairly discreet undergroung dwelling hilltumanatus

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nut-Tun going on but the Rent

For no other reason or should I say REZON [ the reason that resonates] than in my post EYE CAN DEE I loaded a picture of a blue VW Beetle. Beetles , mythowise, tend to cajole us towards KHEPRA who carries the son through the TUAT or the E-chiptian Underworld, whence it swells to the Morn to be named Tem or TUM. This swelling bizness indicates an explosive energy expanding, or a pregnancy, a tumour, hill tor or mountain. The growing womb = the tomb of the developing angel-human, and why not Vice Versa, our Mastaba-Tombs our wombs for developing into Star-graced entities. it could allso mean that Steve wants to tell people that my post will hurt people if it falls into the wrong hands - and as such I will endeavour to be more careful with the spurious and possibly harmful tripe that passes for mere remedial ranting.

Back to the SPOTLESS ETERNAL SUN/MOONSHINE errata. Here's Ned telling Homer , in no uncertain terms, that as a hubbub-hearing Xtian he had no choice to Call the KOPS on hearing Marge's screams. The Blue Flowers, ingredient of SUBSTANCE-D[eath], from PKDicks - SCANNER DARKLY appear in pillarmiddik obviousness as 'vigilant' Ned informs Homer of his 'nosey-neighbourly behaviour'

SW brings up a 'network of informers' related to the SCANNER DARKLY story, and in the Simpsons episode Ned gets a little tough [ as if he's got backing]

The latest from the BLOB has got me thinking and there's Tons of Nuts. Heres NUT or NOOT covering her wittle pwanet wiv her arching body. The NUT as stone or kernal within a shell symbolizes something at the centre and I think the word NU-CLEUS through Latin NUX marries these images together. Certain etymologies give NUX as the precursor to NUT but Skeats disagrees, advising us to check Kandulas from KANDU - a [mono]Lithuanian word meaning to 'bite'. Remember ' Kanda' in Tamil = 'mountain' and the whole Tooth thing etc. I have to say I have found none to second WWSkeat's remarks though they tantalise.

Her's Nut as a Cow. I chose it for the closeness to the awful cartoons that deliberately contain many of Life's Secrets [ see Steve's things]. Often they're beetling about on some sort of chair-cum-flier, or their boats/barques float without water, Heliopoliscoptering.

The WAL-Nut , or 'foreign' nut, same prefix as used in WAL-es. Definitely a head-job with its brain-look and as a NUT it reverse-resonates TUN and the delicate phenomes of Miss Bluefin 2008 , Robin TUNNEY. A Tun , spelt ton - 1000 Ks. I have carelessly invoked 'Ain't nothing going on but the Rent, if u wanna B with Me, youv'e gotta get a J-O-B...' by GWEN Guthrie. This synched in with the use of GWEN by INside the Cosmic Cube. The RENT of course is nothing so superficial as paying for where one lives, but refers naturally to RENT in the FABRIC of Space/Time, or Stargate.

Another of SWs favourite haunts appears to be deep within the Earth and this NUT, its called THE NUT can be found in Tasmania. This NUT = a volcanic plug, or truncated pyramid, and was found by BASS & FLINDERS in 1798. Even extra synchronously the town beneaths its steep-sided self is called STANLEY
Well thats IT in a NUTShell, Cap! [ see the blobs latest The LIVING MONOLITH].A seed at the centre can be a nut when edible but when not it's often called a stone. Thus 'The IT in the Nutshell is a Capstone, Kernal!'

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

V - Signs

Hey TC, Top Cat, he's the thingy thingy top cat, etc , TOP Cat, any how I often found myself shouting Hey Tee See and calling policeman Officer Dibble. But he was King of the Block, and had Synchromysticism got off its flinky ass back in the 60s we woulda bin ready for those....initials. We see TC above telling BENNY all about the Church's good vrx, mein liebchen.

further to Demi Moores specific V-ness SECRET SUN whipped in the comment box an invitation to check out the film above. In it DM [ Hebrew for blood- 44] plays a character called Abby Quinn, well hot , dang and doody bits, ain't she called QUINN in FLAWLESS. Not only that I commented about the Numero 17 at Secrets sight and he wrote -Read ReVelations 17. Well I haven't yet BUT this 7th Sign kinda revelationy.
Anyhow, get awarded a medallion and the accompanying ribbon round the neck Vees the upper torso - sick. Think of all those Lizard athletes touting their Vs on the podium - 1,2,3 - V-V-V. But I digress....

Michael at GOSPORN, master or mistress or Mastress of low-budge late night TV whispered a piece of friendly advice in my ear and reminded me of Earth -infiltrating-Reptilian-miniseries [ minisTeries, subtle] V. Disguised Lizards attempt takeover of planet, rather like the Miniseries of Slyentology and various rebels get themselves killed at the beck and call of enlightened 'good' leaders who tell them they have to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT for their freedom

Should our earthly destiny ever reach the day we need V-necked leaders only one true leader exists in these alien-conspiracy-rat-faced-lizard-toothed vacuous smiling garbled times when clarity and truth clamber over rocks , corpses and past blogs- that human = Michael Ironside
Scientolo-G , Just say ze no!

Monday, January 21, 2008

More V

Hot on the heels of Michael at Gosporns fronting of MaryTylerMoore, looking groovy with Ms and Vs I caught DemiMoore covering V-magazine in a similar pose. Add this to AlanMoore's V for VENDETTA and a mooreing we will go flicking the Vs at all and sundry.

I watched the film FLAWLESS last night, its ok, but what synchromeshes up to the hilt is the design of the London Diamond Corp. headquarters which I can't find an image of ...yet. All the windows in the foyer are trapeziums or truncated pyramids
Get 3 Moores, Alan, Demi, Michael , whip off their initials , free ADM the MOORE.
Demi came into this world on NOV 11, 1962 in the town of ROSWELL and her full first name = Demetier which = the Greek version of Ceres, who crops up every now and then.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Scottish Rite

A somewhat sinister message , in plain sight, akin to Scouts on Steroids [ Beep repaired].
Dig the falling masonry logo.

A Kean eye cleans teeth so white they look blue and opens a col gate

Connecting Tooth, Blue, Mountains and Thoth in one magickal image.
Mountains have a toothy look and often due to harsh coldness, light and the vagueries of the spectrum can take on a bluish tinge. Cleanliness often uses a blue-whiteness to engender thoughts of squeaky clean, and cleanliness is found just to the right of godliness. Deities often live atop mountains and dear goats clovenly hoof themselves along mountain ridges to snowbound peaks. This gives the symbol of aspiration, reaching beyond ourselves. A Crowley = Mountaineer and Goat-pusher.

A Kean Eye delivers a tasty meal. He performs the 'Opening of the Mouth' Ritual and finds a King's Bluetooth. The Hing was Harald of Denmark, who managed some sort of communication among Skandaknavians. Wiki notes that he was born sometime around 910AD.
The BlueTooth symbol = 2 Runes { Long Runes}for H & B.
With the idea of bluey cleanliness/godliness comes the idea of Brushing our Teeth. Who better to help than Col-Gate, with its Ring of ConfiDENTs so bright that you can automatically join the Lurch of PsiOncology - We are not a Crook/ I am not a Cult.
COL-Gate fucketh not around, positioned , factoryless, on the banks of the Hudson, its Octagonal imagery keying in with Toothy-Mountain Divines. A COL is a depression or valley type thing, necessarily between mountains or on a single mountain with a jaggedy shape.
So shall Climber cleanse hirself ascending bluey-white mountain, address of earth-bound deities to communicate more clearly than in the distracting metropolis. The Col , doubtless twixt two pillars, leads the Climber along the path to the Gate, be it on earth or not-earth or bearth. Blue also heralds hypothermia, when its 2 K-K-kold

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Eye Can Dee

I took this a couple of weeks ago, its by MYSELBEK though I don't have the title - but Slavic lore doubtless.

Met an old VW and it sported this Fox-castle-Wave logo. Searched the net for it in vain . Nevertheless try the BLOB's ' I Heart Pillarmids' for a vaguely recent visi-synch. Of course Samson dealt with 300 Foxes and stood between 2 Pillarmids pre their destruction by him. Anyhow certainly H-like with a red thing high and proud. In fact the whole thing's Island of Manhattumish, the headlight's and the wing mirrors resionate the candles on the rock in the ocean on the planet in the Solarge System wiv da You-nique verse finding synchromystic blessings in every bloody curse

Achtung Freundlings, Logo = The Coat of Arms of WOLFSBURG, the factory that first started spewing out Strength through Joy. I assume the wee red beastie to be a wolfie, or the SET beast from da 'gyptian
+ The Beetle = KHEPERA who helps bring the Sun through the Night and gets called TUM when it finally does the horizon-tumour dance at Dawn - primeval mounding. + this beetle's BLUE and I've heard that's the Sun's real colour at pres. ORANGE = Blue's complement and gets GABRIEL's attention. All Water under the Bridge as the Townspeople of Wolfsburg are apt to say.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Identity Chrysalis

In the Phoenician Alephbeyt the letter ShYN which evolved into the more famous Hebrew Shin , means TOOTH, specifically a molar, due to its triple-headedness. It also gets drawn or painted above prophets heads, sometimes the sneaky biblical illustrators substitute a flamette. Shin or Sheen or Sin is the Hebrew letter representing FIRE as Alef does duty with AIR and Mayim for WATER. Notice the W-shape of this form of the letter, doubtless easily reversed into an M

Via the K2- Kandy-Lollipop trinity a few 'sweet tooth', 'TOOTH FAIRY' comments and posts have veloured themselves like tacky seat-covers to dang near ev'ry blog in the Universe. As pointed out a couple of posts ago there is a TEMPLE OF THE TOOTH atop Kandy [ a word from KANDA - A mountain] , Apart from having a K in the North upon which Crowley sweated we have another Crowley-spot in the Southern K. I checked Kandy and K2 on a map and they seem to 'be in line'. Still trying to get a good map of India , K2 and Sri Lanka. Anyhow to cut a long story short PYLAMOUNTOOTHAMID.
Just for extra synchromadness I include the WorldTradeCentre buildings in COLOMBO , Sri Lanka.

Jason and Cadmus at different times sowed the earth with Dragon's Teeth which grew into handy warriors. While searching for this I noticed these war defences, against Tanks. Shaped like baby-pyramids , even decapped, they littered fields etc. Some US G-Eyes even got persuaded to do a low-tech stargate ritual, perhaps they were being chased by TIGER tanks

David So. commented to the last post with a subtle synch. He related the day his father was laid to rest at a place called KIT'S COTY [ the Cromlech , an inverted Shin, at Kit's Coty is pictured below]. Jake Kotze brought up KIT a few posts ago attached to KIT-KAT. This KIT is a corruption and shortening of CATIGERN , a British warrior , while COTY means 'house', so Catigern's House. CAT to KIT gives a KIT-KAT

The Pyramids = The Mountains and both resemble teeth , if u like. The Temple of the Tooth atop Kandy [ Mountain] further impresses this connexion for me, as well as the brilliant Kandy -Candy which seriously defies any humourous-probability curve. The letter Sh in the Phoenician with its W-shape certainly looks mountainy and toothy + the W thats been doing the rounds and its intimately inverted M for Mountain has possibly been delayed in world domination by K and H. Check the H in the Alphabet above, its a LADDER which Egyptian Gods used to climb from the mountain-top to Heaven. Also TOOTH has gotta be a THOTH resonator, HO HO HO

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jack and Morg went up the Hill.....

Aquarius, the Water-bearer, and unless he holds it in his mouth for transportation , employs a bucket to carry water from here to there. Aquarius gives off Twin resonance as its the 11th sign of The Ozdiak. In Hebrew they call it DLY 44 [ D'Ly] which colloquially translates as ' bucket'. 44 = DM, Hebrew for blood. mystiflingly a star numbered 88 appears in the constellation pic above. The symbol for Aquarius is the dual-current wave form which with reference to this film indicates the dual current of BIRTH and DEATH, or perhaps Death and Birth. Stargate technology [ mechanical artefacts , mind control and myriad unthought-of things] seems to imply a different attitude towards our fleshy vessels as theyr'e freaked-out and freaked back in again on departure and arrival. Blood itself as DM 44 could be the medium within which we can effect transformation starwise, as the Alef appears A-DM [ Adam]. If blood acts as dual-current conductivitity medium then 88 constellations my have synchnifichance. DLY the Water or Liquid carrier, ELECTRIC BLOOD
The Hebrew word DLY seems to be pronounced as Dalai [ which means OCEAN} and the idea of the 2 little 'buckets' taken to the peak of EVER-REST [I assume] seems intensely synchromystic, connecting Hebrew and Tibetan Magic.

This is from Steve Willner's The ANCIENT MARTIAN DOORWAY video at Labyrinth of the Psychonaut. Considering his vid about Jumpgate technology and the small doorway atop a mountain as the last-resting place of Cole and Carter from the Bucket List , I wonder about the possiblity of Earth-Mars doorway-corridor routes that take but milliseconds to travel fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down and broke his crown
And Jill came mastabatumbling after.

As u r no doubt all aware a Bucket = a Truncated pyramid seen from another way. And pyramids = tombs=wombs, well, I hope so.

A Blue Hexagram , stretched top and bottom

The BUCKET LIST - Twin Cancer patients with death tempting them over the Threshold find a poetic way to deal with the last days. The film begins with an ORANGE clothed man walking along a Himalayan mountainside and ends with him palcing a Coffee Tin with Ashes in in the tiniest of tombs u ever did see, fair copy of an Egyptian Mastaba. Between the 2 Peaks a story develops flowers and returns to Earth.

Jack the Taxi

Encouraged by Cole [ Nicholson] Carter Chambers [ Howard Carter Egyptologist, famous for finding a king or two's chamber] takes off with him on a world-around trip. They visit Egypt, notably the Pyramids, bimble off to India which picks up on the Kandy theme and then they're off to see the Mountain somewhere in Himalaya.We find them waiting for a clear day in a Tibeto-Nepalese Cabin, all very Shangri-La though weather stops their trip to the top and they scoot off to Hong Kong [ Hugs and Kisses, Os and Xs]
Carter revels in trivia- general knowledge even watching Jeopardy in the HK Hotel. Early in the film another mechanic quizzes him from a book and one answer involves a lot of names with Hs, Harrison twice, and other illustrious historical figures

The film generates a great amount of Twin material, innumerable shots like those above and below. The Black/ White skin colour releases a checkerboard image and as the 2 have Cancer, the astro-sym that rules the Chariot we have this subtle undercurrent of the Chariot as bodily vessel carrying our soulselves
Bound to a life within the opening and closing mountain scenes, a dual current as we know the mountains = pillarmidamounts and one essentially climbs to the summit and then to the foot as a general rule.
The mountains relate to the pyramids they visit which both resonate strongly with the present K2K blizzard. In fact most of the film has them travelling to high-spots - a restaurant in Italy overlooks the sea, a pyramid provides a welcome seat in the hot climate of Egypt, the mountain cabin provides refuge at high-altitude while a penthouse suite in a Hong-Kong Hotel delights in their high-rise comfort.

In the photos the checkerboard is kept moving due to Cole and Carter swopping positions. Other opposites are Carter's large and loving family to Cole's estranged daughter and 4 divorces, which has made it easier for him to amass a fortune compared with Carter's comparatively paltry wage from Car-mechanicking.

They write this list of the things they will to do before they take the next step. This appears on a yellow piece of paper and within the context of the film comes over as a 'Positive Confession' complementing the 'Negative Confession' used by the ANI to gain entry into Heaven within the Egyptian Theosophy. The list gets finished after their death by their excellent priest, reminding us that our death can move men to mountaintops and beyond.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Flaming Chariots

Caught this this afternoon at about 2.45. A bakers van crashed into a parked car which burst into flames. No-one got hurt.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


This aerial view below looks very BIG CATish, albeit that I've been looking at Tigers of various forms of late. It seems to have emerged from the ORANGEING. Tod Campbell writes about Sri Lanka and connects with the Tamil Tigers Terrorist/ Freedomist Oraganistaion. It should be remembered that TOD is a word for FOX and Foxes, less the Arctic variety, are generally an orangey colour. What's strange, rum and uncanny is that Leicester has a Football and Rugby Union team - The footballists have the FOX as their logo while the Rugby team is called Leicester TIGERS. Madeleine McCann hailed from Leicester which brings another version of MM into this MaelstroM.
Orange - Tamil Tigers-Todd the Fox- Leicester Tigers RUFC - Leicester City FC 'The Foxes and/or The Filberts'.

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright, In the Winter you turn white

Arthur C. Clarke gets a mention on the David Wilcox video at Labyrinth of the Psychonaut - He lives in SriLanka/Ceylon. The last of the Sinhalese dynasty spent their days at KANDY - which comes from Kanda meaning a 'mountain'. While A.Crowley meditated around the world he spent some time in Kandy, I think prior to his attempt to climb K2. U will find that if u press 2 on the keyboard with the 'shift' key u get K@ for K2, thus KAT.
Anyhow just to prove beyond all reasonable doubt, way beyond that , we get another synchronexion_
A.C.Clarke - A.Crowley - Tiger[A Great Beast] - K@ - K2 [ a mountain] - Kandy [ mountain]. The Cs beginning Clarke and Crowley are K sounding Cs while if u have ornithological leanings we can birdspot - A Lark, A Crow and an Owl

Fuller's DymaXion 1 World Island Ocean Map - A Lab of the Psychonaut the jumpgate as a living reality has been investigated.
Fuller devised a 760-year long chart of the Chemical element isolations by humans. Can't find an online copy yet. he calls it 'PURE SCIENCE ACCELERATION CHART'
' We have on the chart a 2nd-degree acceleration manifest in the contraction of lags between the successive circumnavigation [ of the globe] from 350 years to 65 to 30 years between four states of art of circumnavigation of time taken to circumnavigate from 2 years [ Magellan and crew].. to 2 months [ steel steamship] 2 weeks [ Aluminium airplane] to 1 hour [ exotic metals rocket capsule]. It is implicit in the rate of contraction between completely inconceivable later arts that by 1985 we should be able to transmit humans around the globe by RADIO-SCANNING or an equivalently unexpected means.
In that piece and its chart, first published by me in 1959 [ A year appearing in Jake's 'Island of ATUM], I predicted that by 1985 we humans would be doing something as presently incredible as sending ourselves around the world by radio. Whatever this presently incredible form of circumnavigation may be. IT WILL BE RIGHT ON SCHEDULE.
P. 342, same book